Free Sourcing is a basic service of Shangjin. In our mind, sourcing service is the begining of a new business, not only for you, but also for ours. On the other hand, when you enjoy our free sourcing, you will realize our service capability and cooperate in future.

Normally, we will reply your inquiry in 24-48 hours.

Free sourcing service is our goodwill to our clients, no matter old freinds or new guys. Furthermore, we always try our best to prepare a useful quotaion for you. However, please send us enough basic information in time.

  1. Pictures of the items. It helps us to understand your items well, so that easy to sourcing the products you want.
  2. Samples or specifications of the products. it’s important for us to sourcing the correct one efficiently, according to your precise demand.
  3. Target price range. It is essential for us to focus on what you want, and check if details can match your requirements;
  4. Target order quantities. it’s necessary in bargaining the less MOQ and better price for you, otherwise, we don’t know how to negotiated with the sellers.

We are professional in sourcing apparel, such as clothes, shoes, fabrics and accessories. Moreover, we are also experienced in furniture, building materials, lighting, electronics, etc. We are very familiar with the related wholesale markets, not only in Guangzhou, but also in Foshan, Zhongshan, and Shenzhen.

Additionally, when we sourcing in wholesale market, we would like to find suppliers with their own factories. It means the sellers are manufactures directly, and you can buy from them in lower price with good quality. We think it’s the value of our sourcing service.

A recognized Free Sourcing service, always need your considerate support. More detailed information you sent, better free sourcing service for you.

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