Sportswear Factory Online Product – Buy Sport Clothes Direct Made China

Sportswear Factory Online Product - Buy Sport Clothes Direct Made In China - Chinese Trade Company

Sportswear factory online product, buy sport clothes direct made in China. Although Guangzhou market is the best place for garment textile products. And have many direct manufacturer to purchase and export from China. While the most popular and hot selling clothing items are in similar categories. Such as sports wear, kids apparel, and lady yoga wear or suits. Here, Shangjin would like to introduce a sportswear factory in Guangzhou. Who is dedicated in sports clothes for years. And they have own brand to sale in whole Chinese market. With own online websites to launch latest product. Meantime, the sportswear factory has been cooperating with Shangjin company in wholesale business for years. Together promote online shopping with trendy design and new products. Here, we welcome foreign buyers wholesale buying sportswear direct from factory show room.

Since Shangjin trading is a sourcing company and service agent in China. With good supply chain of China manufacturer suppliers. Here we share the sportswear factory to you. With their products from online websites. If you consider it’s good sports clothes category, to buy direct from Chinese supplier. Please contact us directly. There are completed product line from the sportswear factory. Such as women sports tops, yoga shorts, and bra. Or men sport suits, pants, and trousers. Or lady yoga wear, swimming suits, long sleeve, etc. Meantime, the sportswear factory accept customized sport clothes. For individual design, unique brand logo, fabric material, etc. And hot selling for e-commercial online resell business overseas.

Source Manufacturer Wholesale Shopping Sport Clothes From China Factory Sportswear Product Online

This sportswear factory is focusing on sports clothes for years. With their own local brand, design team, and manufacturer in China. In sports clothes market, their product quality is good, middle to high level. And use high quality fabric material. Which normally are sport functional textile of lycra, spandex, cotton, etc. These fabric purchase from good quality Chinese manufacturers. Or some are imported from foreign countries. Such as Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. For the sewing work, is good technique too. Which they name as four-needle six-line textile technology.

While for a trade company, we normally focus on the business terms and service of the sports clothes. About the collection lines of the sportswear factory. How to buy product direct online categories. As well as customized order service. So that you can consider the apparel product quality and cost value. If competitive for your import shopping from China or not. In fact, sport clothes are good sales in Europe, North America and Northeast Asia.

1. What kind of product to direct buy from online categories

There are completed collection lines in the sportswear factory. Including all kinds of sports clothes items for women, men, and children. Although the  garment styles are traditional designs. Such as tops, shorts, and bottoms. But they develop each categories in niche market demands. From tights, protect, seasons, etc. And for most of the sport athleisure occassions. Including trainer, yoga, and running. Or styles for basketball, football, and golves.  Or swimming suits, fitness, gym, etc. Here we only can talk about roughly product name of the sport wear factory. If you want to know more. Please contact us. We shall send you the online categories of each product line.

Source Manufacturer Wholesale Shopping Sport Clothes From China Factory Sportswear Product Online

Source Manufacturer Wholesale Shopping Sport Clothes From China Factory Sportswear Product Online

Purchase sport clothes from Chinese manufacturer - Wholesale price direclty from China sportswear factory

Purchase sport clothes from Chinese manufacturer – Wholesale price direclty from China sportswear factory

2. How to buy sports clothes direct from online product categories

In the online product categories, you can find the clear pictures with detailed designs. And in the product pictures, show you the price too. Here we simply introduce the business terms. For your idea if you plan to purchase. Please note, the business terms are negotiable with the sportswear factory. According to your quantities, order amount, and service requirements. Generally, buy direct from online, most of the clients is for stock ready products.

(1) Price range of the sport clothes

For the price range of sportswear, normally from us$ 3 – 10 per piece. For example, women yoga long sleeve tops is around us$ 4 per piece. Or lady yoga short sleeve tops is us$ 3 per piece. Or men woven short pants is usd 4 per price. While lady swimming suits is expensive, need usd 10 per set. Of course, each similar design, the price base on the fabric material too. Because the sportswear factory make products for wholesale business in China. So the price is competitive. If you consider the price is a little bit expensive. Please consider about the fabric and sewing quality too.

(2) MOQ of the sportswear factory

Secondly, MOQ is flexible. If you buy stock ready-made sport clothes, the MOQ is only 10 pieces per color with mixed sizes. If you want to buy bulk with pre-order, MOQ shall be 100 pieces per color. While for customized making designs, the MOQ require 200 – 300 pieces. Which need check and quote you base on your order specifications. Here, as a remind. For stock products that off shelf from online websites or shops. Then the price are extremely cheap. Generally, us$ 1 -2 per piece for all kinds of new items.

(3) Delivery time of the online product

Thirdly, delivery time is fast. For stock readymade products, 2 – 3 days enough. If pre-order from online, the product shall be finished in one week. While for custom made sport clothes, delivery time is in 10 -15 days. Or sometimes in peak season, need 20 days. Anyway, we shall confirm you the business terms with proforma invoice. Before you buy product direct from online websites. Or you can visit the sportswear factory directly. Then can communicate face to face with the manufacturer in China.

(4) Other business terms for wholesale shopping

There are still some other shopping conditions. When you buy direct from online product categories. Such as sample checking process. Or price terms in EXW or FOB. Or the packaging methods before shipping from the China manufacture supplier. As well as your private labels, unique shopping bags,etc. And what kind of economy shipping way you prefer. And so on. While don’t worry. As Shangjin trading comapny are experienced in export agent service. And we will handle all of the detailed work for you.

Kids sports wear purchasing from online product categories - source direct factory buy from China

Kids sports wear purchasing from online product categories – source direct factory buy from China

Online wholesale shopping men sports wear product - high quality fabric material and sewing maker

Online wholesale shopping men sports wear product – high quality fabric material and sewing maker

3. Custom made orders shopping from the China sportswear factory

Custom made products are popular for brand companies purchase from China manufacturer directly. For the sportswear factory, it’s not a good problem. As they have own design team. With experienced makers of the sports clothes. If you require individual brand logo printing or embroidery. The sportswear factory have manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. For the details about custom made in China market. In Shangjin’s online websites, we shared many tips. If you want to know more. Please check our sites. Or contact us directly.

4. Source sport clothes suppliers to buy direct from online product

There are many sportswear factories in Guangzhou, China. And each have own featured products, can sell online. As well as yoga vest, yoga pads, yoga mat, etc. For Shangjin trading company, we are Chinese source agent. And we work with many good quality sport clothes manufacturer in China. Here we share this high quality sportswear factory. If you need cheaper supplier, please contact us. We shall source the best supplier for you. And quote you the best wholesale price. These direct manufacture supplier you buy from Shangjin, we will not charge service commission. Because it’s a trade business. And not a sourcing agency service.

In fact, it’s easy for our clients to accept such way. Since we source the product direct factory, and you buy online from us. So it’s no meaning to charge service commission. For foreign buyers, they simply check the product quality and price. If consider competitive and acceptable, then place order to us. Which means buy direct from Shangjin trading for factory wholesale price. And Shangjin company shall finish all of the selling service. Including order tracking, quality inspection, and goods consolidating. If need warehouse store, or export shipping service. No problem at all. That’s our basic service as a trade company too.

China sportswar factory - Manufacturer supplier with design team for customized product service - Guangzhou sourcing agent

China sportswar factory – Manufacturer supplier with design team for customized product service – Guangzhou sourcing agent

Source sportswear product in China market - wholesale buy yoga wear direct from Chinese manufacturer

Source sportswear product in China market – wholesale buy yoga wear direct from Chinese manufacturer

Comment (20)

  • Sara| 23/03/2021

    Hi, I’m I tested in woman’s active/workout clothing. In wholesale basis. Please send me email with catalogue and prices

    •| 23/03/2021

      Dear Sara, sure, same as kids wear, we are professional in lady fashion clothing, such as dresses, sportswear, hoodies, t-shirt, yoga wear, and so on.
      We have good factories working together, and accept custom made orders, based on your own designs, brand logo, or individual fabrics material, accessories.
      Please check your mail, that our collegue sent you our products online links site, those clothes collections are all from our direct factories.
      Meantime, we can sourcing and find out good manufacturer in whole China market, based on your own interested styles or items.

  • Angie| 30/01/2021

    Hi. May you please email me a catalogue of the sports wear options you order and other clothing items too. I’d like to start a business

    • Kevin| 01/02/2021

      Dear Angie, glad to know and help you start your own business, we are experienced in sports wear clothing, and cooperating with many direct factories who are fashion styles with good quality.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou, and Ningbo, and we can source and find out most of the original manufacturers in whole China.
      Our staff will send you a mail with our online catalogue, please check and reply.
      By they way, you can send us your own interested designs, then we can check and get quotation from our factories.

  • Ronieson M. Mabilin| 30/10/2020

    I am interested to buy sports wear products in wholesale basis.. May I request to have a copy of your brochure! Thank you so much for your immediate response.

    • Kevin| 02/11/2020

      Dear Ronieson, we sent you a mail with our online catalogues, there are several sports wear collections from different factory suppliers directly.
      We are sourcing and buying agent in Guangzhou China, generally we guide our clients buy bulk in wholesale markets, but mostly we work with manufacturers directly, for small MOQ stock available products, or servce cusomized making orders.
      Please help us know more about your products requirements such as fabrics material compositions, styles & designs images, quantities, etc. Then we can move ahead for sourcing and quotation process.

  • Adam| 13/10/2020

    Hallo Kevin I’m interested in
    Football kits and equipments please send the items you deal with thanks

    • Kevin| 18/10/2020

      Hi Adam, what kind of your interested items or requirements about football kits and equipments, could you please send us your specifications of the items you want to buy from China market?
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou, and experienced in sourcing good wholesalers or manufactuers for our clients, based on their own demands of products.
      We sent you a mail, with some basic information about our company, service guide, process, and fees & charges, please check.
      Then we can discuss further via email.

  • Nikeisha| 28/09/2020

    I am starting up a small business and I see that you offer a lot of items that I would be interested in. What is materials like and can I get specific colors and do you add logos

    • Kevin| 03/10/2020

      Dear Nikeisha, well noted that you are staring your business, and we are happy to help you find out good suppliers and products to buy from China market in small quantities.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou, generally we purchase from direct factor suppliers with stock ready products, and we also can help you create your own brand designs with your brand logo. We have many clients from usa, europe of uk, france, italy, who are starting their online shops, or boutiques too. We are experienced and glad to help your business.
      Please check your mail, we already sent our online catalogues, and hope you can find out what your are interested. Or you can send us your own interested designs, so that we can sourcing and quote you detailed list, which surely including the detailed specifications such as fabrlics material, color, sizes, MOQ, prices, lead time, etc.

  • Cindy Wilson| 27/07/2020

    Hi there my husband and I want to start sports wear and active wear we want to gain help in connecting with suitable manufacturers. Can you please help?

    • Kevin| 30/07/2020

      Dear Cindy, we are experienced in sports wear and active wear, and normally purchase from China factory suppliers directly.
      In fact, there are many manufacturers with good quality and competitive prices, no problem for stock ready made clothing, and customized making designs.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou China, not only source wholesalers from the markets shops, but also sourcing based on Chinese manufacture centers in many cities.
      We have sent you a mail with our online catalogues, which shows some products from direct manufacturers with small MOQ.
      Please reply us, then we can discuss further.

  • Mark Randle| 18/07/2020

    Hi , I’m looking to start a business of selling different goods , can you help ? Inventory you have available . Cheers

    • Kevin| 19/07/2020

      Dear Mark, we are professional in sports wear, dresses, t-shirt, ect. In fact, most of the fashion textile products, garments for kids, boys, girls, baby, or mem, women, ladies, etc.
      We are sourcing and trading company in Guangzhou China, that have completed supplie chain for manufacturer, sales service, and export shipping from factory or consolidating to our own warehouses.
      Generally we guide our clients purchase from direct manufacturer suppliers for ready made products in small MOQ; and we servie customized making bulk orders too.
      What kind of your interested products? We sent you a mail, with some basic information about our company service, product catalogues, etc.
      Please check and reply, then we can discuss more.

  • Paula| 16/05/2020

    Hi I am looking forward to buy a big quantity of EVA sandals , sport tshirts and cap whit my logo for my new business

    • Kevin| 18/05/2020

      hi Paula, for EVA sandals, and sport t-shirt, no problem. We are experienced in these categories.
      in fact, we have many good manufactuer suppliers, who can accept customized making orders.
      Our staff Miss Betty send you a mail, with some cotagories of sandals and t-shirts.
      Please check the mail, and feedback your interested items images with detailed specifications.
      So that we can check with correct factories and feedback you.

  • Shane Wawatai| 13/05/2020

    Hi I’m looking to buy a lot of sports clothing to start a business. Are you able to help?

    • Kevin| 13/05/2020

      hi Shane, great! we can help you start your business. And we are expereinced in sports clothing wholesale or customized making service.
      Our staff Miss Loopy send you a mail with some product categories, all of the sports wear are from manufacturers directly.
      If you are just start your business, maybe better to choose some items and resell first.
      As the MOQ is small, and the prices are much cheaper than wholesale market vendors.

  • Stephen Pateman| 05/05/2020

    I am looking to purchase wholesale sports clothing to start a new business, I would like my own brand name also. Can you help?

    • Kevin| 05/05/2020

      hi Stephen, we sent you a mail with some sportswear products, please check.
      We have good manufacturers in China, accept customized making with your own brand logo.
      We can discuss further via email.

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