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China trade agent buying from Guangzhou wholesale market. Then export and shipping to you local market. In fact, a China trade agent is very helpful in purchasing from Guangzhou wholesale market. No matter buying from Guangzhou shoes market, clothing wholesale. And guide in fashion textile markets. Even if you buying from other China cities. Such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Ningbo. As well as Yiwu, Wenzhou, and Cixi. In fact, the China trade agent will service as a market interpreter guide. To easy your purchasing and export trading behavior.

Meantime, the trade agent also work as a  wholesale buying guide in Guangzhou market. In order to find the best suppliers. For fashion and cheap fabric, shoes, clothing. Or other textile products, fashion accessories, and home appliance, etc. Not only guide you buying from Guangzhou wholesale markets. But also help you buying and export from China. Today, we are glad to share you tips. How to work with a trade agent to buying from China.

What Does A China Trade Agent Service?

A professional China trade agent usually focus on comprehensive service. Especially when you purchase from Guangzhou wholesale markets. For shoes, clothing, and fabric. Or textile products,  fashion design leather bags, etc. And for lady, girls, women fashion products. As well as men, boy, and children apparel. So that the trade agent service are always focus on. How to buying from China market. And export to your local market. Hereby, we normally say it 1-stop solution service. Generally, the trade agent will handle and solve all of the detailed work. When guide you purchasing or trading from China Guangzhou wholesale market.

1. Market guide and free sourcing for wholesale buying from Guangzhou China

A trade agent will sourcing products in Guangzhou wholesale markets, before you start business trip to China. And the sourcing service is usually free charge. Why? Then how the China trade agent gain money? As China trade agent understand well one reason. Only if the trade agent can help you in China. Then to get affordable commission. Anyway, free sourcing service is very important for you. To check and test the China trade agent before you hire their service. Furthermore, the result of sourcing in advance. Surely will save you much time and energy.

After you come to China, the China trade agent will work as a market guide. They will accompany you visiting and buying from China market. Moreover, the market guide will usually recommend you their best suppliers.So that you can find better or best products you want easily and safely.

By the way, as a comprehensive service of China market guide, the China trade agent will help you more detailed work. For example, interpreter in the market, and record all of the detailed information of your interested goods. Meantime, the China trade agent will check and test the suppliers, to confirm if they are legal and reliable to buying from them. Finally, the China trade agent will help you negotiate the business terms such as price, MOQ and delivery time. If you are lucky, you can get a better price with the help of the China market guide.

2. China buying agent and purchasing solution in wholesale market

A professional China trade agent will help you buying from China market. Actually, in this step, they proceed as a China buying agent. After you confirm the orders and decide to place order, the China trade agent will help you buying from Guangzhou wholesale market. For example, work as a China buying agent, to fulfill all of the detailed work.

The China buying agent will contact and double confirm with your suppliers, to check if all of the orders and requirements are correct. Furthermore, they will require the suppliers to sign a legal sales contract, to protect all of the purchasing process safely. If there are any change or issue, the China buying agent will coordinate and solve the problems. And they will always keep you informed. Generally, better for you to require your China trade agent to transfer deposit to your each suppliers. Because this action not only save your time and bank fees, but also means you just focus on your China buying agent’s work. If there are any problem, the China trade agent will take all of the responsibility.

Finally, after place the orders, then the China trade agent will plan to QC process and prepare related customs documents in advance before goods ready. In fact, this step is the most important process of purchasing from China market. Because your China trade agent is coordinate and control all the details to ensure you can receive good quality goods, and keep your capital safety. If there are any poor quality, goods damage, and lack of quantities, the China buying agent will communicate and negotiate with the suppliers to solve. Furthermore, the China trade agent will always proceed according to your requirements, and on your behalf. Anyway, the China buying agent will keep you informed at anytime.

3. International transportation and export from China market

A professional China trade agent, help you collect goods and consolidate in their warehouse. Before they arrange shipping, they usually booking space and arrange container loading in the next day. In the same words, before goods delivery, the China trade agent already consider and plan all of the shipping methods.

Export from China is the last step of your buying process. The most important thing is to choose a cost-effective shipping method. Meantime, prepare a correct and completed documents for customs declarations. A professional China trade agent, absolutely can handle such work easily and fast.

Guangzhou market guide - China Trade Agent Buying and Export Wholesale

Guangzhou market guide – China Trade Agent Buying and Export Wholesale

Shangjin Trading - Comprehensive Market Service In China Wholesale Purchasing

Shangjin Trading – Comprehensive Market Service In China Wholesale Purchasing

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Custom Made

What Category To Seeking For?

Since well understand the comprehensive service of the China trade agent, then we should know what is the best category to buying from China market. A professional China market guide usually will help you find the best wholesale market according to your buying purpose. Anyway, there are many famous markets for your reference. Please keep in mind, as its surely will help you buying from China market.

1. Best China market of clothing

Clothing is the most popular and famous category to export from China. Not only it’s fashion style and good quality, but also for its cheaper price in the world. Clothing is a very large range categories in China market. For example, market of lady’s fashion clothing, and kids apparel market. Or if we consider from fabric, there are jeans market, knitted sweater market, or woven garment market, etc.

A professional China trade agent, know the China clothing market well. Generally, they will recommend you the best wholesale market of clothing. In fact, the most famous clothing distribution center is in Guangzhou. There are many very big and famous clothing markets. For instance, Baima clothing market; Shahe clothes wholesale market, Liuhua clothes market, etc. Furthermore, there are many other markets of clothing.

If you are lucky to work with a professional China market guide. Then you will find the correct clothing market easily. By the way, if you are interested to find more detailed China market of clothing. Please visit our website.

2. Biggest wholesale market of Textile

Buying from China market of textile, and export to your local market, is a very wisdom business idea. Because we all know, the textile material and work labor are very low in China. However, the fashion industry or designing is very good too. So that the good quality and fashion style, with cheap price, attracting more and more foreigners to purchasing from China market.

The biggest textile market in China, is mainly in Guangzhou and Shaoxing. Actually, these 2 textile markets are the most famous wholesale markets in the world. Excitingly, there are more than 10 big China markets of textile in each city. And each textile market has at least 1,000 vendors there. Here we suggest you to hire a China market guide to help you buying from China market. As we all know, too many suppliers, too many categories, and too many styles for you to source and check.

A China trade agent can help you save time and energy in buying from China textile market. Generally, they understand each textile market well. And know where is the best supplier in the market. Additionally, Guangzhou Zhongda Textile market, and ShaoXing Keqiao fabric market, are the 2 biggest China textile markets.

3. Famous circles of Shoes

Shoes market is also very famous in export from China. As we all know, same conditions as clothing and textile, shoes are fashion style and good price in China market too. There are many famous big shoes markets located in Guangzhou, Wenzhou and Yiwu. Generally, Guangzhou shoes are higher quality and better price. While Yiwu Shoes mostly for cheaper price and poor quality.

If you plan to buying from Guangzhou market for shoes. Then you’d better consider your price position in your local market. So that you can focus on correct shoes market. A professional China trade agent will suggest you the best shoes market in China. Moreover, if you explain your detailed requirements or specifications. Your Guangzhou market guide usually will recommend a best supplier to you.

By the way, if your order amount is big, the best choice is to purchasing from China Jinjiang city. Which is the most famous production hub in China market of shoes.

4. Featured products

To buying from China market, not only the category of Clothing, textile and shoes. But also have many featured products in China. For example, electronics in Shenzhen wholesale market, furniture in Foshan wholesale market. Moreover, home decorations in Guangzhou market, fur & leather market in Haining, etc. If you want to purchase building material, Lecong wholesale market is the best choice. By the way, Ningbo and Shanghai are good for fashion clothing, and home appliance. While Yiwu and Wenzhou for the cheap commodities.

Actually, no matter what you want, you can find the best market easily. Of course, if you have a good China trade agent. They will help you sourcing and buying from China market. In much easier and safer way. Do remember please. Require your China market guide to sourcing in advance . And hire a trading agent to help you buying and export from China.

Finally, although there are too much information we want to share with you. But seems can not in one article. So here, we only explain you 2 points. One is the service of China trade agent. While the other is what to buying from China market. If you want to know more. Please visit our online website:

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