Order Follow-Up is the core value of Shangjin’s sourcing agent service. It’s very important for the results of your buying purpose. Obviously, better order controlling will become better quality and shipping on time.

The principle of our service is to find the problem before it happened, so that we can help our client’s business much safer and easier. Anyway, order following is an essential feature of Shangjin’s one-stop-solution service capability.

After client making the decision, we do all of the rest with each supplier.

Our order follow-up service is including below listed, but not limited to track:

  1. Deposit transfer after you confirm the orders by email;
  2. Sales contracts signing with the sellers;
  3. Samples confirmation before production;
  4. Delivery time following and coordinating to sure shipment in time;
  5. Basic figures of the goods gathered such as pieces/cartons, weight, CBM;
  6. Package details checking after producing finished;
  7. Certain certification or instructions required according to your requirements;
  8. QC schedule and arrangement before shipment;
  9. Goods consolidate to our warehouse and transportation arrangement;
  10. Balance payment transfer to the sellers after QC and receive the goods in our warehouse.

    Buying process in China clothing wholesale market

    Follow order with clients

    Follow order with clients

However, the most recognized of our order follow-up service is as following:

  1. Fastest reaction to solve the emergency of the orders;
  2. keep our clients updated always in time;
  3. proceed accordingly and strictly according to client’s decision.
  4. Reach the acceptable results that confirmed by our clients.