Shangjin is a professional export agent, offer one-stop-solution service for your buying from China. We are very familiar with the China wholesale markets. Meanwhile, we have specialized experience in export business. Our comprehensive service are always focus on following which listed.


Wholesale Market Guide (one-stop-solution)

Wholesale Market Guide is a basic servie of Shangjin, while it is  absolutely one-stop-solution service for buying.

We are very familiar with the wholesale markets in Guangzhou, Foshan and Shenzhen. Furthermore, we can accompany you to vist factories, no matter sourcing together in Ningbo or Yiwu. However, you need assume the extra fees of travelling.

To help your business more easier and safer, is always our value as a professional sourcing agent. Major service are listed following.

1.The wholesale market guide will recommend the best market for you. And she will recommend the best vendors with best price;

2.The knowledgeable market guide will assist you whole of the day. Normally, she works from 9:00am to 17:00pm.

3.Our wholesale market guide will help you bargain the prices and MOQ. Of course, you should make the decisions whether accept or not;

4.Maybe you will find many vendors have similar products that you interested, and you want to record and compare before making decision. Don’t worry, our wholesale market guide will help you. She will take photos, record in the notebook, even including all of the details;

5.Our wholesale market guide will work as an interpreter for you. Furthermore, she will try her best to help you reach an agreement with the vendors. 

6.Additionally, the market guider will record the supplier’s basic information, such as name card, salesman, booth address, etc.;

7.Finally, the market guider will organize all of the basic information onto a spreadsheet everyday. In the sheet, will includ the details of products, sellers, delivery time, MOQ, etc.;

All of the work need huge energy and time to handle. Anyway, it is really useful for you, especially to help you make decision easier and quickly.

Sourcing (begining of new order)

We offer Free Sourcing service, and will reply your inquiry in 24-48 hours. It’s very important in our one-stop-solution export service, because sourcing means the begining of a new order.

In ordere to feedback you detailed quotation and catalog, please send us basic information Following:

  1. Pictures of the items. It helps us to understand your items well, so that easy to sourcing the products you want.
  2. Samples or specifications of the products. it’s important for us to sourcing the correct one efficiently, according to your precise demand.
  3. Target price range. It is essential for us to focus on what you want, and check if details can match your requirements;
  4. Target order quantities. it’s necessary in bargaining the less MOQ and better price for you, otherwise, we don’t know how to negotiated with the sellers.

We are professional in sourcing apparel, such as clothes, shoes, fabrics and accessories. Moreover, we are also experienced in furniture, building materials, lighting, electronics, etc.

Clothing wholesale market

Order Following (one-stop-solution)

Order Following is a core value in our export service. Furthermore, it indicate the essential meaning of one-stop-solution service for export agent.

After client making the decision, we do all of the rest with each supplier.

  1. Deposit transfer after you confirm the orders by email;
  2. Sales contracts signing with the sellers;
  3. Samples confirmation before production;
  4. Delivery time following and coordinating to ensure shipment in time;
  5. Basic figures of the goods gathered such as pieces/cartons, weight, CBM;
  6. Package details checking after producing finished;
  7. Certain certification or instructions required according to your requirements;
  8. QC schedule and arrangement before shipment;
  9. Goods consolidate to our warehouse and transportation arrangement;
  10. Balance payment transfer to the sellers after QC and receive the goods in our warehouse.

The most recognized service are:

  1. Fastest reaction to solve the emergency of the orders;
  2. keep our clients updated always in time;
  3. proceed accordingly and strictly according to client’s decision.
  4. Reach the acceptable results that confirmed by our clients.


Quality Inspection (key result of service)

Quality Inspection is mainly the key result of a one-stop-solution service. In our opinion, it can be used to judge wether the sourcing agent service is good or not. It is easy for us to understand, but really, it is a principle for sourcing agent. Good quality means all of the related servie is proceeded and controlled well, the money that client paid achieve a good result, otherwise, means a damage for your client. 

Shangjin proceed a strict QC policy to ensure our client’s benefits.

We offer 100% quality guarantee; normally 30% sampling check randomly before shipment; 100% inspection is acceptable with reasonable extra charges according to the goods quantities and inspection requirements.

Pre-Production Inspection. Examine the suppliers to guarantee it’s not a scam and they have enough capabilities to take the orders.

On-Production Inspection. Follow up the orders to make sure its delivery on time, keep our customers updated if there are any changes, and control the problems before they happen.

Pre-Shipment Inspection. Inspect the Quality, Quantity, Packing and all the other issues according to your requirements before delivery. If there is any difference, we will let you make the decision and proceed accordingly.


Warehousing and Shipping (one-stop-solution)

Warehousing and Shipping usually is an easy process in the whole one-stop-solution service of sourcing agent, while it will take you much time to handle. There are many detailed work need prepare and pay attention to. 

Shangjin is very professional and experienced in shipping and forwarding, not only inland logistics, but also international transportation.

We have 2 warehouses in Guangzhou, free use for our clients. One of the warehouse is in Baiyun District (1,000 square meters),  another one is in Foshan (3,000 square meters). If our client need warehouse in other city, we can sourcing and rent temporary warehouses, of course, you need assume the extra fees. Anyway, there are no problem for us in warehousing and shipping in Guangzhou.

warehouse and loading

Usually, the suppliers will send goods to our warehouse. It’s easy for us to check quality and receive goods, then arrange container loading and shipment. If your goods is not enough for a full container, we will arrange LCL shipment. The handle process is same, simply to rent a truck to ship your goods to customs warehouse before loading.

However, if your order is small, your suppliers will not agree to send goods to our warehouse. In such situation, we will rent a truck to pick up goods in the markets. Then consolidate to our warehouse and combine to one container for shipment. There will be some extra fees need you assume, such as truck rent fees, parking fees, uploading and unloading fees to workers.

We will arrange shipment according to your goods volume with the highest cost effective way.

Our normal shipping methods:

  1. sea shipment (20ft-40HQ container, LCL shipping),
  2. air shipment,
  3. express/courier (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc);
  4. Door-to-Door service is acceptable based on the destination port and country if we can service.

Shipping Methods from China to your local market

Customs clearance and documentations

Such service is also a basic in our one-stop-solution, not so difficult for us, we surely can proceed smoothly with related customs institutions.

It is free to offer Bill of Lading (BL), Packing List (PKL), Commercial Invoice (INV). We can coordinate the sellers to submit other related certifications such as C/O, CE, CCC, FCC, etc.

We normally do FOB business and will take the responsibility of China export customs clearance.

You need find a local custom broker or freight forwarder in your country, if you don’t have import & export certificates.

Please understand, Proforma Invoice which indicate the detailed charges/cost, require you the balance payment. Please just pay directly to us, we will transfer to your different sellers to reduce your bank charges. Frankly, it’s a help for us to control the sellers to proceed the orders much better, as the sellers always work for whom pay them the money.