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Guangzhou Sourcing Agent Buy Fashion Product - China Market Supplier - Wholesale Purchasing Service

Guangzhou sourcing agent buy fashion product, shopping from China market supplier. In Guangzhou market, fashion products are the best categories for sourcing and buying. There are many large wholesale markets for sourcing and shopping in Guangzhou whole city. With ten thousands of wholesale vendors or factory suppliers in each sales building. When your China agent guide you buying in the wholesale market. You will find it’s a heaven for fashion buyer and supplier. And for Chinese service company too. There are fashion textile supplier for clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Or trendy garment and footwear with various collections. These sellers for lady, kids, and women. Or latest designs apparel accessories of jewelry, watches, glasses, etc. 

Traditionally, millions of foreign buyers visit China every season. In order to source and buy fashion products in Guangzhou markets. These fashion buyers have various purchasing purpose. For instance, fashion designers, or bulk buying wholesalers. And brand companies for custom made orders. Tha’s why the import export service, or sourcing agency company are very popular in Guangzhou. And the China sourcing agent offer individual service. Such as wholesale purchasing. Or retail shopping supplier gudie. Or customized made tracking. Meantime, the customers come from all over the world. For example, Europe clients from British, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. Or America clients of USA and Canada. Or Australia clients from au and nz. As well as Japan, South Korean, Singapor, etc.

What Fashion Product To Wholesale Buy From Guangzhou Market Supplier With China Sourcing Agent

When you plan to buy fashion products from China market supplier. Then you need consider about many details. Such as where to sourcing products and buy from? Or What’s the correct marketplace to buy product from fashion supplier? Or how to shopping in the market with your China agent? Meantime, you need plan your export shipping methods. And find the warehouse to store your products. As well as have to face some troubles in quality and delivery time. Import export business is a complexity process for a new starter.

For such questions, Shangjin has introduced many tips in our online websites. Please check and review, if you want to know more. Here, we’d like to talk about the product categories to sourcing and buy from Guangzhou. Before you sourcing and shopping in Guangzhou wholesale market. Your China agent should remind you too. Or you can check in our online website to find more. In this artical, we consider to discuss about garment product only. As too much fashion product categories, to buy from Guangzhou supplier.

1. Wholesale shopping fashion clothes from market supplier

There are many large clothes wholesale center in Guangzhou. And each market has featured items for certain buyers. With different style, quality level, and business conditions. Below we only focus on the featured products shopping in the markets. Of course, we only can explain roughly concept. As sourcing and buy from Guangzhou market, can have many standards. Such as clothing styles, fabric material, price level, etc.

(1) Lady’s clothing

For fashion textile product, normally the best category is lady’s clothing. Which is the most various of designs, color, and styles. In each wholesale market, you can shopping fashion items from the supplier. And the most popular and traditional styles is well known. Such as skirt, suit, and blouse. Or gown, corset and hoddies. However, the material impact the price level. And the design and sewing quality is different.

Although most of the wholesale markets have vendor’s shops. But if you want to buy the correct product from good fashion supplier, better to hire a China sourcing agent in Guangzhou. Because know where is the best place to shopping from the market supplier. Or purchase fashion product from factory supplier directly.

(2) Women’s dresses

For women dresses, we normally focus on some featured fashion supplier. As women dresses have various different styles. So that we normally buy some traditional design product for our service. For example, wedding dresses and bride maid dress. Or evening dress and party dress. Or street dress and prom dresses. There dresses product need buy from high quality fashion supplier.

In Guangzhou market, there are some famous wholesale building for such women dresses. And have a niche market shopping wedding dresses and bridemaid dress. Near the wholesale market, you can find many street boutique supplier for wedding dresses and fashion items. Meantime, there are some special market for plus size dresses. Or for certain custom images and styles. If you want to know the detailed addresses in Guangzhou, you can check with your China sourcing agent.

(3) Men’s clothing

In Guangzhou market, you can shopping men’s clothing in most of the clothes sales buildings. For men’s t-shirt, boxers, and skirt. Or pants, coat, and jacket. There are some special wholesale market only for men’s clothing shopping. And some specialized market for men’s sprots wear. Or trainer wear. Or football wear. And so on. If you want to place bulk order to factory suppliers. Then better to shopping in these markets.

Normally, men’s clothing is not so trendy in styles. But for the fabirc functions and patterns. Most of the supplier will launch fashion designs every season. If you are small quantities buyer. Then you can ask your China sourcing agent to update you by pictures. And you choose to buy the interested product from old fashion suppliers.

What Fashion Product To Wholesale Buy From Guangzhou Market Supplier With China Sourcing Agent

What Fashion Product To Wholesale Buy From Guangzhou Market Supplier With China Sourcing Agent

Wholesale Buy Fashion Clothes Product From China Factory Supplier - Export Service Company Guangzhou Market Sourcing Guide Shopping

Wholesale Buy Fashion Clothes Product From China Factory Supplier – Export Service Company Guangzhou Market Sourcing Guide Shopping

(4) Children’s apparel

There are many foreign buyers purchase kids wear from China. In fact, children’s apparel is a good business. There are many good quality kids wear manufacturers in Guangzhou. And they are developing own brand for license distribution. With ther unique natural fabric material. And individual designs of brand image and styles. When you sourcing in Guangzhou children’s apparel market. You can find the fashion suppliers.

There are several famous kids wear market in Guangzhou. While each market are different quality and price position. If you wan to buy kids fashion product from China supplier. Better to check and confirm with your China sourcing agent. To find the correct marketplace in Guangzhou. In the children’s apparel market, you can shopping the whole collections. Such as clothes, shoes, and bags for kids. Or even toys, accessories, and baby supplies.

(5) Sports wear & underwear

Although sportwear and underwear are popular and hot selling fashion items. There are onle 2 large special wholesale market for shopping. And one is for sportswear. Another is for underwear and swimming wear. There are many basic designs for sprots wear. Such as basketball wear, golve sportswear, football wear, etc. Both of men and women sport wear, generally focus on the functional fabric material.

While for lady’s underwear, have so much fashion suppliers. From fabric material, sexy designs, body fitting, etc. And unique and individual designs for customer. So many various designs of lady’s underwear, swim wear, and trainer wear. For some brand company, they will focus on the fabric material, and embroidery logo quality. There are many customized product buy from manufactuer directly.

(6) Knitted Sweater

There are 2 big manufacturer hubs of knitting wear near Guangzhou. One is for cheap and massive lower quality product. Another is for high quality with heavy handwork product. So that Guangzhou market is the best place to sourcing and buy knitwear product. In each wholesale market in Guangzhou, can sourcing and shopping knitted sweater from vendors shops. While the biggest and professinal market is near Guangzhou rail way station. Where you can find thousands factory suppliers. And find the most trendy and fashion designs in supplier show room.

For knitted sweater product customized, better to buy from good quality fashion supplier. There are many points to control the quality level. Such as the knitting wool quality. Or knitting machines requirements. Or embroidery or printing technique. As well as some swatches and hotfix trims require hand work to complete. Which are all require more professional product knowledge to buy good quality. In fact, your China sourcing agent will remind you. Before you sourcing in Guangzhou, and place bulk order for custom made service.

(7) Jeans clothes and denim pants

For jeans clothes and denim pants supplier, nor mally not so various fashion styels. While the details of the desings are individual. Such as the garment trims, sequins, and embroidery work. There are several jeans denim clothes wholesale market for shopping. And the price and quality level is different. If tell your China sourcing agent specifications, they can sourcing the best marketplace in Guangzhou. Meantime, it’s easy to find factory supplier for customized bulk orders.

There is a big manufacturer center near Guangzhou. Nearby the producing center, have a large wholesale market. For stock ready-made jeans apparel. Or jeans garment accessories and trims. Of course, the supplier will sourcing denim fabric, and buy fashion samples product in Guangzhou city. Because Guangzhou market is the best place, to sourcing and shopping trendy clothes product or fabric patterns. 

(8) Buy famous designer product

In fact, famous designer product is copy branded items. There are many big wholesale market for fake branded shopping. And most of the foreign buyers like to sourcing and buy copy product in Guangzhou. Such as copy luxury brand of lv, dg, and hermes. Or Dior, Prada and Burberry. Or Gucci, Chanel, and Givenchy. And some sports fake brands. Such as adidas, jordan, and nike. These brand name are famous. And welcome in europe and america market. With the fashion product of clothing, shoes, and bags. As well as apparel accessories of watches, sunglasses, jewelry, etc.

There are so many foreign buyers sourcing and shopping in Guangzhou market. However, to produce and buy copy branded product is illegal in China. Normally your China sourcing agent will remind you do not buy bulk in Guangzhou. And if you simply go shopping for gifts at the market. Maybe not a serious case. Anyway, famous designer product, is not so good choice to buy from China. And most of the fashion supplier only made these fake product, in a small workshop with not good quality.

Shangjin Sourcing Company Wholesale Service Buy Fashion Product From Factory Supplier - Guangzhou Export Agent Garment Purchasing

Shangjin Sourcing Company Wholesale Service Buy Fashion Product From Factory Supplier – Guangzhou Export Agent Garment Purchasing

Guangzhou Shopping Guide Buy Fashion Apparel Product From Wholesale Supplier - China Company Sourcing Agent Market Service

Guangzhou Shopping Guide Buy Fashion Apparel Product From Wholesale Supplier – China Company Sourcing Agent Market Service


Guangzhou market is the best place for fashion product shopping. There are many fashion suppliers. For various textile products and accessories. Such as footwear, bags, cloth textile, etc. And you can easy to sourcing and find exciting product to buy bulk in Guangzhou. If you hire a China sourcing agent. Their service shall easy your shopping process in Guangzhou market. Meantime, the Chinese agency will help you find the best wholesale market for shopping. And buy from the best factory supplier or wholesalers.

There are so many kinds of fashion products. With different design, fabric material, and quality level. And it’s not easy for fashion buyers purchase from good suppliers. Or they can not find the good vendor shops in the market. There are hundreds fashion wholesale market spread in whole Guangzhou city. And each market is for featured fashion shopping. Such as garment textile, and design clothing. And fashion shoes bags. Here we introduce a roughly concept of clothing products. If you want to know about other products. Please visit Shangjin company online websites. If you need a Chinese agency service, please contach us. 

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  • Umida| 21/09/2023

    Dear Shang-jin,

    We are fashion e commerce company from Uzbekistan. We would like to source all kind of clothes, could you please help us to source ?

    Kind regards,

    •| 11/10/2023

      Hi Umida, well understand your demands, while we prefer to start from some small concepts or featured designs firstly, since we are new partner for each other.
      We are experienced in clothng business, focusing on wholesale purchasing from direct factories, or big wholesalers in many Chinese cities,
      And our suppliers have various new designs updating everyweek, and in each season, most of the trendy fashion designs shall be launched.

  • Aaxhu| 04/04/2023

    Hey , we have a big knitted garment network in india for replicas . We would like to partner with you with branded clothing and accessories. Would like to know more details about the products you have or source . Pleas contact through email .

    •| 03/05/2023

      Hi Aaxhu, we are experienced in such branded items too, there are many suppliers in wholesale markets in Guangzhou, different products have different supply chains.

  • ishwar| 02/06/2021

    hi we are looking for 2pcs soccer set for mens,pls send your email id and contact
    number so that i could send you the photo with details

    •| 06/07/2021

      Hi Ishwar, sure, no problem for such direct factory supplier, as we are reselling MLB Sportswear Jerseys, NBA Basketball Jersey, and other sports wear, for epcs soccer set, we accept customized making orders too.

  • George Tata| 26/05/2021

    Can I be your agent here in Ghana

    •| 06/07/2021

      Hi George Tata, nice to hear from you. Yeah, in Ghana, we have several business partners.
      And they are all in different products collections, because they already have own distribution channels in Ghana.
      For examle, we have and agent who are operating supermarkets in Ghana, and he is purchasing from us appliances such as fridges, freezers, ACs, fans, stoves and cookers.
      Or others buying from us in China for clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

  • 弗拉德| 17/04/2020


    • Kevin| 17/04/2020

      hi Vlad, we already talked online, and discuss for some business process.
      Sure, no problem, we arrange our staff to follow up and service.

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