Garment is the most popular products in Guangzhou wholesale market. Anyway, Guangzhou is certainly the biggest garment distribution center in China. Moreover, as a tradition, millions importers come to purchase clothes in Guangzhou every year. In other words, more than 200 countries are importing garments from Guangzhou, it is surely the distribution center in the world too. Traditionally, the best foreign markets are South America, North America. Of course, it is good sales in East Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle East in fact.

There are thousands of manufactures gathered in several districts in Guangzhou. However, the most famous districts are BaiYun, PanYu , ZengCeng, etc. That is to say, each area has a complete supply chain of garment industry. All of the items have certain manufactures and wholesalers, some are big garment factories while most of others are small. You can find any materials, fashion styles, or special technology in such area. Furthermore, if you need OEM or ODM service, surely you can find professional manufactures easily.





Blouses                                        Skirts                               Trousers

Waistcoats                                  Suits                                 Jackets

Coats                                            Women Sweaters            Men Suits

Men Trousers                             Men Shirts                       Men Waistcoats

Men Jackets                                Men Coats                        Men Sweaters

Wedding Dresses                       Cocktail Dresses              Evening Gowns

Uniforms                                     Work Clothing

kids Tops                                     kids Skirts                         kids Trousers

kids Ensembles                          kids Coats                          Swimwear

Infant and Maternity Wear    Underwear and Sets         Pajamas,

Bathrobes                                   Loungewear                        Sportswear

Casual Wear                              Hoodies                               T-Shirts

Jeans Wear                                Performance Costume      Dancewear

Cosplay Clothing                      Other Sports and Casual Wear