Liu Hua Garment Market – China Manufacturer Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

Liu Hua Garment Market - China Manufacturer Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

Liu Hua Garment Market is the biggest clothing wholesale market in China. There are thousands of whole sellers in the clothing wholesale market. And 70% of the vendors are China manufacturer. Who have own factories and can accept custom made service.  In fact, Liu Hua garment market is the most famous clothing wholesale market for import export trade. Many Guangzhou export company, China sourcing agent like to guide their clients to wholesale buying in the markets. Normally, each client can find the interested clothing product. With a good quality and cheap price. Or buy from the best China manufacturer directly. And the import export agency will be great helpful in the purchasing process.

China sourcing agent help you buying in Liu Hua garment market 

Liu Hua garment wholesale market opened in 1996. In the 1990’s, Guangzhou has become the best clothing wholesale market in China. Because it has the most advanced equipment. And the most complete products categories. As well as the most perfect custom made service from China manufacturer. Till to now, it became one of an important clothing wholesale market in China. Furthermore, it’s the best place for China sourcing agent and market guide to wholesale buying and export to the world. In fact, Liu Hua garment market and guide service, are very popular for foreign buyers.

China Clothing Wholesale Market - China sourcing agent

China Clothing Wholesale Market – China sourcing agent

Normally, a China guide or sourcing agent will introduce the advantages of Liu Hua garment market as following.

  • First of all, Liuhua garment market owns a superior location. That easy for travelling. Amazingly, it just locates right in front of the Guangzhou Railway Station. A China sourcing agent can easily accompany you visit the clothing wholesale market. By metro or taxi from your hotel.
  • Second, in the clothing wholesale market, the China manufacturer always sell good quality products. And the various categories are all in cheap price. and fashion styles. A China sourcing agent can help you find the best Chinese manufacturer in the clothing wholesale market.
  • Third, the China manufacturer are all experienced in producing and foreign trade service. Actually, they have many producing resources and convenient logistics suppliers network. Absolutely, a China sourcing agent can help you find the cheapest or best value of your interested products.

China market guide help you sourcing and buying in the garment wholesale market

Most vendors of Liuhua garment market are focus on casual styles and fashion design. So that many customers have more choice when they sourcing their interested categories. Meanwhile, the China manufacturer have a global view. The vendors are all experienced in foreign trade business. And understand how to cooperate with China sourcing agent or export company. It surely is helpful in export trade or custom made service. Normally, Guangzhou sourcing agent have good relationship with many China manufacturer in the market. It’s easy for the Chinese sourcing agent to help you buying and export from China.

In Liu Hua Garment Market, the total area reaches 15,000 m² . More than 1000 unit shops in the market . There is a parking lots for loading and unloading cargo. Which over 1,500 m². Inside the market. There are several lobbies for rest. And there are many fast-food restaurants, Bank business center. As well as information center, office building, etc. In fact, a China market guide or exporter is very familiar with the clothing wholesale market. Moreover, the China sourcing agent or market guide can help you handle many detailed work on your behalf.

Liu Hua

Liu Hua

Clothing foreign trade center in Guangzhou

As we know that the garment market is located in the south building of Guangzhou Liuhua hotel. Where is near to Guangzhou Railway Station and provincial bus passenger station. So it’s very convenient to or from anywhere. Because it’s nearby the highway, railway stations and airport. So that the market has thousands of manufacturers from all over the country. Actually, your China sourcing agent must introduce the clothing wholesale market as the biggest Chinese garment market.

Liu Hua, the most famous China garment market, is featured for custom made service. In Liuhua clothing wholesale market, you can require the China manufacturer to produce what you want. For instance, your China sourcing agent will recommend you to custom made service. For example, your can choose the fabric and design. Or individual accessories and fashion textile. Which based on the original sample in Liu Hua garment market. Moreover, if you a lucky with a professional China market guider or exporter. Then you can always get the best price with smallest MOQ.

No matter you are from fashion company with your own brand. Or you are wholesaler with your own design. Or even you are small business starter. Only if you can reach the MOQ in the clothing wholesale market, you can get the best products. How many is the MOQ? Not very big, only 100 pcs /color or so.  If you hire a professional China sourcing agent, you maybe buy cheap, but fashion stock from the Chinese manufacturers.

Distribution centers of China clothing wholesale market

Since Liuhua garment market is very famous in  China clothing wholesale market. As well as in the world. So that many China export agent will introduce their clients to sourcing and purchasing in the clothes market. Every year, millions foreign buyers come to Guangzhou for purchasing. Such as Russia, South Korea, Japan Singapore, India, Indonesia, Western Europe and so on. Actually, it’s a worldwide business to South Africa, North America, Middle-East Africa, etc. A China market guide can help you export from Chinese garment market.

Guangzhou Wholesale Manufacturer - Fashion Supplier

Guangzhou Wholesale Manufacturer – Fashion Supplier

Liuhua Sweater and T shirt Market

Liuhua Sweater and T shirt Market

Comment (6)

  • Lana| 06/05/2020

    Hi there,

    My names Lana and I’m in the process of starting my own clothing brand. This is exciting but also very scary as there are many risks to factor in.

    While doing hours and hours of research I’ve found that finding a manufacturer is the hardest and most important part of the process, which is why I’m reaching out to you. I’ve had a look through your website and like what I see and admire your work and would love to know your thoughts on working together to bring my ideas to life.
    My brand will consist of both men and women’s clothing which will include the following;
    Track pants, jumpers, jackets, shorts, crop tops, t-shirts and tracksuits.
    I have not yet got samples drawn up as we are on lock down in New Zealand due to Corona Virus but will get these to you ASAP.
    As a start up business my MOQ may be lower than what you expect so I’m reaching out to see if you’re able to produce a lower MOQ?
    Please let me know if you require more information and I’ll get this to you ASAP.

    Kindest regards

    • Kevin| 06/05/2020

      Hi Lana, well noted your business plan, and we send you mail with some items for idea.
      And we introduce you some basic service of customized making service.
      We shall keep in touch and move ahead after receive your detailed products artwork.

  • Serene| 23/05/2020

    Hi, we are exploring into this. Is there an email we can correspond with you on understanding the level of purchasers’ support and shipping.

    • Kevin| 25/05/2020

      hi Serene, in fact, our websites have our detailed contact information.
      Our staff send you a mail with some basic information about us.
      We are sourcing and buying company in Guangzhou, China. Work as import export agent and business service agency.
      Focus on fashion textile products, and household items.
      Please check the mail, so that we can discuss about purchase support and shipping service further.

  • Ahmeda Conteh| 24/05/2020

    Hi my name is ahmeda. I’m looking to start a clothing business. I need a manufacture or a team who can heat assist me. It’s a start up business. So just need to know of what to expect. Have done a few research and based on personal experience there a few type of clothing being catered for out there that can be found in the same place

    • Kevin| 25/05/2020

      Hi Ahmeda, gald to hear from you. And well noted that you are starting up your clothing busienss.
      For a manufacturer who accept small quantities custom made orders, no problem. While the cost shall be higher.
      Meantime, we are sourcing and buying company in Guangzhou, China. And we can help you find good manufacturer suppliers.
      In fact, we now have a small workshop, and can make samples, and also have a designer worker, who can prepare some basic artwork according to your idea.
      Please check mail, and help us understand more about your clothing images, quality, fabric material, etc.

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