Wholesale market guide is the basic service of Shangjin Trading. In fact, sourcing and buying from the best China suppliers or wholesale markets, is the key points for a good export purchasing order. Do you agree with it? Best suppliers or markets, means the best products in best quality and price. Which means the best competitiveness in your local markets. Good business based on best supplier chain. Shangjin is always focusing on the market guide service. In order to help our clients to buy from the best suppliers in China wholesale markets.

Anyway, wholesale market guide service need pay much attention in many detailed work. That’s an essential standard to judge if a China sourcing agent good service or not. Shangjin is a professional China sourcing agent based in Guangzhou. While we do whole China sourcing. And we can help you find best suppliers and buy from manufacturer hubs in China. For example, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Yiwu. As well as Shanghai, Wenzhou, and Shaoxin.

China Sourcing Agent Guide You Sourcing And Buying From Best Suppliers Or Wholesale Markets

China is the export center in the world. There are many featured products with good quality and price. For instance, fashion clothing, textile products, and good quality shoes. Moreover, good fabric bags, fashion jewelry, and cheap accessories with nice designs. By the way, furniture, lighting, decoration material, electric appliance, etc. In fact, any daily using commodities, you can find good suppliers or manufacturers in China wholesale markets. Here we mainly focus on the service of market guide. As good market guide service, generally can impact a good result of buying from China.


1. Basic service of market guide that professional China sourcing agent support

Since Shangjin Trading recognize the market guide service as the most import points of a China sourcing agent in buying and export process. So that we always try our best to support a good market guide service. And the basic service, seems same as many other sourcing agent companies. But we pay more attention to the detailed work at the wholesale markets. And we focus on the results of a market guide service. Does it find the best suppliers or wholesale markets? If our clients happy to find the items they are seeking for? If our clients eager to place an order that to be a good sales and profit margin for them? Good result always mean good market guide service.

(1) Free sourcing in advance before you coming

Generally, we require our colleagues to sourcing and find the best wholesale markets or China suppliers in advance. In order to guarantee our clients can get what they are seeking for. So that will not waste their time and cost. In fact, we will use 2 – 3 days to sourcing in the whole Guangzhou wholesale markets. Even one week. If we consider don’t find the best supplier, we will sourcing in other China cities. Until we consider that our clients should be satisfied with our wholesale markets or China suppliers.

When you come to China  and visit our office, we will discuss with you about the basic information of the wholesale markets. Or recommend you some good China suppliers. Then we fix a roughly visiting plan during your stay in Guangzhou. Our staff will accompany you visit the suppliers together.

(2) Good market guide whole days accompanying

Although we are China sourcing agent, support buying and export service. And we don’t so specialized in a certain products, or the producing process, or technique data. But we are always know, where are the key points for a bulk orders. And our staffs are all keeping learning products knowledge. Moreover, we will arrange good staff who are professional in the categories that our clients interested. Why to do so? Because good and professional products knowledge will help your clients to discuss, negotiate, and control the China suppliers. Finally can smooth all of the detailed works during order tracking.

Our experienced staff will accompany you sourcing and buying in the wholesale markets whole day. And we just focus on your visiting plan to proceed. Actually, we understand that each client who are visiting China, need many time and cost. So that we try our best to help you buying from China more easier and faster. Of course, if you want to know the detailed work time of the market guide. Better from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm.

By the way, our staff will meet you at the hotel lobby every day morning. Then go to visit the wholesale markets or China suppliers together. When you finish the day work, the market guide will send you back to your hotel.

China Sourcing Agent Guide You Sourcing And Buying From Best Suppliers Or Wholesale Markets

China Sourcing Agent Guide You Sourcing And Buying From Best Suppliers Or Wholesale Markets

China Sourcing Agent - Buy Fashion and Cheap Clothing from China factory

China Sourcing Agent – Buy Fashion and Cheap Clothing from China factory

(3) Record all of the detailed information of your interested items.

Our staff show you around the wholesale market, and guide you sourcing and buying. Not only to find the correct market or suppliers. But also do many detailed work for you. For example, take photos and record your detailed requirements of the items. Meantime, check and confirm withe the suppliers about the business terms. Such as MOQ, price, delivery time. As well as fabric or textile material, product name, size, color. Or other related technique data or specifications. So that all of the related persons shall be understand the requirements of your orders.

During this process, our market guide will work as an interpreter. She will translate from you to the China supplier each other. And help you to understand China supplier or factories better. Anyway, to place a correct order is the start for a good business. By the way, our market guide will record the supplier’s basic information. Such as name card, salesman, booth address, etc.

(4) Bargain the best business terms from China suppliers

China sourcing agent is your partner when you buying and export from wholesale markets. And Shangjin is always try to be the best service company in China. So that our market guide will try their best to help you. Not only to find the best suppliers or manufacturers. But also will negotiate with the China suppliers to offer the best business terms. For example, bargain a better price. Or require a better delivery service to save inland transportation fees. Or require the China suppler to give us better packing material to avoid goods damage.

Sometimes, when you need a custom service for private label or design. Our market guide will negotiate with the suppliers for better MOQ, and better delivery time. As you know, custom made service are usually based on the factory work plan. So that follow up strictly, will get better delivery date. Of course, there are many other details can get better conditions. A professional China sourcing agent shall introduce more tips and hidden rules in the wholesale markets.

(5) Paperwork for a detailed order list in the night

Since our clients will check from many China suppliers or factories. So that we need record and prepare all detailed information to a completed spread sheet. In order to help our client to double confirm and make serious decision before place an order. Yes, it’s necessary indeed. Our market guide will make all of the recorded information to a Detailed Order List in the night. And we require our staff must finish the sheet as a daily work. It is really a hard work, right? However, it’s our job. And basic service.

DOL is very important for a good results of purchasing.

Sourcing agent for buying and export from China. But the basic information is order list. The sheet will keep updating during the whole order and purchasing process. From market guide, sourcing, place order. And sample, bulk order producing, till quality inspection. Of course, when goods consolidating, warehouse and container loading. It is still need this Detailed Order List. As well as prepare the Packing List. And Commercial Invoice for custom declaration and clearance.

Guangzhou Agent Guide You Wholesale Buy Fashion Clothing In Wedding Supplies Market

Guangzhou Agent Guide You Wholesale Buy Fashion Clothing In Wedding Supplies Market

Gifts and accessories wholesale market

Gifts and accessories wholesale market

Shoes wholesale market guide

Shoes wholesale market guide

2. Brief introduction of the best wholesale markets in Guangzhou

In Shangjin website, you can find many detailed information of wholesale markets. Where actually sourcing agent all know well. Here we only introduce in a simple frame. If you want to know more, please visit our website. Surely will help you buy from China easily.

(1) Featured products in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the best place to wholesale buying and export from China. There are so many categories in the wholesale markets. For instance, clothing wholesale markets. And shoes and footwear material wholesale markets. As well as fabric and textile products wholesale markets. Moreover, fashion accessories wholesale markets. Such as bags, jewelry, beauty, and sports products wholesale markets. In fact, you can find any products for women, men, and kids. Or for lady, boy, baby, etc. Even if you want to some replica products, or copy branded items. Such as watches, glasses, and bags. Or fake branded clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

There are many manufacturer hubs in Guangzhou. For example, fashion clothing with good quality. And sports or function textile products, like sports wear, swimming wear, and underwear. Meantime, leather shoes, fashion design bags, and cosmetics products. Most of them require bulk orders. While some have stock to buy. A China sourcing agent know the places well.

(2) Featured products nearby Guangzhou

Nearby Guangzhou, there are many famous wholesale market. Where China sourcing agent prefer to guide there clients to sourcing and buy from the factories. For instance, furniture in Foshan, building decoration material in Lecong. Meantime, lighting and accessories in Guzhen. As well as electronics and appliance in Shenzhen. Of course, there are many fashion clothing manufacturers in Shenzhen, and Dongguan. If you want to buy sneakers, gym shoes, or shoes fabric material, Foshan and Dongguan is the best place. By the way, nearby Guangzhou, there are big wholesale market for jeans denim clothing named Xintang. And fashion knitted sweater manufacturer hubs in Dalang and Shantou. Better for you to hire a China sourcing agent, to guide you find the best suppliers in Guangzhou wholesale market.

(3) Good products in other China cities

If you want to buy the best price and quality suppliers or manufacturers from China. Better for you to focus on whole China market for sourcing and buying with your agent. Because each city or area, have a featured industry. Where is a manufacturer hub for certain featured products. For example, Shenzhen, Ningbo, and Shanghai for high quality, fashion design lady’s clothing or men’s suits. While Shaoxin for silk, cotton, and linen fabric or textile products. If you want cheapest shoes, you’d better to buy from Wenzhou, or Fujian China. By the way, if you want to buy cheapest appliance from China. Such as fans, vacuum cleaner, or some home appliance, better for you to sourcing in Ningbo and Cixi with your agent.


In fact, we can find any manufacturer hubs in China. Such as fur clothing, metal and hardware products. Or plastic commodities, toys, etc. Only if you have good order quantities to meet the China factory’s MOQ. Generally, you can tell us your roughly quantities before you coming. Then we can check and decide to inquiry from wholesalers or manufacturers first. As you know, there are still many detailed work need consider about. Such as the delivery, shipping, and quality inspection work. Before you buying and export from China.

As a remind. Since we are sourcing agent. We can help you find any kinds of products and buy from the best China suppliers. However, if you require us. To accompany you visit the factory in other cities. Please assume the travel fees for our market guide staff.

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