The Cosmic Shoe Wholesale market

The Cosmic Shoe Wholesale market

The Cosmic Shoe Wholesale market is in the business district of Zhanxi Road. There are many shoe building nearby, such as Hualigong shoe wholesale market, Xicheng Shoe wholesale market, Buyun Tiandi Shoe wholesale market and so on. In addition, it is not far from the Guangzhou Railway Station and the airport. The location is very good.

The Cosmic Shoe market has two floors. And each shop of which has a small area, but filled with various PU shoes. There are even times when vendors can’t put it in, and they have to put it next to the aisle.

The price of shoes in this market is generally cheaper, and the minimum quantity can be 20-30 pairs per style. Even if there is no stock, production can be completed in a few days. This is the biggest advantage of Cosmic Shoe Wholesale market. For wholesalers who go to the low-end market, the shoe prices here are very competitive. Therefore, every day a lot of customers to purchase, and some even take on the spot directly.

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  • Joey| 29/11/2019

    How to order your shoes? What quality of shoes and how much?

    • Kevin| 02/12/2019

      hi Joey, we sent you a mail with some basic information.
      We can discuss the detailed requirements of your interested shoes items.
      Then we can arragne free sourcing service for you.

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