Stock Fabric Purchasing From China Factory – Wholesale Market Agent

Stock Fabric Purchasing From China Factory - Wholesale Market Agent

Stock fabric purchasing from China factory, is the best choice for textile wholesaler. Especially for the foreigners who bulk order cheap product and wholesale in their local markets. China purchasing agent always like to guide their clients to sourcing and buying from stock fabric wholesale market.  Because stock product always mean cheap price, steady quality and small MOQ. That’s why so many foreigners seeking China agent to help them sourcing and export cheap stock product to their local market.

Here we won’t introduce fashion textile wholesale market. While prefer to introduce cheap product and professional stock fabric wholesale market. Where the cheap stock fabric sell in “ton” or “kg” in a very lower price from China factory. As we all know, the biggest fabric manufacturer and distribution centers are in Guangzhou and Keqiao. There are big wholesale markets for the stock fabric with many China factories suppliers. And many professional textile wholesale purchasing agent in China know the markets well. Read More

China Export Agent – Sourcing Chinese Online Supplier Buying Wholesale

China Export Agent - Sourcing Wholesale Buying From Online Supplier -

China export agent sourcing and wholesale buing from Chinese online suppliers. In order to purchase cheap and better products from online shop suppliers. Such as clothing fabric, design shoes bags, and fashion textile products. Which means Chinese sourcing agent or trade company have to adapt their export service, buying from China wholesale markets to online suppliers.  In fact Shangjin trade company consider it’s an positive change. For sourcing and export Chinese products from online supplier shops with buying agent service. Because wholesale buying from online suppliers, means foreign buyers can sourcing and purchasing China product directly from online shops. And choose the best product and suppliers from online shops they considered. Meantiem, it’s easy, efficient, and low purchasing cost for bulk order business. Then sourcing Chinese import export factory and products from China online supplier shops. Read More

China Trade Agent Buying From Guangzhou Market – Wholesale Guide

Best Chinese Wholesale Market Buying Product In Guangzhou - China Export Agent Guide Import Trade Business

China trade agent buying from Guangzhou wholesale market. Then export and shipping to you local market. In fact, a China trade agent is very helpful in purchasing from Guangzhou wholesale market. No matter buying from Guangzhou shoes market, clothing wholesale. And guide in fashion textile markets. Even if you buying from other China cities. Such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Ningbo. As well as Yiwu, Wenzhou, and Cixi. In fact, the China trade agent will service as a market interpreter guide. To easy your purchasing and export trading behavior.

Meantime, the trade agent also work as a  wholesale buying guide in Guangzhou market. In order to find the best suppliers. For fashion and cheap fabric, shoes, clothing. Or other textile products, fashion accessories, and home appliance, etc. Not only guide you buying from Guangzhou wholesale markets. But also help you buying and export from China. Today, we are glad to share you tips. How to work with a trade agent to buying from China . Read More

Buy In China Clothing Wholesale Market – Purchase Agent Business Guide

Buy In China Clothing Wholesale Market - Purchasing Agent Business Guide

Buy in China clothing wholesale market, purchase garment textile products, is a wonderful business. That export trade from Chinese wholesale suppliers to buy fashion clothing in China markets. In Shangjin’s website, we introduced many famous clothing wholesale market to buy bulk products. And guide you how to purchase textile products from Chinese suppliers or butique shops for your business. There are many wholesalers or factory supplier shops in the markets or business street to purchase. While better for you to hire a China trade company to guide you buy in the market. And negotiate business terms for your purchasing behavior. As well as require the China agent to service you order tracking, quality inspection, and warehouse to export shipping. Here Shangjin would like to share some traditional rules that buy in China clothing markets. Read More

Why Guangzhou wholesale market for buying

Wholesale Market - China Sourcing Agent Guide Purchasing in Guangzhou

Why Guangzhou wholesale market for buying? As we all know, Guangzhou is the biggest export trade center in China for sourcing and purchasing. Following, a China buying agent shall share the advantages of purchasing in Guangzhou wholesale market. By they way, many foreign buyers are looking for purchasing agents in Guangzhou to help them sourcing and buying in China wholesale market. Actually, Guangzhou is the best market for wholesale buying, purchasing and export trade in China. Read More

Hualigong Shoes Wholesale Market

Hualigong Shoes Wholesale Market - China Export Trade Company factory

Hualigong shoes wholesale market is very famous in Guangzhou. Not because of the products or featured service. As it is almost an office building for China export trade company. Want to place order directly to China factory or manufacturer? Hualigong is the best shoes wholesale market. Excitingly, most of the suppliers are wholesalers or China export trade companies. However, each of the wholesaler has several China manufacturers or factories cooperating with. Of course, some of the suppliers inside are China manufacturers with own factories. Generally, China export agent or China trade agent like to introduce the shoes wholesale market to their big order wholesaler clients.

China export trade company gather in the shoes wholesale market as wholesaler or factory.

1. Where is Hualigong shoes wholesale market

Hualigong shoes wholesale market locate nearby Buyuntiandi shoes market. On the two sides of a small street, the two famous shoes wholesale markets stand together. While the sales market position is different at all. For instance, Buyuntiandi is mainly for China wholesaler purchasing and shoes wholesale export trade Agent. While Hualigong is mainly focus on big shoes wholesale order. Furthermore, Hualigong is mainly for China export trade company, or China wholesaler works as China factory and manufacturer. In the shoes market, you can find various categories of fashion shoes. Such as lady’s casual shoes, women leather shoes, and men sports shoes.  Moreover, sandal, slipper, and kids Gym shoes.

2. Showrooms with China export trade company work as wholesaler or factory

(1) Competitors between your Agent with the China export trade company

There are few shops in the first floor of the shoes wholesale market. When you source in Hualigong, don’t feel strange about this. Normally your China export agent or China trade agent will introduce the basic information of the market. Actually, from 2nd to 6th floors, you can find many China export trade companies inside. Of course, if you are not familiar with the shoes wholesale market, you can’t know who are China factories. And can’t know who are China export trade companies too.

Your China export agent or China trade agent is reluctant to visit the market. Why? Because there are many China export trade companies inside. And their service in fact is the same as your own China export agent or China trade agent. The 2 Chinese export trade companies or agents, will be competitors.

(2) Showroom with sales team office together

In the shoes wholesale market, you will find each China wholesaler has a big showroom. And with a small office for their sales team. Surely you will ask the China suppliers if they are wholesalers or manufacturers. Interestingly, they will always tell you that they are China manufacturer with own factories.

Have to say, the supplier’s showrooms are really nice. You can find various categories shoes in the showroom. And the designs are always fashion. Furthermore, the price is really cheap. Because of the China factories and manufacturer suppliers network. Additionally, the MOQ is very big. From this point, the China export trade companies are much strength than your export agent or trade agent. Because a China export agent or trade agent is focus on market service with many categories products. While the China wholesalers are always operating shoes wholesale business.

3. Custom made with big MOQ for shoes wholesale

If your order is good, better for you to choose the suppliers no matter they are China wholesalers or factories. Because they are normally specialized in shoes wholesale business. Generally, the China wholesalers accept custom made orders. They can help  you change the design, material, accessories, etc. And they also can offer a good service as China export agent or trade agent. No matter they are China wholesalers or factories.

Just confirm the minimum order quantities and delivery time before you place order. Generally, they will require half to one 20’ft container at least. However, the MOQ can be negotiated if you insisted. And you have to pay attention to the delivery time. Especially in peek seasons. As you know, the service quality always based on the control and management of suppliers. You need check if the China export trade company can control their factories or manufacturers well.

Fashion shoes wholesaler Guangzhou manufacturer - China export trade Company

Fashion shoes wholesaler Guangzhou manufacturer – China export trade Company


Guangzhou Hualigong shoes wholesale market - China export trade agent

Guangzhou Hualigong shoes wholesale market – China export trade agent

Hidden rules in the Hualigong market you should know

Hualigong shoes wholesale market is a nice place for sourcing China factory and manufacturer. However, based on the view of a professional China export agent and trade agent. There are many hidden rules you should understand well.

1. Don’t take photos

Because of most suppliers are China export trade agent for shoes wholesale. So that they get many new design or copy design from their China factories. Normally they feel sensitive for each inquiry. No matter you are foreigner or Chinese. Because they want to protect their design and price. So they forbid taking photos. Actually, most of they will not send you detailed pictures after you transfer deposit.

2.  Don’t reply your fixed price before they tell you a better price

In Hualigong, because each wholesaler have a big office space. So that the price is not so transparent. In such case, you need pay attention to the quotation at the spot. Usually, the sales man quote you the price firstly is not the true price. At least 10-15% higher than the normal price. Here a professional China export agent or trade agent shall remind you. You can keep bargaining. But don’t reply them a fixed figure of the price. Otherwise, the China export trade company will agree with you quickly. Anyway, the best way for you to negotiate with the sales man first. Then require to talk with their boss for final price.

3. Sourcing in the shoes markets nearby before you confirm order

Always remember this point, please. Guangzhou shoes wholesale market is the biggest distribution center in the world. And Xicheng shoes market circle is the best place for fashion and good quality shoes wholesale. There are many China factories and manufacturers. You can find good designs or China wholesalers very easily.

The shoes designs in Hualigong, are always copy from the fashion branded shoes collections. While such situation is one of the featured advantages of Zhanxi shoes wholesale market circle. In fact, you can find much cheaper and smaller MOQ items in the shoes wholesale market. Generally in similar design and quality level. Your China export agent or trade agent will help you find the best wholesalers or factories easily.

4. Choose the service either your agent or the China export trade company

Since your agent or the China export trade company in the shoes wholesale market is not a factory. In fact they are all China export trade company. Then you can understand why we remind you this point. Not only because of your service cost, but also for the service quality. To understand well Chinese ethical dilemma, you must know the meaning.

China shoes factory - export trade agent buy from Guangzhou manufacturer and wholesaler

China shoes factory – export trade agent buy from Guangzhou manufacturer and wholesaler