Buy Product Wholesale Supplier – China factory custom made & bulk stock

Buy Product Wholesale Supplier - China factory custom made & bulk stock

Buy product wholesale from China factory supplier for custom made and bulk stock. As an honor export trade company and sourcing buying agent in China. We frequently get same questions from our old small business clients. “Why my products buy from China are expensive than the competitors in local wholesale market? Even for same designs? And we already sold in a very lower price with small profit margin.” Such questions are popular. Which indicated a common status of the reality. For small order business reseller. Not only for clothing, shoes, bags buyers. But also in fabric, textile products, accessories, etc. In fact, buy wholesale products in different channel, and different seasons. Or from different China marketplace and factory supplier. Which might impact the price level. 

Such issues have to discuss on the same design, quality level and material. Then we can reach the same key point. Which is the quantities purchase from China factory supplier. And Chinese agency company shall teach you solutions. While the best way is to buy bulk stock products. From China factory supplier directly. There are 2 major methods. Firstly, custom made to buy bulk order for some certain designs. Secondly, sourcing and buy bulk stock stuff (off shelf products). Generally, China sourcing agent or export trade company, can help you handle all of the detailed work. Whose service shall be great assistant to buy wholesale products from China factory supplier.

Why Buy Wholesale Products With Good “Quantities” Can get Cheaper Price?

1. Order Quantities means sales revenue

Before we talk about custom made bulk order. And buy stock stuff from China factory suppliers. Firstly, let’s understand well the MOQ (minimum order quantities). Sure, every business man know this concept. However, do you know what’s the exactly MOQ meaning for? Especially for different sales channels. Of course, we here are discussing based on one same products. For instance, MOQ for wholesalers in different markets, are difference. And for China manufacturers are not same too. Even in same China factory supplier, they will require different MOQ for different designs or service. When you buy wholesale product from these factories in China.

2. Big order quantities mean lower cost

Seems difficult to understand, right? To simplify the concepts. Let’s consider from these points. Firstly, MOQ always means business amount for the China supplier or factory directly. Secondly, MOQ means cost – effective for the China supplier or factory. Thirdly, MOQ means service quality and price from the China factory raw material supplier. Finally, if your quantities are big enough, the China factory supplier will give you the best price. Even their profit margin is only a little. For the product you buy wholesale. If you want to understand better. Please review our another article. Which name “ 5 Factors Impact the Cost to Produce Clothing”.

3. China factory suppliers always welcome buy wholesale product with good quantities

In fact, no matter clothing, textile products are in such status. While for shoes, bags, fashion accessories. And all of the other products, are in same situation. For instance, dresses, sportswear, and leather footwear. Or swimming wear, knitted sweater, and denim jeans. Or kids, women, lady, men fashion products. Hope you can understand the key point of “cheap price” base on order quantities. Then we can focus on the methods to buy wholesale product in bulk orders. And move ahead to explain custom made and bulk stock purchasing methods. Which require experienced sourcing and buying skills. That export trade agent company are professional on it. In fact, most of export trade company or purchasing agent are already focus on such service area. As you know, China factory supplier always welcome big order quantities to buy wholesale product from them.

4. Good quantities to get cheaper price, benefits for all of the business partners

Generally, purchase from China have 3 parts to proceed the whole export process. Which are foreign buyers, China factory supplier, and export trade companies, or sourcing buying agent. In fact they have same targets and benefits. For instance, foreign buyers want to buy in the best price. And China factory supplier surely want to sell in a good quantities with a reasonable profit margin. For export trade company or sourcing buying agent, they of course want a good quantities order to service. Then you can analyse to know. To buy wholesale product in cheaper price, the key points is the “quantities”. If order quantities are good for wholesale products. Then the buying process should be perfect. Here, need remind all of the business man. To get a win-win situation, is the only way for a long term business cooperation.

How To Custom Made Products And Buy From China Factory Suppliers Wholesale?

Now, let’s discuss about custom made service. Which is the most important method to buy product wholesale from China factory supplier. If you understand how to custom made better. So It will be a great help for your bulk buy business in China.

1. What’s custom made to buy wholesale products

Custom made is a service of bulk orders from China factory supplier. Which means you can buy and require the China factory suppliers to manufacture products. According to your wholesale orders customized. With your own design, fabric material, or fashion accessories. And with the individual size, color, packing requirements for your local markets. Even with your own appointed raw material suppliers in China or imported. If you want to buy wholesale product in cheaper price. You should try to learn more about cutom made process.

Customs made products from China factory supplier, are always mean unique, individual, and original. Such methods are very competitive for fashion companies or big wholesale sellers. Meantime, custom made products always means wholesale bulk orders from China factory supplier. If you have good quantities. Then you can enjoy the private custom made service. With a best price of the customized products. Maybe you don’t familiar such way. How to buy wholesale product customized from China? Don’t worry. There are many export trade companies can guide you to handle related work.

2. Why custom made when buy wholesale products

(1) For better price

As mentioned above, custom made means cheap price from good China factory supplier. Please note, it is an important way. That you buy cheap and good quality bulk wholesale products. Meantime, custom made products, always mean individual designs and good quality. Or trendy material, accessories, and techniques. Or unique color, size, and packing. While it usually can be the factors to win the market competitors. Furthermore, for many brand fashion companies. It’s not simply because of cheap price. But also means unique, individual, and original. Because custom made products, can help them get the original collections. For wholesale markets or launch to boutiques. Anyway, custom made serivce are popular in China to buy wholesale products.

(2) For individual products

If you only want to use your own label. And you maybe consider it as custom made already. But in fact, it’s the easiest way for China factory supplier. Generally, many export trade companies or sourcing agents in China, are experienced in such way. However, fashion company who want to buy product wholesale in China. That better to hire experienced export trade agent to service you. There are many skills to understand your brand philosophy, brand image, and marketing requirements. Moreover, fashion brand means high quality level. And systemic quality and image management rules. Which means high requirements for most of China factory supplier. And difficult to understand by many poor China sourcing agents or export trade companies. Anyway, try such way to buy product wholesale from China.

How To Custom Made Products And Buy From China Factory Suppliers Wholesale

How To Custom Made Products And Buy From China Factory Suppliers Wholesale

China sourcing buying agent - export business trade company buy wholesale products

China sourcing buying agent – export business trade company buy wholesale products

3. How to custom made

For custom made, the most important is to get good quality products. And on time delivery from China factory supplier. Which means huge detailed work with the China factory supplier. Generally, use such way to buy product wholesale, we need pay attention to below steps. Meantime, we shall share you many skills and tips in following introductions. And you can test in your own purchasing business. No matter for garments, shoes, and bags. Or furniture, stationery, toys, etc.

(1) Find correct and good China factory supplier

Because custom made bulk order means big amount. And very important for your next season’s sales business. So that find good China factory supplie to manufacture your products are very important. How to find good China factory supplier? Below, we shall share you some basic methods. Surely can help you buy wholesale product from China. If you want to know more, can visit our website. Or contact us directly.

A: Online platforms

To use online platforms, you can find China factory supplier online easily. There are many online platforms in China. Which will recommend you China factory or manufacturer supplier. For instance,,, and dhgate. Or made-in-China, ali-express, taobao, etc. In each online platform, there are thousands of China suppliers. And you can contact them for inquiries to buy product wholesale. From online shops, you can easily find any kinds of products suppliers. For instance, fabric suppliers, garment desinger, fashion jewelry manufacturers. Or furniture factories, home decoration and appliance distributors. As well as glasses, watches, cosmetics suppliers. Most of them accept retail orders. If you want to get cheaper price. Then please tell them to buy bulk product for wholesale price.

B: Recommend suppliers

While the best way, we think is to hire an export trade company service. Why to pay more cost for an China agent service? Because they are more experienced in working with China factory supplier. Furthermore, they are professional to buy product in wholesale channels. And they are always work as your own staffs. To guide you work with China factory supplier. Especially, they can help you buy wholesale products in China without troubles. After all, they will help you buy bulk orders or stock in the China factory supplier warehouse. In fact, a good export trade company, have many good China factory supplier.

Generally, the China export trade company will recommend you their good factory supplier. Which they consider are the best choice to buy correct product wholesale. For examples, coat, suit, hoodies suppliers. Or printting, dye, embroidery manufacturers. Even button, lace, zipper, and label factories. Don’t refuse it. Try to accept and visit them. And start from small orders to buy wholesale products or bulk stock. Then communicate with the China factory supplier for further information. Maybe you will find, the recommendation are really nice for you.

C: Ensure to find good partners

Of course, no matter China factory supplier. Or China sourcing agent and export trade agent. In fact, they all want to gain profit from your business. So that, you need test them. And find a reliable partner. Here we mean China factory supplier or export trade agent. It’s importand for you to buy product wholesale from China. How to find good one then? For a starter who purchase from Chinese market. Better to visit them, and start from trial orders. Then move to buy bulk orders for wholesale products step by step.

(2) Communicate detailed requirements to your partners

Here, mainly focus on the detailed specifications of product you want to buy wholesale. And require China factory supplier to proceed and produce you bulk orders. On the other hand, require your China sourcing and buying agent, or export trade company, to monitor the whole process. In order to avoid mis-understand. While the best way is to clarify your detailed specifications to all of the partners face to face. Please note, buy product wholesale, should always pay attention to details.

A: Identify your products requirements

You should tell the China factory supplier or sourcing agent, to understand your requirements. Here we’d like to make an example. For fashion leather shoes custom made. In advance, you need support your original sample, precise design artwork. And tell them the material for sole, shoes fabric, and accessories. As well as the color reference of the textile or metal parts. With size standards of Chinese, USA, or Europe. Moreover, if you are serious for your brand image and quality. You should tell them the upper sole, out-sole requirements. Or leather textile composition. Or standards or certification requirements of the material or finished goods. After you fixed all of the related detailed requirements. Generally you can get the good quality product which you plan to buy wholesale. Of course, same way for sportswear, wedding dresses, and cotton shirts. Or jeans pants, EVA sandals, knit blouse, etc. And so on.

B: Confirm the custom made process

Sure, you need confirm the sample making process. And how to improve the first sample if necessary. Or the way to fix the final sample before production. Here need remind you when you buy product wholesale. That, sample making are very important. Not only for the quality of bulk orders. But also need test the work quality. Meantime to test the China factory supplier’s production and service capability. As well as to test the China export trade company or sourcing buying agent service quality.

Only when you consider the sample making process is perfect. And the service and cooperation are good enough. Between you,  your China factory supplier, and export trade company. Then you can feel great to place an bulk order to buy product wholesale. Otherwise, stop here. And try to find the solutions. Why to consider so complex? As you only want to buy good quality and cheap price wholesale products, right? Don’t think so easy. There are many profit or communicating barriers. If can’t control or solve in time, maybe distroy your purchasing plan.

C: Fixed the business terms

Business terms are very important to protect your benefits in a legal way. Before you place sample orders, maybe you have a roughly concept in business terms. While surely can’t fixed the business terms for the final orders conditions. Please note. After the sample before production to be confirmed. You must require to fix the business terms for bulk orders. And focus on each product item that plan to buy wholesale. From material using of each parts. To price, color, size, and packages. Especially for the delivery time and payment terms. Moreover, quality inspection methods or schedule are important too. Of course, there are special requirements base on your individual products.

You should require a legal, completed sales contract. To indicate and clarify all of the related cost, benefits, and compensation if possible. As well as your China export trade company or sourcing buying agent’s service terms. You can require your China agent or export trade company to help you handle the paper work. And proceed the sales contract fulfillment. Here, please note. You can choose one of them to take responsibility on your behalf. While do not sign 2 separate contracts, with your China factory supplier, and export trade company. Why NOT? Because in China, there are many hidden rules to dispute, escape from the tasks. Even everyone want to avoid the responsibility but gain the profit. Do not buy product wholesale before a legal contract signatured.

D: Follow up the bulk orders

Since bulk order fixed. And you pay the deposit to buy wholesale products in the custom made terms. Then you need focus on the order tracking process. Don’t need you control everything. But you need require for keeping updated in time. About the product you buy wholesale to produce as planned.

To know if the China factory supplier are proceed producing as planed. To know that your China export trade company are pay attention to the factory suppliers. And if there are any issues, your China export trade company are solving together with the factory supplier. If in such situation, surely be great. For you, means no problem at all. While you need inspected the producing plan fulfilling accordingly.

Custom made is not so easy. During the producing process, there are many small problems. For example, color tolerance of the clothing fabric material. Or garments accessories are lack of bulk stock. Even some dresses are in wrong size made. And so on. Many such small problems. While can solve without problems. Generally, your export trade company will feedback you the reasons and results. If they can’t solve, they surely need feedback you. And discuss solutions with you. After get your confirmation or instructions. The China factory supplier or export trade company will proceed accordingly. And keep you updated as soon as possible.

E: Quality inspection in time

Which means “in time”? It means, check the quality in each process. Or check quality for each small parts of the products. This require the China factory supplier are good quality control capability. And the workers are very serious with quality attitude. So that whenever a quality problem, are all small issues. Which can solve in time with lowest loss of money or time. Otherwise, wholesale products to buy bulk. Which always means big amount loss for quality problems.

QC seriously

When bulk orders finish producing. Then arrange quality inspection in time. Before the packing work shop to pack the products separately. Which means before the packing workshop, you need require your export trade company. Or third party QC company to make quality checking work. And your China factory supplier are surely welcome such time schedule. Because they can use less labor to packing. And repacking work. For this quality inspection, you should pay much attention to. Because it’s means the result of custom made order. And also the result of what product you can buy wholesale from China factory supplier. And require your export trade company or sourcing buying agent to take care with strictly attitude. So that to proceed strictly as they can. Furthermore, require a detailed quality inspection report for you. Then you can check and judge if the quality problem is acceptable or not.

F: Control detailed work before shipping

Generally, in this term, the relationship shall be very strange between you, your sourcing buying agent, and China factory supplier. Why? Because it’s means result and responsibility. And also means business for next term. Please note and test your export trade company. To see if they are always work for you. Meantime, test the China factory supplier. To check if they are honor and reliable. Who can assume their responsibility and try their best to solve and less the lost for you as possible.

Here, additionally, quality inspection before shipping. Which means you pay balance for the wholesale products buy from China factory supplier. And then your export trade company will consolidate goods to their warehouse. At that time, still need check the quality. Of course, not for the detailed quality. But for checking the quantities, packages, and shipping market, etc. Easy, but necessary in fact.

Here we will not introduce how to quality inspection. As this is a basic service for an experienced China sourcing buying agent. Or export trade company for bulk stock orders business. If you want to know more. Please visit our website. Or contact us for further information.

Custom made bulk order - Purchase cheap stock stuff from China factory suppliers

Custom made bulk order – Purchase cheap stock stuff from China factory suppliers

Quality inspection - Sourcing And Buying Agent In China Wholesale Markets

Quality inspection – Sourcing And Buying Agent In China Wholesale Markets

4. Tips when custom made

In fact, based on introducing “how to custom made”, we already share you many tips. However, for a professional and complexity process to buy wholesale products from China factory supplier. There are really so many hidden rules and tips you need to know. In order to help you understand China factory supplier and export trade company better. We try to share you more.

(1) Communicate on time

Nor matter you explain your detailed requirements of products. Or to understand each other for the business terms and process. Because of the different culture and position. There might be many mis-understanding. Don’t hesitate, and don’t have bad emotions. Just try to explain or ask directly on time. Please note, “on time”, is very important. In fact, everything is better to get solve on time or immediately. Otherwise, maybe destroy the trust of business relationship.

(2) Win-win situation

Maybe this is the key points for a good business relation ship. As explained in the first of this article. Buy wholesale products or bulk stock is mainly for cheap price and good service. While China factory supplier need pay cost to product raw material and related fees. And they want to make money from the bulk orders. Same situation of the export trade company or China sourcing buying agent. How to evaluate the benefits. And how to let each parts to get a good profit. It require a serious, wisdom and understanding attitude. Hope each one can be a good business man. Who can open, honest, and honor for their business.

(3) Focus on samples

Business is serious. And products are the fact and result of the good business. Don’t need explain too much. Just check and compare with the samples. Then the result is clear to understand. Original sample, sales sample, samples before production, bulk stock or production sample. Please note, and pay attention to. Try your best to keep each step’s sample. As well as the China factory supplier and export trade company. Everyone should work based on the samples. To reach the perfect business results.

(4) Respect the sales contract

Business always require serious and respect. Sales contract is a legal protection for a foreign trade business. No matter for buyers, China factory supplier, and export trade company. Must work based on the contract. Although there are many excuse or reasons, but focus on the contract. In fact, business is a communication process. Of course, there should be many chance to communicate, discuss, and negotiate to solve the problems. But we need take our own responsibility first. Only based on sales contract, business should be easier and clearer.

(5) Hire export trade company or sourcing buying agent

Don’t want to introduce ourselves. Or want to advertise to attract some clients for you. I simply want to explain a fact. “How to manage your business oversea”? In fact, buy wholesale products from China factory suppliers, it’s your business oversea, right? And you don’t stay in China to waiting for the goods ready. And can’t take care of the bulk stock products shipping. Which means you have to hire service company to help you. As well as need China factory supplier to help you custom made products.

Okay, the most important is that, you need a management system. To require your China factory supplier, and export trade company or sourcing buying agent. And require them to monitor, control, cooperation each other. Then to reach the final targets. Obviously, buyer, China factory suppliers, and export trade agent, are same team. And each partner should have the same target. To buy wholesale products from China smoothly, safely, and fast. No matter custom made, or stock bulk orders.

(6) Try to find China factory supplier in manufacturer hubs

A: Know about manufacture hubs

China is a very big manufacture hub. While many cities have featured products. And there are completed and experienced supplier chains in the manufacture hub. For instance, Guangzhou is famous for fashion clothing, textile products, bags, and furniture. If you want to custom made shoes, the best places are in Fujian, Wenzhou. Meantime, small commodities are in Yiwu, Wenzhou, and Taizhou. For home appliance and fashion clothing and fabric, Ningbo, Shanghai, Cixi are the best places. Of course, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Chengdu, etc. So many famous cities or area for special featured products.

B: Try to place order at manufacturer hubs

Do remember, ask your export trade company. Or sourcing buying agent. Who recommend China factory supplier from such manufacture hubs. And try to place custom made bulk order to them. You will find, same design, if you find correct China factory supplier. Then the price should be much cheaper. Nor matter metal or plastic commodities. Or sock, cap, or scraf products. If you want to buy bulk stock products. You can use same methods.

C: Don’t worry about shipping

Maybe you will be worry about the shipping methods. Take it easy. Because a good export trade company, can help you consolidate and shipping from every China city. For bulk orders, generally use sea full container shipping. So that only a little difference between the cities nearby port or not. Furthermore, if consider about the quality inspection, only means a little travel fees and labor cost. Which are not so expensive. But comparing buy wholesale products in the best China factory supplier. These is not a problem at all.

(7) Try to place custom made orders to specialized China factory supplier

A: Focus on correct products range

For this point, please understand. That different technique and machines for different products manufacture. So that you’d better check the China factory supplier. Which products are the most competitiveness for them. For instance, sportswear clothing, seems similar with swimming wear, or underwear. But totally different for manufacturing. Because of dedicated in certain products, the China factory supplier have more competitiveness in the certain area. From material purchasing, work process, and experienced designers. As well as the cutting, sewing workers. Which are always mean lower cost. And better quality products.

B: Choose correct cities

Furthermore, based on the manufacture hubs. If you want to place knitting wear to Dongguan, Shanghai or Wenzhou. Surely it’s wrong choice. Because that cities are mainly for fashion woven garments. For knitting wear, the best places are in Dalang, Shantou, and Ningbo Tongxiang. Even in such area, maybe have some garments factory suppliers. But surely, they have to purchase related material, accessories from the manufacture hubs. Even some garment China factory suppliers, will out-sourcing service with other manufacturers. By the way, same situation for shoes, fabric, bags, footwear accessories, etc. Although Guangzhou is the biggest and best marketplace for wholesale. But different featured products, have manufacture hubs in other China cities.

(8) Enlarge your quantities of custom made orders with inventory risky awareness

A: Good quantities reduce cost

Since we understand and accept “cost based on quantities”. Then you can try your best to enlarge your order quantities as you can. Because better quantities always can get better price. For instance, although the MOQ of China factory suppliers for custom made is 500 pieces. If you place order in 2,000 pieces, the price should be better. And if 5,000 pieces? Absolutely, you can get more competitive price. And the China factory suppliers are very welcome such custom made orders.

In fact, many big wholesalers from you local markets, get cheaper price from big quantities for custom made, or bulk stock buying. Please note, the cost to be cheaper, is not only for less cost and profit margin from the China factory suppliers. But also comes from the raw material suppliers, accessories cost, and management fees. Furthermore, the inland transportation cost, warehouse store fees, and export shipping cost, will be all cheaper for unit price.

B: Pay attention to inventory risky

Of course, seems every business man should understand such simply reason. But how to enlarge your custom made order quantities? Here, we think the best way is that, you need understand your local market demand. And you can forecast the sales revenue for some certain designs. Yes, don’t want to enlarge each designs. Only focus on 10% to 20% designs. Which you think should be best sales for your new collections. Then you still need consider the inventory risky. Which means, if too much quantities bulk stock, can’t sell out before next season. The inventory is another style of cost. That’s why custom made bulk order, are always the most important way to buy wholesale products. But most of the business man, can’t accept or try to buy wholesale products with customs made orders. Instead of, many wholesalers, prefer to buy wholesale products from marketplace.

(9) Require China factory suppliers protect your brand image or fashion designs

Sometimes, for fashion brand company, they generally will have own image, and original designs. Before they launch to the wholesale markets, the new designs are commercial secrets. In fact, anyone have such demand, can require the China factory to protect your unique products or designs. To avoid fake replica products.

As we know, there are many copy branded products in wholesale markets. For instance, fake Nike, Adidas, Jordan sports sneakers or sportswear. Or LV, Gucci, Dior brand bags, shoes, clothing, or cosmetics products. Even replica branded watches, glasses, belts, etc. Such fake branded products are illegal in China. While we only want to make an example here. If your designs are very nice. Maybe should pay attention to protect your original designs. As well as your logo, labels, and related accessories.

How to buy bulk stock products from China factory suppliers with cheapest price?

What’s the exactly meaning of “bulk stock products” we are talking about here?

Here, for “bulk stock”, we need focus on the meaning of “shelf off” products. And not mean the newest designs. Or hot selling bulk orders for ready stock. For the normal products, you can reference as “custom made” purchasing. Because same process, same way, and same tips. Here, let’s focus on “cheapest bulk stock which to be shelf off”.

Sure, for such bulk stock products, the price should be the cheapest. Generally, only 20% to 30% of the original bulk price, when hot selling time. Why the bulk stock will be so cheap? Below, we shall introduce the difference. Or defects of bulk stock products, than on-selling goods.

1. Out of season for sales

Generally, many China factory suppliers or fashion companies, will launch new collections every season. And they will marketing the new designs. Meantime, shelf off the last seasons products. In this term, there are some bulk stock left. To consider of the inventory capital, and discount of next season. As well as the management cost, warehouse cost. So that the China factory suppliers will try to sell out in bulk order. With a cheap price, to attractive their clients to buy bulk.

2. Unsalable in certain markets

As we know, many designs maybe can’t be good sales. Because designs always focus on the market demand, but can’t so much precisely match the demands. Then surely will be some items can’t sell good. Which means lost of the China factory suppliers. And the best way is to sell out as soon as possible. Because even keep the bulk stock to next season, the sales should be worse then current term. This is a popular situation for a fashion company in business operation. While it’s also a chance for some wholesalers. Who can check and judge if the goods can sell in own local marketplace. Of course, sell in cheap price, is always helpful to attract consumption. And maybe change a market, the bulk stock should be good sales.

3. Short in sizes or color

Short in sizes or color, is popular status for some certain designs. Although some products are good sales in wholesale markets. But step by step, maybe short in sizes or color. As market demand are different. Such status no matter for wholesalers and retailers. But also for China factory suppliers.

By the way, these kinds of bulk stock, will be mixed design, color. And quantities are difference. Moreover, some designs are not last season. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago. Please note, different year’s bulk stock, have different price. Generally, if last seasons bulk stock sales in 40% discount. Then the 2nd years bulk stock should be 30% discount. And 3 years should be cheaper more. Of course, different material products, maybe have different situation. But generally are the same system. For shoes, fashion garments, leather bags, etc. If furniture, stainless steal products, home electric appliance, will be a little different.

4. Poor quality or have some small quality problem

When China factory suppliers are make custom made bulk orders. Or they produce some designs in bulk stuffs. Because of some special reasons. The bulk stuffs have quality problems. Nor matter the buyers rejected custom made orders. Or the China factory suppliers assume the loss. The bulk stock are difficult to sell out.

In such situation, the China factory suppliers will find some wholesale buyer to accept the products in very cheap price. Or ask some export trade companies or sourcing buying agent to recommend to their wholesale clients. If you just wholesale products in similar designs or categories. It will be a good chance.

As we all know, from good China factory suppliers, bulk products generally will be good quality. Only if some wrong raw material used. Or color tolerance. Or size difference. Maybe some times the wrong patterns. Anyway, for the bulk stock, there are good chance to be sell out. Especially in some certain markets. While for what markets, or what demands, have to judge by yourself. In a serious attitude.

5. China factory suppliers close down or need fast cash flow

Because of fierce competition. Or the management system problem. Or other special reasons. Maybe some China factory suppliers meet some troubles. And have to sell out the good stock immediately to get cash flow. Or the China factory supplier need change or adjust their main products. Then they need sell out the bulk stock.

In such situation, maybe a chance for you to buy cheap wholesale products. Who are sell similar designs in local markets. Because it’s a random opportunity. So that, need consider serious, and make decision quickly. Because the China factory supplier surely have many old clients. And everyone know this is a good chance. Maybe finally the price are not the cheapest. But surely be the best cost-value effective. Since China export trade company or sourcing buying agent, have many suppliers network. So that you can ask them to help you pay attention to.

6. Tips of buy bulk stock wholesale products from China factory suppliers

For general order, consolidate, and shipping process, are same as custom made products. We will not explain too much. While for the specialized of bulk stock products. Because of the reason of cheap price. Or the reasons to be bulk stock. When you place order, better to pay much attention. If you want to know more, please visit our website. In the article of “Stock Fabric Purchasing From China Factory – Wholesale Market Agent”. We already share the most useful tips. Better for you to hire an export trade company to guide you buy from China factory suppliers.

How to buy bulk stock products from China factory suppliers with cheapest price

How to buy bulk stock products from China factory suppliers with cheapest price

Purchasing Cheap stock fabric product with China agent from factories or wholesale markets

Purchasing Cheap stock fabric product with China agent from factories or wholesale markets

How to focus on custom made and bulk stock buying step by step from a small order?

For each business, need develop step by step. Not only because of your business revenue. But also because of the complexity purchasing process and products knowledge. Below, we’d like talk about how to develop. Some basic tips for discussion or reminding. Hope can help your business buy wholesale products from China factory suppliers.

1. Understand what products and how to buy for reselling in your local wholesale markets

Good business man, should be a good buyer first. How to be a good buyer for wholesale products? Need to understand your local market demand. And need to know well about China wholesalers and factory suppliers. Furthermore, need to familiar with all of the detailed process about export from China. As well as each cost, fees, profit margin in your whole business purchasing from China. Here, the most difficult is to understand the products knowledge. As it’s not only for a business sales. But also need to know, why should be good sales? How to sale? What’s the good quality? If need instead or improve some material or accessories? How about the cost roughly and the price system? And to know how to work with your China sourcing buying agent or export trade company?

Here, we just ask such questions. Which surely can help you have a good idea to consider about you business. Then you can try to learn and study step by step. Because all of the questions, need reply based on your products and local market situation. Otherwise, only for a theoretic article. For instance, fashion clothing, shoes, bags and textile products, are generally same process in custom made or bulk stock purchasing. But if focus on detailed products requirements. Or detailed work of export shipping service. There are many small different points. If you don’t understand well. Maybe you will meet some troubles. That’s also a basic reason to hire an export trade company or sourcing buying agent to guide you purchasing from China wholesale market.

2. Set up a good and long term business relation ship with your China business partners

(1) Focus on you China parters

Who are your business partners when you buy wholesale products from China market? Sure, your China factory suppliers, export trade company or sourcing buying agent. Or shipping forwarder, warehouse managers, etc. Anyone who can help you easier your purchasing from China. You can treat them as your partner. Of course, here the most important partners are your China factory suppliers, and export trade company, or sourcing buying agent.

(2) Have passions to find solutions

We frequently will meet some clients are changing their export trade company, or China factory suppliers. Yes, we understand. There should be some problems between the cooperation. And the reasons are various and different. While we still want to suggest you. To develop a good relation ship with your China partners. And to understand each other. To communicate open and on time. As well as to help both side set up a win-win situation. Furthermore, to find solutions when you meet troubles.

(3) Need long term relationship

Why long term and good relationship is necessary for each partner? Because of trust, understanding, and helpfulness. Not only for service quality, quality price, or smooth process. But also for good idea, newest information, and business consultant. Everyone need partner, and need get help from other partner. Which is the basic reason of good business. Maybe you will ask. In our opinion, acceptable, reasonable, and understandable is the basic principle for a good relationship. Between buyers, China factory suppliers, and export trade companies.

(4) How to be partners

Need pay attention to the cost of changing client’s, changing factory suppliers, or changing export trade company. There are many hidden cost. Or maybe you need pay more extra fees to test a new partner. Anyway, so transparent business conditions to buy wholesale products in China market. There should be no big problem to find a solution between each partner. If someone are not reliable, or not honor, or not reasonable. Sure, change it.

Because relationship, need build up based on same mission, same philosophy, and same value standards. On the other hand, if you have long-term partners in China. Do you think, is it difficult to find good chance for bulk stock purchasing? Or get the best price for your custom made bulk stuff? Of course, no any problem. And you will be very welcome to receive many good quotations.

3. Understand hidden rules or buying skills from your China partners

How to say. Every company or business, want to get profit. What’s a good business man? Who are honor, responsibility, and service attitude with spirit of contract. And gain money in a reasonable way. Because everyone need survival and developing. In order to do business in an open, fair, and satisfied situation. Better to understand your China partners. Only know how they work. Then you can cooperate with them better.

Ask yourself questions

Here, we still ask questions. For your idea. Do you know, how the basic process and service of your custom made orders? How does the China factory suppliers calculate the cost? Where can they get hidden profit from the quotation list? What’s the key points of your custom made orders or bulk stock orders? How to avoid the issues, or hidden rules? Do you know how your export trade company work? How does the export trade company gain profit? How to control your China factory suppliers, and export trade company? Can you require your China partners focus on your requirements and result? If there are problems, how to find the best solution? How to proceed your orders in an open and trust way?

These questions, seems too big, or not specific, right? While I don’t think so. When you meet some cases, and want to solve it. You can try to consider about above questions. Then you can step by step find the truth. Of course, in different position, you will get different idea. While how about you try to consider in each partner’s position?


To buy wholesale products from China, is a comlexity process. There need many siklls and tips. How to get the best price, based on the order quantities. If you have good quantities, you can choose custom made or buy bulk stock from China factory suppliers. Meantime, please note the risky of inventory cost. And also need consider serious about your local market demand, before you place bulk orders. Please pay attention to your China parthers. And know how to work with them based in same mission and philosophy.  Then try to set up a long term relationship with your China factory suppliers and export trade company. So that you will find many opportunities in China market, to help develop your business smoothly.

We can’t talk too much. If you want to discuss further, we can talk about detailed cases. For detailed buying tips or skills, please visit our website. There are many articles to introduce and share you basic process. Hope we can help you in your future business. And we wish everyone success in business, and happiness in life.

China Manufacture Hubs - sourcing and purchasing bulk stock from cheapest factory suppliers with export trade company

China Manufacture Hubs – sourcing and purchasing bulk stock from cheapest factory suppliers with export trade company

Best Shangjin

Best Shangjin



Comment (8)

  • Shawnna| 14/11/2020

    Hello. I am looking for an overseas wholesale manufacturer for custom made clothing. Do you have any recommendation?

    • Kevin| 17/11/2020

      Dear Shawnna, we are sourcing and buying agent in Guangzhou China, and we are experienced in fashion trendy clothes products, for wholesale business and custom made service.
      We are cooperating with many good quality clothing manufacturers with competitive price and fast production lead time.
      Please check your mail, we sent you our online catalogues, as well as basic order purchasing profiles.
      We can discuss further based on your own interested designs, then move ahead for sourcing and quotation process.

  • dyra| 02/07/2020

    hello, kindly send me email for basic purchase direct from factories and item(s) that can purchase bulk? such bags/totebag/head scarf/bed sheet complete (king/queen & single)

    • Kevin| 04/07/2020

      Hi Dyra, sure, we are mostly purchase from China direct factory suppliers, for fashion textile products, household items, home appiance, etc.
      And we are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou, where is the biggest wholesale markets and manufactuer center in China.
      No matter for bags, shoes, clothing, ect, we can all find good factory suppliers, as well as Chinese manufactuers for home decorations items.
      We sent you a mail with some basic information of our business and product catalogues, please check and reply.

  • lauren| 17/06/2020

    hi im interested in manufacturing clothes for my business according to my own designs , how do I get in contact with the factory?

    • Kevin| 18/06/2020

      Hi Lauren, glad to hear from you. Sure, we can help you purchase from factory supplier for cusomized making products.
      In fact we are experienced in fashion textile products, such as clothing, shoes, and bags. And we offer custom made service.
      We sent you a mail, with some fashion clothing from Chinese manufacturers directly. And the manufacturers accept customized orders.
      Please feedback your designs styles or images, as well as your garment fabric requirements, with target prices and roughly quanties.
      So that we can check with correct manufacturers who are good at the collections you want to custom made.

  • Elmary| 18/01/2020


    I would like to know for my clothing line if you are able to manufacter some garments?!

    • Kevin| 19/01/2020

      hi Elmary, yes, we service cusotm made clothing manufacturer. We already sent you a mail with some basic information.
      Of course, as we are sourcing, buying and export agent in China. We don’t have own factory.
      While we have many good suppliers who have own factories, and they accept producing according to your designs or private labels.
      Please note the MOQ generally is 300 pieces per design per color, can mix sizes.
      As Chinese New Year holiday, now the factories are all take holiday. and will be back on around 8th Feb.
      We can discuss more to understand your requirements better. Then move ahead to sample making or bulk order after holiday.

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