Shangjin trading is a professional shipping forwarder. Who are not only a sourcing company. But also an export agent. We can guide you buy and export from China market. As well as assistant you prepare customs clearance documents, and get necessary product certifications from market suppliers. Meantime Shangjin can deal with all of the work of customs declaration in China for export. And follow up the vessels, tracking shipping, and assistant to customs clearance at your local market. Furthermore, Shangjin’s market assistant will guide you how to deal with the product certifications to export from China. By the way, Shangjin can export from all over China. Such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fujian. Or Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, etc. With shipping methods of sea freight, air cargo, couriers, etc.

What’s The Product Certifications And Documents Necessary For Custom Clearance Export From China

1. Necessary documents require for customs clearance

(1) Normal documents for customs clearance

In fact, it’s easy to assistant you documents for customs clearance in your local market. Generally, bill of lading, packing list, and commercial invoice is enough. Before shipping, we will prepare the documents for custom clearance. And send to you for confirmation. In order to double check the detailed information for shipping tracking. Such as consignee information, product name, order value, etc. At the documents, we with clarify all of the detailed information what you export from China. In order to assistant you customs clearance and get the goods easily in your local market.

(2) Special product certifications required to export from China

There are special requirements for necessary product certifications export from China. For instance, product certification of origin is necessary for many country import. If import home appliance product to UK, require special certifications for custom requirements. Or some countries forbid log wooden material import. And for products import from China, require special packaging certifications. Or some African countries require special inspection certifications, before products loading container.

In such status, Shangjin’s market interpreter will remind you. Before you buy from market suppliers. And will assist you find the good solutions in advance. To guide custom clearance before you export from China market. However, better for you to check with your local shipping forwarder. In order to know the special requirements of product certifications. For your custom clearance process. Or we can sourcing the product suppliers, who can submit the special certifications. Such as C/O, CE, CCC, FCC, etc. Because each country has different requirements, for products certifications import from China. So that we can discuss further individually to find solutions.

(3) Tracking vessels till to shipping arrival

Tracking shipping is an important work for export agent assistant in China market. As there are still many potential troubles to be raising. So that Shangjin will tracking the shipping vessel step by step. From container loading to custom warehouse for declarations. Then release for ship. And we will tracking the vessel shipping schedule. Such as ETD and ETA. As well as assistant at customs clearance in your destination port. By the way, if you require telex release for the shipping container, no problem at all. And if you require lower or upper value of export invoice, we can assistant you from China market.

2. Suggest to hire a shipping forwarder to assistant you custom clearance in your local market

There we think is the best choice. For custom clearance when you export from China. That you should find an shipping forwarder in your country. To guide and assistant you import from China market. In fact, same as you hire a China export agent to assistant you buy from China markets. Of course, if you have import & export certificates for you products. And you have own import team. Then all of the work is easy. Otherwise, better to hire shipping agents in both markets, to tracking and assistant you export from China.

Guangzhou Shipping Forwarder - Assistant Client Get Product Certifications To Export From China Market

Guangzhou Shipping Forwarder – Assistant Client Get Product Certifications To Export From China Market

China Export Agent Assistant You Custom Clearance In Local Markt To Buy From China

China Export Agent Assistant You Custom Clearance In Local Markt To Buy From China