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How to wholesale buying apparel in China market? First, we should identify the best China apparel market. Absolutely, Guangzhou apparel wholesale market is the export center to buying in China. Why to wholesale buying apparel in China Guangzhou? The majority reason is the lower cost of labor. Actually, cheap price and good quality is the core competitiveness of Guangzhou apparel wholesale market. Meantime, China agent for sourcing, buying and export service, are helpful and welcome for buying in China Guangzhou.

In this article, we shall not introduce the best China apparel market. And will not share wholesale buying methods or process too. Basicly, we’d like to talk about the developing service of China agent. As well as the custom made service in China apparel wholesale market.

1. Apparel wholesale market in Guangzhou

There are dozens of apparel wholesale markets in Guangzhou. And more than 10 big manufacture hubs spread in the whole city. What does it mean? It means complete producing chain and sale hubs for wholesale buying in China.

As a professional China agent, we know the best apparel wholesale market in Guangzhou well. Actually, every Guangzhou agent like to accompany their clients to wholesale buying in these apparel wholesale market.

Here we shall not list again the best apparel wholesale markets. If you want to know more, please browse our website. If you need any help, please contact us.

China apparel wholesale market - Guangzhou Agent

China apparel wholesale market – Guangzhou Agent

2. China agent help you wholesale buying in Guangzhou

Guangzhhou apparel wholesale market is the best choice for wholesale buying. In fact, you can easily find any kinds of clothing you interested. No matter different price range or quality level. For instance, men’s suits, women’s dresses, and kids clothing. Or any kinds of related accessories. Moreover, you can find any fashion designs in Guangzhou apparel wholesale market. By the way, a professional Guangzhou agent is very helpful when you wholesale buying in China.

A Guangzhou agent can help you find any kinds of Crop Tops, Leggings and t-shirt. Or any styles of suits, Hoodies, sweater. As well as socks, coats, shirts, etc. Moreover, a professional China agent can help you proceed custom made process.

Usually, foreign buyers want to have the fabrics printing or embellishment. In such situation, it is better for you to hire a China agent. Excitingly, the China agent will help you find the best supplier easily. Of course, the China agent will easy your wholesale buying in China.

For the featured service of China Agent, such as market guide, buying service, export solution, ect. you can visit our blog to know more.

3. Custom made service for wholesale buying

As mentioned above, apparel wholesale market is based on the manufacture hubs. That is to say, you can find any manufacturer when you wholesale buying. Of course, better to require your China agent sourcing in advance for you.

Wholesale buying with custom made service is very popular in China apparel wholesale market. For instance, private label is a basic service. As well as individual designs. If you check with the suppliers, you will find that 70% of them have own factories. It means you can require custom made service easily. Usually, Guangzhou agent will share you some custom made wholesale buying tips frankly.

Custom made require your quantities can reach the MOQ of suppliers. Then you can require custom made service. For example, you can change the size, design, or fabrics. Moreover, you can change the accessories or material you want.

If you are lucky to meet a good China agent, they will help you find the best manufacturer. Sometimes, if you only have a concept or picture of your interested clothing. But you intend to wholesale buying in China. How could you do then? Don’t worry. Following share you a useful tip.

  • Send a picture to your China agent. So that they can have a roughly indea of your interested items.
  • Tell them your basic specifications. In order to help them to focus on the correct products.
  • Require the China agent to source manufacturers for you. Means you need a precise and useful quotation.

Of course, you’d better tell the China agent detailed requirements. Such as your target price range, quantities, and fabric requirements. Generally, you will receive a precise quotation from your China agent. If you think the quotation is nice, then move ahead for sample making.

Custom made - Wholesale buying

Custom made – Wholesale buying

Custom Made - China sourcing agent

Custom Made – China sourcing agent

4. China apparel wholesale market is developing

Frankly, China apparel wholesale market is changing and developing. Nowadays, in China apparel wholesale market, there are too many innovations coming.

  • (1) Custom made service is insteading of traditional wholesale buying business.
  • (2) Meantime the advertising methods is developing.
  • (3) Many vendors are not only operating a shop, but also do business via online platform. Such as Alibaba, Amazon and related E-commerce channels.
  • (4) Sales channel, quality difference, and price competitiveness keep developing.
  • (5) Step by step, the supplier’s service to be more effective and efficient. Especially, the China apparel wholesale  market is becoming international idea.

5. China Agent service upgrade consistently.

(1) Changing service in China apparel wholesale market.

Sourcing and buying service of China agent is popular and welcome. If you are an experienced buyer in Guangzhou apparel wholesale market, you will understand well.

Import and export trading, or export agent, or shipping forwarder are the majority service of China agent. But now, Guangzhou agent of sourcing, buying, and market guide, are more acceptable in China apparel wholesale market.

Why? Seems the China agent service are still similar. And not too different between sourcing, buying and export agent. In fact, it’s not at all. The key reason is that, Guangzhou agent of export or trading is basic service. While the basic service is market guide, order follow and QC. Even if include warehouse, and shipping.

But for sourcing and buying agent service, the China agent mainly focus on the individual demand of clients. And the core service concept is one sotp solution. Which means the Guangzhou agent can do all of the detailed work on your behalf.

(2) Custom made orders require China agent enhance thier service

Guangzhou agent service in China apparel wholesale market is upgrating. Custom made orders, means the clients have a higher requirements. Not only to the suppliers or manufacturers, but also to the Guangzhou agent. Actually, it require the China agent must enhance their service capability accordingly.

In other words, China agent should be an expertise in wholesale buying in China apparel wholesale market. Generally, the Guangzhou agent should be more professional in following skills.

  • (1) More professional in products knowledge.
  • (2) Know more technology of producing or techniques.
  • (3) More skilled communication and management methods.
  • (4) Better in coordinating the business between clients and suppliers.

Anyway, to be a professional China agent, should be developing on-going. Only if you want to be the best, your business should be better. Shangjin is an experienced Guangzhou agent. And we are always work hard to be better. If you feel nice, welcome to join us.

Shangjin Trading - One stop solution- good service

Shangjin Trading – One stop solution- good service

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  • Ike Thaler| 05/09/2019

    Hello. I was in Guanzhou 3 weeks ago and I am coming back next week. I am looking to make a few different T-shirt designs and other types of clothing, wooden products and more. I am looking for someone with experience with apparel to go with me to factories, introduce me to new factories and to watch the quality once we place the order.

    Please let me know if you can help and what you usually charge.

    Thank you

    • Kevin| 07/09/2019

      Hi Ike, great! and welcome to visit our office.
      We replied you a mail with some basic documents and files for your information.
      Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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