Best Way To Shipping From China Market

Best Way To Shipping From China

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Shuiteng Wood Decoration Materials Market

Shuiteng International Wood Decoration Materials Market opened in mid-1999. It based on the principle of “integrity management, affordable public”.

Shuiteng International Wood Decoration Materials Market is mainly made of various kinds of intertational and domestic woods. And certainly open to merhants and customers from all over the world. They welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit and purchase of intertational and domestic woods. The market is located in Lecong town, Foshan city, covering an area of ​​200,000 m², with a retail area of ​​105,000 m². There are more than 200 dealers from all over the country. Furthermore, annual sales of more than 300 million yuan. And have sufficient supply and advanced management. Above all element, makes it be the mainly supply base of Shunde furniture industry.

Longwin Furniture Material City

Longwin Furniture Material market City locate in Lecong, Foshan city, It is famous for furniture, steel, and plastics industries.

Longwin Furniture & Metal  Decorative Co, Ltd invested and established Longwin Furniture Material City. Furniture material city covers an area of more than 230 mu and has whole building area 18,000 m². The total investment of the project exceeds 200 million RMB. Because it has huge market value, attracting more and more merchants to settle in.

Furthermore, Longwin Furniture Material Market now is the most influential furniture material trade center in South China. Likewise, it owns nearly 1000 companies able to market their products. Business ranges includes furniture hardware, paints, chemical coating, and wood cardboard, etc.


Decoration Material Wholesale Market

Guangzhou decoration material wholesale market is opened in December 1995. There are 104 shops, and more than 20 manufacturers set up direct sales. The business scope has decoration, building materials, wood products, hardware and electrical products. In addition, there also have audio and visual equipment, decorative fabrics, chemical machinery, furniture, etc.There are tens of thousands of varieties.

Guangzhou decoration materials market have a total investment of 13 million RMB. It has a total area of 11000 square meters. And up and down two floors, total 600 units offices, with the market management. Not only have banks, business center, but also food and drink, parking lots, storage, shipment, etc. Guangzhou decoration material wholesale market built excellent service facilities for the general customers. And have provide a safe, comfortable, convenient trading places and so on.

guangzhou building material market

guangzhou building material market


Foshan Lecong Furniture Market City

”The largest furniture market in the world” — Foshan Lecong Furniture City

Foshan Lecong furniture wholesale market- Recommended as the candidate of “The largest furniture market in the world”.



It located in Foshan city, Lecong furnoiture is build by more than 10 big furniture wholesale market. Offer all kinds of furniture include home style,hotel product,office equipment,outdoor goods,kitchen supplies,building materials etc. It is convenient to go from Guangzhou because Guangzhou and Foshan is the connected city. Foshan furniture market with an area of more than 3 million square meters. For the business shop has accommodated over 3,400 dealers at home and abroad, as well as displayed over 20,000 kinds of furniture. The sales volume promoted by it ranks the first in the national furniture market. And it is the largest furniture market in China and even in the world. It has a wide influence in the furniture industry in the world.

As the biggest famous furniture wholesale market in the world.Foshan furniture wholesale market is famous of its various of furniture. Bedding, cabinets, kitchen utensils, sofas, hotel equipment, office appliances, tiles, decorative materials, etc. Shangjin had rich experience to export furniture.Especially exporting to America,England,Kenya,India,Bangladesh etc.Give customer lots of solution to purchase from China.

foshan shunlian furniture wholesale market

foshan shunlian furniture wholesale market

Foshan furniture wholesale market

Foshan furniture wholesale market

International Furniture Materials center

A comprehensive international furniture material trading demonstration base center.

It integrates furniture material trading, exhibition, e-commerce, logistics, warehousing and research and development. The entire project covers an area of nearly 0.67 square kilometres, and a total construction area of 1 million ㎡. The scale ranks is first among similar projects in China. Its positioning is the center of global furniture material purchasing. As a result, it gathers the most excellent furniture material suppliers and dealers in China.

After nearly fifteen years of market development, more than 1,100 merchants have stationed and operated here. Meanwhile, more than 180 logistics enterprises have stationed in the logistics park. Market covers furniture leather, hardware, fabric art, chemical coating, board, and sponge, etc. It involve furniture semi-finished products, assembly parts, accessories, raw materials and other type products. In the functional area, there are altogether cloth art area, hardware area, leather area, brand flagship area, curved board and sponge area etc.

In order to better develop the shunde international  furniture material industry center, government have created two platform. one is Asia International Furniture Material Expo(AIFME), another one is Shunde furniture research and development institute.

They build the former in 2006, two sessions a year, held in March and September every year. It has built a good platform for the connection of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of furniture. The latter, through cooperation with universities, trade associations, design agencies and Chambers of commerce, provides a powerful driving force for the transformation from “furniture manufacturing” to “furniture creation”.