Why need China Sourcing Agent for Buying

Why need China sourcing agent for buying? The key value of the China agent is to help you export trade in Guangzhou. In fact, a good China agent can easy and safe your export trade in Guangzhou. Such as sourcing, buying, and export in China should be very easy with an Guangzhou agent. Following, we’d like to share you the basic sevice of a China sourcing agent. Wish you enjoy China sourcing agent service for buying and export trade in Guangzhou.

What’s the meaning a China sourcing agent for you?

1. Avoid your troubles

Import from China is a very complex process, you should know all the procedures and rules well. A China sourcing agent can help you avoid the troubles well. Including but not limited in:

  • What products can be found, where to find?
  • How about the quality and price position, is it suite your requirement?
  • How to make payment, is the seller reliable or not?
  • What can you do if the goods is damaged?
  • How to ship the good to your country? How to customs broken in China? What documents you need prepare?

There are really too many issues need handle, and will occupy your much time and energy. There will be many difficulties for a foreigner to start a business in another country. Sometimes, it will cause you fall down to the dilemma and lost you money.

2. Easy your process

A reliable and professional China Sourcing Agent, will help you fulfill all of the process of importing goods from China to you country. They take away all the responsibility of the hassle involved in importing the order. It’s highly efficient and effortless, will surely save you a lot of time and reduce your effort and headache.

Whether it is your first time importing products from China, or you are a regular importer of goods, the services of a China sourcing agent are indispensable. If you want the process to be quick, and hassle-free, you’d better need a China sourcing agent. By the way, a person who has never import from China, needs an experienced importer too.

What’s the export agent doing for you?

1.Help you find target products with best price and quality
  • Familiar with the wholesale market. The China sourcing agent knows very well with all of the related wholesale market in Guangzhou. They understand your requirements, and will show you to the best shop where you can find the goods you want.
  • Recommend you purchase from factories directly. There are many factories not available in Alibaba or related B2B platform, while they have lowest cost and acceptable quality. The China sourcing agent can help you to find a lot of factories and suppliers, who have the correct products you want. As you know, many sellers don’t speak English, so they can only sell their products to foreign importers through trading company or China sourcing agent.
2.  Follow up your production and save time
  • Easy to control the process. It’s usually need 1-2 months for the order production process last, such as samples develop and confirm, production process, details check, etc. Even if you know the good suppliers well and do business many years, but the problem is that, you are located outside China. How to ensure the production is on track as per schedule? It will be difficult for you to control. Furthermore, the information that the suppliers feedback is also not completely reliable enough.
  • Save your time. The sourcing agent can help you follow the orders, you just delegate these responsibilities to them and can save a lot of time to focus on your other core business activities.
3.  Quality Control and solve issues

The China sourcing agent in fact is your interest representative in China, like your eyes and hands. They will proceed according to your command and feedback the truth for your reference.

  • In-production inspection. During the production process, the China sourcing agent can visit the factory to see if the products produced meet the quality standards and your requirements.
  • Before-shipping inspection. After the goods are ready, the China sourcing agent can double inspect the quality before shipping the goods to your country. In case of quality issues or difference in order, they can help you negotiate with the factory and ensure that the final products are precisely what you ordered.

Such QC service is better than a third-party inspection company who can only tell you the result of the inspection is failed or passed, while the China sourcing agent may convince the factory to correct the order or provide alternate solutions, they will always focus on “results” and your “confirmation”.

4. Consolidate goods and arrange shipment

How to deal with the payments transfer, collect goods, inland transportation, warehousing, and loading? It’s also a very detailed and important procedure in the business. Not so difficult, but really need much time and work to fulfill. If you don’t understand the process or market well enough, there will be many problems arising.

The sourcing agent can help you, it’s very easy and quick for them to proceed such work. Even if your items are various and have more than 20-30 suppliers from several cities, the agent can finish much effectively and efficiently.

5. Reduce your risk of importing from China

A good China sourcing agent has a lot of experience in production, product safety. They are professional in compliance certifications, import and export process rules. Furthermore, they are specialized in customs clearance, documentations prepare, and international transportation.

Based on the product you are purchasing, the China sourcing agent will tell you in advance, what certificates are needed to import the product into your country, what shipping method is best, and whether the product has potential patent issues, etc.

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