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Zhanxi Clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou, is the biggest garment market in China. Excitingly, the clothing wholesale market is the best place for China export agent. Why does the China export agent prefer to sourcing and buying? Because it’s the distribution center to export from China. Furthermore, there are so many China manufacturer in the clothing wholesale market. Amazingly, in Zhanxi clothing wholesale market, you can find any categories garments you want. For instance, knitwear wholesale market, woven apparel market. As well as the wholesale market of shoes, bags, accessories, etc. There are many China export agent companies locate nearby the clothing wholesale market. If you are a new starter to export from China. You can easily find a professional China trade agent in Guangzhou clothing wholesale market.

Best clothing wholesale market to export from China

As a professional China export agent, we think Zhanxi is the best clothing wholesale market in China. Why to say so? Because it is not only the biggest clothing wholesale market in China. But also the most various categories garment wholesale market in Guangzhou. Furthermore, the most fresh fashion styles, and the best quality with cheapest price. By the way, China manufacturer and China factory always mean cheap price and good quality. Absolutely, it’s really the best distribution center to export from China.

1. The location of Zhanxi clothing wholesale market

Zhanxi clothing wholesale market locate in the western of Guangzhou railway station. So that we always call it Zhanxi. And called the street of the garment market as Zhanxi Road. In fact, Zhanxi clothing wholesale market is a very large business circle. There are more than 20 big sales buildings in the area. While more than 2,000 suppliers in every sales building. Is it really amazing? Moreover, 70% of the suppliers in the clothes wholesale market are China manufacturer. What’s means China manufacturer? It means you can place order directly to the China manufacturer for cheaper price and better service. If you hire a Guangzhou China export agent, they surely will introduce more detailed information about the clothing wholesale market.

2. Featured clothing categories in Zhanxi clothes wholesale market

Zhanxi clothing wholesale market is a very huge circle for garment trade business. You can find any styles or kind clothing you interested. For instance, knitwear wholesale, underwear wholesale, and jeans wear wholesale. Furthermore, you can find women’s, men’s and kids apparel in each category wholesale market. Because there are many separate trade area for certain categories. Such as knitwear wholesale market, denim jeans wholesale market, underwear wholesale market. Buying from China Zhanxi market, better for you to hire a China export agent. Otherwise, you have to pay more time and energy to sourcing good China manufacturer.

A professional China export agent, can always help you sourcing in the market. Furthermore, they will glad to recommend you some good suppliers. For example, when you want to export from China for knitwear wholesale. Then the China export agent surely will find the best knitwear wholesale vendors. The China export agent surely will introduce you the producing hubs of China manufacturer. As knitwear wholesale is better to source Shantou, Dalang, and Dongguan China manufacturer.

3. Famous sales building in the clothes wholesale market

There are many big sales building of clothing wholesale market. When you purchase and export from China, you can easily find the sales buildings gathered in Guangzhou city. Here we list the most famous clothes wholesale market below. Actually, your China export agent must introduce you such famous clothing market. Of course, there are many other small garment wholesale market nearby the Zhanxi clothes trade circle.

  1. Golden Elephant knitwear wholesale market
  2. Jindu International clothing market
  3. JinBao Foreign trade garment market
  4. Kai Rong Du woven and knitwear wholesale market
  5. Hui Mei International fashion clothing market
4. Distribution center of foreign trade business in China

Zhanxi clothes wholesale market is the biggest Guangzhou garment market. And it is not only the distribution center of China clothing market. But also the export trade center in China. How to explain. Here, we should you a basic information for idea. More than 70% of fashion clothing come from Guangzhou in whole China clothing market. On the other hand, millions foreign buyers come to buying from Guangzhou for clothing. Then export from China to their local market for wholesale sales.

As a professional China export agent locate in Guangzhou. We understand Zhanxi garment market very well. The foreign trade business is almost cover all of the countries over the world. From Middle-East to South Africa. As well as North and South America, western Europe. Of course including East-South Asia, Australia, and Canada. Most of the China export agent will recommend their clients to sourcing and buying in the market. Anyway, the China export agent can help the foreign buyers purchasing from China easily.

Guangzhou knitwear wholesale market - China export agent

Guangzhou knitwear wholesale market – China export agent

Guangzhou clothing market- Export from China

Guangzhou clothing market- Export from China

China export agent help you buying from China manufacturer

Guangzhou Zhanxi clothing wholesale market has a completed sales channels. You can buy in wholesale, retail, and custom made. Any methods you prefer to. It’s not a problem. All based on your demand. However, the Zhanxi clothing wholesale market is featured in separately categories according to the sales building. For instance, knitwear wholesale district, woven wholesale markets, and leather clothing market. As well as accessories, shoes, bags, and materials. It is really a huge and complex garment wholesale market. Absolutely, hire a professional China export agent is the best choice for you to purchasing from China.

 1. Fashion styles with cheap price

As mentioned above, you can find any kinds of clothing categories in Zhanxi clothes wholesale market. For instance, you can find women’s, men’s and Children’s apparel in each sales building. Especially for woven and knitwear wholesale suppliers. Furthermore, any styles you can find in the markets. Such as dresses, suits, hoodies, pants, etc. As well as any kinds of accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. Better for you to hire a China export agent to help you sourcing before you come to China.

The most exciting thing is that, 70% of the suppliers are China manufacturer. Don’t doubt, please. Because Zhanxi is the biggest distribution center in China or even in the world. There are many China manufacturer come from all of the producing hubs from China. Furthermore, in the long time development of Guangzhou clothing market. The China manufacturer are keeping development too. Such as the knitwear wholesale suppliers, they are mostly come from Shantou, Dongguan, and Dalang. Your China export agent surely will introduce all of the basic information of each garment wholesale market.

2. Clothing wholesale market with small MOQ

Zhanxi clothing wholesale market is a heaven for foreign buyers or wholesalers from the world. Not only the fashion styles, and good quality. But also the small MOQ requirements of the China manufacturer. It is really exciting for buyers export from China. Why small MOQ in Zhanxi garment wholesale market? Because of the sales channels and China manufacturer.

Most of the China manufacturer in Zhanxi market, are operating for many year. For instance, knitwear wholesale suppliers. They may all have own factories. And the China manufacturer is always keeping producing in similar design and similar materials. So that they always sell in small MOQ for their stock. Or some simple but popular styles. Your China export agent surely will share you many hidden rules and buying skills to  you.

3. Custom made service with good quality

As a professional China export agent, we always recommend our clients to try custom made service from China manufacturer. Because it is easy to handle by China export agent. And can help clients to get cheaper price with good quality. Of course, custom made service need more seriously buying service of China export agent. For example, knitwear wholesale buying from China manufacturer. It require the China export agent select a reliable and good quality China manufacturer. Anyway, try a knitwear wholesale order in custom made service. It is a challange for both China manufacturer, and China export agent.

Guangzhou clothing market - China trade agent

Guangzhou clothing market – China trade agent

Custom made

Custom made