How To Wholesale Buying Apparel In China market

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How to wholesale buying apparel in China market? First, we should identify the best China apparel market. Absolutely, Guangzhou apparel wholesale market is the export center to buying in China. Why to wholesale buying apparel in China Guangzhou? The majority reason is the lower cost of labor. Actually, cheap price and good quality is the core competitiveness of Guangzhou apparel wholesale market. Meantime, China agent for sourcing, buying and export service, are helpful and welcome for buying in China Guangzhou. Read More

Clothes Wholesale Market – Best Guangzhou Agent Guide Buying In China

Service Of China Export Agent Help Sourcing Buying And Shipping From Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou is a very famous in China. As well as the service of Guangzhou market guide or China buying agent. Since clothing wholesale purchasing is not a easy work. There are many difficulties for a foreigner buying and export from China without a guide agent. Why to say it? Because too many detailed work have to face and handle in the wholesale purchasing and export process. For instance, where is the best clothes wholesale market? Who is the best supplier with good clothing items? Furthermore, how to bargain the best price or terms for buying? And so on. As a professional Guangzhou market guide and China buying agent. We’d like to introduce you the best clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou. And share you some buying tips with the wholesale suppliers.

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Shahe Garments Wholesale Market

Shahe Garments Wholesale Market - China Sourcing Agent Market Guide

Shahe garments wholesale market, one of the biggest clothing wholesale market in China. There are more than ten thousands vendors in the business circle. Moreover, most of China sourcing agent focus on this China wholesale market. If you are an experienced wholesale buyer, you can easily find many professional China market guide companies nearby the wholesale market. Why does Shahe Garments wholesale market so welcome to buy from China? Because of its cheap price, fashion style and small MOQ. As a professional China sourcing agent and China market guide, here we’d like to introduce some basic information of Shahe garments wholesale market in Guangzhou.

China market guide introduce you Shahe garments wholesale market

Shahe garments wholesale market is one of the biggest China clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou. Meantime, the featured advantages of Shahe garments wholesale market attracts many foreign buyers come to buy from China. Actually, China sourcing agent, or China market guide in Guangzhou, always recommend the market to their clients. Because in Shahe garments wholesale market, always can find the best suppliers with cheapest price and small MOQ requirements.

Shahe garments wholesale market start operation in the 1980’s. After more than 20 years developing, it now became one of the biggest Guangzhou wholesale market for clothing distribution in China. Amazingly, the sales revenue of Shahe garments wholesale market, is more than  tens of billions RMB each year.

China wholesale market - Manufacturer Distribution Center

China wholesale market – Manufacturer Distribution Center

Famous sales buildings in Shahe business circle

Shahe garments wholesale market is a huge business circle in Guangzhou. There are many fashion sales buildings in the garments wholesale market. And thousands vendors operating shops in each building. As well as many China sourcing agent are seeking clients there. Following are some famous and big sales building, we also call them as garments wholesale market. Of course, there are still many small clothing wholesale market. If you hire a professional China sourcing agent, or Guangzhou market guide. They can always share you many good suppliers with cheap price and good service. By the way, these China garments wholesale market are very close to each other.  You can easily sourcing and buying in the China wholesale market circle, enjoy to buy from China.

  1. Wanjia garment wholesale market square
  2.  No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 Shahe garments wholesale market
  3. Shadong Youli garments wholesale south square
  4. Shadong Youli international garments wholesale city
  5. Xintiandi garments wholesale market
  6. Yimin garment wholesale market
  7. Changyun garments wholesale market

As a remind, Shahe garments wholesale market starts daily business very early. And it will close early too. Generally, it will be done at afternoon around 1-2 pm at the peak season. While it shall close at 11-12 am at the period of the off-season. Your China sourcing agent and Guangzhou market guide. Surely understand the rules very well. When you buy from China wholesale market, the Guangzhou sourcing agent or  market guide will help you fix your visit plan.

Fashion style cheap price - China sourcing agent

Fashion style cheap price – China sourcing agent

1. Buy from Wanjia clothing wholesale market

Wanjia clothing wholesale square start operating from 1996. Since the building located in a superior geographical location, freight logistics is very convenient here. A China sourcing agent or China market guide in Guangzhou, surely familiar with the business circle very well. Normally, they will share you many buying skills when accompany you buying from China wholesale market.

After ten years of developing, Wanjia clothing wholesale market has become a very famous China wholesale market for foreign buyers. Wanjia clothing wholesale market covers an area of more than 50,000 m². Furthermore, the China wholesale market owns more than 1,200 shops. And more than 400 offices inside. Additionally, there is a parking lots of 8,000 m². When you sourcing and buying in the China wholesale market, better for you to hire a China sourcing agent or China market guide. Absolutely, the China sourcing agent and China market guide, will help you save much energy and time when you buy from China wholesale market.

On the other hand, Wanjia clothing wholesale market has set up a  logistics supplier chain. For instance, many China market guide and China sourcing agent kept working in the area. Moreover, there is a huge and dedicated cargo handling area for consolidating goods at the spot. In conclusion, Wanjia now is becoming a very famous clothing distribution center of China wholesale market. 

2. Wanjia business categories

Wanjia garments wholesale market shops on the first floor, are the best sales place. There are many fashion styles in the shops. For instance, pants, sportswear and fashion underwear series. As well as denim clothing, knitted sweater, sports apparel. Furthermore, there are many kinds of fashion and cheap textile material clothes. Such as silk shirt, cotton shirts, and polyester dresses with nice patterns. Your China sourcing agent and China market guide, can help you find the best suppliers easily.

The business district is in the second and third floor. For instance, the fusion of art essence of Chinese and western architectural decoration design. It surely feel a bright a wide view. Moreover, there are hundreds of highly personalized decoration business office. All these functions, have created a happy and relaxed business operating environment for the buyers. Foreign buyers also can order according to samples in the spot for custom made service. Meantime, you can choose buying wholesale stock clothing. And arrange freight or logistics directly. By the way, you can handle online information exchange, e-bank transaction, etc. Better for you to hire a China sourcing agent to guide you wholesale purchasing in the Guangzhou garments markets.

3. Shadong Youli clothing wholesale market.

Shadong Youli international clothing wholesale city locate in Guangzhou Shahe business circle. It is also an important and famous of China wholesale market for garments. Now many wholesale buyers are interested in sourcing and buying in the clothes market. Most China sourcing agent and Guangzhou market guide will recommend their clients to buy from the market.

In the clothes wholesale market, you can find many cheap and fashion designs of apparel and accessories. For instance, leather bags, PU shoes, and jewelry. Or you can find many beauty products and cosmetic items for lady, girl and women. Of course, if you want to buy some fashion and good quality garments for men, boy, or children. Not a problem. There are several wholesale markets for men’s garments and accessories. And take it easy. Your China sourcing agent will guide you buying from the Guangzhou wholesale markets.

Guangzhou ShaDong Youli international wholesale city have 3 parts. The building of North City, South City and Hengli compose the whole market. South City construction area up to 22000 square meters. There are more than 1200 shops. Interestingly, there are central air conditioning, and many sets of automatic elevators and cargo elevators. North City has 44000 square meters building areas, and more than 1, 700 shops. It’s very convenience for buyers to enjoy their purchasing behavior. A China sourcing agent or China market guide can help you find good suppliers quickly.


Fashion clothing - cheap price - China wholesaler

Fashion clothing – cheap price – China wholesaler

China trade agent - Wholesaler and Manufacturer

China trade agent – Wholesaler and Manufacturer

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Shangjin -1

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