Guangzhou Hardware Wholesale Market – China Agent Sourcing Guide

Guangzhou Hardware Wholesale Market - China Agent Sourcing Guide

Guangzhou hardware wholesale market is very famous for its completed categories. However, there are no big hardware wholesale circle. Because there are many small hardware wholesale markets spread in the Guangzhou city. And each hardware wholesale market has its featured products. Although the price and quality is good in Guangzhou hardware wholesale market. But it’s really difficult for buyers to sourcing and buying. That’s why the foreigners always prefer to hire a China agent to guide sourcing and purchasing in Guangzhou hardware wholesale market. Anyway, it’s still a hard work for China agent or Guangzhou market guide to find correct products

China Agent Guide You Sourcing And Buying In Guangzhou Hardware Wholesale Market

Following we list some hardware wholesale market in Guangzhou. And also introduce some basic information of the hardware markets. In fact, if you hire a good China agent to guide you sourcing and buying, they should be familiar with the Guangzhou hardware wholesale markets.

1. Guangzhou Hongsheng International Leather Hardware City

The hardware wholesale market locate in No.78, Sanyuanli avenue Guangzhou. And it is operating since 2007. In the hardware market, mainly wholesale leather accessories and metals for clothing, furniture, shoes, bags, etc. There are high quality level hardware products. Such as belt, buckle-based, and buckle-head. As we all know, there are many producing hubs of hardware products in China. Most of the vendors in the hardware wholesale market comes from the manufacture centers. For instance, Fujian, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Youngkang, etc. So that the price and quality are very nice in the leather hardware wholesale market. By the way, many China agent like to guide their clients sourcing and buying in the Guangzhou hardware wholesale market.

Hongsheng hardware markets have more than 1,000 wholesalers. And the business area in 2 sales buildings. Generally call them as Phase I and Phase II wholesale market. 

  1. Phase I have more than 600 shops. And totally have 3 floors shopping malls. And another 2 floors for hardware company office or show room. 
  2. Phase II has around 350 shops. Which are new suppliers. In the building, the facilities are very nice, and the shopping conditions are better. 

There are many foreign buyers sourcing and buying with their Guangzhou market guide or export agent every day.Generally, to hire a China agent guide you in Guangzhou hardware wholesale market, is a best choice. Why? Because there are too many categories and designs. Really difficult for you to find the best items or suppliers. While the China agent can help you sourcing in advance. Then accompany you visit the good suppliers directly. So that can save you much time and cost in purchasing from Guangzhou hardware wholesale markets. 

Hongsheng International Leather Hardware City

Hongsheng International Leather Hardware City

2. Guangzhou Jiahao International Leather Hardware City

The hardware wholesale market is in No.228, Sanyuanli avenue, Guangzhou. Excitingly, the hardware wholesale market have a very nice position in Guangzhou. That is to say, the location are very convenience for distribution and travel. For instance, the market is only 3 minutes away from Baiyun airport. And only 15 minutes away from the new airport. Furthermore, 20 minutes from Huadu district which are the biggest manufacturing center in Guangzhou. Of course, there are expressway easy to many cities nearby in Guangzhou. 

Jiahao international leather hardware city covers an area about 37,000 square meters. While the total building area nearly 40,000 square meters. It’s really a big hardware wholesale market, right? The hardware divide into A to E, total 5 professional buildings. And each building has 2 -3 floors.

The featured categories in the hardware market is for accessories of clothing, shoes, and bags. Mainly for leather, belt, and ribbon. As well as metal fasteners, ornaments, alloy, etc. There are more than 800 shops, and most of them are manufacturers. By the way, the decoration in the Guangzhou hardware wholesale market is very nice and practical. Inside the sales buildings, there are 2 large parking lot and 1 exhibition center. 

Anyway, Jiahao is the biggest hardware wholesale market in Guangzhou, even in China. And most of the products sales for foreign trade. That’s why many foreign buyers sourcing and buying here with Guangzhou market guide or China sourcing agent. Because is the market, can find any categories of hardware accessories or materials in the wholesale market. 

Jiahao International Leather Hardware City

Jiahao International Leather Hardware City

3. Guangzhou Jinfu hardware city

The market mainly focus on plastic tools, electric tools, appliances, and lighting products. And the market is in Dekang road, Baiyun district, Guangzhou. There are many China sourcing agents and export trade companies. Who are mainly service sourcing, buying, warehousing and export hardware tools products. Why? Because the location is cheap rents and nearby the hardware wholesale market. In fact, the travel is convenience here. For instance, it’s nearby Guangzhou railway station in 15 minutes. And 20 minutes from airport. Meantime, there are several expressway across the area. Of course, metro can reach nearby the Guangzhou hardware wholesale market.

Guangzhou Jinfu wholesale market covers an area more than 40000 square meters. With about 550 shops ,and nearly 10000 square meters of supporting parking . The widest channel of market is up to 15 meters, and the traffic is convenient. The shops are practical with 405 meters high value utilization rate, its business and purchasing environments are comfortable. The market adopts advanced electric monitoring and introduces the professional team to carry out the operation management. So as to pay attention the demands of the consumers and merchants, building a strong platform and professional market. Better for you to hire a China agent to guide you sourcing and buying in Guangzhou hardware wholesale market.

Guangzhou Jinfu hardware wholesale market

Guangzhou Jinfu hardware wholesale market

4. Guangzhou Huifei Hardware & Electric Material Wholesale Market :

The market locate in south Guangzhou avenue with convenient transportation. There are more than 20 bus stations. And it is extremely convenient for the passenger and cargo transportation. By the way, the market adjacent to the south China shoes industry city.

There are more than 200 shops inside the market. And the total area is around 15,000 square meters. Furthermore, the government is supporting the comprehensive service of the market. Which is an ideal place for the investors to do business. By the way, there are many famous hardware products companies operating here. And many experienced foreigners and China sourcing agent prefer to sourcing and buying here. Generally, if your order amount is good, Guangzhou market guide shall recommend you the hardware wholesale market.

5. Guangzhou Shaxi Hardware & Plastic wholesale city

The wholesale market is in Dashi Town, Panyu District Guangzhou. And the market area is very convenient. More than 200 vendors operating in the market. In fact, the hardware wholesale market has gathered almost all of the famous brand products. For instance, hardware tools, electric, and steaming tools. And electric mechanical product, tile wooden tool, and construction tool. Moreover, instruments, lifting tools, and industrial and mining lighting. As well as industrial electrical appliances and accessories. That is to say, the featured categories of hardware is various and completed. Moreover, the quality is good and the price is cheap too.

In fact, China sourcing agents always recommend and guide their clients purchasing from the Guangzhou hardware market. And better for you to hire a Guangzhou market guide agent to help you sourcing, buying and export from China. Generally, you can find any kinds of hardware tools, electric tools and materials. As well as plastics tools and accessories.

6. Guangzhou Yuejing Hardware & Electric Market

The market has been operating for more than 30 years. And the sales area is around 50,000 square meters. Meantime, the traffic is very convenient. Because it is in south Guangzhou city. In fact, it is the biggest wholesale market for power tools, and accessories materials distribution center in Guangzhou. Most of China buying agent prefer to guide their clients sourcing and purchasing in the wholesale market.

7. Guangzhou Haizhu Hardware & Electrical wholesale market

The hardware & electric wholesale market locate in south Guangzhou. The featured categories in the market are hardware power. And plastic products, bicycle accessories, etc. Especially, you can find many electrical tools accessories. As well as share parts of some hardware machines or tools. Many experienced China agent guide the buyers sourcing and purchasing in the Guangzhou wholesale market.

8. Guangzhou Nantian Commercial center:

The market mainly for hotel decoration products. And there are some suppliers for hardware, electricity material and plastic. By the way, the most famous categories are kitchen ware and machines. It locate in southern Guangzhou. And many China agent like to guide their clients sourcing and buying hotel commodities here.



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  • mamun2a| 29/03/2019

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    Anybody can tell me where I can buy door and wardrobe accessories in Guangzhou. Which is the best wholesale market for such products in Guangzhou.

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    Hi,I am looking to buy large stainless steel cable ties in Guangzhou,which hardware market would I find these at?

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      hi Oliver, as talked in phone, we sent you detailed information of the markets. please check.
      Anyway, there are many China manufacturers in Leqing city, where is the biggest producing hubs in China.
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  • Bebee R. Mohammed| 22/01/2020

    Hi, Good Morning.
    We are in the process of starting a complete hardware company on the island of St..Maarten.
    We are interested in buying product on wholesale prices from direct manufacturer for items such as faucet, toilet, door locks, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, doors, tools, window everything to do with nails,screw, fastener etc.
    I will be travelling to china. I will need a sourcing agent. We can have a further discussion via email and then whatsapp.

    • Kevin| 22/01/2020

      Hi Bebee, gald to hear from you. And welcome to China.
      We already replied you a mail with some basic information.
      About your hardware products for nails, screw, fastener, etc. Not a problem to find good factories.
      While please note the MOQ of original source manufacturers are a little bit high for such small items.
      In fact, we work with many screw and fastener factories for car accessories. Maybe a little different with the furniture hardware.
      While surely no problem for us to sourcing good factories to purchasing in wholesale price.
      Please check the mail, we are waiting for your update. Then we can discuss further.

  • M. Husain| 06/05/2020

    We are in the business of furniture accessories and complete hardware trading company in Nairobi. We are interested in buying product on wholesale prices from direct manufacturer for items such as basin taps, toilet, door locks, kitchen and bathroom cabinet handles, tools, window everything to do with nails,screw, fastener etc.

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      Please tell him your detailed products requirements, then he will feedback you detailed information from China factory suppliers directly.

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