What is the Clothing Size Difference in China – Wholesale Buying Guide

How to Find Clothing Wholesale Market - Import Export Company Buy From China Factory Supplier

Clothing size difference in China, guide wholesale buying. In fact, it’s an essential concept to understand before you buying clothing from China. Because the method of size and measurement is difference in China market. Anyway, it is really a basic concept in daily life. However, although we always feel it’s simple to understand easily. But clothing size difference in China market, are totally difference from your country. Please pay attention. When you wholesale buying clothing in China. Including all of the clothing products. Such as apparel for women, men, and Children. Or even lady dresses, not same size for different countries. Generally, your China agent will remind you when accompany you visiting Guangzhou clothing market.

If you don’t have the idea of Clothing Size Difference in China. Then it maybe cause huge disaster to your business. Why to say so? Because your purchased clothing can’t suite your country people’s body. It should be too small or too big. And finally fail to sell. For experienced Chinese agency company. Or market guider. Who service you sourcing and buying in China wholesale market. They surely understand the detailed size difference. Between usa, australia, europe, etc. If custom made garments. This is very important to double confirm with the factory suppliers. And write to the business terms of sales contract. Read More

Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market

Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market - Guangzhou Sourcing Agent Guide

Jinxiang underwear wholesale market is one of the best Guangzhou clothing market in China. In fact, Guangzhou sourcing agent is always prefer to buying from Guangzhou market. Anyway, it is the biggest underwear wholesale market in Guangzhou China. As we all know, many foreign buyers come to buying from Guangzhou every year. For good quality textile material, fashion design and cheap price. In fact, they know well that various underwear categories in the market. Or Guangzhou sourcing agent or Guangzhou market guide will recommend them. And help their clients buying from Guangzhou Jingxiang for underwear items. Read More