The Textile And Garment Accessory Square

The Yangtse River Textile and Garment Accessory Square, is across the road from the Guangzhou International Textile Building. It was once the biggest textile building when Guangzhou International Textile Building didn’t set up. But now, fabric shops mainly on the frist floor. And also the square is divided into many streets.

It mainly sell embroidery fabrics, woven fabrics and knitting fabrics. At the corner of the building, there are some garment accessory shops, and mainly sell buttons and stone accessories. In the second floor, mostly are warehouses of shops in first floor, but also have some are lace fabric shops.

Jeans fabric

Jeans fabric



Except Guangzhou International Textile Market Building and The Yangtse River Textile and Garment Accessory Square, there are several smaller building mainly sell single fabrics. For example, shops in Jiuzhou Building mainly sell denim jeans fabrics, shops in Ruikang Building mainly sell lace fabrics, shops in Yinling Building mainly sell lining fabrics.

lace fabric

lace fabric


fabric market

fabric market

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