Guangzhou Wedding Supplies Market – Wholesale Buy Fashion Clothing

Guangzhou Wedding Supplies Market - Wholesale Buy Fashion Clothing

Guangzhou wedding supplies market is the most famous center for wholesale buy fashion clothing. And the wedding clothing market are focus on top quality and individual custom made service. No matter you are wholesaler for own brand with a China agent. Or you are personal demand to buy fashion dress with your family. In the Guangzhou wedding supplies market, you can enjoy and buy all of the related fashion categories. Especially for fashion apparel. Such as fashion clothing, occasion dress, and leather heel shoes. Of course, in the wedding supplies market, you can find many other fashion items. Individual design with high quality level. For instance, silk fabric clothing, fashion textile pattern dress, and top quality jewelry. As well as amazing beauty products or accessories. However, better to hire a Guangzhou agent to guide you wholesale buy in the wedding supplies market.

Guangzhou Agent Guide You Wholesale Buy Fashion Clothing In Wedding Supplies Market

Why need a Guangzhou agent to guide sourcing and buying in the wedding wholesale market? In fact, many buyers will ask such question. Before they visit and buy in the wedding supplies wholesale market. Is it really necessary or not? Please answer below questions. How to get a good quality wedding clothing? Do you get a best price from the wedding suppliers? How to enjoy the individual custom made service? Is there any extra fees or hidden rules? If you can reply these questions. Then congratulations! You don’t need a Guangzhou agent at all. While if not, better to get help from a Guangzhou agent. They will guide you wholesale or retail buy from the wedding market.

1. Where is the wedding clothing wholesale market

Guangzhou wedding market locate in Jiangnan avenue. Nearby Haizhu wholesale markets circle. In fact, Guangzhou wedding market has 2 parts.

(1) Wedding street

One part is a wedding street. In the 2 sides of the street, you can find many wedding clothing supplies which are all operating many years in Guangzhou market. Many individual buyers come to sourcing and buy fashion wedding dresses here. As well as China agent prefer to guide their clients wholesale buy fashion wedding clothing and export from Guangzhou market. In the street, there are many professional supplies with most fashion wedding clothing for wholesale buy and retail in the Guangzhou market.

Moreover, the wedding supplies generally have clothing factories in Guangzhou. So that the Guangzhou supplies can accept custom made service for wedding dresses, fashion clothing, or wholesale buying bulk orders. By the way, you can buy any related fashion wedding products in the street. Such as wedding jewelry, bags, and shoes. And wedding metal, accessories, and hardware material. Even if you want to find photographic shops, travel agent, or wedding host company in Guangzhou supplies market.

(2) Haobainian wedding supplies wholesale market in Guangzhou

The wedding supplies wholesale market are very famous in Guangzhou to buy fashion clothing and accessories. There are more than 200 professional wedding clothing merchants. And each one have a big showroom or sample room. In the shop, many fashion wedding clothing and dresses display for buying. And wholesale or retail buy wedding products are all acceptable in the supplies market. Of course, the service of wedding supplies are similar. But all of the service and wedding products are very nice. You can feel happy and enjoy the wholesale buy process in the fashion supplies markets.

(3) Custom made service

For the featured wedding products in the market, is various categories and individual quality level. Not only wedding clothing, dresses, shoes or bags. But also for wholesale buy wedding jewelry, accessories, and fashion design textile products. There are still have some wedding decoration supplies in the wholesale market. Such as wedding furniture for table, bed, chairs. Or wedding kitchen stuffs, appliances, materials. Here, need remind you.

Because of the individual and fashion customs of each area. Or considering about the wedding plan, budget, guests. So that most of the wedding products in the shops are sample only. Better for you to place a customs made order. If you hire a China agent guide you wholesale buy in the fashion market. Custom made order is the best choice for you to wholesale or retail.

Guangzhou wedding supplies market

Guangzhou wedding supplies market

2. Tips of wholesale buy fashion wedding clothing in Guangzhou supplies market

As mentioned above, there are many featured wedding categories. And most of the products are individual. Normally, when you buy fashion wedding clothing there, you may need many other related products. Then you have to know more tips to sourcing and purchasing in the supplies market. Best choice is to hire a China agent to guide you buy wedding clothing in the wholesale market.

(1) High quality level with high price

Don’t feel strange. Because wedding is a serious and romantic party, generally one time for everyone in a life. So that they don’t take care too much of the price. But only for the quality and fitness. Please understand the custom made service always means extra cost, for a wedding clothing or dresses.

(2) Pay attention to the details of the wedding products.

To check the sewing, finished products are all good quality and techniques. Especially focus on the material composition. Generally, style, design and material reflect the cost to buy fashion items.

(3) Pay attention to the size.

Because the Guangzhou wedding supplies market is a foreign trade wholesale center. There are many clients from different countries. So that the size of wedding clothing or products are focus on different demand. Please check in advance for the size you require. For instance, US size, Europe size, or China size. By the way, do focus on your own body or local market size. Better to check the neck, shoulder, chest and cup size. As well as waistline, sleeve, and length of clothes.

(4) Double confirm the delivery time if possible.

Because of custom made service, need factory to prepare material and arrange producing. There should be many process. Better for you to follow up the suppliers more frequently. And must confirm with them. If delayed the time, you will have to cancel the order. And require them refund the deposit. In fact, better for you to hire a China agent to help you handle all of the related work.


Guangzhou Agent Guide You Wholesale Buy Fashion Clothing In Wedding Supplies Market

Guangzhou Agent Guide You Wholesale Buy Fashion Clothing In Wedding Supplies Market

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  • Sitora| 01/09/2023

    Hello, I need wedding and evening dress suplier from China

    •| 02/09/2023

      Hi Sitora, there are large wholesale markets and business street locate in Guangzhou, which are specially for weddng and evening dress boutiques, some are resller, some are direct factories, various designs, styles, images, can supply your demands for sure. Our staff shall write you based on your e-mail address, please check.
      Then we can discuss further step by step.

  • Nana| 13/11/2022

    I’m looking for a factory supply

    •| 13/12/2022

      Hi, yes, we are working with several direct factories, and we are professional in clothing, shoes, bags wholesale businss, as well as fabrics, trims, accessories, etc, meanwhile, we only work with direct factories and supply to our wholesalers clients.

  • Ann| 04/02/2022

    I am looking for factory supply

    •| 07/02/2022

      Hi Ann, Happy New Year!
      What kind of your interested products?
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in China, can help you find out nice factory suppliers and export to you.
      Please check your mail, we sent you a mail with some items collections, clothing, footwear, handbag, etc.

  • Taliya| 23/07/2021

    Good Day
    I am looking for a wedding accessories supplier. things such as hair pieces, earings, brooches etc

    •| 16/11/2021

      Hi Taliya, yeah, our staff is following up your inquiries and orders.

  • Adetutu| 03/06/2021

    I want open a bridal store so I need wedding dress, shoes, jewelry supplier. I am hoping to get quality dresses in affordable prices as most of my intending customers are likely to be locals. Can I get a catalogue and discounted prices?

    •| 06/07/2021

      Hi Adetutu, in Guangzhou, there are large wholesale market for wedding dresses, there are many factory suppliers stores nearby the street, and accept small MOQ orders for bridal clothes, shoes.
      In fact there are many large wholesale markets in Guangzhou, for shoes, bags, jewelry, and can easy to find out nice suppliers.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in China, have offices in Guangzhou, Foshan, Ningbo, Yiwu, so that we can help sourcing correct suppliers for you, as well as buying and export from China.

  • Ada| 26/04/2021

    Do you source wedding dresses from factories?

    •| 27/04/2021

      Hi Ada, nice to hear from you, sure, we can source wedding dresses manufacturer in whole China cities or wholesale markets.
      Our staff contact you via email already. please check and reply.

  • Timika| 16/08/2020

    Hello –

    Looking for wedding dress Guangzhou manufacturers for private label brand. Can you help? Would like for options for manufacturer options to be SGS verified.

    • Kevin| 18/08/2020

      Hi Timika, sure, we are glad to assist you develop wedding dress business, and can help you purchase wedding dresses from China to USA.
      No problem for custom made service with your private label & tags for your own brand logo. Normally wedding dresses orders are no MOQ, and most of the factory suppliers accept personalized making for individual body sizes.
      Regarding SGS verified or certifications, no problem for us to hire the SGS inspection service before export shipping, While SGS generally charge based on the order value, if too small order amount, might be rejected by them.
      Anyway, we can discuss more via email, and we can have an online or phone conference before you make decision to cooperate with us.

  • Jenny Jerez| 13/07/2020

    I need wedding decoration materials and wedding gown brochure

    • Kevin| 15/07/2020

      Hi Jenny, we are expereinced in wedding decoration items, as well as wedding dresses and bride clothing.
      There are big wholesale markets in Guangzhou, and several manufacturer centers in China cities.
      We can sourcing and buying for you, or we can purchase from our collaborating facory suppliers directly.
      We sent you a mail, with some products catalogues, please check.

  • Nelly| 05/03/2020

    Hello I am looking for suppliers for wedding dress and prom dinner dress and bow gowns

    • Kevin| 08/03/2020

      hi Nelly, wedding dress and prom dinner dress are popular in Guangzhou. There are big wholesale markets, and manufacturer centers.
      Miss Grace is chatting with you. She will send you some pictures for idea.

  • Jamila| 20/01/2020

    Please where is the main location in China for wedding decoration supplies. I mean where are the producers or sellers of wedding and event decoration largely based in China.
    Thank you.

    • Kevin| 20/01/2020

      Hi Jamila, we sent you a mail with some basic information. Please check and reply.
      For wedding decorations, Guangzhou is the biggest wholesale market and distribution center in China.
      While for the decoration furnitures or tools, the manufacturer hubs are in Foshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Zhenzhou.
      These cities are very famous for the manufactures. While if you are not big purchasing quantities, better to sourcing and buying from Guangzhou wholesale markets. As you can choose many designs in small MOQ.
      We can discuss further via email.

      We are sourcing, buying, and export agent in Guangzhou. Can help you find correct suppliers for good price. and quality inspection, consolidating, warehouse, and export shipping for you.

  • Shobana| 15/01/2020

    Hi. I own an evening dress boutique and am looking for a supplier who is able to provide me with quality evening gowns with the latest of trends such as the Sherri Hill inspired Prom Dresses. Offcourse not the original Sherri Hill designs but dresses in those styles. I am travelling to Guangzhou soon and would appreciate some guidance as to where to shop and who the trendy wholesale suppliers are.

    • Kevin| 18/01/2020

      Hi Shobana, we replied your email with some fresh design party dresses catalogue, hope you are interesting.
      And we also check with several dresses factories, they confirm to custom made your products only if you can match their MOQ.
      For quality, design, and price, surely competitiveness.
      Welcome to visit Guangzhou. We have experienced staffs, and each one can service you market guide, and buying from Guangzhou wholesale markets.
      Please keep in touch, We shall be back on 1st Feb after Chinese New Year holday soon.

  • Peter| 22/12/2019

    Peter I need wedding cloth

    • Kevin| 24/12/2019

      Hi Peter, We send you some quotation list and fashion designs for your idea via email.
      And we are waiting for your update, to tell us more detailed information of your interested wedding clothing.
      Please contact us by email or whatsApp at anytime.

  • Jasmine| 18/12/2019

    Hello I need wedding decoration material

    • Kevin| 19/12/2019

      hi Jasmine, already replied you a mail with some detailed information of wedding decoration material. Please note, only for your idea.
      As we are sourcing, buying, and export agent company in China, so that we don’t have own stock products for wholesale.
      While we can help you sourcing and buying from good suppliers or China factories.
      We can talk about detailed requirements of your business via email.

  • Lisa| 06/12/2019

    Hello I am interested in touring wedding dress factories and fabric suppliers.

    • Kevin| 07/12/2019

      hi Lisa, Sure, if you need wedding dress suppliers, no matter factories or wholesalers, we can help you find them. As well as fabric or textile products.
      We already sent you a mail, please check. Hope to receive your more detailed requirements. Then we can move ahead for sourcing or related service.

  • Milkyas asfaw| 26/10/2019

    Hello I need wedding decoration material

    • Kevin| 28/10/2019

      Hi Milkyas, we send you some categories for wedding decoration products. please check your email and reply.
      However, better to tell us the detailed information of your interested products. We can sourcing and quote you.
      Or if you visit China, we can accompany you sourcing in the wholesale markets or factories directly.

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