Xinhaopan Shoes Wholesale Market

Xinhaopan Shoes Wholesale Market - China Purchase Agent Buy Material

Xinhaopan is the biggest shoes material wholesale market in China. In fact, it is the best footwear material wholesale market in Guangzhou. There are various categories of shoes material. Such as shoes leather, PU and hardware accessories. In fact, foreign buyers come to purchase footwear material with their China agents. Why is better to purchase with a China agent? Because the agent can easy your buying process in China.

China Agent purchase shoes material in Guangzhou wholesale market

Guangzhou Xinhaopan start operation in 1998. And the market location is very good. It is in the Zhanxi shoes market circle. Moreover, 3,000 shoes factories are operating in the area. It’s a huge demand of shoes material and footwear accessories. No matter the factories or fashion companies. In fact, there are many China agent help clients sourcing and purchasing in the market.

Generally, the market includes 4 major buildings. It is a very large circle for shoes hardware accessories. So interesting for buyers, right? However, better to hire a China agent to help you. Why? Because the China agent can easy and safe your purchasing process in Guangzhou.

Footwear material - China Agent purchase hardware accessories

Footwear material – China Agent purchase hardware accessories

Shoes Material Leather and PU- Guangzhou wholesale market hardware accessories

Shoes Material Leather and PU- Guangzhou wholesale market hardware accessories

1. Xinhaopan leather and hardware accessories shoes material wholesale market

It is the biggest shoes material and hardware accessories wholesale market in Guangzhou. However, the featured products are mainly in leather and hardware. For instance, shoes buckle hardware. And shoes vamp material. As well as footwear jewelry accessories. Furthermore, each category has many designs or styles. Such as shoes leather material including real leather, PU, textile, etc.

There are more than 1,000 vendors in the shoes wholesale market. And 3 sales buildings separately. Better to hire China purchase agent to help you. Why to say so? Because China purchase agent knows the market well.

Guangzhou Xinhaopan - China accessories

Guangzhou Xinhaopan – China accessories

Guangzhou Xinhaopan market

Guangzhou Xinhaopan market

2. Wanhao footwear accessories wholesale market

The footwear accessories market locate in Guangzhou Zhanxi road. Where is the most busy wholesale market in Guangzhou. As well as the hardware accessories in the shoes market. There are more than 25,000 square meters of the market. And more than 600 vendors in the market. They are all expertise in footwear accessories and shoes material.

The shoes material in the wholesale market is various too. However, high quality shoes material and hardware accessories. For instance, imported leather shoes material. And similar high quality leather and shoes hardware accessories. Moreover, there are many other high quality footwear materials. Such as shoes sole and heel hardware accessories.

Xinhaopan - Wanhao footwear market

Xinhaopan – Wanhao footwear market

3. Jiahao hardware accessories shoes wholesale market

The shoes hardware accessories wholesale market is very famous in Guangzhou. Because of the most fashion shoes material wholesale market in Guangzhou. Although the market area is not so big. Only 2,000 square meters. And less than 300 suppliers inside. But you can find the most fashion footwear material there.

Excitingly, the market is close to Zhanxi wholesale markets. Only 500 meters away. What does it mean? It is easy for sourcing and purchasing with a China agent. After the clients purchase shoes sample with China agent. They will source in the Guangzhou wholesale market.

Xinhaopan - Jiahao hardware market

Xinhaopan – Jiahao hardware market

4. Yaotai footwear material and hardware accessories market

The market is operating since 2004’s. There are around 15,000 square meters of the shoes wholesale market. And the market is featured in cheap price. China agent always prefer to sourcing and purchase there for small orders.

Is the footwear material market interesting? In fact, there are many other small market in Guangzhou for footwear material. If you want to know more. please contact us. We are professional China agent to help you purchase in Guangzhou.

Xinhaopan - Yaotai footwear market

Xinhaopan – Yaotai footwear market

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