Shangjin trading company is professional in export solution service. Or a purchasing agent to guide foreigners sourcing and wholesale buy from China markets or factory suppliers. What’s export solution? That’s means Shangjin agent can help you handle all of the detailed work to wholesale buy from China markets. For instance, sourcing correct markets or good suppliers. And guide assistant to buy wholesale in Guangzhou markets. Or service for order tracking and quality inspection. Or consolidate goods in the Guangzhou markets. And free warehouse in Guangzhou, Foshan, and Ningbo. Till to export service with shipping companies from China.

Because of Shangjin’s offices in Guangzhou and Ningbo Cixi city. So that we can help you sourcing and buy products from all over the China biggest wholesale markets. Even online shops in website platforms. Such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Foshan. Or Putian, Jinjiang and Zhangzhou in Xiamen. If you want to find solutions to export from Shanghai, Wenzhou, and Hangzhou. Or wholesale buy from Yiwu, Wenzhou, Haining, Tongxiang, etc. Such service are no problem at all. In fact, Shangjin trading is a service company of China agent for sourcing, buying and export solution.


Shangjin Trading Company Service As Sourcing Solution Agent For Wholesale Buy Export In China Markets 

As Shangjin trading company are dedicated in fashion textile products agent service in China many years. Such as fabric, clothing, and shoes. Or fashion accessories of jewelry, bags, sunglasses, etc. Or textile accessories for garments. Like lady’s dresses, children apparel and footwear. As well as knitted sweater, denim jeans pants, cotton printed t-shirt, etc.  In fact, we are professional in sourcing and wholesale buy from Guangzhou markets. Or purchasing bulk orders from China suppliers to export shipping. Which work as an export agent to deal with China logistics and shipping service companies. Anyway, Shangjin is a nice service agent company in one stop solution to export from China.

In order to explain you the service of Shangjin trading company. And want to clarify Shangjin company’s basic agent service in China. Below, we’d like to list the frequently asked questions. And answers from Shangjin service company. From which, surely can help you understand China agent service better. As well as the process or solutions to sourcing, wholesale buy and export from China markets. 


1. To be an export solution, what kind of products are your specialty in wholesale buy?

We are agent company for export solution in wholesale buy from China markets or factory companies. And we are normally focus on fashion design household products. Such as fabric, clothing, and shoes. Or bags, jewelry, and watches. Or wedding decoration, premium toys, and stationary. As well as furniture, building material, and lighting. Which is a large product categories. So that we always introduced us to our clients. That we can guide you sourcing and buy any kinds of products in China markets. 

In fact, there are various and huge amount of subcategories in such products. For example, textile products. No matter garments, footwear, and other textile products. There are so many various specifications and quality levels. Even in one same design. Such as cotton, linen, and silk. Or denim, knit, and polyester. Or spandex, lycra, canvas, etc. And other special function material. And so on. So that we are always want to discuss with clients. In order to know well about their detailed requirements. Before we accept their agent inquiries to sourcing in China markets.

By the way, Shangjin trading company don’t service such products items. For example, products of agriculture, food, and chemical. Or pharmaceutical, machinery, and raw material. As well as some fake, copy branded designs. Especially for some dangerous categories. Which are forbidden by governments.


2. Could you pleased send me your catalog of all the sports items with price and photos?

Because Shangjin is a sourcing agent in China markets. So that we don’t have own ready-made stock products to sell. And we don’t have featured products categories. In fact we service for sourcing in wholesale markets or online shops, to find good market supplier companies. Then we inquiry based on our client’s requirements. After we get quotation lists from China suppliers. We shall feedback to our clients with detailed specifications. Such as fabric material, color, and size. And price, MOQ, delivery time, etc. For some bulk order, we will clarify to our clients about the detailed information of custom made service from China factories.

That’s why we can’t send you the trendy categories of sports products. While we are professional in such sports categories. Such as lady’s sportswear, swimming wear. And sports footwear like trainers, gym shoes, etc. If you want men’s, children’s sports wear. No problem at all. As we have many good suppliers from wholesale markets. And most of them are China manufacturers. However, before we sourcing and buy in the wholesale markets. Please help us understand your requirements better. Because every suppliers will ask us such questions. How many quantities of your orders? What’s your fabric material requirements? How about your target price range for what kinds of quality level? And so on. Why so many questions from suppliers? Because they are very experienced in market sourcing and inquiries. And they don’t want to waste time in some poor inquiries. 


3. How much time will you reply to me from your side regarding search for best source?

We will forward your inquiry to our sourcing manager. Then our sourcing team check with our factory suppliers or sourcing in the markets. And will send you quotations within 24-48 hours. Normally 24 hours for market sourcing is enough. While because of the huge suppliers need sourcing and check in the markets. And have to waiting fro their reply. Then maybe will be a little delayed. Hope you can understand it.


4. Is there a fixed assistant that accompany me in China and arranging all the things after I return to my country?

Yes, a fixed market guider or assistant will help you sourcing and buying in the wholesale markets. Or to accompany you visit the China factory suppliers. And the market guide will not only for interpreter service. But also will help you bargain the best business terms. Furthermore, the market assistant guider will arrange everything. When  you sourcing and buy from the wholesale market or suppliers. No matter you  are in China or return to your local market.

However, if the staff is at absence for any reason. Then we shall appoint another one in the same business team. Don’t worry about it. Because they have the same business team manager. So that they can share all the working materials together. Shall not impact your market sourcing and buy behavior in the wholesale markets.


5. Will the market guide accompany me sourcing all the day around in the marketplace?

Yes, our translator will assist you sourcing and buy all day around the wholesale market.

Usually 9:00 am meet you in the hotel lobby. Then go to sourcing in the market together. Shall finish sourcing work at 17:00 pm in the markets. Because the market close at the time, and you have to finish sourcing work.

Our market assistant will take you back to hotel after sourcing work. And she then go back home. For the detailed arrangement, you can discuss sourcing plan with the market guider. And make the market sourcing decisions by yourself.

In the night, the market guider shall organize all of the detailed information onto a spreadsheet. For your reference about the sourcing results in the markets. So that you  can check the products what you are interested to buy from wholesalers. In order to double confirm of your choices. Before making your bulk orders. For the rest detailed work, take it easy. As our company staffs can help you handle all of the rest. Which also means export solution of comprehensive service.


6. How do your export solution work for me in China? And what things/ documents do I need to prepare before I visit China?

Things to prepare before your trip:

  1. Invitation Letter for Visa. (Shangjin can provide a business invitation for your visa purposes)
  2. Hotel Booking. (Book your hotel without a deposit unless there are trading fairs in session)
  3. Airport Pickup Arrangements. (Arrange pickups from Guangzhou)
  4. Confirmed Meeting Times. (Once have arranged all details, we can book our meeting.)

We will confirm a meeting with you before you depart. During the meeting, we can explain more detailed information of our export solution service.

Then our market guider will escort you sourcing in the market. And negotiate with suppliers to get better terms for wholesale buying. Meantime, the market assistant will record details of your interested products. And send you a detailed order list when daily market sourcing finished.

Once you have carefully reviewed all of your products on the spreadsheet. And have made your decision to place an order. Then we will arrange the rest things for you. 


7. If we specify products, quantities, price level, etc, in advance, are you capable to perform research and recommend potential suppliers, before we arrive in Guangzhou?

Absolutely, market sourcing in advance is our export solution service too. Surely we can sourcing in the markets. And must sourcing and find the correct marketplace and suppliers before you coming down to China. Furthermore, we must check with several China suppliers. Who can meet your requirements or not. If Okay, we will recommend you to check whether need visit them or not. Normally we will sourcing wholesalers in markets. But if your order are bulk purchasing. Then we will try to find the best manufacturers directly. So that you can wholesale buy from the factory showroom or warehouse directly.


8. I would like to know is there a way to import goods from China, if I don’t visit in person?

Sure, no problem at all. Since you don’t visit China, please provide us some samples or specifications. Such as some clear photos, purchasing quantity, and size. As well as material, color, target price, etc. Then we will forward your inquiries to our sourcing department. In order to sourcing in the markets. And check prices, MOQ, delivery time, etc. Then send you quotations by email.

After you confirm the orders and prices, we will arrange the rest things for you.


9. You mentioned that you give 100% guarantee. Are running an escrow service like Aliexpress, Alibaba where you hold the money until we receive the goods & are satisfied with quality, color, size, etc? How do you guarantee my money?

Shangjin is a reliable export solution company. And we will assume the responsibility for broken or damaged items. As well as quantity shortages by offering credit back. Or refunds if required. Meantime, we also assume responsibility in supplier related issues. If we cannot find a reliable replacement in the time frame for shipping. Then we shall promptly return the deposit to you. Since we can’t service you for a good result, so that our company will not charge you any fees.


10. I know you guys are there to protect the client and so far we feel quite comfortable with you etc. Are there actually hidden commissions between China  suppliers, factories and agents?

No. There are no hidden service commissions, between China suppliers, factories and our company. In fact, no every clients can contact the suppliers via online website shops. Or add their we-chat directly. So that it’s impossible to take hidden commissions. Meantime, service company or China agent, are only work on behalf of the clients. And the China wholesale suppliers are always work for whom buy from them.

Maybe, not frequently, some China suppliers, factories will give us 1-2% discounts. Because we deal with them by means of  cash on delivery. And the China wholesale suppliers also want the agents to introduce more orders to buy from them.

In fact, we make a profit mainly from export tax rebates. And the service commission take from our clients. For nowadays, all of the service company, charge rate are transparently.


11. I think 3%commission fee is too much, I feel, you should be making it 2% commission on my purchases. I am OK with rest of the following things that you have mentioned.

For the 3% service commission, that our company charge you. Because we provide the comprehensive service to you. Which we think the best rate for one stop solution agent in China. As our export solution service, shall handle all of the wholesale buy work in China. Including market sourcing and guide. And order tracking and consolidation. As well as quality inspection, warehousing, and documents declaration. Furthermore, Shangjin company is full team service. In order to offer the one stop solution agent service export from China. And all of the related fees or charges covered in service commission to our company already.

Anyway, 3% is fair. And it only almost covers our overheads. Only leaves a small profit margin to us. Please understand. To market sourcing, wholesale buy service, is really a hard work for any agent companies in China. And Shangjin is high quality service company for export agent in China.


12. We are looking for long term custom, and don’t want any hidden costs. It’s better for you to have everything in black and white. Moreover, are the total charges including 3% commission fee and the container fee?

There are no hidden charges or service fees in our company. And the service charges or related fees are transparent for agent service company in China. In fact, the total cost you should assume for your export solution service, is as below.

Shangjin’s  Agency Commission + Fob Charges + Your Shipping Costs = Total charges


13. You advertise in your website, 1% commission for your export solution, why you charge us 3% commission?

Yes, our commission normally is 3%. Sometimes low to 1%. Generally our company charge 3% service commission. And it’s really a reasonable rate. Because our company’s service are one stop export solution. Including all of the agent service that you buy from China wholesale suppliers. However, we sometimes will charge 1%. When the order amount is very big enough. At least 1 million RMB per bill. Meantime, require long-term business. Please understand. In fact, Shangjin company’s service commission are very competitive. And you can enjoy a professional export solution service.


14. How about checking that manufacturer, shipper legally exists in China?

Yes, we can definitely assist you in checking such issues. Whether manufacturers legally exist or not. Please send us their official website or online shops link. And contact info. Then we will give you a feedback quickly.


15. If cargo delays then commitment due to production or delay on working process. What is the responsible?

Such situation is frequent in wholesale buy from China markets. And to solve such troubles in time, is the meaning of export solution. However, we are not the supplier. So that we can only service what a professional agent company in China can do. Normally, we control the delivery time very well. As we always try our best to control the order process. Keep you informed of the produce process in time. And push the supplier delivery on time.

For instance, we shall follow up and tracking the orders strictly. And arrange our market assistant to visit the supplier shops or factory workshops. In order to know about the order status. Then keep our customers updated. If there are any changes. Then we will control the problems before they happen. But we can’t take the responsibility of delayed delivery. What we can do is to cancel the orders based on your confirmation. And require the deposit refund to you.


16. How will you do the inspection in your export solution service?

We usually do 30% sampling inspection on each item, and inspect the Quality, Quantity, Packing and all the other issues according to your requirements before delivery.

If there is any difference, we will check more quantity of products on the item and give you a feedback, then let you make the decision.


17. Could you provide 100% inspection on my products or any other kinds of sampling inspection?

Yes, we can provide 100% inspection if you require, but we charge more fees regarding 100% inspection. The final cost depends on the inspection quantity of goods and your requirements.


18. Regarding your export solution service, how are you prepared to deal with potential quality issues during and after production?

We also assume responsibility in supplier related issues. If we cannot find a reliable replacement in the time frame for the goods to be received, then deposit will return to the customer.

100% guarantee that if there are any quality problems after our QC, because we do not fulfill your quality requirements (at least we require a detailed QC instruction Sheet),  so that we will cover the responsibility.


19. Do you also have some like “inspection fee”? I see that some of Guangzhou trading agents add this kind of fee. Please let me know. Is it possible to send out your worker to supplier warehouse to check the goods?

You can also have the Inspection Service separately instead of paying commission. Just tell us the inspection requirement and the inspection address, your order details, such as quantity, a detailed order list with photos, etc.

If the inspection location is not in Guangzhou, the cost is USD 100$/Day+Travel Cost.


20. How much do you charge for warehouse space per CBM? Does it include in export solution commission?

It is included in our commission charge, we will not charge the fees, 7-10 days are enough for us to ship the goods out. If you want use our warehouse longer time, we will have to charge you extra fees, usually 5 RMB / CBM/day.

Our commission fee is 3% of the total purchase cost of your goods and this covers the One-Stop export solution Services, surely  including Warehousing.

For smaller order where is under 15,000 USD, we will charge 300-500 USD commission for each shipment.


21. To be an export solution, can you gather all of the products info from my different suppliers and load into one shipment?

Yes, it’s one of our export solution service.  We can consolidate the goods together in one shipment. As your order is small, the suppliers surely will not send goods to our warehouse directly. So we have to rent a truck to collect goods in the market, send back to our warehouse, then combine to one shipment.

There are some extra fees for transportation, such as truck rent fees, parking fees, load fee in the market, unload fee in the warehouse, etc. you need assume it. The cost based on the products CBM and weight, will confirm with you before we proceed.


22. What kind of shipping methods do you provide in your export solution?

We are comprehensive export solution, can delivery goods by sea shipment, air shipment, express/ courier (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc).

23. Can you Repacking and relabel with my store label in your export solution service?

Re-packing as your requirement is one of our export solution service. We will change the carton, inner box, label, bar code, making the wooden pallet, etc, the re-packing service charges will be separately according the cost. There is a detailed cost list for your confirmation before proceed.


24. Can you tell your prices for translation service?

Translation Service and Market Guide Daily Rate:

English- Chinese: 300 rmb in Guangzhou per day

  • Once orders are placed, the translation fees will be deducted.

Spanish Language Service: 600 rmb Guangzhou per day.

If not in Guangzhou, sometimes there will be some costs of transportation and hotel, as our guider accompany you to other cities.

By the way, for our old client who once placed order, we will not charge translator fees.


25. Since, it is the 1st time to China, I cannot assure you if I will buy immediately. I am coming for a survey. Will this be fine with you?

Sure, understand,  it’s definitely fine with us. Whether how many times you visit China, it is our honor to assist you in China. For a business starter, or new business. Sourcing related markets to understand well. Before you wholesale buy from China, is very important. And we are service company as sourcing agent in China. So that we are familiar with such situation. In fact, it’s also for a potential business chance in further.

If there is no order, you only pay the translation fee.

The  English translation fee is 300 RMB per day in Guangzhou. While only 200 RMB in Ningbo, Yiwu, and Wenzhou. If you want to sourcing in other cities markets, there will be some costs of transportation and hotel. As our guider need accompany you market sourcing in the other cities.


26. Is the labor cost (paid to the worker who load my goods into container) included in FOB charges?

Yes, FOB Charges cover the inland transportation fees, loading fees, and handling fees from our warehouse to the port where your goods will be shipped out of (Guangzhou or Shenzhen).

20 Ft. Container: $850 USD

40 Ft. HQ Container: $950 USD

LCL (Less than a Container Load) = According to Volume per Cubic Meter (CBM) Quotes can be given once products are collected, and measured in our warehouse.

FOB charge is not included in our export solution commission. But for covering the inland transportation, loading, and handling fees from our warehouse to the port. Such cost should assume by yourself.


27. How the money will be paid to the merchants? Do let me know the procedure.

Please pay deposit to our company, we will help you to transfer the deposit to your different suppliers, it can help you reduce your bank charges too.

Frankly, it’s a help for us to control the sellers to proceed the orders much better, as they always work for whom pay them the money.

We can accept Bank Transfer, Western Union.


28. Please confirm when you will require the balance from us? Before sending us scan of B/L by mail or after? I would like to mention that we always pay balance after getting scan of B/L by mail.

We accept 30% T.T deposit in advance, and require the balance payment before the goods picking up to loading.

The balance payment usually means that 70% of (value of your goods + commission fee +  FOB charges+shipping freight cost)

We will provide you a Proforma Invoice, to guide you complete the payment.


29. What’s your payment terms for your export solution?

Our payment terms is usually 30% deposit and the balance before the goods picking up to loading.

We can also accept L/C payment, however, the final L/C payment terms depends on your total purchase value and your bank requirements, which can be negotiated after your orders confirmed.


30. What all kinds of documents are required to complete the whole process?

We are export solution and will surely assist you in arranging China export customs clearance documents, if you work FOB shipping terms with us. So there is no worry from our side, you can just find a local importing broker in your country to receive your goods (if you have no any Import and Export certificates).


31. Will you take care of the paper work for transporting the goods purchased in your export solution?

Sure, when you place an order to us, we will prepare China export clearance documentations and arrange the shipment, which are included in our commission services.


32. By the way, is Form A and shipping to us Original Document (by DHL or TNT) is extra paid in your company?

Our commission fee also covers the cost of one copy Form A and the courier fee of delivering Original Documents.


33. Question regarding invoicing. Does factory invoice us directly? Could give me a detailed proforma invoice which has all charges I am to pay?

We provide a Proforma Invoice for your payment, which include total charges and balance payment and also our bank information in detail.

You can just pay to us, and we will pay the money to your different factories/ suppliers, to reduce your bank charges.


34. I am planning to visit during the Canton Fair 2019. Please let me know the dates and the procedures for visiting during the fair. Moreover, where is the fair held?

Regarding Canton Fair, please check the official

website: Registration:

You should apply for the Badge:

If you confirm the trip to Guangzhou, please inform us in advance, we can help you to arrange the market guider.


35. Do you know what the rate for the room is in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou hotel is a little expensive, you can get a

  • 3-star hotel pricing range from 400-500 CNY per night,
  • 4-star hotel: 600-800 CNY per night
  • 5-star hotel: more than 1000 CNY per night

During the Canton Fair term, the price will be doubled. It’s better for you booking hotel 1 month in advance.

We can also recommend you some hotels within your hotel budget per night.


36. Could you please help us to organize a train from Shenzhen to Guangzhou?

We suggest you book the train tickets on, which is a well-known booking website in China, and it has an English website: Please choose G train,  it takes only 45 min to reach Guangzhou.

By the way, Please select “Ticket Pickup”, it means that Tickets can be collected at any railway station or authorized ticket office.

After you book it, show your passport to the ticket counter to collect the tickets when you reach Shenzhen Railway Station (G train).


37. I would like to inquire about your services for car pickup from the airport to our Hotel in Guangzhou.

OK, no problem, we will help you to arrange a car to pick you up.

The airport pick up cost is 200 RMB per car from Guangzhou airport to your Hotel, you can pay cash to the driver directly.

Could you please tell us your flight number? If there is any delaying or early situation, the driver can wait for you, holding a piece of paper with your name on it.

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