Guangzhou Zhongda Textile Business Circles – Fabric Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Zhongda Textile Business Circles - Fabric Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Zhongda textile business circles, are the biggest fabric wholesale market in China. In Zhongda textile wholesale circle, you can find any fabric or clothing accessories business here. Not only wholesale fabric business, but also retail sales with various categories circles. In fact, Zhongda textile wholesale business circles are the biggest export trade center in China. As we all know, textile and garments are the biggest categories in Guangzhou export trading or wholesale distribution to local markets. Moreover, Zhongda textile business circles are the best place, where Guangzhou agent  guide their clients sourcing and buying in the fabric wholesale markets. By the way, any kinds of materials or accessories of fashion business can find in Zhongda fabric wholesale market. No matter you are seeking for garments, bags, and shoes. Or you want to find something for fashion accessories.

China Agent Guide Clients Wholesale Buying Textile In Fabric Markets Of  Zhongda Business Circles 

Zhongda fabric wholesale markets are the best place for Guangzhou market guide. Why to say so? Because in Zhongda fabric wholesale market, Guangzhou market guide can show their service value much easier. Since Zhongda textile wholesale business circles are extremely large, Guangzhou market guide can save much time for their clients to find the correct items or suppliers.

In fact, there are more than 10 big wholesale markets in Zhongda fabric business circles. As well as thousands of small vendors spread in the small streets of the area. So that better for you to hire a Guangzhou market guide to help you. Otherwise, you might waste too much time. 

Here, need remind you. In our website, we already share many articles and tips of Zhongda textile wholesale business circles. If you click at our home page, the title of “wholesale market” – “Guangzhou fabric market”. Then you can find more then 10 articles about Guangzhou textile wholesale market. In fact, we hope to guide you sourcing and buying easily in Guangzhou fabric wholesale markets.

Following, we simply introduce you the biggest sales building in Zhongda textile business circles. Which guide you understand better with the highest quality textile wholesale in Guangzhou Zhongda market.

Shangjin -2

Shangjin -2

1. Guangzhou International Textile Building

(1) Biggest fabric wholesale market in Guangzhou

Guangzhou International Textile Building , is the biggest business circle of South China. Moreover, Zhongda textile is the largest modern fabric wholesale market in Asia. There are more than 4,000 suppliers in the sales building. In fact, the building has a area of 300,000 square meters. Although the quality level of textile are middle to high. But the cost value are really competitive. Why? Because 70% of the suppliers are China manufacturers. Or someone of them are wholesale shops but have many factories supply network.

(2) Various kinds of textile products in Zhongda

In Zhongda textile wholesale market, you can find more than 20 famous fabric sales buildings. Some of them are for fashion textile and fabric accessories. While some of them are for leather and fur textile products. As well as some of them are for fabric accessories and garments materials. It is really a huge categories business circle. For example, you can find vendors or manufacturers for fashion design or pattern textile. And in any fabric compositions. Such as silk, cotton, linen and chiffon. Or some polyester, spandex and lycra fabrics.

By the way, you can find many special function textile products. For instance, sports & outdoor fabric, swimming & underwear fabric, and some waterproof fabric. Moreover, there are fabrics wholesale markets for furniture and decoration textile products. Like sofa textile, bed textile products, curtain textile products. And so on.  Better for you to hire a Guangzhou agent to guide you sourcing and buying in the textile wholesale markets. Because many special textile products or fabric material are not in the same business circle. 

(3) Featured categories and districts

In the international textile building, you can find any kinds of fabric and garment accessories. For example, cotton, silk, polyester and line. Or from the technique, you can find woven, kitting and functions sports textile material. Moreover, there are thousands of suppliers of accessories. Most of designs or patterns are the most fashion. So that many fashion companies or buyers sourcing and buying here. However, better for you to hire a China agent to guide you purchasing from Guangzhou Zhongda textile business circles.

Generally, Guangzhou Zhongda textile business circle are mainly for fashion clothing materials. As well as for garments metal, hardware, and accessories. While for the silk, chiffon, and linen fabric, better to sourcing from Ningbo, Shanghai and Shaoxin. Because there are the material source cities. And the price should be cheaper then in Guangzhou textile wholesale markets. Not too much difference in price. But for big order amount, better to purchase from factories directly. Shangjin can guide you find the best factories or manufacturers in Guangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai. As well as guide you sourcing and buying from Yiwu, Wenzhou, and Shaoxin fabric wholesale markets. 

China Agent Guide Clients Wholesale Buying Textile In Fabric Markets Of  Zhongda Business Circles 

China Agent Guide Clients Wholesale Buying Textile In Fabric Markets Of  Zhongda Business Circles

Shangjin -2

Shangjin Trading – Accompany You Seeking Interested Items

(4) Layout of the sales building

The Guangzhou international textile building has 8 floors. And each floor has 6 district from A to E. Generally, each district are difference in categories and quality level. One of the reason is that, the rent is not same in Zhongda textile business circles. Anyway, if you want to sourcing in the buildings, better for you to take 2 -3 days as your visiting schedule. Otherwise, you can only look around Zhongda market. But mostly can’t find the best suppliers for yourself.

  1. From the first to fourth floors, there are over 2,000 fabric shops. Every year, a lots of fabrics new arrivals. Moreover, the central on the ground floor often hosts fabric fashion shows.
  2. The fifth and sixth floors are mainly for big factories showroom and office. Most of them have own brand. Or they have big factories. In these area, there are big exhibition zone. Where you can enjoy the most fashion design and patterns. Even some new function materials.
  3. The seventh floor is office. And many restaurants there. After you sourcing whole day, you and take a rest there with your Guangzhou guide. In fact, in each fabric wholesale market of Zhongda textile business circles have such function areas.
  4. Basement floor is accessories zone. There are all kinds of garment accessories or hardware for fashion apparel. For instance, buttons, zippers, and hot drill. Meantime, acrylic, resin, and lace. As well as beads, embroideries, and leather accessories, etc. In fact, in the accessories zone, you can find any kinds of designs. With all levels quality and price. And the featured categories are always the most fashion styles


Here, remind you or suggest you again. Since Guangzhou textile wholesale markets are the best place to sourcing and purchasing from China. And you can easily find any China agents to guide you wholesale buying and export from Guangzhou fabric wholesale markets. Even if you want to sourcing in Ningbo, Shanghai, Yiwu or Wenzhou. It’s really a easy work for a China agent to help you. 

While, you should understand China agent service better. And better for you to hire a China agent to guide you souring and purchasing fabric in Guangzhou Zhongda textile business circle. Or you can require the market guide to sourcing in advance before you coming. So that can save you much time. And to find the best suppliers or items. Generally, sourcing in whole China cities for manufacturer hubs. It is the best service for a China agent or wholesale market guide service.

Guangzhou International Textile Building - Zhongda fabric wholesale market

Guangzhou International Textile Building – Zhongda fabric wholesale market

Shangjin -1

Shangjin -1

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  • Abdul| 01/12/2019

    I am from Karachi, Pakistan.
    I am interested in Fabrics for women’s dress clothing.
    Please offer a range of fabrics with pictures, prices and minimum order quantities for each fabric.
    Also will need fabric name, composition, gsm, width and prices c&f Karachi with Express delivery.
    This is for regular business but our customer’s are RETAIL.
    Abdul Hameed

    • Kevin| 02/12/2019

      Hi Abdul, yes, we sent you a mail with several detailed fabric quotation lists.
      While for your reference ONLY.
      We are sourcing, buying and export agent in China. Can help you find the best suppliers.
      For retail or wholesale business, not a problem.
      Waiting for your reply. then we can discuss further information to focus on you correct items.

  • ujas| 24/10/2020

    Can u please send me latest designs in kids embroidery and fur items. I want to buy in bulk i have my email i.d.

    • Kevin| 02/11/2020

      Dear Ujas, could you please help us know more about your products requirements, there are many trendy and lastest designs for kids collections or items in embroidery and fur fabrics material. We sent you a mail with some basic service and online catalogues of our products, for your idea.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou, and we can source good manufacturers in whole China cities, not only for clothing, fabrics, and shoes, but also for furniture, home decorations, household items.

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