Quality Inspection is a feature of Shangjin’s order control capability. And it is mainly the key result of our one-stop-solution service. In our opinion, it can be used to judge wether the sourcing agent service is good or not.


Shangjin always proceed a strict QC policy to ensure the products good quality, and  protect our client’s benefits.

We offer 100% quality guarantee; while normally use QC methode of 30% sampling check randomly before shipment. If you need 100% inspection, we surely can accept and will proceed seriously. However, we will charge you a reasonable extra charges, according to the goods quantities and inspection requirements.


Shangjin is a very professional and reliable sourcing agent, we understand our client’s expectation well, and will stick to achieve the best result. In order to ensure the good result of quality, we actually carry our quality inspection from the order start, till to the goods recieved.

Following steps are our traditional QC methods which always help us avoid troubles before happen.


1. Pre-Production Quality Inspection.

Before we place order, we will seriously examine the suppliers. Moreover, we want to guarantee it’s not a scam, and they have enough capacity to take the orders. Usually, we will ask them some certain questions; check their business license; sometimes will visit their office and factory. Additionally, a legal and detailed sales contract is necessary before the business start.


2. On-Production Quality Inspection.

Normally, we will quality inspection when the production start in the workshop. However, if the order is not big, we only track orders to make sure delivery on time and ask supplier to send us pictures of producing. We will surely keep updated with client, whether there are any changes or not, so that we can control  and avoid the problems before happened.


3.Pre-Shipment Quality Inspection:

We will Inspect the Quality, Quantity, Packing and all the other issues according to your requirements before delivery. If there is any difference, we will let you make the decision and proceed accordingly.

Quality Inspection