Guangzhou Yinling Fur Textile Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Yinling Fur Textile Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Yinling fur textile wholesale market is in Zhongda Fabric and Accessories Market Area. Actually, this fur fabric wholesale market mainly sales man-made fur. Because the fabric is cheap and has a wide range of varieties. There are Rabbit furs; Rabbit skin patchwork and Rex Rabbit Full Skin. Moreover,  Rex Rabbit, Peeling, Fox, Fox’s fur, Fox hair, Raccoon hair, mink, wool, etc. Many Guangzhou sourcing agent guide foreign buyers sourcing and buying in the textile market.

Yinling fur textile wholesale market is mainly selling cheap price and good quality fur items. In fact, the wholesale price of fur ranges from 70 to 110 per yards in this textile wholesale market. If you buy large quantities of fabrics, there will be more discounts.

Classification of Textiles in Fur Textile Wholesale Market

As we all know, there are various catagories in fur textile wholesale market. Usually, many guangzhou sourcing agent guide foreign buyers sourcing and buying here.

  • Firstly, small capillaries mainly includes mink fur, otter fur; weasel fur, muskrat fur, beaver fur, badger fur, etc. The textiles are short soft fur. Thus, these are suitable for making fur caps, coat.
  • Secondly, macrocapillaries mainly includes fox fur, raccoon fur, lynx fur, badger fur and civet fur. Because they have a larger space. It is often used to make hats, coats, cloaks.
  • Thirdly, crude fur mainly includes sheep’s fur, wolf’s fur, leopard’s fur, and marmot’s fur. The wool length of the fabric is slightly larger. And it can use as for hats, coats, vest, underwear, etc.
  • Finally, weeds including cat fur and rabbit fur are suitable for apparel accessories at low prices.

Composition of imitation fur

Guangzhou fur textile wholesale market is a good place to find the cheap and good items. However, there are many specialized products knowledge that you should keep in mind. For example, the compostion fo the fur fabric, and some realted specifications as well.

  • Leather imitation is a mixture of various types of chemical fibers, which usually include Polypropylene cyanide fibers, denatured polypropylene cyanide fibers and polyester fibers.
  • Artificial fur is a kind of long-plush fabric which looks like animal fur. In brief, there are two layers of villus, the outer layer is bright and straight bristle, the inner layer is fine and soft short villus.
  • In brief, the artificial fur has the appearance of animal fur. And it can also imitate all kinds of wild and cultured fur. More importantly, the price of imitation fur is lower.

If you are lucky, a professional Guangzhou sourcing agent can guide you find the best suppliers in fur textile wholesale market. You can easily source and buy the items with a cheap price and good quality.

Guangzhou sourcing agent-Fabric Market

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent- Fabric Market

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    dear sir good morning
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    i need some fur , can you write me the price and its possible to send sample?
    what colours can we get?
    i need4-5 colours
    black. natural ,navy,camel
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