Best China Export Agent Guide You Buying In Guangzhou Clothing Market

A Guangzhou Sourcing Agent Guide You Buying In The Best China Wholesale Market

Best China export agent guide you buying in best Guangzhou clothing wholesale market. Where is the best Guangzhou clothing wholesale market? Please visit Shangjin website. There are many detailed introduction for you. With each wholesale market featured products. No matter lady fashion dress and skirt. Or good quality children and baby apparel. As well as knit wear, jeans denim garments. And swimming, sports, underwear, etc. In fact, Shangjin is export agent in China. Who guide buyers to find the best clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou.

Of course, we always recommend you the best wholesale market in China. For example, garment material and accessories markets. Or fashion textile products markets. In fact, not only guide you Guangzhou wholesale markets. But also work as Guangzhou agent for sourcing, buying, and export from other China wholesale markets. Such as Shenzhen, Ningbo, and Shanghai. And Yiwu, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Cixi, etc.

China Export Agent Guide You Buying In Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets

1. Where is the best market

(1) Best Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Guangzhou clothing wholesale market is very famous. In fact, it is the most important export center for China garment and textile products. There are famous clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou. For instance, Zhanxi clothing wholesale market. Or Liuhua clothing wholesale market. And Shahe clothing wholesale market. Moreover, Baima clothes market, Huimei garment building, and Shisanhang apparel wholesale city. And so on.

These China clothing markets, some are the biggest garment market in China. Furthermore, there are many Guangzhou clothing markets for special or featured clothes. For example, Zhongshanba children apparel market, Jingxiang underwear wholesale market, and Zencheng Jeans wholesale market. Additionally, Xindadi Knitted Sweater market, Liuhua Fur Textile market, and Meibo Sports market, etc.

(2) Best clothing market in other China cities

There are many famouse clothing wholesale markets in other China cities. Because of the manufacturer hubs. So that many good clothing factories in some textile raw material cities. For instance, Ningbo and Shanghai for fashion lady and men clothes. And Qingdao for cotton and yarn coats. Or Shantou, Dalang for knitwear apparel. While Hangzhou nearby Ningbo city, is mainly for silk, linen and cotton fashion lady dresses. China export agent can help you find good factories in these cities. And can guide you buying and export as your China agent.

China export agent always sourcing clothing in the Guangzhou garment wholesale market. Furthermore, China buying agent help foreign buyers export in China. Not only market service. But also assist to handle all of the export process as your shipping agent. For instance, sourcing, buying, export and market guide service. In order to simplify most of the buyers’ export behavior.

high quality fashion design

high quality fashion design

Cheap price good quality custom made

Cheap price good quality custom made

Export Agent Guide Best China Clothing Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

Export Agent Guide Best China Clothing Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

2. Comprehensive service to guide you in markets

China market guide and China buying agent, help your export behavior easier and safer. Not only save your time. But also save your money. While the basic service of China market guide and China buying agent are mostly the same.  Including below highlights. Shangjin base in Guangzhou, dedicate in wholesale clothing, shoes, and fabric. As well as textile products, fashion jewelry and accessories. And work as export agent in China too.

(1) Free sourcing

China market guide and China export agent help you sourcing any clothes you want. If you tell them enough detailed specifications. Then the export agent will proceed sourcing work in China. Especially in Guangzhou clothing wholesale markets. In fact, they can find correct clothing with good price and quantities. Even for any kinds of design, style, material or quality level. So that you don’t need waste time to sourcing by yourself. Because China clothing wholesale markets are really large. And each clothing market have featured garments. To hire a good China export agent guide you sourcing and buying, is the best choice for you purchasing from Guangzhou clothing wholesale markets.

(2) Best China clothing market recommendation

Based on your interested clothing. And your target price range or quantities. Good export agent will recommend you the best China clothing markets. As the export agent have a completed suppliers chain in China. Especially for Guangzhou clothing wholesale. Why? Because in Guangzhou, have large wholesale markets for clothing, fabric, and textile accessories. If you tell detailed requirements to the China export agent. Surely you can get a precise quotation list. With all of the detailed information.  Such as fabric material and fashion design pictures. As well as MOQ, size, color, delivery time. And so on.

(3)  Suggest you the best suppliers

China market guide or export agent, are very familiar with clothing market. So that the market guide will compare the suppliers. Such as quality, price, textile composition. And the suppliers service. In order to recommend you the best suppliers in Guangzhou wholesale markets. However, they are always focus on you order quantities. They are wandering if your quantities can meet the MOQ in China clothing market. Then they will consider to check with wholesale suppliers or factories in Guangzhou.

(4) Market guide and interpreter

China export agent guide you visit China clothing market. Or factories directly. According to your purchasing and visit plan. Because they will help you find the correct place or shops easily. Moreover, China market guide will take the responsibility as an interpreter. In fact, the market guide will honestly translate all the information from suppliers. And transfer your opinion to the suppliers strictly too. So that you can communicate and negotiate with the suppliers. For instance, better price, smaller MOQ, and other related business conditions.

(5)  Detailed order list in spreadsheet

A China market guide will help you record all of the detailed information, of your interested clothing. Such as cargo name, fabric composition and size. Or color, MOQ, price. And so on. Meantime, the market guide will help you take photos. To keep each design, or color you want. As well as record the contact information of suppliers, delivery time, etc.

After you finish daily sourcing work. Then the China market guide will prepare the spreadsheet in the night. And send you for checking in the next morning. So that you can have a completed idea of your order. And buying according to your budget correctly. Generally, you export agent will suggest you the best shippin way from China too.

(6)  Remind you hidden rules in China clothing market

There are many buying tips and skills in China clothing market. If you don’t understand well. Maybe you will lose money. Or get bad service. Or bad quality. How to deal with it then? Don’t worry. Your China export agent will guide you sourcing and buying in Guangzho wholesale markets. And the market guide will teach you the hidden rules in China clothing markets. If you are lucky enough. And hire a good market guide in China clothing market. Then you will get a better price with better quality. Of course, with a better service from suppliers. And buying in China without any troubles.

Buying Export In China - guide Guangzhou clothing wholesale suppliers and factories

Buying Export In China – guide Guangzhou clothing wholesale suppliers and factories

Paperwork - Detailed Order List - Follow up and control deliery good quality goods

Paperwork – Detailed Order List – Follow up and control deliery good quality goods

D Shangjin

D Shangjin

3. Best Shipping Way

A reliable China export agent, will always help you shipping in a cost effective way. Which are the best price, safely and quickly. And the China export agent will service you in a best shipping way. To find a good export agent, is very important for you buying in Guangzhou wholesale market, and export from China.

(1)  Quality Inspection

China export agent usually carry out QC before shipping. Or before delivery from factories. Normally, they use random samples checking. Around 30% of each item. Such quality checking will help you get good quality goods. And to avoid damaging during shipping. Or less of quantities. However, if you require 100% quality inspection. It’s not a problem. While you need confirm with your export agent or market guide in advance. Generally, there should be extra labor cost.

(2) Goods collect and consolidate

China export agent help you collect goods and consolidate to their warehouse. Or they will loading container directly in your suppliers warehouse. If your goods is big volume. Normally, they will inform all of your suppliers to delivery good to their own warehouse. However, if your order amount is very small. And your suppliers reject to send to warehouse. Then the China buying agent will pick up in Guangzhou clothing wholesale market. And consolidate to their own warehouse together.

(3)  Warehouse and shipping

A profession China export agent surely have their own warehouse. And store the goods for their clients. There is no extra fees in 7 days. In fact, the time is enough for goods storing before shipping.

The China export agent will calculate your goods volume. And arrange a cost efficient shipping plan. Of course, they will discuss with you. In order to confirm the shipping methods. Then prepare a detailed quotation list of shipping cost. After get your confirmation. They will proceed accordingly.

(4)  Container loading and customs declarations

After all documents and related certifications are OKay. The China export agent will arrange container loading in their warehouse. Or in your factories direclty. If you use L CL sea shipping way. Or air shipping cargo. Then the China export agent will arrange inland transportation first. To send to your customs warehouse.

The China export agent will handle all of the related works of customs declarations. As well as paper work. If there are special certifications required. They will help you solve it easily. Anyway, good service export agent, is very important for buying in China clothing market.

C Shangjin

C Shangjin

B Shangjin

B Shangjin

A Shangjin

A Shangjin

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