Shangjin Trading is a service company, work as China agent for sourcing, wholesale buying and export shipping bulk products. We regist in China, and have offices in Guangzhou and Ningbo cities. Which are both export trade centers in China, with large wholesale markets, manufacturers hubs and shipping ports.  In fact, Shangjin service focus on foreign clients who bulk buy from China markets or factories. No matter they are wholesalers, retailers, or brand company merchandisers in local markets, we are appreciate to service them. To help each client wholesale buy from the best China market suppliers, and receive good quality goods as bulk orders, are Shangjin’s service mission. How can Shangjin fulfill the service perfectly to reach client’s requirements? And what are the advantages of Shangjin agent company? Firstly, experience and capability of buying solutions. Secondly, professional products knowledge and all over China source. Thirdly, comprehensive service with details executions.

Why Choose Shangjin Company As Your Sourcing Agent For Bulk Buying Service In China Market?

1.  Wonderful marketing and purchasing experience gathered super service capability for buying solutions

(1) Business means issues solutions

Why display historic journey below of Shangjin team? In order to show what Shangjin can do for you. Because agent company should focus on service quality. And not only deal with detailed paper work or daily work. But also have to deal with individual suppliers, solve disagreements, even troubles. For a purchasing business, generally are all Okay before you place an order. While before shipping, there are many issues raising. Or before you confirm to buy bulk order, there are many detailed business terms need communicate, negotiate, and control. How can you trust your buying and export agent? To help you handle on your behalf without troubles? If there were any emergency or issues, can they solve without extra cost or minimum loss?

(2) Solutions come from control

Shangjin trading has strong confidence to protect our client’s benefit perfectly. As we always understand that clients means our business. On the other hand, Shangjin company is reliable, responsible, and understand what you want. Shangjin team is international thinking, Chinese domestic company, and experienced in suppliers control. Furthermore, we are successful in market service, sourcing and export agent company for years. Especially, we have foresight to control and avoid most of the troubles before it happen. Why? Because we are so familiar with China wholesale markets, factory suppliers, buying and export agent service. Meantime, we understand every detailed process, and fulfill seriously with respect to each business part. Solutions comes from communication, coordination, and negotiation with respect and understanding.

(3) Shangjin understand business
  • From 2,004 to 2,010, Shangjin team have been service for fashion clothing brand companies. Which are international brands. Management for brand license corperation and joint venture. To help them develop Chinese retail markets, and set up brand images in top level department stores.
  • From 2,010 to 2,015, we work for sales managements and buy solutions about factory bulk orders production. To control and operate annually 200 million USD sales revenue.
  • Since 2015, Shangjin team start agent company. To focus on wholesale market purchasing, factory custom made, and export shipping service from China.
    Why Choose Shangjin Company As Your Sourcing Agent For Bulk Buying Service In China Market?

    Why Choose Shangjin Company As Your Sourcing Agent For Bulk Buying Service In China Market?

    How Does Wholesale Agent Service When You Buy Bulk And Export From China Market?

    How Does Wholesale Agent Service When You Buy Bulk And Export From China Market?

What Are Shangjin Agent’s Featured Products? & Where To Sourcing And Export For You?

Shangjin company is a service agent for sourcing, wholesale buying and export from China market. So that we don’t have own ready-made products for bulk buying. While we can sourcing any supplier companies based on our client’s requirements. No matter wholesale market vendors or China manufacturers. Then check and choose the best marketplace or some good suppliers recommend to clients. That’s the basic but original service for a sourcing company. And all of the following service based on such market survey work.  Shangjin consider “what” & “where” seriously. And worked out 2 principles for us.

1.  Principles for sourcing and buying from manufacturer companies.

(1) Firstly, for what products we service. Normally, we focus on fashion textile products. Such as clothing, fabric, shoes, bags, etc. And dedicate in some certain featured products. For instance, clothing for example. Like women dresses, for bulk buy or custom made orders, we shall dedicate in wedding dresses, party-wear, casual dresses, etc. Then base on stock wholesale markets, guide and assist our clients buy ready-made products what they are seeking for.

(2) Secondly, for where to buy and export from China.To source original manufacturer hubs in China. And to buy from manufacturer wholesalers directly. Then consolidate and export shipping from all over the China base on Guangzhou and Ningbo cities. Of course we will choose Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, etc.

2. Guangzhou office featured products

(1) Biggest wholesale market in China

Guangzhou is the best marketplace for bulk buying. And so many China agent companies develop service business in sourcing, buying and export from the wholesale markets. There are so many featured products, wholesalers, and large markets circles. Where are the original source of wholesale business in China. And most of manufacturers have shops in the wholesale markets. So that sourcing companies can easily find the manufacturers for bulk buying.

For example, fabric, clothes, and shoes. Or bags, jewelry accessories, and premium toys gifts. Or furniture, building material, lighting, home decorations, etc. Moreover, there are big wholesale markets for electronics, phone, hardware tools, etc. Guangzhou office can find good suppliers from Shenzhen, Dongguan and Foshan. Or Shantou, Zhongshan and Xiamen. Or other related China manufacturer hubs.

(2) Large categories Shangjin service

While Shangjin trading mainly focus on garments textile, fashion clothing and fabric, leather shoes bags, etc. In fact focus on textile products for lady, women, men, kids. It’s really a big categories already. Of course, we choose products for featured products. And our clients are also choose who are professional in his interested products. So that better to communicate, and discuss further before you hire us. When you inquiry us, you can send us some pictures for idea. Then we will confirm you if we have good suppliers. Or we can tell you if we are the best one to service you in the markets.

3. Ningbo office featured products

(1) Various manufacturer hubs in China

Ningbo is the best market for export trade agent shipping service in China. Because so many factories locate in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu province. And Ningbo, Wenzhou, and Hangzhou are very famous for the fashion clothing, cheap household commodities, and other textile products. As well as the hardware, metal, and home appliance factories. Furthermore, there are the biggest fabric manufacturer hubs in Shaoxing. And knitted sweater hubs in Tongxiang, Leather apparel in Haining. Of course, Yiwu wholesale markets are very big and famous for small commodities, cheap garments and socks. Or shirts, curtains, and scarf textile products. Additionally, toys, stationary, home decor, etc. 

(2) Factory suppliers network of Shangjin

For Shangjin trading, we are focus on textile products for bulk buying. Because our office in Ningbo is around 60 km away from Yiwu. So that we are not so competitive in market service. While for sourcing and buying from manufacturers, it’s no problem at all. In fact, sourcing all over the China is the best way for foreign buyers to find the best supplier company. Which normally means cheap price and good quality. By the way, Shangjin have many factory suppliers in Ningbo, Shanghai, Wenzhou and Hangzhou. Who are all big factories for clothing, fabric, and home appliance. Even some for hardware, stainless steel cups, and vacuum cleaners. So that for bulk orders, we will sourcing and buy from the factory companies directly.

How Does Wholesale Agent Service When You Buy Bulk And Export From China Market?

Buying bulk from China wholesale markets and export is a complexity purchasing business. There are many detailed work to handle. Shangjin sourcing company service export shipping from China market. Or buy bulk orders from China manufacturers. Normally we call it comprehensive service, or one-stop solution buy from wholesale markets. Below are what Shangjin service as a sourcing, buying and export agent in China markets.

1. Wholesale Market Guide

Wholesale Market Guide is a basic serve of Shangjin company, as a sourcing and export agent in China. And it’s a comprehensive service in market buying. In fact, it’s one-stop-solution service for bulk buying in China wholesale markets. As well as assistant you visit the China factories. Mainly we service in Guangzhou and Ningbo. Sometimes we can accompany you sourcing in wholesale markets of Yiwu, Wenzhou, Shenzhen, and Xiamen. If you want to visit factories, we can guide you visit them. No matter in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan. Or in Ningbo, Yiwu, Shanghai, etc.

What does Shangjin service bulk buying in market guide?
(1) Sourcing good market or manufacturer company

Before you coming to Guangzhou, Shangjin will sourcing good supplier companies for you. And our  market interpreter will guide and service you to buy bulk in the best market place. If we find some good China wholesale manufacturers, we shall recommend to you. Then you make decision to visit or not. And make decision to place bulk order to buy from them or not.

(2) Whole day market service

Our interpreter staffs are all familiar with the wholesale markets, as well as the products knowledge of China suppliers. And they are all work hard and smart to understand your requirements. Generally, they will guide and assistant you buy bulk from the markets whole day. From morning 9:30 am am pick up you at hotel lobby. Till to finish the market survey and send you back to hotel at around 18:00 pm.

(3) Service as market interpreter and assistant

Shangjin interpreter staff work as buy assistant in the wholesale markets, when you sourcing and place bulk order to the China suppliers. And they will guide and introduce you basic information of markets, hidden rules of China vendors, and wholesale buying tips. Meantime, the market guide will help you bargain with the China wholesalers for better business terms or service. Such as cheaper price, smaller MOQ, and faster delivery time, etc. 

(4) Record service of market information

Sometimes you maybe can’t make decision to place order buy bulk directly. And prefer to check and consider after you finish all of the market sourcing work. Don’t worry, Shangjin’s market guide will support record service. For example, they will take photos, record the detailed information of the products. Such as MOQ, price, delivery time, packing details, etc. Of course, the market guide will record the company information, shop or booth address, and special requirements or extra cost. And so on. 

(5) Custom made guide with China wholesalers

Normally, many client’s require private labels, unique design to custom made. Shangjin’s market guide will remind you many detailed buying skills for bulk orders. And they will check and confirm all of the requirements with suppliers. When you are at the shop, and discuss face to face. For example, fabric material and clothing color or size. Or label notification, design improvements, packing requirements, etc. There are many hidden service cost in the China wholesale markets. Such as tags changing, delivery inland shipping cost, repacking fees, etc. Our market guide will assist you to negotiate with the China suppliers. Or if you visit the factories, and buy bulk in the showroom. Same situation in fact.

(6) Consider about export shipping and consolidating in advance 

As a professional export agent from China wholesale markets. Our market guide know well about export shipping process. And they will remind you take care of branded products, or fake copy labels items. Or will calculate the goods volumes roughly. In order to suggest you the best and economy shipping methods. Furthermore, our staffs will check with you about your destination ports information. So that they will sourcing and check with shipping companies or forwarder agents to know more detailed requirements. Such as special documents or certifications from China wholesale suppliers. To consider about every details in advance of market buying bulk or export shipping, is very important for export agent company service.

(7) Detailed Paperwork after market service

In Shangjin sourcing company, we have a strict rules of market service. Which require our market guide, must finish the detailed order list before our clients come back hometown. Sometimes, we require our interpreter have to finish the spreadsheet before next morning. Even they have to work hard till to midnight. Why so serious rules? Because the detailed order list is so important for a bulk order control that buy from China wholesale suppliers. In the DOL, indicated all of the basic information and requirements from our clients. And all of the details are confirmed by clients, suppliers, and Shangjin staffs. So that this sheet is the basic of the bulk orders, and the requirements of buy from China wholesalers or manufacturers. From place bulk orders, to tracking, to quality check, to balance payment, etc. Every process require such DOL as an principle and evidence for service.

Why Fashion Brand Companies Buy Bulk From China Market With Export Trade Agent

Why Fashion Brand Companies Buy Bulk From China Market With Export Trade Agent

Wholesale Market Guide - Sourcing Agent Buy From Best China Supplier

Wholesale Market Guide – Sourcing Agent Buy From Best China Supplier

2. Sourcing China Suppliers Companies In Wholesale Markets

Sourcing inquiries is very important for Shangjin trading company. As it’s the start of our new business. And it’s a chance for us to get new clients. Shangjin trade company attract new clients base on professional sourcing, buying and export agent service in China wholesale markets. So that Shangjin export agent company support free sourcing service, from old China suppliers, wholesale markets, or online platform. To feedback detailed quotation lists or categories to our new clients. Normally in 12-24 hours.

Please help us focus on your correct products that you intend to buy bulk.

Generally we accept inquiries from online chatting, website left messages, emails, and whatsApp. However, for the first business, we need your help for our market sourcing service. Below, please pay attention to. If can’t help us to solve. These shall to be our troubles to service you better from China markets

(1) Pictures of your interested products

Maybe pictures for you are so easy. And even you don’t have, you can download from online suppliers. Or from some website shops. Yes, it’s very easy for you. And will not take you so much time. While for us, it’s extremely helpful. Base on your pictures, we can understand your product image, design, roughly material, quality level, etc. And so on. Then we can understand your products and requirements better. And it’s also easy for us to explain to our cooperating suppliers or China wholesalers. Furthermore, base on your pictures, we maybe can check and confirm with you more detailed information. Such as color, size, material, etc.

(2) Product name or specifications of your products

If talk about specifications, maybe a little difficult for most our new clients. Because they don’t under China wholesale market and our service so well. And they maybe can support us. While if we require original samples, maybe impossible. Surely most of our new clients will complain us. Who are you? Why not you send us samples. Okay, we understand. But we only want to focus on your precise demands. Of course, some brand companies, or fashion buyers, they prefer to send us original samples. It’s really appreciate. 

While for most of our new clients, we now only require them to tell us product name, with pictures. Especially for many business starters. Then we can source based on the very simple information. And prepare a detailed quotation list to feedback them. With our product pictures, product name, material. And size, color cards, MOQ, price. After our new clients receive our quotation. We will ask for further information. Then move ahead to find the correct products that our new clients seeking for.

(3) Target price range with material composition

If you are an experienced business man. You surely can understand what we are talking about. For certain products, there are so many same or similar designs, shapes, or functions. What’s the best choice for you? Some new clients will require us to send all of the categories we can. But it’s really difficult for us to sourcing all of the product companies. As so many China suppliers in the wholesale markets. And so many subcategories.

So that, we please our new clients, can help us. To tell us your target price range. Or can tell us the correct fabric compositions, or material composition. Then we can focus on the correct suppliers. For example, same design clothing but different textile composition, need different machines to produce. Which means different China factories or wholesalers.

By the way, if you confirm the material composition. Then we can easily find the correct suppliers. And then can compare the service, market price, and produce capability. To feedback you a precise quotation list. It’s surely helpful to you. And also can save Shangjin’s sourcing cost. Meantime, we can avoid most of the complains for “too expensive”. In fact, price always based on design, fabric material, sewing quality, and MOQ. Especially for bulk order buy from China wholesale suppliers or factories.

(4) Roughly quantities intend to buy bulk

Maybe you will consider why shall tell you order quantities? We shall place order to buy bulk based on your quotations. Yes, you are right. However, please understand. We are sourcing company. And we don’t have own ready-made stock products to sell  you. For us, we have to inquiry from our suppliers. Or we have to sourcing in the wholesale markets to find China manufacturer companies. What’s the frequently asked questions from the suppliers? Or they must ask us about the quantities question. Why? Because of bulk buy orders, quantities impact the final price.

Regarding MOQ concept, and the related rules in China wholesale markets. We already introduced in several articles online. If you want to know more. Please review our website. In blog sit, you can find many useful information. As well as about China wholesale market, export agent service, wholesale buy custom made in bulk, etc. Hope can help you understand our market sourcing service and export agent company process better.

Clothing wholesale market - What Are Shangjin Agent's Featured Products? & Where To Sourcing And Export For You?

Clothing wholesale market – What Are Shangjin Agent’s Featured Products? & Where To Sourcing And Export For You?

Buying Fashion Textile from China suppliers in Guangzhou Zhongda fabric wholesale markets

Buying Fashion Textile from China suppliers in Guangzhou Zhongda fabric wholesale markets

China Sourcing Agent Guide Wholesale Buying And Export Shipping From Guangzhou

China Sourcing Agent Guide Wholesale Buying And Export Shipping From Guangzhou

3. Order Tracking, Follow Up Bulk Buying

Normally, order tracking is a daily service with the market suppliers. And someone consider it very easy. Just place order accordingly, and waiting for the goods ready to shipping. Yes, generally is like this. While only if you don’t require China wholesale suppliers or factories. If you have requirements. Then there should be issues to solve or coordinate. Below, we will explain the most important processes in order tracking. From the service, no matter from wholesale market purchasing, or buy bulk from China factories. Then you may understand better of a sourcing company or export agent service, who help you buy bulk from China wholesale market.

Key steps in order tracking when you buy bulk from China wholesale markets.
(1) Purchasing contracts is necessary before you transfer to buy bulk orders.

When you sourcing and discuss with the wholesale markets suppliers or China manufacturer companies. You will feel very well. As every suppliers seems nice. And they agree with you mostly of the business terms. So that you are strong confidence that you find good suppliers. Yes, normally is correct. While for some special suppliers, or special persons, maybe not. The best way to protect the bulk order to buy from China smoothly, is a legal and detailed purchasing contracts.

contracts protect client’s benefits in legal

In the contracts, Shangjin will indicate all of the detailed requirements of your bulk orders that want to buy. For example, fabric material, design with size and color requirements. Meantime, the quality inspection requirements, and delivery methods to Shangjin’ warehouse. Furthermore, if need your individual brand logo, labels, and tags. As well as your special requirements of your bulk orders to buy. Of course, price, quantities, technique standards, etc. Don’t think it’s so easy to signature a sale contract with China wholesale suppliers. There should be many difficulties, or hidden rules in the purchasing behaviors.

For instance, extra fees for inland transportation fees. Or extra fees for label changing. Or delayed of the delivery time as agreed. Even sometime, to confirm delivery time, they will inform you have to change date. Because of the raw material lack. So that they can’t agree with the date. Which they agreed with when confirmed with you at the market shop.  Furthermore, for bulk orders, before production, the textile material change the color. Or have big color tolerance. Why? The China wholesale supplier will told you, because their material supplier, only have such color material. And it’s difficult to produce your required color. How can you do then? There are many other detailed service requirements for market or shipping service. Such as packing list submit, on time delivery requirements, quality troubles compensations, etc.

(2) Clarify the payment terms in the contracts before bulk buy from China wholesale suppliers.

In fact, payment terms are very important. Because before you pay deposit, you can cancel the order if you don’t consider good. Or you even cancel the bulk order buy from the suppliers before delivery. Only if you consider not good quality goods as agreed. But if you pay the money. Maybe, if you meet some not reliable suppliers. You should be in troubles. For example, if the delivery time delayed too much, and miss your sales seasons? Or if the quality is poor, and can’t sell out for you in your local markets. Or the finished products are totally different with your ordered. 

Payment terms are very important in a purchasing behavior for bulk buy orders. Not only in China, but also in other wholesale markets. In the purchasing contract, must clarify the payment terms. Generally, 20% to 30% for deposit. And balance payment before shipping. While must after quality inspection procedure. Sometime, for bulk order buy for custom made. Which means use your one brand logo, material, or designs. Most of the China wholesale suppliers will require 50% payment in advance. Why? Because they are worried about you cancel the orders. And they can’t sell out if you don’t accept the production stuffs.

In such situation, your export agent or sourcing company can help you. Because they are Chinese legal company, and service for many years with the wholesale markets suppliers. So that they can negotiate, discuss and persuade the manufacturers to accept 30% deposit for bulk buy orders. Especially for new clients buy bulk from China wholesale markets. Sometime they will have to pay 50% or total order value before production. Or have to pay the balance just without any evidence to show that the goods quality is acceptable or not.

(3) Coordinate all of the China wholesale suppliers to delivery on time.

Delivery on time, is not only means one suppliers should on time. But means all of your suppliers should delivery on time for this terms shipping. Otherwise, you will meet great troubles. Why? To consider, if all of your China suppliers goods are ready, and they  require your balance payment to shipping. While one supplier said, they have to delay one or two weeks because of some certain reasons. How can you do? Every suppliers rush up you for delivery, every day. Or some suppliers will inform you extra fees for warehouse. It’s really a trouble. Not only because of the extra cost, or loss. But for your business, and purchasing plan from China. If can’t control well, such situation is very popular in China wholesale markets.

Shangjin will follow up every suppliers. And contact them, check the delivery time, producing status frequently. Normally 3 to 5 days each time. If the delivery days are coming, Shangjin will contact them for confirmation at least before 3 – 5 days. So that to know if the goods is producing without problem. And can plan quality checking schedule, prepare documents for custom declarations, etc. Furthermore, we will remind the China wholesale suppliers, about the shipping mark, packing, labels, or barcode required.

The most important is that, Shangjin is controlling every suppliers. Because the following up work is focus on your whole orders. So that we will follow up every China wholesale suppliers. To ensure the whole orders can delivery on time. Sometimes, one client will buy from 5 – 10 China wholesale suppliers. Or even 20 suppliers.

(4) Solve the problems in time and keep clients informed

Normally, bulk orders means complexity producing process and long time to finish. In the manufacturer processes, there should be many troubles or emergencies. For example, raw material delayed, or quality problem. Or the factory machines are in trouble, have to repair and delayed the time. Or some sales man leave off, and no one follow up your orders. Even the factory make a mistake for the production in sizes, then all of the goods are wrong. There is a normal problem for factory orders. Which are very popular. For instance, your bulk buy order is not so big amount, but the factory is extremely busy. Then they will delay your order, and produce big client’s order in priority.  In such case. If your China export agent or sourcing company, don’t follow up seriously. You will not know the status. And the only thing you can do is waiting and waiting.

Shangjin is always tracking the orders strictly. And will list every suppliers’ delivery time. As well as your special or key requirements of the bulk buy orders. So that our staffs can follow up clearly. To check the China wholesale suppliers frequently. If there are some strange situations. And we consider not so good status. We shall pay serious attention to the issues. We will require the suppliers to improve. Or if feel can’t communicate sufficiently, we will visit the suppliers factories or shops. To communicate face to face. Then to solve the troubles as soon as possible. In the same time, we will always keep our clients informed. As we are their eyes and hands in China. We are work for them. To take care the orders, solve the troubles, and report to them in time. It’s a basic market service of Shangjin sourcing company.

(5) Goods consolidate and warehouse store to export shipping

For a China export agent or sourcing company, consolidate to shipping is very easy. As it’s a daily and easy work. While Shangjin is always reminding our staffs. To follow up the orders strictly, and pay attention to the details. Then foresight and solve the troubles in advance. When the goods ready, then shall be no problem for export shipping. Especially for bulk buy orders, or custom made orders.

Shangjin can pick up goods at our own warehouse in Guangzhou, Foshan, and Ningbo. Or we can hire a truck to pick up goods at every wholesale markets. Then repack and consolidate to warehouse for shipping. All of the work base on detailed plan. For consolidating plan, markets and wholesale suppliers goods volumes, and detailed time schedule. In fact, it’s require good market service experience, and strong fulfill capability. Otherwise, there should be many troubles. Or many extra cost. And waste time.

Same status, before goods picking up. Shangjin already fixed shipping plan. With confirmation with our clients. In fact, we shall consider about the goods volumes, consolidate cost, export shipping documents, etc. For every bulk buy orders, we are controlling in one paper list. To use the best way to save time and cost. And avoid the troubles as we can. So that, Shangjin’s export shipping service are always smoothly, and without troubles.

Buy in China clothing wholesale market- Guide Guangzhou

Buy in China clothing wholesale market- Guide Guangzhou

How To Custom Made Products And Buy From China Factory Suppliers Wholesale

How To Custom Made Products And Buy From China Factory Suppliers Wholesale


4. Quality Inspection 

For a sourcing company or export agent, quality inspection is always the key value of the market service for bulk buying in China. As purchasing good products from China, is every client’s purpose. Not only for the service value of wholesale markets in China of an export agent. But it’s for client’s sales business service in local markets. Otherwise, our client’s will meet very big troubles. Because of their order, service, and new orders, etc. Shangjin consider quality inspection is our core value for market service.

We always use the most strict quality checking methods for each order. And never mind the reaction of our old suppliers. Of course, most of our China wholesale suppliers or manufacturers are all understand us. And they are all know well about Shangjin’s strict quality inspection requirements. On the other hand, if some China wholesale suppliers are not good quality, we will never do business with them. 

(1) Guarantee for the compensation if Shangjin’s don’t fulfill quality inspection process good

Such guarantee is forcing Shangjin to take care good quality more serious as we can. Although we are not a professional quality inspection service company in China market. While we understand well the requirements of our clients. And we proceed to check every design of the bulk buying orders. To check the color, sizes and quantities. Sometimes, if necessary, we will check fabric material composition in special institutes. And we will arrange our staff to check 1 -2 suppliers only in one day work. Then take many detailed photos, to show to our clients. And feedback them our QC report for confirmation before shipping.

If there are mistake handle in our quality tracking process or methods. And caused the bad results of quality inspections. We shall take the responsibility. Not only to negotiate with the suppliers for compensations. But also will take some parts of the loss for our compensation. As it’s our market service results. In fact, it’s not simply a problem of money. But it’s a principle rule for a sourcing company or export agent in China wholesale business.

(2) Normal quality inspection methods
Firstly, random sample checking till to ensure good quality for shipping

For bulk buying orders, we use random sample checking of the production stuffs. To check 100% designs, colors. For each design, color, we only check 30% random. While if we find one design or color, have one or two pieces problem, we will check more, even 100% checking. Anyway, for Shangjin, we proceed quality inspection service. In order to 100% ensure,  that we will accept and export shipping good quality goods to our clients.

Secondly, pre-production inspection to ensure the sample making are good for bulk buying

Which means we will follow up and check the sample making quality. For a bulk buying order, first sample is very important. From the sample making time, material, sewing, or quality level. We can feel if the China wholesale supplier or manufacturer is good or not. Of course, we will visit the workshop or factory sample room. And to meet their designs, salesman, even their boss. To double confirm all of the sample requirements. As well as to confirm the China wholesale suppliers producing capability. And it is not a scam, but a serious business partner.

Thirdly, on-production inspection to ensure all of the detailed requirements are fulfilled correctly

When the China wholesale suppliers start manufacturer production orders, Shangjin require to visit the workshop for checking. To see if all process are correct. Such as material, patterns, process. Even if the first production goods are correct or not. And will check with the original sample. If there are any problem, will require the factory to improve. Sometimes, the China wholesale suppliers will give us some excuses or reasons. We shall check and discuss with them. Then feedback to our clients for confirmation. Only after get instructions from our clients. Then allow the suppliers to proceed. Otherwise, need find the solutions.

Of course, for such process, normally we treat for big amount bulk buy orders. For some normal bulk buy orders, we only require the factory to send us pictures with detailed measurements for checking. Anyway, no matter order amount big or small. If find any problem, we will treat it seriously. And must find the best solutions. Because we always understand, that correct products means the good quality. And means the good service quality of a sourcing company or export agent in China market.

After the production stuff are finished and ready to quality inspection. Shangjin will arrange quality checking at the China wholesale suppliers warehouse. Based on the purchasing contract, original smaple (or sample before production). Our staff will check very strictly, carefully, and focus on each design. Then will submit a quality checking report to our clients for confirmation to accept or not.

Finally, pre-shipment inspection to double confirm the correct goods for shipping

Because already quality inspected at the China wholesale supplier’s warehouse. So that this time only focus on the correct products or not. Such as correct each design are delivery to our warehouse. And all of the quantities of each designs are correct. Meantime, the shipping market, and packing list are match the goods. As well as the out packing requirements, special documents or certifications, etc.

Although for the goods quality inspection is easy at such process. But in fact, Shangjin is still strictly in the details requirements. Because for export shipping from China, is serious too. Generally China custom or client’s custom have special requirements of goods. So that we need pay much attetion if accord with the rules of governments.

(3) Special quality inspection requirements

Sometimes, our clients will have special requirements for quality checking. For example, require 100% quality inspection for each piece. Like clothing, shoes, or each roll of fabric textile. Or some clients require third party quality inspection with certain certifications. Furthermore, some clients require our staff to go other cities for quality inspection. As a sourcing company and market service agent, Shangjin accept all of the requirements. Because we are China agent for sourcing, buying and export service from China wholesale markets. If clients can understand our work, and agree with some reasonable surcharges. Shangjin is always appreciate to service. Of course, we can discuss further individually if necessary.

Quality inspection - Sourcing And Buying Agent In China Wholesale Markets

Quality inspection – Sourcing And Buying Agent In China Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou sourcing agent - buying and export from China

Guangzhou sourcing agent – buying and export from China


5. Warehousing and export shipping

Shangjin sourcing company is professional in export shipping service from China wholesale markets. Not only for bulk buy orders. But also for small purchasing orders. Of course, only bulk buying orders will use our warehouse. For small orders, generally can repack in our office and send out via couriers. In fact, warehouse and export shipping is necessary service for an export agent in China wholesale markets. 

(1) Shangjin trading has warehouses in 3 cities
Guangzhou warehouse

This warehouse is in Baiyun district. Around 40 minutes away from our office. And is nearby Guangzhou railway station too. The warehouse is 1,500 sqm. In this warehouse, we mainly store and loading container for clothing, shoes, and fabric. As well as bags, premium and gifts goods. As Guangzhou is the best marketplace for such products.  

Foshan warehouse

Foshan warehouse is 4,500 sqm. And locate in Lecong city, nearby Shunde. If fact, Foshan is the biggest wholesale markets for furniture and building material products. As well as lighting, home decoration, and related textile products. Generally, we pick up furniture products in warehouse and loading container directly. Because furniture and building material products are always big goods volumes. And for bulk buying orders, the China wholesale suppliers will agree to delivery to our warehouse directly. By the way, the Foshan warehouse is only around 10 km away from the furniture wholesale markets.

Ningbo warehouse

Ninggo warehouse is in Cixi city, which is 5,000 sqm. The warehouse is 60 km, away from Shaoxing fabric wholesale market. 90 km away from Hangzhou. And 120 km away from Yiwu wholesale markets. While around 200 km from wenzhou city. Seems not so convenience for goods consolidating and market service. But actually not a big problem. Because in China, the inland logistic cost is not so expensive. And In Zhejiang, Shanghai, there are too many kinds manufacturer hubs. For different products. Such as fashion clothing, home appliance, and vacuum cleaners. Or plastic products, hardware accessories, and garments fabric materials, etc.

(2) Free warehouse store in 7 days

Because Shangjin is export agent for market service from China. And we need pay related cost to rent the warehouses. However, consider to improve our wholesale market and export shipping service, we support free warehouse. So that you can simply to find suppliers for bulk buying. And don’t worry about where to store and consolidate your products specially. In fact, 7 days for free is enough for consolidating, container loading and export shipping. 

Sometimes, you maybe meet China wholesale suppliers delayed for goods. Don’t worry, we can support you as we can. If only for several days delayed, we can offer you free warehouse too. Generally 3 to 5 days more, are no problem. But can’t too much time. When you plan to ship your goods 10 days later or more, we can discuss for the extra fees in advance. According to your order amount, goods value, and store time, etc. 

(3) Rent temporary warehouse all over the China

Shangjin trading company sourcing, buying, and export from whole China markets. So that we will accept many bulk buying orders from many China cities. Some clients will bulk buy clothing in Guangzhou, and shoes from Fujian. Or leather shoes in Chengdu, with cheap canvas footwear in Wenzhou. Or furniture in Foshan, home appliance in Ningbo. And so on. In such case, we need consider about the economy shipping methods. And maybe need rent a temporary warehouse in certain city to consolidating and shipping. In fact, Shangjin is always handling in such way. While our clients need consider about the related cost before place the bulk buying order to the China wholesale suppliers.

(4) Export shipping methods
Sea shipment

Generally, we use sea shipping way. Most are full container. From 20 ft to 40ft HQ container. The shipping cost is including FOB cost and sea freight fees. Some times we accept LCL sea shipping. Which means less than one container sea shipping. Same process for export shipping process. While better for you to appoint your own shipping forwarders. 

Air cargo

If your goods are not big goods volumes, and you are eager to receive. Then we can arrange air cargo shipping. Which is fast. But more expensive than sea shipping. Like sea shipping, air cargo is require custom clearance in your local market. So that better for you to find a shipping forwarder in your country, to help you import from China.

Couries express

Couriers are easy. And we can handle to every countries. By fedex, dhl, ups, etc. In fact we have good and safe courier channel. Which use official channel and tracking No. too. But much cheaper than booking from online website. But the cost is much expensive than air cargo.

If you want to know more about the shipping methods. Please vist our website. In our blog online, we shared you many useful information. If you have any questions, please contact us. As shipping cost base on your shipping methods, goods volumes, and destination ports. According to your products and your custom clearance requirements. There are many detailed and economy shipping methods to choose.

Inland transportation fees, or logistic cost.

By the way,  as a remind here. For the inland transportation fees. Which is for small order quantities goods delivery. For bulk buy order, no such problem. If your order is small, your suppliers will reject to send goods to our warehouse. Then we have to rent a truck to pick up goods in the markets. And consolidate to our warehouse. In order to combine to one container for shipment. There will be some extra fees need you assume. Such as truck rent fees, parking fees, uploading and unloading fees to workers.

However, Shangjin’s market interpreter will remind you. When they guide you sourcing and buying in the wholesale markets. We will help you check and confirm with each suppliers about the delivery terms. Normally can persuade the suppliers to assume the cost. However, must before you place order. Otherwise, they China wholesale suppliers will refuse to accept the cost.

warehouse and loading

Export shipping service - wholesale purchasing guide agent buying in China market

Export shipping service – wholesale purchasing guide agent buying in China market

6. Customs clearance and documentations

As an export agent, Shangjin will handle all of the related work for custom declaration in China. While you need service of custom clearance in your local market. The best choice is to find an shipping forwarder in your country. To help you import from China market. In fact, same as you hire a China sourcing company or export agent to help you buy bulk from China wholesale markets. Of course, if you have import & export certificates in your country, and you have own import team. Then all of the work is easy.

Normally, you only need bill of lading (B/L), packing list (PKL), and commercial invoice (INV). In fact, before shipping, we will prepare and send to you for confirmation. Such as consignee information, product name, order value, etc. Of course with detailed sheets and documents. Then we will tracking the shipping process. And keep you informed every detailed information. If you require telex release, not a problem at all.

Here, for you or your country’s special requirements. Better for you to check with your local shipping forwarder. So that we can prepare for you in advance. Or we can sourcing the suppliers companies who can submit the special certifications. Such as C/O, CE, CCC, FCC, etc. Because each country have individual requirements for certain products. So that we can discuss further individually to find solutions.

Shipping Methods from China to your local market

What does a sourcing agent do?

What does a sourcing agent do?