Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market in Guangzhou is very famous, because of the source of garments distribution. As we all know, Guangzhou is the fashion hub and clothes distribution center in China. There are many clothes wholesale markets spread in Guangzhou city. For instance, Baima clothes wholesale market, Liuhua clothes wholesale market, Zhanxi clothes wholesale market, Children clothes wholesale market, etc.

Furthermore, as a garments wholesale business source in China, there are many important clothes wholesale markets that are operating mainly by manufacturers. Is it an interesting message? Sure, absolutely it’s amazing. Today, we shall share with you the Shahe clothes wholesale market.

Shahe clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou

Do you know Shahe clothes wholesale market? It is more then 90% suppliers are manufacturer shops. Usually, each shop has their own small garment factory. In the clothes wholesale market, you can easily find the most fashion styles clothing, with the best price and acceptable quality.

Moreover, the most competitiveness is that, the MOQ is extremely low. Normally, from 10-20pcs/style, with 3-4 color, and 3-4 size. Is it incredible? Yes, it’s true. Many fashion brand will purchase in Shahe garments wholesale market, and use their own labels. They will purchase at least once per week, small order but frequently. Good business, and acceptable profit, but can save too much energy and time in designing, producing, stock controlling, etc.

The price range in Shahe wholesale market, is also amazing. High quality, mid-high, low or cheap price, whatever you want, you can easily find the correct suppliers. In fact, there is a hidden rule in the wholesale distribution channels in Guangzhou apparel industry.

Original and Source of Garments industry in Guangzhou

First of all, Shahe clothes wholesale market is the cheapest price distribution center in Guangzhou. Even all kinds of clothing styles you can purchase here. Don’t worry about if you get the best price or not. If you are an experienced buyer, you will find that even if you buy 10pcs, or 100pcs, the price is the same. Or maybe you want to place an order of 1000pcs per style, the price is usually cheaper 1-3 rmb/pc. The reason is that, 90% of the vendors are manufacturers, and they have own small factory with 10-20 workers. They sell stock ready products only. And they all know that their competitiveness are because of the lower price.

Secondly, Shahe clothes wholesale market is the source of all of other clothes wholesale markets in Guangzhou. As a hidden rules, Baima clothes wholesale market, Zhanxi clothes wholesale market, and other related garments wholesale markets will purchase clothing in Shahe wholesale market, and resell to the buyers from China.

Furthermore, even if you place and big order in Baima clothes wholesale market, the supplier who said they are manufacturer and have their own factory. But in fact, maybe, or usually, the supplier will share the order with the shahe apparel manufacturers, because the cheap price and acceptable quality. If a little more cost, the quality will be better and higher enough to meet your order requirements.

Nowadays, more and more fashion buyers, foreign buyers are sourcing and purchasing in Shahe wholesale market. They all understand well the hidden rules in Guangzhou garments markets, and prefer to buy in the source channel. Shahe clothes wholesale market, is the representative of cheap price garments market in China.

Shahe clothes wholesale market

Shahe clothes wholesale market

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