Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market is the second largest clothing wholesale business circle in Guangzhou. And it is one of the three wholesale centers in Guangzhou.

Because it has certain advantages in the clothing wholesale industry in South China. As a result, it attracted more and more merchants and buyers from all over the world to import clothing from China. There are over ten buildings in the Shahe Clothing business circle. Today, we are going to introduce Wanjia Clothing Wholesale Market, Shadong youli International Clothing Wholesale Market, and Guoda network clothing wholesale market to you.

Wanjia clothing wholesale market

Wanjia clothing wholesale market

It is a large-scale professional clothing wholesale market in China. Every year, it receives more than 1 million domestic and foreign clothing wholesalers.

It mainly deals in trousers, sportswear and fashion underwear series. Meanwhile, the wholesale of denim clothing is the most professional denim clothing distribution center in South China. From the first floor to the third floor, you can see many modern, new, chic clothing. And it’s MOQ is lower than Liu Hua garment market. And almost all the merchants sell stock clothing.

Shadong youli International Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Shadong youli international clothing wholesale market is the oldest and largest professional clothing wholesale market. It mainly wholesales all kinds of clothing, such as children’s, men’s and women’s clothing, towels, blankets, and underwear. Furthermore, the quantity it sells to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States are larger year by year.

There is no obvious market layout in this market. And the clothing on each floor are very similar, but the most prominent is a fashion district on the first floor. The business-grade is positioned in the low-mid grades, mainly operating non-branded clothing.

Guoda network clothing wholesale market

Guoda network clothing wholesale market is an early transformation of the wholesale market.  The main network wholesale directly supplies to Taobao sellers, which for the traditional wholesaler to open up a new way of service. It not only has the perfect stratified shop layout disposition, moreover, but the equipment is also complete. Within the business scope, there are professional online shop shooting service providers and express delivery receiving points. That completely solves the owners’ needs for the operation, shooting, and logistics.

In the Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market, you will see it’s very busy and crowds every day, because of its cheap price but with fashion designs.

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