Guangzhou Baima Garment Market – Fashion Wholesale China Supplier

Guangzhou Baima Garment Market - Fashion Wholesale China Supplier

Guangzhou Baima garment market, is very famous for fashion clothing wholesale in China. In fact, Guangzhou Baima is the biggest fashion garment distribution center in China. And the garment product are fashion design, high quality, and reasonable price. There are thousands of suppliers come from whole China garment manufacture hubs. Such as Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Wenzhou, etc. Meantime, suppliers come from Shenzhen, Yiwu and Hong Kong. As well as South Korea, and Japan. Furthermore, Guangzhou Baima garment wholesale market is an export center in China. millions foreign buyers come to purchase fashion garment here. And most of China agent or market guide prefer to accompany their clients sourcing and buying in Guangzhou Baima. Of course,some for wholesale, and some for gifts or personal shopping. While most of the fashion companies or buyers, are seeking garment samples for their own brand or collections.

Wholesale Buying Fashion Clothing From China Suppliers In Guangzhou Baima Garment Market

1. Distribution center of fashion garment in China wholesale market

Guangzhou Baima is operating from 1990’s. And is developing and improving several times in the 30 years. Now the sales building is very modern. With good facilities for fashion garment shopping or selling. In Guangzhou Baima, there are more than 2,000 suppliers from China. As mentioned above, most of the suppliers are manufacturers or have own factories in China. So that the price and quality is competitive.

Moreover, the China suppliers normally have own design teams. And they will launch new collection every season. Which are always catch the fashion trendy of world branded designs or elements. As well as the fashion textile or accessories. Or new function fabrics. Or new fashion styles with special techniques. So that it’s the fashion garment source in China. Most of fashion garment wholesalers come from whole China wholesale market, to purchase from Guangzhou Baima. Then resell to each big clothing wholesale market in China first-tier cities. For instance, resell to the apparel wholesale markets in Beijin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc. Moreover, many fashion companies purchase from Guangzhou Baima. Generally, they will use their own labels or logo. And then retail sales in department stores.

Guangzhou Baima Garment Wholesale Market - China Supplier And Manufacturer

Guangzhou Baima Garment Wholesale Market – China Supplier And Manufacturer

2. Comprehensive sales models in Guangzhou Baima 

Guangzhou Baima is famous for its sales models of fashion clothing. In fact, you can find any distribution methods here. What sales methods? Following, we’d like to share you the basic information. In order to help you sourcing and buying easier in Guangzhou Baima. And help you know how to work with the China suppliers or manufacturers. Actually, sales methods based on China suppliers background.

(1) Factory shops

These suppliers have own factories in China. Or they are sale department of a China manufacturer. It’s a very popular wholesale concepts in Guangzhou fashion garments market. Or other products like textile, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. Generally, factory shops means good quality and cheap price. Moreover, they can accept custom made service. The China supplier can produce according to your designs. Or individual fabric, or accessories.

(2) Wholesalers with factories supply chain

These suppliers don’t have own factory in China. But they have many cooperation manufacturers to purchase. In these shops, you can find many categories of fashion garment. From coat to shirt, skirt, dresses, even suits. And the suppliers also display collections in difference fabric or textile materials for fashion clothing. For example, they sell cotton apparel, silk designs, or jeans denim garment. And for swimming wear, sportswear, and underwear. Purchase in such China supplier, is the best choice for small business orders. Because they can find most of their interested items in one shop. So that to bargain a better price with small MOQ. In these shops, they can service you private label or simple change of size, color. But can’t help you custom made for design, or fabric adjustments.

Wholesale Buying Fashion Clothing From China Suppliers In Guangzhou Baima Garment Market

Wholesale Buying Fashion Clothing From China Suppliers In Guangzhou Baima Garment Market

Supply Chain Management - Nice Display - New Collection Launch

Supply Chain Management – Nice Display – New Collection Launch

 (3) Re-seller shops

These fashion garment suppliers in Guangzhou Baima, is not too much. Around 20% of the China suppliers are such sales methods. How do they work in such methods? Everyday, or several times one week, they will purchase from Shahe clothng market, or Shisanhang clothes market. Because the price is much cheaper in Shahe and Shisanhang. Although China agent or market guide consider the quality is not so good than Guangzhou Baima. But if you are an experienced fashion buyer, you still can find good quality with cheap price fashion garments in Guangzhou wholesale market. In these shops, the China suppliers only accept private label service. Generally they don’t like to accept too complex orders. Of course, if your order amount a big, they surely will be grad to accept. While the price should be higher.

(4) Fashion Brand shops

These shops have own brand name, image, or sale channels. While the shops in Guangzhou Baima, is not only for sales. But also for brand image advertising. And service for ordering meeting or fair each season. And they are generally refuse to custom made service. Only sell you their stock. Or fixed designs they already launched in the wholesale market. If you are a wholesaler who want to be an agent of them. They will be very welcome for your bulk orders.

Generally, they will require you apply for brand license member. And require you purchase or guarantee a certain order amount. They will agree to help you develop market. And support you advertising material. Or help you display fashion garment in your shops. And train your shop staffs. China agent or market guide company is not interested in such shops. Because of the service cost are too expensive. And the sales model is good for mainland garment market. Not a good choice for foreign buyers in their local market.

(5) Retail sales in every shops

Such situation is coming out only from 2015’s in Guangzhou Baima fashion garment wholesale market. Because the sales channel innovation in China fashion garment market. And also the sales business seems not so hot in these years. So that the China suppliers in Guangzhou Baima, agree to retails step by step. Now if you want you buy one piece, you don’t need check with them in advance. Generally, the retail price is 30%-40% higher than bulk orders. And the China suppliers will require you pay before you trying on the clothes.

3. Basic in formation of Guangzhou Baima sales building

Guangzhou Baima fashion garment wholesale market has around 50,000 square meters. And there are total 9 floors in the sales building for China suppliers. As well as completed service center. Such as business center, restaurants, trading fair, and banks.

  • Basement floor is selling many kinds of fashion clothing. There are many difference categories. For instance, knitting wear, woven tops, leather clothes, etc. As well as fashion garment for women’s and children’s apparel. And boutiques for underwear, suits, skirt, etc.
  • 1st floor and 2nd floor are selling fashion ladies’ clothing. The designs are latest fashion for young lady. In some shops, you also can find some fashion accessories. Such as caps, scarf, bags, jewelry, etc.
  • 3rd to 5th floor is for fashion woman’s clothing. And most of the shops are brand shops. And there are many re-sellers. The design is suitable for Chinese woman. Of course some designs are for foreign trade. Better for you to hire a China agent or market guide sourcing for you.
  • 6th to 7th floor are fashion brand man’s garment market. You can find all kinds of basic designs, styles, and categories.
  • 8th floor is selling European and Korean fashion woman’s garment. And many suppliers or shops have own brand. While some will remind fashion buyers as “design in Korea”, “design in Paris”. And so on.

    Hot Sale - Good Quality Cheap Price Best Service

    Hot Sale – Good Quality Cheap Price Best Service

Custom Made Service - Bulk Order - Best Quality Control

Custom Made Service – Bulk Order – Best Quality Control

3. Baima Wholesale Market Locate In Guangzhou Garment Business Center

As we all know, Guangzhou is the fashion product center in China. Even in the world. There are many fashion categories famous for distribution center or export trade center in China. For instance, Guangzhou Zhanxi clothes, Liuhua garment wholesale market. And Guangzhou shoes wholesale, bags market. As well as Guangzhou fashion accessories, jewelry wholesale market. Furthermore, fashion textile and fabric materials wholesale.

Guangzhou Baima is in Zhanxi garment wholesale circle. There are more than 20 famous sales buildings in the area. And hundred thousands China suppliers gather here. As well as many China agent or market guide companies operate nearby the wholesale center.  Of course, each sale building have featured products. Or different quality level, price position. Better for you to hire a China agent or market guide to help you. In order to easy your sourcing and buying behavior in Guangzhou wholesale market.

Millions foreign buyers wholesale buying in the fashion garment wholesale market. Because Guangzhou Baima is focus on fashion garment in middle to high quality. So the foreign buyers mainly are from USA, Europe, and Australia. Of course, there are still many clients from each foreign country to wholesale buy clothes from Guangzhou Baima. Same reason of market position in their local garment markets.

Shangjin - Accompany You Seeking Interested Items

Shangjin – Accompany You Seeking Interested Items

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  • Thenjiwe Mbelwane| 27/03/2020

    I’m thenjiwe from south Africa, I would like it if I know how to purchase in bulk and sell this side?

    • Kevin| 28/03/2020

      Hi Thenjwe, sure, we are appreciate to guide and service you buy from China.
      Miss Sue sent you a mail, please check. these basic imformation about our sourcing service and purchasing process.
      Please check and reply, we can develop your buying business in China.

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    I’m 1SamDigital from United States, I would like to know how to purchase in bulk for my customers.

    • Kevin| 07/04/2020

      hi 1Sam, we sent you a mail, with our company profile, service guide, and purchasing process guide from China market.
      Please check and reply.
      We are experienced export sourcing company in Guangzhou China. Can help you bulk buy in China wholesale market.

  • Bobbi| 13/06/2020

    Looking to see prices etc for these items for my business here in the UK.

    • Kevin| 13/06/2020

      Hi Bobbi, we sent you a mail with our online product catalogues, please check.
      These products, are all come from the direct manufacturers in China, with the trendy and latest new designs for this season.
      And we accept customized making orders too.
      Please feedback us more requirements about your interested items, then we can source and find good factory suppliers to purchase, base on your detailed specifications.

  • F| 09/07/2020

    Looking to see prices etc for t shirt clothes items for my business here .

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      Hi Feannie, we sent you a mail with some t-shirt product catalogue, for your idea.
      We are buy agent in Guangzhou China, for wholesale purchasing and export shipping from Chinese manufactuers directly.
      And we are professional in t-shirt, polo shirt, sweater, sports wear, etc.
      We can help you buy stock ready made in small MOQ from factory suppliers, as well as customized making in 3D printing, digital printing, embroidery logo and patterns.

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    Im want to start my own clothing webshop and I’m looking for trendy and classy items.

    I would love to see your product catalog.

    Looking forward to your reply.

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      Hi, glad to hear from you, and noted that you want to develop your online clothing resell at your website.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou, wholesale buy from direct manufacturers and resell in small MOQ with very competitive price.
      Actually, we generally guide our clients place bulk orders purchasing from factory suppliers directly, while for this year lockdown situation, we launch the online catalogues.
      We sent you a mail with our product website link, please check. Then we can discuss further.

  • Santosh Tanpure| 27/08/2020

    Hi this is Santosh tanpure I want to buy quality sportswear products I went to Guangzhou in baima market. I have many suppliers but I want quality products in less prices so can you help me out

    • Kevin| 28/08/2020

      Dear Santosh, understand that you are experienced in purchasing sportswear from China, and there are many large wholesale markets in Guangzhou.
      In fact we are sourcing and buying agent company that guide our clients sourcing in the markets and then service the whole buying process till to export shipping.
      While generally we only recommend to our clients the direct factory suppliers, and help to bargain and negotiate for small MOQ and better prices.
      In this year, because of the sepcial status, so that we show our manufacturers collections to our online product catalogue.
      We sent you a mail, with some sportswear collections, that all comes from manufacturers directly, you can check and compare the prices, surely much better than your wholesaler suppliers. And you can choose to buy ready made items in small MOQ, or we can serve you changing tags, labels to your own brand logo, as well as customized making according to your own designs.

  • alice| 14/09/2020

    Hi, I would like to purchase quality tops and dresses in bulk. And I also have specific designs and materials of clothing that I would like to purchase. I would like to see your product catalog or maybe i can send to you some of my sample pictures as well. Do let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • Kevin| 20/09/2020

      Dear Alice, understand that you are experienced fashion buyer, that know the most popular purchasing ways from China markets.
      Sure, we are professional in fashion clothes such as tops, hoodies, dresses, skirts, etc, and there are many good quality factories in Guangzhou, or other Chinese cities.
      We are happy to work with you and your spcific requirements about designs, material, absolutely no problem for us to sourcing, buying, and export shipping to you.
      We already sent you a mail with our catalogues, and please send us your own interested designs, or your own designs artwork, we can check with our cooperating manufactuers, or sourcing new factories to you.

  • Lilik Muharian Sari| 22/09/2020

    Hi sy Lily dari Indonesia sy sangat ingin membeli t-shirt , hoodie dan baju-baju berkwalitas dari cina bisa bantu saya terimakasih

    • Kevin| 26/09/2020

      Hi Lily, we are experienced in fashion clothing for children, women, and men, with various styles of printed t-shirt, hoddies, knitwear, etc.
      There are many large clothing wholesale markets with different quality level and prices, that can easily sourcing and find out good suppliers for your purchasing from China.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company based in Guangzhou, while we can source direct factory suppliers from whole China manufacture centers.
      Please check your mail and our product catalogues, then we can discuss further.

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    Hi i would like to see women fashion catalogue as i am looking to start my own clothing apparel online portal

    • Kevin| 26/09/2020

      Dear Faatema, well noted that you shall start you online business of fashion women clothing shop, we are glad to help you and develop together.
      We already sent you our online catalogues, all of the products come from direct manufacture suppliers, which are stock ready made with small MOQ for wholesale price.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company based in Guangzhou, and we are familiar and experienced in whole sale markets purchasing, consolidating, quality inspeciton, and export shipping service from China.
      Please rely your mail, and we can discuss how to help you start your online resell business.

  • monalee| 09/10/2020

    Hi i visited the markets in Guangzhou last fall and was planning to make the trip this year and covid hit … i am starting y online store and would like to see your catalogue to see your latest in fashion .

    • Kevin| 18/10/2020

      Hi Monalee, sorry for late reply here, while we sent you a mail with our online catalogues with various collections via email.
      Yeah, understand that the lockdown situation is not easy for import export business from China market, and our client’s can’t visit Guangzhou or other Chinese cities too.
      Please check our catalogues, the designs are last season or currently trendy designs, and we will update more designs for autumn and winter fashion styles.
      Actually you know, we are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou, and we can help you find out good factory suppliers and buy for you directly, then consolidate and export from most of China ports.
      We can discuss further via email.

  • Rai| 22/10/2020

    Im want to start my own clothing shop and I’m looking for trendy women top and dress pants skirt items.
    I would love to see your product catalog.
    Looking forward to your reply.tq

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      Dear Rai, well understand that your are starting your onw clothing shop for online resell business, and you are interested in trendy women top, dress, and pants shkrt items.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou China, and we support wholesale purchasing business to export from Chinese direct manufacturers.
      There are many large garments wholesale markets in Guangzhou, and we are working togethe with many clothes factory suppliers.
      We already chatting via whatsApp and email, sorry for late reply here.

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