What is a good China sourcing agent?

As you may have known the benefits of a good China sourcing agent, and also known how to find them. Here we would like to talk about: what’s the features of a good China sourcing agent? Then you can use to judge the China sourcing agent you are using now or find a new one in the future.

1.Fluent English, High-efficiency of China sourcing agent

The capability of communicating fluently and confidently in English, is very import.  It’s the foundation that helps develop cooperation and service. A good China sourcing agent must have a strong command over English, in both writing and speaking. They should be able to communicate with you smoothly by phone and email.

Fluent English also means that, the good sourcing agent can understand you well and carry out his tasks efficiently and correctly. It means that they don’t need your repeated explanations or double confirmation awfully.

A good sourcing agent must also be highly-efficient and prompt in responding to the emails. There is a time difference between China and most countries, usually, your questions will not be answered until the next day. While good sourcing agent in China, will always responds your emails and messages, no matter in middle night or weekend here.

2.Good sourcing agent should Understand your requirement

It’s an essential capability, that a good sourcing agent must be quick in understand your requirements. It’s a basic business skill.

Many clients will have their products a little customization, with the material or redesigning some parts. The China sourcing agent must be able to understand your requirements, so that they can convey the same to suppliers.

During the entire process of order, they should communicate with the factory on behalf of you. They need explain and require the factory according to your product ideas or other temporary changes. If they can‘t understand your real need very clearly, it will take more time to modify the product sample before production.

3.Professional product knowledge is required for a sourcing agent in China

The good sourcing agent in China, normally do all kinds of products, specialized in daily use products. The products including clothes, shoes, luggage, furniture, lighting, accessories, fabrics, etc. Because there are many big wholesale markets with thousands vendors, so that they can find the best suppliers for the products you want in a very short time.

A good sourcing agent must know the products which they service very well. They at least need understand some professional knowledge to meet the client’s requirements, and deliver the same to suppliers.

Professional product knowledge is a comprehensive concept. It is basically including: materials, manufacturing technique, design, style, function, etc. Some China sourcing agent can also show you some related knowlege, such as brand, competitive product, production center, ect. And a good sourcing agent is very familiar with the wholesale market, position of price, MOQ and delivery time roughly, ect.

4.Must be Professional import & export experience

Any good sourcing agent must have a good understanding of the rules and paperwork involved in import & export. This includes the entire process of import & export, certificate and document requirements, licenses, etc.

The agents should also know about international transportation. They should have an understanding of what kind of products can’t be transported by air or by sea, or what type of compliance certificate is required for air transportation. Additionally, the sourcing agent should have knowledge of patents to avoid potential inconvenience while importing.

China sourcing agent help you find good supplier

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