How To Buy Cheap And Fashion Clothing In China Market

How To Buy Cheap And Fashion Clothing In China Market

How to buy cheap and fashion clothing in China market? Most of tourists and wholesalers are seeking the answers, when they source fashion clothing in China market. Generally, cheap clothing and fashion clothing, usually are opposite concepts in clothing market. However, as a professional market guide, today we’d like to share you some China clothing markets. Where you can easily find the cheap and fashion clothing. In these clothing markets, you can buy wholesale or retail as you want. Read More

Where Is The Best Clothing Market In China

Where Is The Best Clothing Market In China

Where is the best clothing market in China? Here, a market guide shall share you 12 best China garment markets. Excitingly, these clothes markets are the best apparel wholesale markets for export from China. Actually, millions foreigners come to purchasing from China clothing market. As we all know, buying from China clothes market and import from China, is a popular export trade in China. Especially, Guangzhou is the most famous city of China apparel wholesale market. Meanwhile, it is also the biggest clothing export center in the world. Read More

What does a sourcing agent do?

A Sourcing Agent assists a company with the process of locating sourcing for products, and help a company find good suppliers with low prices, save money and times, so it’s very important to work with a sourcing agent, especially overseas business. Meanwhile, it’s can earn more benifits: such as a company can use a sourcing agent to get the best prices, can inspect factories to confirm that they will be able to meet standards, can also deal with issues like import/export duties, tariffs, taxes, and so on. So, what does a sourcing agent do when you start your overseas business?

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Best China Export Agent Guide You Buying In Best China Clothing Market

Best China Export Agent Guide You Buying In Best China Clothing Market

Best China export agent guide you buying in best China Clothing Market. Guangzhou clothing wholesale market in China are very important distribution channels, especially for export trading business. As we all know, Guangzhou clothing market are the best representative export center in China. Moreover, China export agent and China market guide company is developing their business based on the buying agent service. Step by step, sourcing, buying, export and market guide, are recognized by more and more foreign buyers in China clothing market. Read More

A China Sourcing Agent Guide You Buying In The Best China Wholesale Market

Best China Export Agent Guide You Buying In Best China Clothing Market

A China sourcing agent guide you buying in the best China wholesale market. In fact, Market guide is the basic service of a China sourcing agent. Although their free sourcing service are very appreciated by foreign buyers, but market guide can help them buying more easier and safer. Usually, a China Buying Agent is focus on the market guide and export service. Furthermore, China sourcing agent always highlights the best China wholesale market to attract foreign buyers, as well as their manufacture suppliers. There are many famous China wholesale markets in Guangzhou, such as Textile wholesale market, clothing wholesale market, shoes wholesale market, etc. Read More

China Export Agent Help You Sourcing And Buying In Guangzhou

Why Guangzhou wholesale market for buying - Purchasing Agent In China

China Export Agent help you sourcing and buying in Guangzhou. As we all know, to export from China is not a simple behavior, but a complex process. Not only for the export business, but before that, you need finish all of the related purchasing detail work. For instance, find your interested goods, make decision to order, and receive the good quality you want. That is to say, you should sourcing and buying what you want, then require the export agent to shipping for you. Read More

Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market in Guangzhou is very famous, because of the source of garments distribution. As we all know, Guangzhou is the fashion hub and clothes distribution center in China. There are many clothes wholesale markets spread in Guangzhou city. For instance, Baima clothes wholesale market, Liuhua clothes wholesale market, Zhanxi clothes wholesale market, Children clothes wholesale market, etc.

Furthermore, as a garments wholesale business source in China, there are many important clothes wholesale markets that are operating mainly by manufacturers. Is it an interesting message? Sure, absolutely it’s amazing. Today, we shall share with you the Shahe clothes wholesale market. Read More

Guangzhou Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market

Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market in Guangzhou,  same name as Zhumei garment Wholesale Market, is a very important sales distribution center. Furthermore, in the same area, there are many famous and large garment wholesale markets. They are located and spread in Zhanxi road . Such as Jinbao custume Wholesale Market. Jindu International fashion Wholesale Market. Jinxiang Clothing Wholesale Market. Kairongdu Garment Wholesale Market. Jinhong International Clothing Market.  Huimei International Clothes Market and so on. Read More

Buy in China clothing wholesale market

Buy in China clothing wholesale market- Guide Guangzhou

Buy in China clothing wholesale market is a good choice for a business starter. After you find the China clothing market which match your requirements, then you will move forward to buy wholesale. How to get the best price and quality when you buy in China clothing market? A market guide surely will help you achieve your target in China clothing market easily.

As we all know, there are many traditions or hidden rules in China clothing market. We strongly suggest you to keep in your mind before you buy in China. Do remember please, that a professional market guide can help you handle all of the detailed work when you buy wholesale in China clothes market. Moreover, the market guide will teach you many tips, so that you can avoid much misunderstanding or troubles, when you buy wholesale in China clothing market.

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Guangzhou Baima Garment Market

Guangzhou Baima Garment Market is the biggest medium to high-end clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Baima Garment market has the largest scale, the most complete matching and the largest transaction volume.

Baima market building

There are more than 2,000 merchants in the market. They come from the Pearl River Delta, Zhejiang and Fujian province, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. It is not only a wholesale and retail center for medium and high-end clothing, but also a clothing brand franchise center. In addition, Wholesale and retail, sample orders, monopoly agents, franchise and other trading methods are available. Into the Baima market, the colorful fashion is dizzying, and the models show the latest fashion trends.

It totally has 9 floors. Basement floor is a zone for knitting, tops, children’s wear, underwear, also leather goods, boutiques, and so on. First floor and second floor are selling fashion ladies’ clothing. And also second floor is more trendy. Third to fifth floor is for fashion brand woman’s clothing. Sixth to seventh floor are fashion brand man’s clothing zone. Eighth floor is selling European and Korean brand woman’s clothing.

Garment wholesale building

From the simple clothing wholesale market in the 1990s, it also has developed into a comprehensive platform. Most noteworthy is, it integrate brand information exchange, trade negotiation and popular trend release. Daily customers from all over the country and overseas are coming to the market. The average daily passenger flow is tens of thousands of people. It ranks first in the over 100 million yuan market in Guangzhou.