Shangjin trading is a professional sourcing and export shipping company in China. As well as service of market assistant, order tracking, goods consolidate, warehouse store, etc. What is the service of bulk buy orders tracking? How to daily service to control China wholesale market suppliers? If you are experienced in order tracking service. It is a really easy work to handle. Only need to focus on detailed work seriously. For instance, just place bulk buy order accordingly. And waiting for the goods ready. To quality inspection and export shipping. Yes, generally is like this. If you don’t require China wholesale market suppliers or factories. While the fact is that, we need control the China suppliers on behalf of our clients. So that there should be issues, to solve or coordinate. As requirements always means more work or extra cost for China wholesale market suppliers.

Below, we will explain the most important process in order tracking. Till to consolidate goods to export shipping. Of course, simply focus on the order tracking service. No matter purchasing from China wholesale markets. Or buy bulk from China factories suppliers. Then you may understand better of a sourcing company or export agent service. Who help you bulk buy and export shipping from China suppliers. In fact, we think order tracking is very important for a good service China sourcing agent.

How To Order Tracking When You Sourcing, Bulk Buy And Export Shipping From China Wholesale Markets

1. Purchasing contracts is necessary before you transfer to buy bulk orders.

When you sourcing and discuss with the wholesale markets suppliers or China manufacturer companies. You will feel very nice for business. As every China suppliers seems good. And they agree with you mostly of the bulk buying business terms. So that you are strong confidence that you find good China suppliers. Yes, normally is correct for wholesale market purchasing. While for some special China suppliers. Or special persons in wholesale markets. It maybe not so easy. The best way to protect the bulk order to buy from China supplier, is a legal and detailed purchasing contracts. So that your China agent can tracking the orders accordingly.

(1) Legal contracts protect client’s benefits

In the contracts, Shangjin will indicate all of the detailed requirements of your bulk orders that want to buy. As well as clarify the order tracking process to export shipping terms. For example, clothes fabric material, design with size and color requirements. Meantime, the quality inspection requirements. And delivery methods to Shangjin’ warehouse for export shipping. Furthermore, custom made details of your individual brand logo, labels, and tags. As well as your special requirements of your bulk orders to buy. With price, quantities, technique standards, etc. Don’t think it’s so easy to signature a sale contract with China wholesale suppliers. There should be many difficulties to buy bulk. Or hidden rules in the wholesale purchasing market behaviors.

(2) Understand detailed service in bulk buying business

For instance, extra fees for inland transportation fees before export shipping. Or extra fees for label changing of your bulk buying orders. Or delayed of the delivery time as agreed by China suppliers. Even sometime, when your agent order tracking to confirm delivery time. The China suppliers will inform you have to change date. Because of the raw material lack. Or because of wholesale shops sell out the stock in market. So that they can’t agree with the date. Which means they can’t fulfill according to the purchasing contracts.

Furthermore,  example for bulk buying orders tracking. Before production, the clothes textile material change the color. Or have big color tolerance than they sell in the wholesale market shops. Why? It is strange and unacceptable at all. However, the China wholesale supplier will explain to you. Because their material supplier, only have such color raw material. Or the China suppliers will tell you, color tolerance is popular in each bath. If only 10% – 15% tolerance, you should accept. How can you do then? Same status you might meet in wholesale market delivery or export shipping. Such as packing list submit. Or on time delivery requirements. Or quality troubles compensations. And so on. That’s why order tracking is very important and necessary for a smoothly purchasing business.

2. Clarify the payment terms in the contracts before bulk buy from China wholesale suppliers.

(1) Transfer payment before you consider safe

When order tacking service, payment terms are very important. Because before you pay deposit, you can cancel the oder freely. Or you even cancel the bulk order buy from the China suppliers before delivery. Only if you consider not good quality goods as agreed. And plan to give up the deposit. In such situation, your China export shipping agent can try to get back the deposit from the supplier.

But if you paid the balance before export shipping. And the China supplier are not so reliable. You should be in troubles if lack order tracking control. For example, if the delivery time delayed too much, and miss your sales seasons? Or if the quality is poor, and impossible to sell out in your local markets. Or the finished products are totally different with your ordered in wholesale market. Anyway, don’t worry about too much. If you hire a good China sourcing agent, they should take care of your bulk buying orders well. As order tracking service is helpful to control the China suppliers.

(2) Ask your China agent take care of the capital

Payment terms are very important in a purchasing behavior for bulk buy orders. Not only in China market, but also in other wholesale suppliers. In the purchasing contract, must clarify the payment terms. Generally, 20% to 30% for deposit is enough. And balance payment before export shipping. While must after quality inspection procedure. For bulk order buy for custom made, need pay more attention in tracking. Which means use your own brand logo, material, or designs. Most of the China wholesale suppliers will require 50% payment in advance. Why? Because they are worrie about you cancel the orders. And they can’t sell out if you don’t accept the production stuffs.

In such situation, your export agent or sourcing company can help you. Because they are Chinese legal company. And experienced service with the wholesale markets suppliers or China factories. So that they can negotiate, discuss and persuade the China suppliers. To accept 30% deposit for bulk buy orders. Especially for new clients buy bulk from China wholesale markets. Sometime they will have to pay 50% or total order value before production. Not before export shipping. It’s really a strictly payment terms. Or have to pay the balance before quality inspection. How to confirm the goods quality is acceptable or not? Shangjin don’t wan to work with such brutal China suppliers. And will sourcing and recommend new China supplier to instead of.

Shangjin process

Shangjin process

China sourcing buying agent - export business trade company buy wholesale products

China sourcing buying agent – export business trade company buy wholesale products

3. Coordinate all of the China wholesale suppliers to delivery on time.

(1) Control delivery on time

Delivery on time, is not only means one suppliers should on time. But means all of your suppliers should delivery on time for this terms shipping. Otherwise, you will meet great troubles. Why? To consider, if all of your China suppliers goods are ready, and they  require your balance payment to shipping. While one supplier said, they have to delay one or two weeks because of some certain reasons. How can you do? Every suppliers rush up you for delivery, every day. Or some suppliers will inform you extra fees for warehouse. It’s really a trouble. Not only because of the extra cost, or loss. But for your business, and purchasing plan from China. If can’t control well, such situation is very popular in China wholesale markets.

(2) Control every China supplier

Shangjin will follow up every China suppliers. And tracking each order or items. To contact the supplier, check the delivery time, and producing status frequently. Normally 3 to 5 days each time. If the delivery days are coming, Shangjin will contact them for confirmation before 3 – 5 days. So that to know, if the goods is producing without problem. And can plan quality checking schedule earlier. Meantime, prepare documents for custom declarations. Or work out the export shipping plan roughly. Furthermore, we will remind the China wholesale suppliers. About the shipping mark, packing, labels, and barcode required, etc.

The most important is that, Shangjin is controlling every suppliers. Because the order tracking work is focus on your whole business. So that we will follow up every China wholesale suppliers. To ensure the whole orders can delivery on time. Sometimes, one client will buy from 10 – 20 China suppliers in wholesale markets. Or purchase from China factories in different cities. So that order tracking is helpful to follow up the status. As detailed as we can, from bulk buy order confirmation till to export shipping.

4. Solve the problems in time and keep clients informed

(1) Bulk buy orders need tracking seriously

Normally, bulk buy orders means complexity producing process. And long time to finish for China suppliers. In the manufacturer processes, there should be many troubles or emergencies. For example, raw material delayed, or quality problem. Or the factory machines are in trouble, have to repair and delayed the time. Maybe some sales man leave off, and no one follow up your orders. Even the factory make a mistake for the production in sizes. Then all of the goods are wrong. Shangjin tracking the orders, simply want to solve such trouble in time. And with out delay for export shipping for bulk buy orders.

There is a normal problem for factory orders. Which are very popular in China wholesale markets. For instance, your bulk buy order is not so big amount. But the factory is extremely busy. Then they will delay your order. To produce big client’s order in priority.  In such case, if your China export agent or sourcing company, don’t follow up seriously. You will not know the situation about your orders. Then you keep waiting and waiting. Until you plan to export shipping. But your orders surely can’t delivery on time.

(2) Solve issues in time to protect our client’s benefits

Shangjin is always tracking the orders strictly. And will list every suppliers’ delivery time. As well as your special or key requirements of the bulk buy orders. So that our staffs can follow up clearly. To check the China wholesale suppliers frequently. If there are some strange situations. And we consider not so good status. We shall pay serious attention to the issues. We will require the suppliers to improve. Or if feel can’t communicate sufficiently. Then we will visit the suppliers factories or shops. To communicate face to face. Then to solve the troubles as soon as possible.

In the same time, we will always keep our clients informed. As we are their eyes and hands in China. We are work for them. To take care the orders. To solve the troubles. And report to them in time. It’s a basic market service of Shangjin sourcing company. Because we are always understand well. To buy bulk from China market, order tracking is very important. Not only for a smooth wholesale business. But to take care and protect our client’s benefits safely.

5. Goods consolidate and warehouse store to export shipping

(1) Pay attention to order tracking

For a China agent or sourcing company, consolidate to export shipping is very easy. As it’s a daily and easy work. While Shangjin is always reminding our staffs. To follow up the orders strictly. And pay attention to tracking the order details. Then foresight and solve the troubles in advance. When the goods ready, then shall be no problem for export shipping. Especially for bulk buy orders custom made. From Shangjin’s opinion. Every detail issue means a potential trouble for goods quality. And will impact export shipping, if can’t solve in time.

(2) Consolidating and Shipping plan in advance

Shangjin is professional in export shipping service. Normally, we can pick up goods at our own warehouse in Guangzhou, Foshan, and Ningbo. Or we can hire a truck to pick up goods at every wholesale markets. Then repacking and consolidate to warehouse for export shipping. All of the work base on detailed plan. For example, consolidating plan focus on China markets and wholesale suppliers goods volumes. And detailed time schedule for each process of export shipping. In fact, it require good market service experience. And strong fulfill capability for bulk buy orders. Otherwise, there should be many troubles. Or many extra cost. And waste time.

Generally, before goods picking up. Shangjin already fixed export shipping plan. With confirmation from our clients. In fact, we shall consider about many detailed information. Such as goods volumes, consolidate cost, export shipping documents, etc. For every bulk buy orders, we are controlling in one paper list. To use the best way to save time and cost. And avoid the troubles with China suppliers as we can. So that, Shangjin’s export shipping service are always smoothly, fast, and without troubles.

Order Tracking - Follow up each China suppliers for bulk buy from wholesale markets

Order Tracking – Follow up each China suppliers for bulk buy from wholesale markets

China Export Agent - Goods consolidate and warehouse store to export shipping

China Export Agent – Goods consolidate and warehouse store to export shipping