Wholesale market is always the best channel for export trade from China. While Guangzhou wholesale market is the heaven of fashion products. Such as clothing, textile, and shoes. Meantime, bags, leather products. And jewelry, beauty, sports and  accessories. Furthermore, fashion accessories, stationary, and home decorations. As well as furniture, electronics, appliances, etc. There are millions foreigners sourcing and bulk purchasing with their China agents in Guangzhou. For lady, women, men products, or kids apparel, baby or mother categories. And for girls fashion items. 

Following we’d like to list the best wholesale markets in Guangzhou, in order to guide you what and where to buy the best products. Of course, we know well about the wholesale market in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Yiwu, or Ningbo, Wenzhou and Shanghai. If you need market guide service, or sourcing, buying and export from China, we are one of the best wholesale agent in Guangzhou. Especially good at lady dresses for wedding, party, urban, etc. Meantime, sportswear, ligneries, swimming wear. As well as leather footwear, purse, backpack, etc.

Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market

Clothing is the best category for wholesale bulk buying in Guangzhou. Even in China. Actually, Guangzhou wholesale market is the biggest clothing distribution center in China. Moreover, millions importers purchase clothes in Guangzhou wholesale market every year. In fact, more than 200 countries are importing from Guangzhou. Is it exciting, right? If you are an experienced importer. You surely understand it.

The best foreign markets are South America, North America, and Western Europe. As well as East Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle East, etc. Normally, the importers will hire a China buying agent to guide them sourcing and wholesale purchasing in Guangzhou market. That’s why  China agent is very popular in Guangzhou market for sourcing, buying, and export.

custom made service.

There are thousands of manufactures gather in several districts in Guangzhou. And each area has a completed supply chain of clothing industry. While some are big clothes factories. And most of the others are small one. Generally, China sourcing agent can help you find any wholesale suppliers. No matter material, fashion styles. Or special technology if need. By the way, if you need OEM or ODM service. The market guide will help you find professional manufactures in Guangzhou easily. 

In Guangzhou clothing market, you can find even any kind of clothing. For instance, silk or linen textile fashion lady garments. Like skirt, shirt, dress. Or function sports fabric apparel. Such as swimming wear, underwear, or sports clothing. In some wholesale market, you can find featured clothing for some certain teenage. For example, female or men’s garments wholesale market.  Women fashion and high quality stock market or retail & wholesale market. As well as children’s apparel wholesale market. With all kinds of product for baby, boy, girl, and kids clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

Sourcing agent company

Normally, China sourcing agent or market guide will introduce the basic information of Guangzhou market. Following Guangzhou markets, are the best place that China agent prefer to guide clients sourcing and purchasing. In these clothes wholesale market, you can find any kinds of apparel or textile products you want. No matter you want fashion and high quality wedding dresses, lady skirt, and leather coat. Or need cheap and lower quality sportswear, underwear, knitwear, etc. Even if you need replica or copy branded items.

By the way, better for you to hire a China sourcing agent to guide you purchasing in the Guangzhou wholesale markets. Because each clothes category has so many different designs. And the fabric material, garment accessories are individual too. For instance, lady dresses in silk, chiffon, or linen, are different price level. And t-shirt, knitted sweater, sportswear, are same status.

China sourcing agent can help you find the correct wholesalers or vendores easily. And guide you buying bulk in Guangzhou markets. Or purchase from the factory company directly. To choose from their showroom or warehouse. And require the designers to change styles, material, or accessories. According to your unique brand image, style, or quality level. Meantime, the China agent will guide you discuss with the factory about your private labels. Or  change your own brand logo, tags, packing, etc.


The most famous Guangzhou clothing wholesale market

  1. ShiSanHang garments wholesale market
  2. LiuHua clothes wholesale market
  3. Xindadi knitted sweater market
  4. Shahe garments market
  5. Zhanxi clothing wholesale market
  6. Jinxiang underwear market
  7. Guangzhou Baima garment market
  8. Children clothing market
  9. Xintang denim jeans wholesale market
  10. Guangzhou jewelry wholesale
    Clothing wholesale market - China sourcing agent guide purchasing in Guangzhou

    Clothing wholesale market – China sourcing agent guide purchasing in Guangzhou

    cheap and fashion clothing buy wholesale - China export agent in Guangzhou

    cheap and fashion clothing buy wholesale – China export agent in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Shoes Wholesale Market

1. Featured shoes products in Guangzhou

Guangzhou shoes market is the best place to wholesale purchasing and export, with guide of China agent assistant. Why to say so? Because of the featured of  fashion design or styles. And good quality with cheap price. In fact, Guangzhou shoes wholesale market is the biggest distribution center in China. There is a huge range of categories in the footwear wholesale market. Normally, you can find any kinds of shoes easily. Such as sports sneakers, leather boots, PU sandals or slippers. And if you want to buy cheap trainers, GYM shoe, just come to Guangzhou market. Here is a suggestions. That you’d better hire a China purchasing agent. To guide you sourcing, bulk buying, and export shipping from Guangzhou market.

Completed categroeis

In fact, in Guangzhou shoes wholesale market, you can find any kinds of footwear. As well as the metal, accessories and hardware for footwear material. For example, high quality shoes with fashion design. Or cheap price and acceptable shoes for some special markets. Even if you want used shoes, stock shoes, or some replica copy branded shoes. As said, you can find leather shoes, sneakers, gym shoes. As well as sandals, slippers, PU & EVA shoes. Of course, shoes for kids or children; Or for lady’s, women, and men’s footwear.

Guangzhou guide assistant

While it’s really hard to find the correct marketplace or suppliers for a foreign buyer. So that market guide service of China agent is necessary. As they can sourcing the wholesalers or manufacturers in advance. Then guide you visit the Guangzhou markets. To buy bulk or samples easily.

Traditionally, the shoes mainly export to Southeast Asia and South America. As well as North America, East Europe, and Middle East. In fact, importers come from almost all of the countries in the world.  Such as Los Angeles in USA,  London in UK. Or Turkey, Mexica, Canada, etc. Generally, professional China agent know very well about their client’s demands. And the can guide you find the best suppliers, vendors, or grosers in Guangzhou shoes markets. Assistant for market sourcing, interpreter, and guide bulk buying service, etc.

2. Famous manufacturer hubs of shoes products.

Nearby Guangzhou shoes market, there are many footwear material and accessories markets. Generally, China sourcing agent can help you any kinds of shoes material for bulk buying. Such as sole materials, shoes fabrics, shoes accessories, etc. As well as some special footwear material or accessories. Better to hire a China market guide to help you in Guangzhou wholesale market. Or require them guide you purchasing from manufacturer companies directly. In order to buy bulk readymade products. Or place bulk orders for custom made service.

There are many shoes manufactures in Guangzhou. Actually, 50% of the vendors or grossers in shoes wholesale market, have their own factories. However, the most famous shoes producing hubs is in Fujian, Wenzhou and Chengdu. For instance, Fujian is very famous for sports shoes, PU sandals, and gym shoes. There are 3 famous cities. Which are Jinjiang, Zhangzhou, and Putian. By the way, for shoes manufacturers, there are still many cities are very good for sourcing and buying. Such as Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai. As well as Yiwu, Dongguan.

Bulk buy from factory

If you have a good quantities order, better to buy bulk product from factories. Normally, China sourcing agent will recommend you purchasing from their best suppliers. And it’s easy for them to handle your custom made orders. Such as unique designs, individual shoes textile or accessories. If you want to custom made shoes soles, own logo label, the China agent company will assisant and guide you purchase from good manufacturers too.

The most famous Guangzhou Shoes Market

  1. Dadushi Shoes wholesale Market
  2. Xicheng Shoes Market
  3. Hualigong Shoes  Market
  4. Xinhaopan Shoes material and hardware wholesale Market
  5. Bayuntiandi footwear and shoes accessories Market
  6. Mei Bo Sports Market

    Guangzhou shoes wholesale market

    China sourcing agent - wholesale purchasing in Guangzhou shoes market

    China sourcing agent – wholesale purchasing in Guangzhou shoes market

Guangzhou Fabric Wholesale Market

1. Various kinds of textile product categories in Guangzhou fabric markets

Guangzhou fabric wholesale market is very famous in China. In fact, it is the biggest wholesale market in China. Same as clothes and shoes, textile products are the distribute center in China. Or even in the world distribution. Moreover, Guangzhou fabric wholesale market is a huge business circle with 10 thousands of vendors. There are so many categories of textile products in Guangzhou fabric markets. Such, silk, linen and cotton fabric. As well as polyester, chiffon, and some spandex or lycra textile products. If you want to some special designs or patterns of textile fabric. You can find them easily too. Such as printing fabric, embroidery textile products, etc. 

There are garment accessories or textile hardware in the fabric wholesale markets. Generally, each fabric market have a special district for some featured textile accessories items. For example, lace, zip, metal, and buttons. As well as some special designed patterns, artificial flowers. Or hotfix swaches, plastic or metal accessories. All related with fashion or clothing production, you can find in Guangzhou fabric wholesale markets. There are really too many items or categories in the accessories markets. As well as the similar design, but different material and price level. Especially for some leather fabric, or fur textile products. Better for you to ask your China agent to sourcing before you coming to China.

Hire a Guangzhou guide buy bulk from wholesale markets.

Here, we strongly suggest you hire a China agent company serive. Let the agent company to guide you buy from China suppliers. Why? Becuase of the various categories, price level, designs, etc. Furthermore, you need check if you buy from the source for wholesalers. Because some are resellers, some are small manuafacturers with poor quality. While big manufactuers generally have high MOQ and high price. How to bargain the best business terms from the China wholesalers? That’s why you need a China market guide help you buy bulk from Guangzhou markets.

By the way, if you are a fashion buyer from brand company. And you want to find the correct fabric material for your own brand unique designs. How can you proceed the sourcing work? To check each shop or groser?  Don’t worry. China sourcing agent can help you. No matter you need garments accessories for wedding dresses. Or lady’s party dresses, skirts, coat. Or sportswear, swimming wear, knitted sweater, etc. The China agent can easily recommend you the correct marketplace. With good suppliers of price, quality, and service.

2. Worldwide sales for fashion industry.

Every year, millions buyers import fabric in Guangzhou and wholesale to their local market. Why? Because the textile products in Guangzhou, is the best fashion, good quality and reasonable price. As well as the special material, new function, or fashion pattern of the fabric. Such as sports fabric, swimming wear fabric, or underwear textile, etc. Generally, the China buying agent will guide their clients sourcing and wholesale purchasing in Guangzhou textile market. For instance, there are many foreigners comes from Western Europe like England, Germany, Spain, etc. Or East South Asia, South Africa, and Middle East. As well as South and North America, from usa, canada, colombia, etc.

Normally, the fabric wholesale market indicate the fresh fashion elements of clothing industry. And many textile manufactures are developing new patterns or material. According to the fashion trends in the world. Meantime, the fabric manufacturers will make many unique, fashion clothing samples. To show and display in the showroom. From the samples or catalogs of the vendors, we can find many fashion trendies. So that we can judge and make decision. Which garments should be good sales in next season. So that many brand company will sourcing and buying samples or swatches very season. For their next season’s design or bulk orders merchandise.  Do remember, please. Hire a China purchasing agent. To guide you sourcing, wholesale buying and export in Guangzhou fabric market.

The most famous Guangzhou Fabric Wholesale Market

  1. The Textile And Garment Accessory Square
  2. Zhongda Fabric Accessories Wholesale Market
  3.  Zhongda Textile Business Circles
  4. Changjiang Fabric&Accessories Center
  5. Textile Exchange Park
  6. Kangle Textile Market
  7. Meijing Textile City
  8. Pearl River International Textile Market
  9. Ruikang Accessories Lace Market
  10. Yinling Further City
  11. Zhongda Jiuzhou Texile Trade Plaza
  12. Zhongda Ruifang Texitle City
    Guangzhou Fabric - Fashion Textile Market -China Sourcing And Buying Agent

    Guangzhou Fabric – Fashion Textile Market -China Sourcing And Buying Agent

    Guangzhou market guide - Fabric wholesale purchasing and export in China

    Guangzhou market guide – Fabric wholesale purchasing and export in China

    China Sourcing Agent Help You Buying and Export Fabric in Guangzhou

    China Sourcing Agent Help You Buying and Export Fabric in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Accessories Wholesale Market

Fashion design accessoeis are featured products in Guangzhou. Nor matter the categories. But also for the quality and designs. There are many accessories manufacturers. While the most famous and good sales are jewellery wholesalers. And very popular market guide service in Guangzhou jewelry wholeslae markets.

The most popular jewelry is lady’s garment accessories. Such as necklace, earring, bracelets, etc. Or some beauty products, cosmetics catogeries. Furthermore, there are famous big wholesale markets for fashion apparel accessories. For instance, lady’s design bags, branded glasses, silk scarfs. Or high quality glasses, individual caps, leather wallet or belts, etc. There are so various accessories products. And you can find wholesalers, retailers, and manfucturers easily.  So that many fashion clothing companies like to sourcing and buying in Guangzhou. Together with their China agent, guide to bulk buy from good wholesale suppliers.

If you want to find some premium gift accessories or toy goods, you can find several big wholesale markets. Meantime, Guangzhou is the best place for home decor products. Such as curtian,  wallpaper, and artificial flowers. And some other related products for home decorations. Even you want to buy wigs hair,  perfume, or stationaries, you can ask your Guangzhou guide recommend you China suppliers. Because the China purchasing agent can guide you find the best markets.

Various accessories for products categoreis.

Normally, many wholesalers or resellers come to Guangzhou buy fashion accessories. Not only for watches, shopping bags, or other household commodities. But also for some featured products accessories. For instance, fashion brand company want to buy garments accessories. Big wholesalers of machines, prefer sourcing hardwar tools, home appliance share parts. Or some grossers plan to purchase footwear accessories, car share parts, furniture metal accessories. 

In Guangzhou accessories market, you can easily find many fake brand with a high copy quality. Usually, many foreigners will buy personally as gifts for friends. Generally, the China buying agent will guide them find the best suppliers in the market. And remind them purchasing not too much. Because it is really not legal business for copy items.

Because of good sales and distribute center of jewelry and accessories in Guangzhou. There are many China manufacturer hubs in Guangzhou. Some district for fashion jewelry. Some marketplace for hardware accessories shopping. Or some place for workshops or factories. Normally, if your order amount are good. Then you sourcing agent will guide you buy bulk from China factories directly, or from factory market shops. Which means you can buy bulk for your own design, brand logo, or private label. In fact, it’s a very popular purchasing method export from China, or work with trade agent company.

The most famous Guangzhou Accessories Wholesale Market

  1. Zhanxi Watch & Clock City
  2. Beauty Purchasing Center
  3. Wedding Supplies Market
  4. Cosmetics Market-Xing Fa Plaza
  5. Glasses Wholesale Market
  6. Bags Wholesale Market
  7. Huadu Shiling Leather Building
  8. Hardware Wholesale Market
    Sanyuanli Leatherwear in Guangzhou

    Sanyuanli Leather wear in Guangzhou

    Guangzhou Market Guide - Wholesale purchasing leather bags in China

    Guangzhou Market Guide – Wholesale purchasing leather bags in China

Foshan Furniture & Ceramics Wholesale Market

Furniture & Ceramics market locate in LeCong District, Foshan City. In fact, Foshan is the best marketplace for furniture business. Nor matter for wholesale bulk orders purchasing. Or brand company requiring custom made produce. Or resellers for small order quantities. If you want to purchase only for your own house. No problem. You can sourcing and buying from the furniture wholesale markets. No matter you want one piece wood bad. Or one set of living room sofa. As well as some curtains or lighting products. In a words, Foshan is the heaven for furniture shopping.

Furniture markets circle

Foshan furniture markets is around 60 km from Guangzhou city. Interestingly, the whole market covers a total area of around 3 million square meters. Meantime, there are more than 200 modern sales buildings with featured products. Which as following listed.  Where you can easily find any kinds of furniture. Not only different material, styles, and images. But also for different quality, price, and MOQ requirements. While the most important thing you need to know. That is the various and completed products categories. For instance, furniture products for hotel, home, and hotel. Or outdoor furniture and decor. Or some soft home decorations. If you want to source wedding furniture, party decorations, or industries demands. No problem at all. Your China sourcing agent will guide you to the correct suppliers in the markets.

  • Sunlink Group;
  • Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center;
  • Shunde Empire Group;
  • Tuanyi International Furniture City and others.
Furniture wholesalers and manufacturers

Foshan Furniture & Ceramics market is very famous for its various categories. And it is the biggest wholesale distribution center in China. Even in the world export trade. There are more than 4,000 vendors in the market, and 1,500 of them are manufactures. Generally, every sales building sell one certain categories. For instance, some place for sofa furniture only. Or some sale buildings for wood furniure. Or some marketplace for kids beds only. While some wholesalers are only sell household textile products. Such as bed pad, mattress, curtain, etc.

In fact, the most attactive thing is that. Even all of the vendors in the furniture markets, accept OEM or ODM service. That’s really a good news for bulk buy wholesalers. Or for some individual demands. As well as for some furniture brand company, who need own logo, label, and designs. Why so flexible sales methods in the furniture wholesale markets? Because most of the vendors or shops, have own factories nearby Foshan. And they have own product design team, and good workshop management.

Hire a Guangzhou guide

Here, need remind you. That better to hire a China purchasing agent to help you sourcing, buying and export from China. Because the furniture markets are so large. And too difficut for you to find the correct suppliers and products. And it’s difficult to consolidate the big volume goods to one container, or LCL sea shipping. If your market guide or sourcing agent are professional, then easy for you to export from Guangzhou. When you buying in Foshan. You will find many foreign buyers. Who are come from USA, UK, SA, etc. And you will find they sourcing in the markets with a Chinese guide or interpreter. The Guangzhou guide will assist sourcing, bulk buying, and export shipping from China.

The most famous Foshan Furniture & Ceramics Market

  1. Foshan Shiwan Ceramics Market
  2. Foshan Lecong Furniture City
  3. Longwin Furniture Material City
  4. International Furniture Materials center

Furniture wholesale market in Foshan Lecong

outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture

Building Material Market

Building Material market is around 10 km away from Foshan furniture market. Where is Lecong district in Foshan. In fact, the 2 markets are almost in a same area. In the building material market, you can find out all kinds of materials you need. For instance, building material for kitchen, toilet, or bathroom. Or you can find air condition, home appliance, steel stainless products. Or  ceramics material for living room, floor, siding, etc. If you want to buy wood building material, plastic products, or metal raw material.  There are many professional wholesalers too. 

In the market, most of the vendors are manufactures. So that you can buy from factory directly. Furthermore, sometimes they can accept OEM and ODM service. Therefore, you can plan to create your own interested products if you want. By the way, if you are lucky enough, you may find some vendors who agree to help you design your own office and house. Of course, your China buying agent will guide you purchasing in Guangzhou market.

Every year, millions of buyers purchase furniture or material from Foshan. Most of them are wholesalers. Who distribute to their local market with a good sales. Traditionally, the goods always export to every country. Especially to South Africa, Middle East, and North America, etc. Shangjin is professional in furniture. While we are not so familiar with some special building material. So that we can only service some certain items. Which are easy to handle. For such general items, we work as purchasing agent company, guide you sourcing, buying and export from Guangzhou markets.

The most famous Building Materials Market

  1. Shuiteng Wood Decoration Materials Market
  2. Decoration Material Market
  3. Home And Hotel Decoration Market

    Foshan furniture

    Foshan furniture

Lighting Market

Lighting market is very famous in Guangzhou. In fact, the market is a wholesale distribution center in China. By the way, the most famous lighting market is located in Guzhen town, Zhongshan city. And it is around 80 km away from Guangzhou. Generally, A China purchasing agent will help  sourcing, and wholesale buying in Guangzhou lighting market..

In the lighting market, there are more than 2,000 vendors. And 70% of them have own factories. That is to say, you can find any items or styles in the market. No matter you need some special spare parts of lighting. Or you want to produce with your own design. Of course, your China buying agent will guide you purchasing in Guangzhou market.

The most famous Lighting Market

  1. China LED Lighting Market
  2. Yinhe LED lighting market
  3. Zhongshan Lighting Market



Electronic Products

Electronic products in Shenzhen is very famous for its fashion style. And good quality. As well as hot selling. Especially the cheap price. Moreover, it is the biggest electronic distribution center in China. Furthermore, it’s also the biggest export center in the world. Generally, a China purchasing agent will help  sourcing, and wholesale buying in Guangzhou electronic market.

HuaQiangBei electronic market, the most famous wholesale market in China. There are thousands vendors in the buildings. Further more, there is a huge range of categories in the market. In other words, you can find any kinds of electronic products with different functions. Absolutely, Shenzhen is a heaven for sourcing and buying electronic products. Not only for Chinese. But also for foreigners. However, better for you to hire a China sourcing agent, to guide you purchasing from Guangzhou market.

Shangjin is familiar with the market. However, we don’t so specialized in products knowledge of such kinds products. So that we only can service some normal products. Such as daily used products, and fashion items. Of course, your China buying agent will guide you purchasing in Guangzhou market.

The most famous Electronic Products Market

  1. Guangzhou Electronic Market
  2. Shenzhen Electronic Market


    China factory - Custom made service - Guangzhou purchase Agent

    China factory – Custom made service – Guangzhou purchase Agent

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