Shangjin Trading is a service company in Guangzhou. Who is a China agent for sourcing good product supplier, guide market purchasing, and wholesale buying with export shipping service. In fact, Shangjin Trading regist as a legal business company in Cixi Ningbo city. Where is the hometown of the founder. So that Shangjin trading company now have 2 offices. Both in Guangzhou and Ningbo. Which enhance the service capability of Shangjin Trading Company. That is to say, we are sourcing and buying agent, who can guide you wholesale purchasing product from market suppliers or factories, then export shipping service from many China cities. For example, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan. Or Shanghai, Ningbo, and Wenzhou. As well as Yiwu, Shaoxing, Cixi, etc.

Shangjin Trading Company Is Service Agent For Sourcing, Buying, Export From China Wholesale Markets 

1. What service of Shangjin Trading Company ? – Sourcing, buying, and export agent

(1) Sourcing best product and suppliers in China

Shangjin trading company is focus on purchasing service. While how to be a good market buying agent or wholesale purchasing guide? To sourcing and find the best products or suppliers. That is the base of a service company to operating and develop in the fierce competitive markets. In fact, Shangjin trading company have a completed supplier network. Or best sourcing methods to find good products and suppliers quickly. No matter old partnership manufacturers. Or reliable suppliers in the wholesale markets. As well as the online shops, who has featured products or factories.

Good suppliers always means good quality and price. And better price too. That’s an important advantages of Shangjing trading company. Why? That’s means the best way to guide our clients wholesale purchasing in markets, or buying from factory directly.

(2) Comprehensive service agent help our clients buying in wholesale markets

To guide clients wholesale purchasing in factory or markets, is a buying agent service. Yes. Shangjin trading company is a market buying agent too. While market buying agent to guide wholesale purchasing, then service export shipping. In fact is the complete service process of Shangjin trading company. Generally, we call it one-stop-solution. What’s means “solution”? To solve all of troubles in your import & export behavior in China market.

What is the market buying agent service in details? For instance, Recommend the best suppliers. Then accompany visiting the markets or factories. When our clients feel some products are interested to place order. Then record all of the detailed information of the products, suppliers, business terms, etc. Meantime, our market guide or interpreter will help you translate, negotiate, and bargain the better terms. If there are hidden rules, or extra fees, our market guide will remind you before wholesale purchasing. Or teach you the buying skills in the wholesale markets as agent service.

(3) Guide you enjoy service of wholesale purchasing and export shipping from China

Wholesale purchasing and export shipping from China is a complex process, if you don’t hire a market buying agent service. Especially for a small order business starter. Don’t worry. Just contact Shangjin trading company. Then you will find every thing to be easy. And you will enjoy your purchasing behavior in China. Because Shangjin trading company will guide you wholesale purchasing step by step. As well as market buying and export shipping agent service.

For instance, Shangjin trading company not only sourcing the best products and suppliers for you. But also guide you the featured products buying tips in the wholesale markets when you purchasing. And Shangjin trading company will remind you how to deal with the suppliers in China market. Furthermore, they always consider about your shipping methods and export certifications before you place orders, or hire their agent service. For example, they will ask your destination port, to understand if there are special regulations of the customs. Or they will ask your products requirements and purchasing budgets. In order to know your roughly goods volumes. Then they will have an idea to discuss with the wholesalers or factory suppliers. So that to discuss and confirm the details before place order. In fact, after you confirm the order, Shangjin trading company is preparing your shipping plan for their export service.

Shangjin Trading Company Is Service Agent For Sourcing, Buying, Export From China Wholesale Markets 

Shangjin Trading Company Is Service Agent For Sourcing, Buying, Export From China Wholesale Markets

Wholesale Market Guide - Sourcing Agent Buy From Best China Supplier

Wholesale Market Guide – Sourcing Agent Buy From Best China Supplier

2. What products are Shangjin trading company specialized in?

Shangjin trading company is a professional market buying agent. In fact, for the last 10 years, we help hundreds clients sourcing products, and guide them wholesale purchasing from best suppliers.

(1) Guangzhou office

Guangzhou office is focus on fashion clothing for women, men, and kids. And trendy garments fabric material. As well as cheap textile products or footwear accessories. Of course, we are specialized in all kinds of shoes. Such as lady’s high heel leather shoes. Or sneaker, sandals, and slipper, etc. Any kinds of material in PU, EVA, and leather. Or we can can help you custom made bags, handbags in leather, PU, and textile fabric material. If you need good quality clothing, no problem. For example, printing cotton t-shirt. Or silk, chiffon lady’s dresses or skirt. For wedding, occasion, office dressing or suits. And for swimming wear, underwear, knitted sweater, jeans denim, or sports wear, etc. Or cheap fashion jewelry stock. Such as necklace, earring, bracelet, etc.

Moreover, Shangjin trading company can help you sourcing products and suppliers in other cities nearby Guangzhou office. For instance, Foshan furniture and building material. Or Shenzhen electronics products. Or Dongguan fashion apparel companies. If you need best suppliers for sports shoes. Shangjin trading company can help you find best factories in Fujian province. By the way, Shangjin trading company can help you sourcing best suppliers for stock products or factories for other products. Such as toys, stationary, hardware, wedding decorations, etc.

(1) Ningbo Office

Ningbo is one of the biggest export shipping service city in China. There is the biggest port for foreign trade in Ningbo. So that the goods or container from Yiwu, Shaoxing, Wenzhou all choose Ningbo port for export shipping service. Although there is a port in Shanghai. Which is nearby Ningbo port. But the process and cost are much competitive in Ningbo.

In fact, Ningbo is the biggest export trading and shipping service in China. As well as the manufacturer and foreign trade business. The featured products of Ningbo is home appliance and fashion clothing. There are many famous or big scale factories in Ningbo. Or nearby Ningo. Actually, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Cixi, and Shaoxing, are all manufacturer hubs in China. There are many featured products. Such as metal tools, plastic commodities, and textile products, etc.

Because of the hometown of the founder of Shangjin trading company. So that many factories boss are friends of Shangjin. If you have some orders. We surely can get the best price and best service from the factories. For instance, vacuum cleaner for curtain, bed, floor, car. We can manage the sales team, design team as our own staffs. Even for steam, lighting, fan, etc. So that we are good service in Ningbo. For sourcing best product suppliers, guide wholesale purchasing from markets as buying agent. As well as export shipping service in Ningbo too.

Best Wholesale Market To Buying Clothes In Guangzhou With China Guide Agent

Best Wholesale Market To Buying Clothes In Guangzhou With China Guide Agent

Export shipping service - wholesale purchasing guide agent buying in China market

Export shipping service – wholesale purchasing guide agent buying in China market

3. What are the featured advantages to hire Shangjin as your partner in China?

(1) Sourcing best suppliers in wholesale markets

As mentioned above, we always focus on sourcing best suppliers and products in a serious attitude. And we have the experience and useful methods to sourcing the best suppliers and products. For every inquiry. No matter bulk order or small amount. For us, it’s a chance to develop our business.

(2) Place bulk orders in manufacturer hubs for production

Based on the best supplies and products we sourcing for our clients. And our capability of sourcing in whole China. So that we will compare the price, quality and service from many suppliers. Then negotiate and persuade the factories to accept our bulk orders. In fact, we negotiate the better MOQ. And better price. As well as better service business terms. Such as delivery fees, package requirements, quality guarantee or compensations, etc.

(3) Network of China factories suppliers

Shangjin trading company have a completed China factories network. And we can control and manage the factory to proceed accordingly. So that for the quality, delivery time, and service, are all no problem for us. Especially for some custom made products. We even can contral the design and workshop in the factory. If any problems, we can solve it immediately.

(4) Strict quality inspection requirements

It is the key value of Shangjin trading company. For a business, no matter the relationship are so good with your factories. While for the quality inspection, must be strict and serious. Because it not only our clients’ benefits. But also Shangjin tradding company’s benefits. For our honor, reliable, responsibility, etc. Our clients are our family, and is our future. So that, quality inspection is the most important service of Shangjin trading company.

(5) Consolidating and warehouse

Shangjin trading company is professional in export shipping service. And we can consolidate goods from different China cities. Then to loading and shipping in one container. Or we can pick up goods at the wholesale markets. And shipping to your shipping forwarder’s warehouse. Or our warehouse in Guangzhou, Foshan, and Ningbo. By the way, our warehouse are free in 7 days for your export shipping service.

(6) Safe and fast export shipping service

Export shipping service is a complex process too. Especially for the business in shipping company, forwarder, custom broken company, and custom warehouse. There are so many institutes you need deal with. While Shangjin trading have a good relationship with all of the related companies or government institutes. Moreover, Shangjin trading always use “safe export shipping service”. What’s it means? That is to say, Shangjin will only focus on export shipping service. And will not gain extra profit from the export process.

(7) Reasonable service commission

Shangjin trading company is focus on comprehensive market buying agent service. And indicated in high quality performance. While we only charge you affordable service commission for small profit margin. Generally, 3% only. Yes, you maybe tell us. That our service commission is not the best or lowest. But we can promise you, our service is the best.

(8) No hidden charges or extra fees

Shangjin trading company like to do business with our clients in black and white. In fact, we always indicate all of the value, cost, fees, commission clearly in our payment statement. Of course, before we start our cooperation, we will explain you and get confirmation from you. During the proceeding process, we will not charge any hidden fees or cost. Even if there are some extra fees for emergency, we will inform you. And proceed after get your information.

(9) Always keep our clients informed

Shangjin trading company always keep our clients informed. Let our clients know everything we handle with. Or know the status of each order proceeding. In fact, we always work as staffs of our clients. And handle detailed work on our clients behalf. If there are any problem, we will inform them. Although we already solve it in time. Or if there are some serious issues, we will make plans for our clients. And ask them to choose. Then proceed according to their instructions.

(10) Guarantee of goods and capital safety

Foreign trading business is a long term and complex process. From sourcing product supplier, to wholesale purchasing with your buying agent or market guide. Then consolidate and export shipping service. There are many process should be have problems. Such as quality issues, delayed goods delivery time, or suppliers disappear. Or suppliers disappeared. Even the good damages during inland shipping or sea shipping. In such cases, you may meet many troubles for your business.

How to do then? Shangjin trading company will help you assume the risky. Of course, not a simply guarantee as a insurance company. But use our methods. How to handle with then? We use our methods to control and follow up the orders. For instance, check suppliers, sign sales contract. Or arrange quality inspection. Even before order place, we will require the suppliers write down the delivery time, packaging, inland transportation fees, etc. In order to secure the capital and goods safe enough. If there are still have lost or damage of goods or capital, we will take our responsibility. And will discuss and agree with you to take some compensation for you. Of course, based on our service quality or responsibility.

Order Follow Up - Soomth Process

Order Follow Up – Soomth Process

Quality Inspection - Order Checking

Quality Inspection – Order Checking

4. Should you choose Shangjin, or not?

Have you know Shanjing trading company better? I think so. While can you judge if need our service or not? Below suggestions remind you. Please consider about. In order to enjoy our service better.

(1) Choose Shangjin – Sourcing, buying and export agent
  • Business starter who want to purchase a small order to test their local market. As we can help to simplify the business as a consultant.
  • Experienced buyer who want to sourcing and develop his products categories or suppliers. Or you want to get better price and quality. In such situation, please contact us. We can guide you sourcing and wholesale purchasing from the best suppliers for best products.
  • Fashion buyer who want to create own individual collections. Or need private label styles. Do not hesitate. Just contact us, please. We can work as a buying agent in wholesale markets. No matter fashion clothing, textile, bags. Or shoes, accessories, cosmetics beauty products.
  • Brand company, who need customized making certain categories or collections. And need sourcing different kinds of suppliers and products. Of course, our buying agent service can guide you wholesale purchasing and export shipping. In fact, it’s the best choice to cooperate with Shangjin trading company.
  • If you are a wholesaler in local market. While your orders are small amount with various vendors. Please contact us. Shangjin trading company can help you, handle all of the detailed work. And help you save time and cost.
(2) Dont choose Shangjin – We are not manufacturer or stock wholesaler
  • Please don’t choose us as a tour guider. Because we are buying agent for translator or interpreter with market suppliers. And wholesale purchasing guide with export shipping service.
  • We don’t serve whom sourcing and purchasing via online shop directly. In fact, the main problem is that. We can’t control the online supplier in quality inspection. And related delivery require service. Why? Because generally, you pay to the suppliers directly. While the suppliers always work for whom pay to them. So that there are many troubles in consolidating, customs documents preparing, etc.
  • Please don’t simply ask us for category you want. Because we are not a manufacture or stock wholesaler. In fact, we cannot sell you interested products directly. If you want categories or inquiries. Please tell us your detailed information. With product descriptions in advance. So that we can sourcing the best product suppliers for you.
  • We don’t work with the products of Food, Agriculture and Chemical. As well as pharmaceutical, and Machinery items. Furthermore, we reject any items that restricted by customs. Such as weapons, drugs. Of course, fake brand copy products are normally rejected. As the rules of customs forbidden. However, if you have a license for export. we can help you sourcing replica product suppliers. As well as export shipping service.


    Wedding Dresses

    Wedding Dresses

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