How To Buy Cheap And Fashion Clothing In China Market

How To Buy Cheap And Fashion Clothing In China Market

How to buy cheap and fashion clothing in China market? Most of tourists and wholesalers are seeking the answers. When they source fashion clothing in China market. Generally, cheap clothing and fashion apparel, usually are opposite concepts in garments market. However, as a professional market guide, today we’d like to share you some China clothing markets. Where you can easily find the cheap and fashion clothing. In these clothing markets, you can buy wholesale or retail as you want. By the way, the tips are not only suitable in Guangzhou market. But also useful in Ningbo, Shanghai, Yiwu wholesale markets. Or buy wholesale from Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan factories directly.

Shangjin Trading company is professional in fashion clothing, footwear, shoes accessories, bags items, for kids, women, men collections. In whole China, we can source original manufacturers, and buy wholesale from direct factories. There are so many famous wholesale markets or production centers in China for fashion clothing, shoes, bags, that we can guide you purchasing from the best suppliers. If you need buy from China cheap and fashion clothing, we can guide you purchasing and export easy and security.

Premised Notes:

Anyway, fresh fashion designs here means “fashion clothing”. While original source of sales to buy wholesale, we think is “cheap clothing”. Of course, the quality is affordable. And not too top high or poor level in the clothing markets. Please understand, the “cheap clothing” only means the price level based on the quality. Additionally, this article is mainly focus on buy wholesale tips, that a market guide share you completely.

Why to buy wholesale fashion clothing in China market

Before we guide you the best clothing market to buy wholesale. We think it’s better to clarify some basic in formation of China market. So that you can understand why to buy wholesale fashion clothing in China market. Especially, in fact, Guangzhou is the best clothing market for cheap and fashion clothing. Of course, Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen are famous for fashion textile clothing factories.  Yiwu, Wenzhou, Shaoxing are for lower quality cheap price garments. These cities are all manufacturer hubs in China market. And there are many factories for women, lady, and kids apparel. As well as many fashion company, and design branded garments firms. No matter you buy wholesale or retail from the suppliers.

1. Original source of clothing market

(1) Long history of fashion clothing industry

Guangzhou clothing market is developing for more than 30 years. There are not only many famous fashion clothing markets buy wholesale. But also locate thousands of fashion clothing manufacturers. You can easily find any kinds of clothing, fabric, accessories, etc. For instance, high quality fashion wedding dresses for lady’s. Or fashion design with cheap price garments of denim jeans, knitted sweater. As well as sports clothing, swimming bra, underwear for girl, women and kids.

(2) Low cost of textile material and labor cost

Furthermore, Guangzhou buy wholesale for textile material, is the cheapest in China. Same condition as accessories buy wholesale. Why? Because of the biggest wholesale market in China. For fashion fabric, textile product. And all kinds of garments accessories, beauty accessories, and metal hardware. That’s why the cost of fashion clothing material is the cheapest. Additionally, the labor cost in China is competitive in the world. Thus another reason for cheap and fashion clothing.

(3) Original source of buy wholesale in China market

Actually, Guangzhou fashion clothing market, is the original source of China market. As well as it’s the best place to buy wholesale fashion clothing. Amazingly, even all of the fashion clothing vendors come to Guangzhou sourcing and buying. Then resell in other fashion clothing markets in China. The price and quality in Guangzhou always represent and impact the China market.

2. Production hubs for cheap and fashion clothing manufacture

(1) Favorable government regulations

Fashion clothing industry is one of the most important highlights in Guangzhou. And it is not only for manufacture but also for export trading. There are many favorable regulations from government. To promote the manufacture and production. So that it will reduce the cost of factories. Then get cheap price for fashion clothing.

(2) Outsource and key techniques reduce cost

Fashion clothing manufacture is a complex procedure. There are many work and techniques in the process. From dying to printing, embroidery to tailor, sewing and so on. If one factory want to finish all producing, the cost surely will be very higher. Fortunately, in a fashion clothing industry park, there are many small factories. Each of the small factory,  is professional in at least one certain work step. Some are specialized in printing, dyeing, and embroidery. While others are better in tailor or sewing. So that each process will find a professional factory to proceed with a lower cost.

Amazingly, there are hundreds of clothing industry park in Guangzhou. And each park normally have more than one hundreds small factories. That’s the key reason of cheap clothing with a good quality.

(3) Experienced workers with high efficient

In the production hub, there are many experienced workers living and working there. Some of them are whole family move to the park. As we all know, one experienced work can reduce many cost then a new starter. More efficient means lower cost in one unit fashion clothing. Additionally, an experienced work will make less mistake, so that can reduce waste too. In fact, best cost management, comes out cheap clothing.

3. Fashion textile material to produce fashion clothing

(1) Fashion material

Zhongda textile market in Guangzhou is one of the biggest fabric market buy wholesale in China. So that all of the fashion clothing manufacturers can seeking and find the most fashion design of fabric. Moreover, each textile vendor usually have their own designers. To follow up the fashion trends in the world. And launch out their new products in time. It’s the basic advantage for fashion clothing. No matter the new design patterns for silk, linen and chiffon . Or the new function of textile material or technique for sports, waterproof, and furniture fabrics. Additionally, there are many new items of polyester, spandex, lycra fabric.

(2) Fashion accessories

In the textile and accessories market, thousands of suppliers or factories come to operating their buy wholesale business. There are too many new designs or individual styles. And help clothing manufactures to choose. It’s means fashion accessories can meet any fashion clothing designs or requirements. For example, fashion lace, zip, and metal hardware with leather, fur PU material. Or some new design buttons, tags, labels, etc.

(3) Customized making meet fashion clothing design

Based on the biggest wholesale market of textile and accessories. It’s useful to meet the fashion clothing designs. Actually, the most popular way is to customized making what you want. No matter fabric composition, pattern or color and size. If you want and confirm the design. Then can customized. Of course, there are big MOQ for customized and long term delivery time. But for fashion clothing, can arrange production earlier after the design confirm to launch. Anyway, more order you place, cheaper cost you can get for fashion clothing.

4. Export center promote the fashion clothing styles

(1) Fashion trends exchange

Guangzhou fashion clothing market is the export center in China market. There are many fashion clothing buyers or brand company to buy wholesale from Guangzhou. Excitingly, the fashion clothing design from other countries, are always give inspirations to China designers. Thus promote the fashion clothing from textile material and fashion clothing designs.

(2) Fashion designs copy

If foreign buyers don’t have special requirements of there products, or don’t mind to protect their design, the manufacture will surely use the fashion clothing design. And they will produce many similar fashion clothing styles, distribute to the buy wholesale markets. Among of these  fashion clothing,  some certain styles would be good sales in your local market.

(3) Fashion brand come to buy wholesale

In Guangzhou fashion clothing market, there are many foreign buyers from brand companies. For instance, Korea, Japan and Thailand fashion clothing companies. They like to sourcing and buying in China market with a Guangzhou market guide. If they find some design they consider good, then will place order directly. Usually, they will require the suppliers to change with their own logo before shipping. Then they sell in local market as their own design. In the same words, fashion clothing in China market. Usually promote the fashion trends in many countries.

5. Distribution center in China market to buy wholesale with small MOQ

(1) Wholesale center in China market

No matter you are a foreign buyer for buy wholesale, or an inland wholesaler from other city. You can understand well, that the fashion clothing market in Guangzhou is the original source of China market. All of the primary wholesale agents visit Guangzhou with a market guide. To sourcing and buying fashion clothing. Frequently, they buy wholesale in Guangzhou fashion clothing market. And resell in their own cities.

(2) Less sales sections means cheap clothing

Obviously, if you come from an inland city, you can buy wholesale cheap and fashion clothing in Guangzhou. As less sales sections, mean less value added. Buying from Guangzhou fashion clothing market, surely can get better items than in other China market. Of course, better for you to hire a market guide to find better suppliers.

(3) Small MOQ to buy wholesale

Moreover, Guangzhou fashion clothing market, you can buy wholesale or buy retail. Of course the price of retail, is a little higher than buy wholesale price. However, it’s not too much. Fortunately, if you want to buy wholesale, the MOQ is very small in some fashion clothing market. You can buy some small quantities with a wholesale price. Cheap and fashion clothing seems so easy for you to purchase in Guangzhou with a market guide.

Where is the cheap and fashion clothing market

Based on so many advantages of Guangzhou fashion clothing market that mentioned above. We can understand well where to buy wholesale of cheap and fashion clothing. Here, we glad to guide you 4 best fashion clothing markets in Guangzhou. Which are the most biggest and famous China market, for buying wholesale clothing. By the way, we suggest you to hire a market guide to help you buy wholesale.

1. Shahe clothes wholesale market

(1) Best cheap and fashion clothing market

Shahe clothes wholesale market is the best fashion clothing market in China. Not only for its cheapest price, but also for its smallest MOQ. Generally, it’s the original source of Guangzhou fashion clothing markets. Many market guide love to share this clothing market to their clients, to help them buy wholesale.

(2) Thousands of small manufacturers

There are several sales buildings in Shahe area. And each building have thousands of vendors, 90% of them are small manufacturers. Generally, each manufacturer only have 3-10 worker in their workshop. Actually, in Shahe clothes market, you can feel what’s mean the cheap and fashion clothing to buy wholesale. a market guide can help you find the best suppliers easily.

(3) Stock sailing with out customized making

Because the vendors are small manufacturers, so they mainly sell what they have made. For example, in a seller’s shop, you can’t feel fashion collection, but only a certain styles of fashion clothing. You can choose different color or size, but have to buy wholesale in same fabric design. Moreover, you can’t customized your design, but only to change your labels or logo. As the small manufacture, usually don’t have the capability of customized making. Or sometime, they don’t think a higher price of customized making order, can help them gain more money then stock selling. If you hire a market guide, maybe they can recommend some suppliers who accept small quantities customized orders.

Shahe -2

Shahe -2

Shahe - buy wholesale fashion clothing in China market

Shahe – buy wholesale fashion clothing in China market

2. Shisanhang apparel wholesale market

(1) Small MOQ buy wholesale

Shisanhang apparel wholesale market, is featured for its small MOQ wholesale price of fashion clothing. Same as Shahe clothing market, this market is mainly to sell stock. But the price usually a little higher, because the rents of shops is higher than Shahe.

(2) Manufacturers shops

In fact, 70% of vendors are manufacturers, whose factory a not big too. And 20% shops are same boss from Shahe. While the left 10%, are re-seller, who buy wholesale clothing from Shahe, then re-sell in Shisanhang market. Sometimes, they only accept orders with their samples in shop, but don’t have stock. After they confirm order and received deposit, then they place order to some small factories in Shahe or other places. A market guide will tell you how to distinguish manufacturers and re-sellers.

(3) Original source of clothing market

Shisanhang market is only operating from 7:00 am to 13:00 pm, because it is wholesale market face to whole Guangzhou fashion clothing markets. Seems cheap clothing right? Sure, as other famous clothing market, are purchasing and pick up clothes in the early morning. Then re-sell in their shops in other clothing market same day. Anyway, fashion clothing in Shisanhang, is popular selling in whole China market.

(4) Customized making acceptable

Customized making is sometime acceptable in the fashion clothing market. But better for you to check and confirm with the suppliers before you place orders. Normally, private labels is no problem, and sometimes can accept use their style to another fabric. A market guide can help you persuade and negotiate with the customized making orders.



3. Baima clothing market

(1) Fashion clothing with higher quality

Baima clothing market is the most fashion clothing market in Guangzhou. Because its style is fashion, and the quality is better. The fashion clothing is middle to high quality position. However, this fashion clothing market is still an original source. Many primary wholesalers come to purchase and resell in China market. A market guide usually know many good manufacturers there.

(2) Cheap clothing and small MOQ

We think Baima clothing is still a cheap clothing market. The reason is that, firstly, 50% of vendors are manufactures, who have big factories, which means cost-effective. Secondly, the initial buy wholesale section in distribution channel, so the price is cheap enough. Finally, the MOQ is small, and the retail price is only 20% higher than wholesale price. If you check in some boutiques or departments, the same quality, maybe the price should be 5 times higher. A market guide will help you bargain and get a better price.

(3) Customized making and buy wholesale or retail

In Baima clothing market, normally each supplier can accept customized making. Only the delivery time will be different. For instance, manufacture will be 10 days, while wholesalers will be 20 days. Anyway, Baima is the most famous fashion clothing market in China. Not mean low cost, but it is cheap clothing and fashion clothing in China market.

Baima - high quality fashion clothing and accessories wholesale market

Baima – Baima – high quality fashion clothing and accessories wholesale market

4. Liuhua garments wholesale market

(1) Mainly for export trading market

Liuhua garments wholesale market, is the most famous clothing market for buy wholesale export. Thousands of vendors located in the sales building, mostly are manufactures. Although 60% are small factories, but there are still 30% of big factories. Excitingly, this clothing market are mainly for export trading. Every experienced foreign buyers or big order amount buyers will come to sourcing and purchase here. Normally, the clothes shipping to South Africa, Middle East, and East South Asia, etc. In this clothing market, you can meet many market guide accompanying a foreigner to place order.

(2) Cheap clothing but foreign fashion clothing

Speak frankly, we think the price is the cheapest in Guangzhou clothing market for buy wholesale. Why? Because many long historic garment manufacturers operating here for years. And the production order are very cost effective, to reach a cheaper price. By the way, when you visit Liuhua clothing market, you will feel different style image. Because the samples are show to foreigners, and the fashion concept is different. Additionally, the size is not suitable for Chinese. So we call it foreign fashion clothing market. A market guide will show you the best suppliers to buy wholesale.

(3) Big MOQ and customized as you want

Customized making is a feature in Liuhua garments wholesale market. Because the order is focus on foreign buyers and the manufacturers are only sell products for export trading. Meantime, the MOQ is big, usually at least 200-300 pcs/color/4 size. It’s really big for small order buyers or business starters. However, if your order is big, Liuhua is the best choice for you to buy wholesale. Obviously, you can buy the cheapest clothing in China market. A market guide will help you follow up the customized orders, and deal with all of the work.



Original source of clothes

Original source of clothes

How to buy wholesale in China market

Here we need explain to you, not only above 4 clothing market only for cheap and fashion clothing. Actually, there are still many clothing market, which have own featured garments. Such as knitted sweater China market, jeans China market, children’s apparel China market, etc. At least 10 famous fashion clothing market buy wholesale. We as a professional market guide, shall share you next article.

Now, let’s focus on a service of market guide. As we all know, there are too many fashion clothing market in Guangzhou or China market. And each fashion clothing market are very big and with thousands suppliers. So how to find the correct clothes you want, and who is the best vendor to place order? In this situation, better to find a market guide for help.

1. What does a market guide service

(1) Comprehensive service buy wholesale in China market

A market guide is very helpful to buy wholesale in clothing market. Not only market guide is familiar with China market, but also for it’s professional service. Here we’d like to introduce the service of market guide as following.

  • Free sourcing before you coming to China market. So that can save your much time and energy. They can help you find the correct fashion clothing you want. Moreover, the market guide can help check if there is a best supplier in China market for you.
  • Market guide will accompany you visit clothing market when you arrive in China market. Interpreter, recorder, and help you negotiate with the suppliers.
  • Remind you the hidden rules in China market. And share you some useful buying tips. For example, size difference, price difference, MOQ negotiations, etc. Furthermore, check the reliable capability of the suppliers, bargain the price for cheap clothing. Especially, they will suggest how about the shipping methods, and cost-effective delivery from China market.
  • If you finally make decision to place order, the market guide will help you make sale contract, and transfer deposit to suppliers. Not only to save your bank fees, but also take the responsibility of your capital safe and goods quality. After that, they will follow up the order, till the goods ready to ship.
  • Finally, the market guide will help you collect and consolidate goods, arrange quality checking. Moreover, they do all of the rest of export from China. Such as booking, loading, shipping, and customs declarations.
(2) Help you find the best suppliers in fashion clothing market

Best suppliers, usually means good result of your buy wholesale in China market. A market guide can help you reach the target with a good result.

  • Sourcing and find the correct fashion clothing. And find more suppliers who can make same products, then require the quotations.
  • Check and Compare the quotations. Especially focus on detailed specifications, such as fabric compositions, price, delivery time, MOQ, accessories, etc. So that they can choose the best one to recommend you.
  • Test the suppliers, and check if they are legal and reliable. Moreover, the market guide will visit the workshop or factory, to confirm if all information are correct and true. When the market guide think the supplier is good, then you can feel it maybe good and safe to place order.
  • Communicate and discuss about the delivery methods, packing details, and customized making possible. Actually, a professional market guide will usually consider about all of the details before you place order. Or even if you will not place, the market guide will still try their best to check and confirm all details in advance.
(3) Help you buy wholesale for cheap clothing in China market

In order to buy wholesale fashion clothing in China market, there are many details need you keep in mind. Actually, remember, that a professional market guide handle buy wholesale orders like following.

  • Compare the suppliers with their quotation, then check if all detailed materials or service are the same.
  • Consider about all of the related process, and cost too. Then check and confirm, and negotiate is necessary before reach an agreement.
  • Select the best 2 suppliers, then carry out second communication. In this step, main to focus on the key cost points, to negotiate a cheaper price. Or if the price can’t reduce, but more additional service required.
  • Remember, don’t only focus on “cheapest”, just pay attention to the quality and service. Sometime, if we required too much discount, and if the supplier agreed. Attention, it maybe not a good choice. Because you would be worry about the material quality, the work details, and the quality level when delivery.

2. How to work with a market guide

Market guide is very popular agent service in China market. There are many market guide, some are companies, while other are part-time market guide. However, if you want to get a high quality service to buy wholesale, you’d better try to find a professional market guide. Furthermore, you need understand how to work with them to buy wholesale.

Share tips.
  1. Source, compare and communicate with several market guide before you come to China market.
  2. Require the market guide to source fashion clothing in China market. And test their service quality and communicate attitude.
  3. Ask many questions to check if the market guide understand all of the related work process to buy wholesale. Then consider about their patient and service quality.
  4. Before you hire the market guide, you’d better have a simple meeting to communicate service conditions. And better to visit their work office, and check if the market guide are legal and reliable.
  5. After you make decision to cooperate with the market guide, you should tell all of your detailed requirements of your orders. So that the market guide will understand better, and know how to service you buy wholesale.
  6. If you finally place order to the market guide, just trust the market guide. And require the market guide to proceed according to your requirements. For instance, each process of buy wholesale service, order tracking, problem solve, QC, consolidate and shipping.
  7. Do remember, keep yourself always informed. You should focus on each result of process, to ensure your goods are safe, and shipping without any problems. A professional market guide surely will handle all detailed work with good results.
  8. Finally, pay what you should pay. And don’t care too much of service commission. Anyway, market guide in China market, are always charge a reasonable commission. When you enjoy their comprehensive service, you’d better understand that market guide need gain profit too.

There are really too much buy wholesale tips want to share with you. If you want to know more about market guide, please visit our website freely. Welcome you contact us and join us.

market guide help you buy wholesale fashion clothing

market guide help you buy wholesale fashion clothing

Best Way To Buying From China-Trade Agent

Best Way To Buying From China-Trade Agent

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  • SUZETTE PIRES| 05/03/2021

    I would like to import fashion quality clothes to UK for a small business.
    Could you please give me some tips and put me in contact with some wholesale manufacturers with small MOQ?

    • Kevin| 08/03/2021

      Hi Sir, our staff shall send you email with our fashion collections catalog, all of the products from our direct factories, and sell in small MOQ for the stock ready-made items.
      Any inquiries, please let us know.

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    I would like to import fashion quality clothes and accessories to Botswana for a small business I’m starting.
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    • Kevin| 16/12/2020

      Hi Wangu, well understand you are staring small business for fashion clothes and apparel accessories.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou, can help you buy from direct factory in China, or best wholesale vendors in the distribution centers.
      In fact, we have a compeleted suppy chain for fashion clothing, shoes, bags, etc, and we have many good quality manufacturers with cheap prices.
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    • Kevin| 18/10/2020

      Dear Shah, well noted that you are operating online resell business for clothing products retail / wholesale in India.
      Regarding the shipping cost, yeah, it’s really terrible in recently situation, and it hurts the business seriously. However, almost every country client is facing such shipping troubles. Not only the expensive shipping / courier cost, but also the hard lead time of UPS, DHL, Fedex, etc….so many goods are delayed in custom for clearance.
      Frankly, we only work with several brand companies come from India, they place bulk orders to our factory suppliers and buy in customized making orders, and we don’t have small wholesalers who comes from india and purchase from China….sure, many india cliens buy clothes from Guangzhou, while we do’t serve them.
      We mostly focus on clients from usa, europe, canada, australia, etc. So that can’t give you too much help.

  • Sanjna| 16/06/2020

    I would like to import fashion quality clothes to India for a small business I’m starting.
    Could you please give me some tips and put me in contact with some wholesale manufacturers with small MOQ?

    • Kevin| 18/06/2020

      Hi Sanjna, generally we accommpany our clients sourcing and buying from China wholesale markets, or manufacturers.
      And we trakcing the orders, for QC and goods consolidating, till to export shipping from China.
      If you need buy small quantities fashion and quality clothes, better to buy from Guangzhou wholesale markets.
      if want to buy from direct factory suppliers, the MOQ should be much bigger.
      We sent you a mail, please check and feedback more detailed information about your interested clothes.

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    I would like to import fashion quality clothes to Dominican Republic for a small business I’m starting.
    Could you please give me some tips and put me in contact with some wholesale manufacturers with small MOQ?

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      Hi Alexa, we are experienced in fashion quality clothes. And served clients from your country.
      We are sourcing and export company in Guangzhou, China. Can help you buy from Chinese suppliers and ship to you.
      For wholesalers or manufactuers suppliers, all no problem.
      Our staff sent you a mail, with some product categories for idea. Please check.
      Then we can discuss further together.

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    I would like to import from China to South Africa. I would like to buy clothes

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      hi Ntombifuthi, as we discussed online, we are trading company in China for sourcing, buying and export service.
      Or sell products directly from Chinese manufacturers. And we are focus on fashion clothing collecions.
      We already sent you a mail. And our staff will follow up your inquiries.
      Please feedback us more specifications about your clothes products, to help us focus on your correct demand.

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