Shangjin trading is a professional sourcing agent in China. And quality inspection is always the key value of our market service. No matter for stock purchasing ready-made products from China wholesale markets. Or bulk buying from China factory suppliers. As purchasing good products from China, is every client’s purpose. Not only for the service value of wholesale markets in China of sourcing agent. But also for client’s own business service in local markets. Quality inspection is very important and serious work for bulk buying. Otherwise, our client’s will meet big troubles. Because of their order delivery, market service, and new orders. As well as their business honor, reliable, and clients satisfactions, etc. Shangjin consider quality inspection is our core value for market service. 

Shangjin always use the most strict quality inspection methods for each order. And never mind the reaction of our old China wholesale suppliers. Because we are work for our clients. And should stand for our clients’ benefits. Of course, most of our China wholesale suppliers or manufacturers are all understand us. And they are all know well about Shangjin’s strict quality inspection requirements. If some China wholesale suppliers are not good quality, we will never do business with them.

China Sourcing Agent Guide Bulk Buying In Wholesale Market – Quality Inspection Service

1. Guarantee for the compensation – if Shangjin don’t fulfill quality inspection process good

Shangjin sourcing agent shall 100% guarantee to take the responsibility of poor quality inspection service. Such guarantee is forcing Shangjin to take care of quality inspection more serious as we can. Although we are not a professional quality inspection service company in China wholesale market. While we understand well the requirements of our clients. And we proceed to check every design of the bulk buying orders. To check the color, sizes and quantities. If necessary, we will check fabric material composition in special institutes. Meantime we will only arrange our market assistants to check 1 -2 suppliers in one day work. In order to take many detailed photos of quality inspection. And show to our clients. Then feedback them our QC report for confirmation before shipping.

If there are mistake handle in our quality tracking process or methods. And caused the bad results of quality inspections. We shall take the responsibility. Not only to negotiate with the suppliers for compensations. But also will take some parts of the loss for our compensation. As it’s our market service results. In fact, it’s not simply a problem of money. But it’s a principle rule for a sourcing company or export agent in China wholesale business.

2. Normal quality inspection methods guide

(1) Firstly, random sample inspection till to ensure good quality for shipping

For bulk buying orders, we use random sample checking of the production stuffs. But should check 100% designs and colors. As well as the total quantities. For each design, color, we only check 30% random in fact. But if we find one design or color, have problems one or two pieces. Our market guide will check more. Even 100% quality inspection. Because Shangjin proceed quality inspection in order to 100% ensure. That we will accept and export shipping good quality goods to our clients. And it’s a basic service of a China sourcing agent in wholesale markets.

Quality Inspeciton - Market service bulk buying from China wholesale suppliers

Quality Inspection – Market service bulk buying from China wholesale suppliers

(2) Secondly, pre-production inspection to ensure the sample making are good for bulk buying

It necessary to quality inspection the whole producing process and capability of product developing. Before bulk buying orders are finally confirmed to produce. Which means we will follow up and check the sample making quality. For a bulk buying order, first sample is very important. And we shall inspect and take care of the detailed service quality of China wholesale suppliers. Such as the sample making time, material, sewing, or quality level. So that we can judge the China wholesale supplier is good market service or not. Then help our clients make decision to place bulk buying orders or not.

Of course, we will visit the China wholesale suppliers. To inspect the workshop, and the production process management quality. Or check the  factory sample room and warehouse. If have similar design or quality products as they said. Meantime, to meet their designs, salesman, even their boss. In order to double confirm all of the sample requirements. As well as to confirm the China wholesale suppliers producing capability. And it is not a scam. but a serious business partner. Such service in also necessary for a sourcing agent in China wholesale markets.

(3) Thirdly, on-production inspection to ensure all of the detailed requirements are fulfilled correctly

When the China wholesale suppliers start manufacturer bulk buying orders. Shangjin require to visit the workshop for quality inspection. To see if all process are correct. Such as material, patterns, process. Even if the first production goods are correct or not. And will check with the original sample. If there are any problem. We will require the factory to improve. Sometimes, the China wholesale suppliers will give us some excuses or reasons. And we shall check and discuss with them. Then feedback to our clients for confirmation. Only after get instructions from our clients. Then allow the suppliers to proceed. Otherwise, need find the solutions. Such work will not indicate in our market service guide. But our market interpreter proceed it seriously. As it’s a principle issue for a sourcing agent.

For such process, normally we treat for big amount bulk buy orders. While not so serious for some normal bulk buy orders. That we only require the factory to send us pictures with detailed measurements for checking. Anyway, no matter order amount big or small. If find any problem, we will treat it seriously. And must find the best solutions. Because we always understand, that correct products and inspection methods means the good quality. And means the good service quality of a sourcing agent in China market.

After the production stuff finished producing. And ready to quality inspection. Shangjin will arrange quality inspection at the China wholesale suppliers warehouse. Based on the purchasing contract. And original sample. Or sample before production. Our staff will check very strictly, carefully, and focus on each design. Then we shall submit a quality inspection report to our clients. For confirmation to accept or not. Such service is necessary to bulk buy from China wholesale market.

(4) Finally, pre-shipment inspection to double confirm the correct goods for shipping

Because already quality inspected at the China wholesale supplier’s warehouse. So that this time only focus on the correct products or not. Such as correct each design are delivery to our warehouse. And all of the quantities of each designs are correct. Meantime, the shipping market, and packing list are match the goods. As well as the out packing requirements, special documents or certifications, etc.

Although for the goods quality inspection is easy at such process. But in fact, Shangjin is still strictly in the details requirements. Because for export shipping from China, is serious too. Generally China custom or client’s custom have special requirements of goods. So that our market assistants need pay much attention if accord with the rules of governments.

3. Special quality inspection requirements

Sometimes, our clients will have special requirements for quality checking. As a sourcing agent, we surely can accept and proceed. No problem at all. For example, require 100% quality inspection for each piece. Like clothing, shoes, or each roll of fabric textile. Or some clients require third party quality inspection with certain certifications. Furthermore, some clients require our staff to go other cities for quality inspection. Such requirements are absolutely no problem for Shangjin trading. Because we are China agent for sourcing, buying and export service from China wholesale markets. If clients can understand our work. And agree with some reasonable surcharges. Shangjin is always appreciate to service. Of course, we can discuss further individually if necessary.

Quality Inspection

China Sourcing Agent Guide Bulk Buying In Wholesale Market Service Quality Inspection

China Sourcing Agent Guide Bulk Buying In Wholesale Market Service Quality Inspection