Shangjin export agent company is professional in warehouse store service. And use flexible shipping methods to export from China wholesale suppliers. Normally, we will prepare export shipping plan based on your products buying bulk from China wholesale suppliers. If big goods volumes buying bulk, we shall consolidate and loading container. From wholesale suppliers store or factory warehouse directly. For small purchasing orders, we will use our own warehouse to consolidate and store. Then choose the best shipping methods to export from China.

Sometime, we will arrange warehouse store and consolidating to export from other China cities. Such as Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Dongguan. Or from Shanghai, Wenzhou, Yiwu, etc. All of the shipping methods and warehouse store, shall based on the most economy export logistics cost from China. In fact, warehouse store and cheap shipping methods are necessary service for an export agent in China markets. Shangjin will guide you how to export from China wholesale suppliers for your bulk buying products.

Shangjin’s Warehouse Stores And Economy Shipping Methods Export From China Wholesale Suppliers

1. Shangjin trading has warehouse stores in 3 cities

(1) Guangzhou warehouse store

This warehouse store is in Baiyun district. Around 40 munites away from our office. And is nearby Guangzhou railway station too. The warehouse store is 1,500 sqm. In this warehouse, we mainly store and loading container for clothing, shoes, and fabric. As well as bags, premium and gifts goods. Because in Guangzhou, such textile products wholesale suppliers are very popular. And many clients export from China for such bulk buying orders.

(2) Foshan warehouse store

Foshan warehouse store is 4,500 sqm. And locate in Lecong city, nearby Shunde. If fact, Foshan is the biggest wholesale markets for furniture and buiding material suppliers. As well as lightings, home decoration, and related textile products. Such wholesale suppliers are and factories are very easy to find in the manufacture hubs. Generally, we pick up furniture products in warehouse, store and loading container directly. Because furnitures and buliding material products are always big goods volumes. For bulk buying orders, the China wholesale suppliers will agree to delivery to our warehouse store directly. Or we can loading containers from the wholesale supplier’s warehouse stores directly. By the way, the Foshan warehouse store is only around 10 km away from the furniture wholesale markets.

(3) Ningbo warehouse store

Ningo warehouse store is in Cixi city, which is 5,000 sqm. Meantime, the warehouse store is 60 km, away from Shaoxing fabric wholesale market. And 90 km away from Hangzhou where are the fashion supplier wholesale hubs. And 120 km away from Yiwu wholesale markets. Which are the wholesale center of small commodities suppliers. While aound 200 km from Wenzhou city. That is for the cheapest products bulk buying from China.

Our warehouse store seems not so convenience for goods consolidating and market service in Zhejiang province. But in fact, it’s not a big problem. Because in China, the inland logistic cost is not so expensive. And In Zhejiang, Shanghai and Jiangsu. There are too many kinds manufacturer hubs and wholesale suppliers. For different products to export from China. Such as fashion clothing, home appliance, and vacuum cleaners. Or plastic products, hardware accessories, and garments fabric materials, etc. So that our warehoue store, means we have team to service. When you export from these China cities.

2. Free warehouse store in 7 days

Because Shangjin is export agent for market service from China. And we need pay related cost to rent the warehouses stores. However, consider to improve our wholesale market and export shipping service from China suppliers. In fact, we support free warehouse store in 7 days. So that you can simply to find wholesale suppliers for bulk buying. And don’t worry about warehouse to store and consolidate your products specially. In fact, 7 days for free is enough for consolidating methods, container loading and export shipping from China. 

Sometimes, you maybe meet China wholesale suppliers delayed for goods. Don’t worry, we can support you as we can. If only for serveral days delayed. We can offer you free warehouse store too. Generally 3 to 5 days more, are no problem. But you can can’t occupy too much time. When you plan to ship your goods 10 days later or more. Then we can discuss for the extra fees in advance. According to your bulk buying order amount. And goods value for shipping. And warehouse store time requirements, etc. 

3. Rent temporary warehouse store all over the China

Shangjin trading company sourcing, buying, and export from whole China markets. So that we will accept many bulk buying orders from many China cities. Some clients will bulk buy clothing in Guangzhou. While bulk buying shoes from Fujian wholesale suppliers. Or purchase leather shoes in Chengdu. And purchasing cheap canvas footwear in Wenzhou. Or furniture in Foshan. And home appliance in Ningbo. In such case, we need sonsider about the economy shipping methods. And maybe need rent a temporary warehouse store in certain city for economy shipping methods. In fact, Shangjin is always handling in such way. While our clients need consider about the related cost. Before place the bulk buying order to the China wholesale suppliers.

Shangjin's Warehouse Stores And Economy Shipping Methods Export From China Wholesale Suppliers

Shangjin’s Warehouse Stores And Economy Shipping Methods Export From China Wholesale Suppliers

Sea freight way to loading container from China factory supplier directly - Economy Shipping Methods For Bulk Buying Orders

Sea freight way to loading container from China factory supplier directly – Economy Shipping Methods For Bulk Buying Orders


4. Export shipping methods from China

(1) Sea shipping methods

Generally, we use sea shipping way. Which are popular shipping methods export from China. Generally we shipping in full container method. From 20 ft to 40 ft HQ container. Of course, the shipping cost is including FOB cost and sea freight fees. Some times we accept LCL sea shipping methods. Which means less than one container sea shipping methods. And same process for export shipping methods. While better for you to appoint your own shipping forwarders. As it shall be easier for you cusotm clearance when you export from China wholesale suppliers.

(2) Air cargo shipping methods

If your goods are not big goods volumes for bulk buying. And you are eager to receive for the fastest shipping methods. Then we can arragne air cargo shipping methods. Which is the fastest shipping methods. But more expensive than sea shipping way. Compare to sea shipping methods, air cargo is require custom clearance in your local market. And it’s a little complixity for a business starter export from China wholesale suppliers. So that better for you to find a shipping forwarder in your country. In order to help you exprot from China, and import to your local market.

(3) Couries express shipping methods

Couries shipping methods are very easy. And we can handle to export every countries from China. Such as fedex, dhl, ups, etc. In fact, we have good and safe courier channel. Which use official channel and trackning No. too. But much cheaper than booking from online website. Anyway, the cost of courier shipping methods is expensiver than air cargo.

If you want to know more about the shipping methods. Please visto our website. In our blog online. We already shared you many useful information. If you have any questions. Please contact us freely. As shipping cost base on your shipping methods, goods volumes, and destination ports. As well as your bulk buying products and custom clearance requirements. There are many detailed and economy shipping methods to choose.

5. Inland transportation fees, or logistic cost.

As a remind here. For the inland transportation fees from wholesale suppliers warehouse store. Which is for samll order quantities goods delivery to export from China. While for bulk buying orders, no such problem at all. In case, if your order is small, the wholesale suppliers will reject to send goods to our warehouse store. Then we have to rent a truck to pick up goods in the markets. And consolidate to store in our warehouse. In order to combine to one container for shipment. There will be some extra fees, need you assume. Such as truck rent fees, parking fees, uploading and unloading fees to workers.

Anyway, Shangjin’s market interpreter will remind you. When they guide you sourcing and buying in China wholesale suppliers. And we will help you check and confirm, each delivery terms of wholesale suppliers. Normally we can persuade the wholesale suppliers to assume the cost. However, do remember, must before you place the bulk buying orders. Otherwise, the China wholesale suppliers will refuse to accept the cost. And you have to assume the inland transportation cost for the bulk buying ordrs. That you plan to export from China market.

China export agent - shipping methods from wholesale market suppliers for bulk buying orders

China export agent – shipping methods from wholesale market suppliers for bulk buying orders

Shangjin sourcing company service from China warehouse store to export shipping

Shangjin sourcing company service from China warehouse store to export shipping