China Buy Agent Custom Made Purchasing In Clothes Wholesale Market

China Buy Agent Custom Made Purchasing In Clothes Wholesale Market - Sourcing agency company export trade service

China buy agent custom made purchasing in Chinese clothes wholesale market from factory supplier. As a sourcing agency company in Guangzhou, Shangjin is experienced in fashion textile cloth products export trade business. Including fabric, garment, and shoes. Or bags, jewelry, and accessories. As well as home appliance and household items. There are large wholesale markets and factory supplier centers in Guangzhou and Ningbo. So that Shangjin can guide foreign buyers sourcing, purchasing and export in wholesale business. For small order with vairous items, we purchase from wholesale vendors directly in small MOQ. If bulk orders for custom made service, we buy from direct Chinese factory supplier.

There are 2 kinds of clients that Shangjin mainly service as agency company. One is big wholesalers who have own brand logo. Another is brand company with own fashion designs and collections. So that we traditioanlly focus on purchasing wholesale orders from factory suppliers. As a buy agent in China, we keep developing our new clients. And we help our new clients to start from small business. After the small order buyers developing their business. Then we will recommend them to buy in bulk from China factory supplier. In order to get better price and quality products from Chinese clothes markets. Below we’d like to introduce some basic service of customized making from manufacturer. In order to guide our new clients purchasing wholesale products in custom made way.

Benefits Of Wholesale Purchasing Clothes In Custom Made Service From China Factory Supplier

There are many benefits for wholesale purchasing in custom made service. And most of the foreign buyers prefer to buy bulk from customized maker. In fact, big wholesaler or brand company choose custom made orders in bulk. Who are competitive in their import export trade business from China clothes market. As buy from Chinese factory supplier directly, means find the orginal source of purchasing. Meantime, work with an experienced buy agent in China. There are no troubles or extra cost for customized making orders. 

1. Customized making products can match your local market demand better

Since every wholesale purchasing clothes business have it’s individual sales position. And they are focus on certain customers to resell. Such as unique style, fashion image, and top quality. Or trendy fabric material for occasions. Or affordable resell price than your competitors. As well as your turnover of latest new designs. There is the key value of custom made service. Which is focus on your customers demands. In fashion industries, especially for clothing products. There normally not good for cheap concept. But for trendy, individual, and good quality. In such case, price is not a very important issue. If you create a nice clothes collections. Then you will get a hot selling business for sales. 

In China clothes market, custom made is very popular for wholesale purchasing. If you can meet the MOQ from Chinese factory supplier. Then you shall get a much better price. With better quality and unique design too. And the MOQ is negotable. Traditionally from 100 -500 pieces per design per color. With mix 3 -4 sizes. For most of wholesalers or fashion companies, it’s not big quantities. While for custom made orders, should hire an experienced buy agent in China. So many detailed requirements to be check and confirm before massive products. If the China buy agent are not good enough. There shall be many troubles for your import export trade business from China.

2. Individual design or brand logo to promote sales in local wholesale markets

In order to get better resell business. Or developing the sales channels. There are many promotion or premium methods. While the most important tips is use own brand logo. Of course, logo and labels are totally different with brand. But for wholesale business. Or new start brand company. If can sell products in own individual logo and labels. That seems enough. Because to develop a famous brand, need so much time, cost, and skills. If you only consider about the designs of garments. Or the fabirc material. Or individual images in details. Then the design work shall be easier. In such custom made service. With the buy agent company to help you. There shall no problem for your clothes orders import export trade from China markets.

There are many famous brand companies, whose products are always trendy and fashion. But most of the sellers can’t copy it or resell. As require authorised licenses from the brand company. How about change some details in the designs? Or develop new designs base on the original samples? There are many foreign buyers proceed in such way. And the key point is to find a good factory supplier. Who can accept such custom made orders. With same or similar fabric material, and quality. Then you can get a much competitive cost with good quality. Shangjin trade company is experienced in such customized methods. And good China buy agent know the way to coordinate the factory supplier and buyers.

3. Wholesale purchasing in bulk orders with custom made service for competitive prices

Here the cheaper price of garment products, comes from good purchasing quantities in wholesale business. Traditionally, custom made orders means more cost of workers. Or require individual service for sewing, printing, embroidery, etc. But for factory supplier, they gain money from the cost effective. Which means if quantities are good enough. Then the average labor cost shall be cheaper. If you are a big wholesaler, or brand company with steady orders. Then the manufacturer will agree to a better price. Althouth not too much. But you can check the cost of the manfacturers. Then to reach an acceptable price. 

Anyway, if custom made purchasing, the price shall be much better than buy from China wholesale clothes markets. And the quality shall be steady in bulk orders. In our online websites, we shared some basic knowledge about the cost to manufacture clothing. Here as a remind for new business starters. For cheap, cheapest clothes, don’t consider for custom made orders. As fashion clothing not only focus on price. If want cheap price, better to choose stock lots products. Or buy from clearnace factory supplier.

4. Set up factory supplier chain with steady good quality level in China clothes market

For import export trade business from China, supplier chain is very important. When wholesale purchasing clothes in custom made, you can set up your own factory supplier chain in China market. Because the manufacturers understand your requirements better and better. Meantime, the workers are familiar with your clothes producing and skilled. Which all means a good and steady quality control situation. As well as the easier order tracking and cost control in wholesale buying. For most of wholesalers or brand companies, they have to adjust their products each season. As the market demand and consumers taste are chaning. So that more factory supplier chains are better for their business.

In China, you can hire sourcing agent service for buying and export. But if you can have own factory supplier chain, it’s better for your wholesale purchasing in China clothes market. And you will get more trendy desing. Or transparante price level. This is a basic work for China buy agent. As the Chinese agency companies are developing the factory supplier chain too. When you want to find better manufacturers for your customized orders. Maybe your old suppliers will introduce you new factories too.

Create Unique Product Collections In Customized Making Orders When Buy In China Clothes Market

Since you are aware of the benefits of custom made clothes. Then you’d better to know what to custom made. So that you can require anything for custom made. When you wholesale purchasing in China clothes market. By the way, the best clothes marketplace, for custom made wholesale purchasing is in several China cities. For instance, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo. As well as Wenzhou, Shaoxing, and Shanghai. Where the China buy agent will remind or share you. With the tips of custom made purchasing in China clothes wholesale market. Or how to deal with Chinese factory supplier for bulk orders.

1. Individual design to customized making

For individual design custom made. There are 3 normal methods. Which your China buy agent shall explain you clearly. When you purchasing in China clothes wholesale market.

(1) Bring your own sample to the manufacturer. And ask the factory supplier to produce accordingly. With your detailed specifications of clothing.

(2) Send your own design artwork to the manufacturer. And require the factory supplier produce with correct textile material and garment trims.

(3) Choose your interested styles in the manufacturers shops or show room. Then require the factory supplier to amend designs. Or change color and size. Or customized making fabric compostions. As well as unique garment accessories or trims.

2. Custom made fabric

Custom made fabric, is a popular choose for wholesale purchasing clothes. And it’s easy to proceed buying from factory supplier. But good for your import export business for the purchasing cost. And good for you to meet the demand in the local market. In fact, you can change cotton material to polyester textile. Or choose silk or chiffon fabric for a fashion design. For some sports, swimming, and underwear, you even can change the function textile. Which are all according to your requirements. There are 2 ways for your reference.

  • Firstly, instead of the original fabric with a new textile absolutely. In these way, you only consider about the cost of fabric. And the technique capability of the facotry supplier. As well as the the technique suitable when produce in bulk.
  • Secondly, custom made an interested fabric directly. In these way, maybe a little complex. Because your Chinese manufacturer should check and contact with their fabric suppliers for custom made. Usually, it is easy for your China buy agent to handle the process. But you need pay attention to the color tolerance, and MOQ of custom made fabric.

Actually, your China buy agent will remind you. How to custom made fabric. When you wholesale purchasing in China clothes market. By the way, such custom made service, is same for other fashion products. Such as shoes, bags, jewelry. No matter for lady, women, men or kids.

3. Dyeing, printing and embroidery

When you wholesale purchasing in China clothes market. Then you can ask for individual dyeing, printing and embroidery. Because of the special technique of producing. So the MOQ shall be bigger. And same reason as fabric custom made. There is still has minimum order quantities. No matter for woven or knit clothing. Or denim jeans dresses and knitted sweater. Or sportswear, swimming suits apparel.

Here, need remind you. If you are a new business starter. Do not try to custom made for fabric changing. Or individual textile material techniques. Why? Because you need understand the clothes wholesale market better. And learn more about custom made bulk orders from Chinese factory supplier. In fact, you also need check if your order amount can match the MOQ from factory supplier.

4. Accessories and garment trims custom made

Same situation like fabric custom made. If you want to use individual accessories or garmet trims. Better for you send sample or specifications from your side. In fact, custom made accessories, is cheaper than sending from your country. Not only the cost of accessories. But also need consider about the shipping cost. Your China buy agent surely will explain you the reason. And they will suggest you to custom made accessories if possible.

5. Private Label, logo, and packaging

Private label, logo, and packaging, is the most popular custom made requirements. When wholesale purchasing in China. If you check in China clothes market. The factory supplier generally accept to proceed. And most of the factory supplier will not charge extra fees. But if you don’t clarify such requirements. Before you place order. Then some factory supplier will charge you extra fees. After they get your deposit. Or someone will reject to proceed you bulk orders. Which shall cause you in trouble with the factory supplier. A professional China buy agent, surely will remind you such hidden rules. That wholesale purchasing in China clothes market.

Custom Made - China sourcing agent

Custom Made – China sourcing agent

Custom Made clohtes - China buying agent

Custom Made clothes – China buying agent

China Buy Agent Guide You Proceed Custom Made Process Wholesale Purchasing From Factory Supplier

Wholesale purchasing in China clothes market. You’d better to hire a good service China buy agent. Because the custom made process are complex enough for a foreign buyer. Generally, there are 9 steps to proceed the whole purchasing process when you wholesale buying in China clothes market.

1. Sourcing the correct clothing style

Since you have a good quantities order. You’d better to wholesale buying custom made clothes. You can require your China buy agent to source the correct suppliers in advance. Before you come to China, you should already know about the detailed quotation list from your China buy agent. And you already have an idea which factory supplier is the best one for your order. Normally, a professional China buy agent can easily sourcing and find the best vendors in Chinese clothes market.

2. Find the best supplier

After you find the best factory suppler. Then you should compare the business terms. Before you visit China clothes market. For instance, design, fabric, and sewing quality. Together with the price quoted. Moreover, compare the MOQ, delivery time, and sample fees. And you need check the capability of the manufacturers. To ensure you place order to a reliable factory supplier.

In fact, your China buy agent will focus on such questions very seriously. Because after you place orders, the China buy agent should deal with all of the rest works. So that work with a reliable, capacity, and good service factory supplier is very helpful. And it’s important for your wholesale purchasing in China clothes market.

3. Identify the detailed requirements

When you visit the factory supplier. Then you should pay attention to clarify all of the detailed requirements face to face. And better for you to get your China buy agent together. There are many hidden rules wholesale purchasing in China clothes market. As well as custom made bulk orders. Normally, your China buy agent will remind you to pay attention following details.

(1) Identify your correct products. Such as product name, item No., fabric composition, etc. Furthermore, you should identify the color, size, design details. All of these detailed information, is to ensure you place a correct order. And should ensure you to receive correct products from the factory supplier.

(2) Clarify your detailed requirements of custom made. For instance, how about your design? Should it to be adjusted? Or how about your size requirements, and color, etc. Pay attention, please. You should keep a sample before production. Or written paperwork in your own hands.

(3) Confirm the business terms with the factory supplier before bulk producing. Such as price per piece. And quantities for each color, each size. As well as delivery time. Or packaging requirements. Or shipping market. Additionally, confirm delivery time, quality inspection time, delivery address, etc.

A professional China buy agent will remind you. When you wholesale purchasing in China clothes market. Pay attention please in custom made orders. More detailed you required before you place order. Less troubles you should meet when you receive goods.

4. Sample custom made and confirmation

After you come to an agreement with the factory supplier. Then can start the sample custom made. However, please pay attention to following details.

(1) Keep an original sample in your hands. Or you can take photos, and record in paper work. Anyway, you should have an evidence to show what is an acceptable sample before production.

(2) Confirm the sample fees with the suppliers. Normally, wholesale buying in China clothes market, the sample fees is from 200-500 rmb/piece. Of course, the sample fees is based on what you ordered. Moreover, please note. There is a tradition rule. If you finally place bulk order, the supplier should refund your sample fees.

(3) Check sample seriously. Absolutely, sample before production is very important. You should check as strictly as you can. Because if you confirm the sample, the supplier will produce according to the sample quality. If the bulk quality is same as the sample, means the suppliers are no problem. So that if you feel trouble when you get bulk clothes. You should take the responsibility yourself.

(4) On the contrary, if you think the first sample making does not meet your requirements. You can request a second sample. Do control the sample making strictly. Until you confirm all details of the sample are correct for production.

Generally, your China buy agent will help you check and confirm samples together. As you maybe not in China. So that your China buy agent will take care the custom made orders.

5. Place bulk order

Since you check and confirm the sample quality, then can place bulk order. Because you already negotiate and confirm the related order terms when you visit the supplier. So that the bulk order is easy to place. However, better to ask your China buy agent to help you handle it. Because there are still risk for the quality, quantities, and capital safety. A professional China buy agent will remind or suggest you related situations. And you can require them to proceed on your behalf. Actually, a professional China buy agent is specialized in controlling the suppliers.

Generally, a professional China buy agent will sign a legal sale contract with the supplier before place bulk order. In the sales contract, shall clarify all of the requirements and detailed terms. If there are any troubles or emergency, your China buy agent will take the responsibility and solve it in time.

6. Order follow up

Order follow up, mainly in order to take care of your bulk order that is proceed accordingly. And to check if your goods and capital are safety enough in China clothes market. Usually, there should be many troubles arise when the factory produce your custom made orders. In this situation, your China buy agent should always solve in time and keep you informed. Of course, order tracking also means the procedure are carried out accordingly. A professional China buy agent can track order in every procedure in the factory supplier.

7. Quality Inspection

Quality inspection is very import for your wholesale buying orders. Usually your China buy agent will take the responsibility to check quality before delivery. By the way, quality inspection should be very serious, and careful. A professional China buy agent, will take 30% of random sample checking. But if there are any problems that the quality can’t match with the sample. The reliable China buy agent will check more of the products. Sometimes they will choose 100% full checking of the bad items.

Here, as a remind, a professional China buy agent surely will send you QC report before delivery. Furthermore, they will keep you informed at any time. If there is any trouble with the bulk products, they will feedback you and get instruction from your. Then they negotiate with the factory supplier. And solve the problem according to your requirements before export shipping.

8. Delivery to warehouse

After QC, and get confirmation from your, your China buy agent will collect the goods. Usually the will pick up goods in their own warehouse. In fact, if your order are wholesale purchasing custom made. Then the factory supplier always agree to send good to your Chinese agency warehouse. Of course, such delivery terms are confirmed before you place bulk order. Anyway, better for you to confirm the delivery terms when you visit them in China clothes market face to face.

9. Loading and shipping

After goods collect and consolidate in warehouse, the China buy agent will arrange shipment. Meantime, before or after goods delivery, they already prepare all of the related paper work for custom declaration. Then the China buy agent will booking space and arrange container loading as shipping plan. Such export service is very easy for a professional China buy agent.


When you wholesale purchasing in China clothes market. Or custom made bulk order tracking with factory supplier. To hire a professional China buy agent is the best choice. If you have a good quantities order, you’d better to choose custom made methods. For wholesale purchasing in China clothes market. Your professional China buy agent will remind and share you many tips. When you wholesale buying in China clothes market. There are many manufacture centers in Chinese cities. For difference items and hot selling products. For example, Guangzhou for fashion clothing, textile, shoes, and bags. While Ningbo, Shanghai have famous clothes markets too. As well as Shenzhen, Yiwu, and Wenzhou. If you want to know more. Please visit our online websites. If you want to find a partner in China, please contact us directly.

China clothes market - Guangzhou Market Guide

China clothes market – Guangzhou Market Guide

Quality inspection - China Trade Agent

Quality inspection – China Trade Agent

China export agent-Warehouse and shipping

China export agent-Warehouse and shipping

China Export Agent Purchase From China Market

China Export Agent Purchase From China Market

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