Gaodi Xi Shoes Street

From Haizhu Square Metro Station to the left of the Qiyi Road, a series of shoe shops on the street, especially one of the Gaodi Xi Shoes Street. It deserved the Guangzhou shoe store street. Opposite the street of Gaodi Xi is the main entrance arch of Gaodi Street.

There are many shoe stores along the way, more importantly, many of which are factory direct sales. So, shoes here are more competitive. When you came to this Street, you will find that this not too long inner street is with numerous shoe shops. There are many merchants coming for wholesale and retail, and the crowds are surging.

Gaodi Xi Shoes Street

This Shoes Street is a distribution center for a very popular middle and low-end footwear products in Guangzhou. It operates a variety of middle and low-end men’s and women’s leather shoes, sports shoes and casual shoes. Many shoes in here are PU, and the price is mostly between 30-60RMB per pair. Moreover, the shoes of Gaodi Xi Shoes Street are basically in stock, 20 or 30 pairs/color could place an order. If there is no stock, then make order 50 pairs per color also ok. For customers in the middle and low-end market, this is a wholesale market that should not be missed.

Gaodi Xi Shoes

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  • Habibul Islam| 03/06/2023

    Hi, I am from Bangladeah. I am a footwear business man. I have 4 footwear shops, 1 online sell shop & wholesale group
    I want all kinds of good quality products with low to middle price for men, women, kids.So I want some factory information & wholesale market name. If you can help me it is useful for me. Thank you

    •| 05/06/2023

      Hi, thanks for your detailed introduction of your business, since your already have a good sales channel, direct own shops, it is better that you come to China, and visit the wholesale markets, and communicate to the wholesalers, suppliers, face to face, then you can understand, negotiate, and finally find out the best suppliers to your business. We are experienced and familiar in Guangzhou wholesale markets, our staffs can guide you sourcing and buying in the markets, quality inspection, consolidating and export to your country.

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