Garment Wholesale Market – Buy Customized Clothes From China Factory

Garment Wholesale Market - Buy Customized Clothes From China Factory - Sourcing Company OEM Product Service

Garment wholesale market buy customized clothes from China factory suppliers. There are many fashion buyers and designers inquiry us for customized clothes. Such as printing cotton fabric t-shirts. Or individual costomized lady party dresses. Or unique designs of brand company collections. As well as some foreign wholesalers want to place bulk orders for massive products directly. With their own brand logo, private labels, tags and packaging. Such OEM product for wholesale garments, are not difficult for Shangjin company, to buy from Guangzhou market vendors. And we are always place bulk orders to China factories for custom made service.

However, customized clothes are complex purchasing process. There are many detailed work need pay attention to. For example, design artwork or OEM product specifications. And fabric materials for customized clothes. With individual garment accessories or trims to sourcing and buy from wholesale markets. If the China factory require MOQ. Then need check for order quantities and delivery time. There are many detailed work during sample making, massive production, and quality tracking. Which require your China sourcing company experienced in OEM product service.

How To Buy Customized Clothes From Garment Wholesale Market – China Factory Supplier OEM Product

There are many clients require custom made service or OEM products orders to Shangjin. And most of them are brand companies or fashion designers. Who have own special demands for their individual textile products. For example, fashion dresses clothes with cusomized style designs. Or require unique fabric material for their brand images. Or need find high quality manufacture standards of China factories. Meantime, the OEM products need use their own brand logo, private lables, tags and packagings. Here Shangjin would like to introduce some basic service and process. 

If you want to know more. For example, how to find correct China factory suppliers? Or where are the best garment wholeslae markets in China? Please visit our online websites. There are many basic information shared to you. Here we simply focus on the OEM products service. And explain how to tracking the customized clothes orders. These process and service, are same in other bulk orders of OEM products. For instance, OEM shoes product of sneakers, trainers, sandals, etc. Or custom made fabric material for clothing, bags, furniture buy from China market. 

1. Sourcing and buying all of the necessary material from garment wholesale markets

In order to make a customized clothes, need find good China factory. At least find the one or two manufacturers to produce your OEM products. Because clothing custom made need consider about the fabric material, accessories or trims, original samples, etc. So that we generally need sourcing in the wholesale markets for textile, garments, and accessories. As well as some China factories for dyeing, printing, and embroidery. Before we accept a brand company for their costomized clothes orders. We will consider more about their service requirements for OEM products.

(1) Find correct garment fabric and accessories in the wholesale market

Although Shangjin have a strong supplie network of garment wholesale or factory in China. For customized clothes orders, we have to sourcing and buy from correct suppliers or factories in China market. Because each brand company have their special requirements. For instance, fabric material, normally need match the composition, handfeel, quality level, etc. And clothing accessories need find similar or same designs. There are many items. Such as zipper of metal or plastics. Or buttons, hotfix swathes, artificial silk flowers, etc. Or label, tags, and shopping bags suppliers for the brand logo and images. And so on. 

During the sourcing work, need keep checking with China factories and suppliers. In order to match the exactly demand of our clients. And need send samples between suppliers and clients in China or foreign countries. By courier, express, or some online methods. In fact, these sourcing work require much time. And require team work of Shangjin’s staffs to buy from garment wholesale markets. Normally, we arrange experienced workers to tracking OEM product orders. Because customized clothes requie high skills of purchasing and quality control.

(2) Check and find the correct China suppliers or factories

If we can find a specialized factory for customized clothes in China, it’s easy for the whole business. Because the factory can handle all of the manufacture work with their own supplier chain in China. However, most of the time, it’s difficult. As brand company or fashion designers normally have unique special requirements of their OEM products. So that we need find different China factories. Such as fabric suppliers, original garment samples in the wholesale markets. Or garment accessories and trims wholesale suppliers. Or samll factories for dyeing, priting and embroidery in China. In fact, most of the products require custom made service too.

For a customized clothes order, the most important is to find the correct suppliers. And require to match the correct demand, MOQ, technical machines. So that Shangjin will sourcing, check, and visit the China factory suppliers. Before we recommend to our clients. And will have to make samples, feedback, and get confirmations from our buyers. If old clients, it’s easy. As our clients already buy customzied clothes from China market. And we already set up the completed supplier chain for the brand or custom made service. While for new clients who first time come to buy from China market. Such sourcing work for correct supplires are extremly importand for a good purchasing business.

2. Tracking customized clothes from design to detailed accessories or trims

After find the correct fabric material and accessories suppliers. As well as the correct good China factories. Then we need follow up the customzied process for clothes OEM product. From the designs and technique checking with each manufacturers. To confirm the custom made bulk orders. During this term, all of the work require seriously details. And leagal sales contract and paper work. Because customized clothes finally are all bulk orders for massive productions. There are serious results for a poor quality production. So that Shangjin will pay much attentions to place an accurate orders to the China factories or wholesale garment suppliers.

For the detailed work, here can’t explain too much. While only can explain the roughly concepts. For some purchasing business terms and rules, you can check our online websites. And we will not introduce the order tacking tips here. Below points need keep in mind for customized clothes buy from China market.

(1) Need double confirm the original samples, with your designs artwork. In order to confirm the China factory already understand and catch your requirements. And pay attention to some details of materials using. Such as machines specifications, inks for printing, thread for embroidery. And so on.

(2) Check and confirm each manufacture process for the OEM products. From fabric material, to cutting, printing, sewing, etc. And confirm the materials are correct using to your private brand or logo images. Such as care labels, hang tags, woven labels. As well as the shopping bags, and product packaging inner and outside.

How To Buy Customized Clothes From Garment Wholesale Market - China Factory Supplier OEM Product

How To Buy Customized Clothes From Garment Wholesale Market – China Factory Supplier OEM Product

China sourcing company buying agent - Purchase Customized Clothes- OEM Product Service Private Label & Brand Logo

China sourcing company buying agent – Purchase Customized Clothes- OEM Product Service Private Label & Brand Logo

3. Samples making in the China factory of OEM product

Before massive production, the China factory will make samples. And send you for confirmation. If all details are okay, then will move ahead for bulk producing. Normally, there will one or two times for the improvements of the samples. In fact, if the China factory can’t finish a perfect sample for the customized clothes in 2 times. Generally, Shangjin will suggest to cancel the order. And let other factory to try the sample making. Or sourcing new supplier in the garment wholeslae market.

How to check the samples? Or how to make finale decisions for bulk orders proceeding? Normally, you need pay attention to below points. Of course, there are many other tips for buy wholesale from China market. Here we only discuss about sample checking.

Sample checking

(1) Check if the sample is exact fitting your original sample. Or is it same as what you want? From the material, color and size. Or handfeel, quality level and product image. Or the qaulity of sewing, printing, embroidery, etc. Please check every details. And even use the sample as your customer. Then to feel and judge if the customized clothes shall be good sales or not.

(2) Ask the China factory for the patterns, in fact, it’s no meaning. While you can check if the China factory is open or not. Then to check if the size grading are okay or not. Normally this work is easy for a manufacturer. Since you plan to buy bulk from China market. Better to check as carefully as you can.

(3) Generally, brand company will require sales samples. Which is using for the buyers to get pre-orders from their own clients, distributors, licensers, etc. Such sales samples, nor mally only require 15 to 20 pieces each designs. With mixed sizes. In fact, it’s a sample making work too. So that, check the sales samples are important too. If sales sample are great too. Normally the massive production mostly are no problem

4. Buying service when massive produced to export from China market

This buying service is normal process of a purchasing agent in China. Or most of the trade companies are experienced to buy and import export from China market. Here we will not discuss too much. If you want to know more, please review our sites. There are many information for idea. How to buy from garment wholesale markets. How to import and shipping from China. Or how to consolidate and warehouse store service. And so on.

For customized clothes, please pay attention to quality inpsection. This a serious work. Normally, for OEM products, you should quality check frequently. Which means you’d better to check the first piece of massive production by machines. And check randomly when bulk producing. Then arrange quality inspeciton after production before delivery by the China factory. In this process, you can ask your China sourcing agent to help you handle. Or you can hire a third party QC company to proceed. Normally both the China facotry and your sourcing agent will collaborate with them.


There are many fashion brand company buy customized clothes in China market. And the normally purchasing process is same as buy from Chinese garment wholesale markets. While for OEM products, requrie high skills of China sourcing agent or trade company. As the service for custom made requrie focusing on details work seriously. And require good communication and management to control the China factory suppliers. From sourcing to sample making, and massive production. It’s a comlexity work.

Guangzhou garment wholesale market is the best place for customized clothes. There are many China factory suppliers and manufacturers hubs. For all kinds of fashion textile products. Shangjin trade company is experienced in customized clothes service. As well as other OEM product purchase and export from China manufacturer. If you want to find a good partner as your China agency, please contact us.

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