Fabric Market is very famous and popular in the export business in Guangzhou. If fact, it is well know as the biggest wholesale market in China likewise garment. Guangzhou fabric market is a huge market with thousands of vendors in the buildings. Moreover, the fabric market is a distribution center of import & export in the world.

Every year, millions buyers import fabrics in Guangzhou and distribute to their local market. Normally, they mainly do wholesale business, or used for their own apparel factories. Meanwhile, it is good sales in South Africa, Middle East, and North America, etc.

On the other hand, the fabric market always indicate the newest fashion elements in advance. That is to say, from the samples or catalogs of the vendors, we can find many fashion trendies. So that we can judge and make decision which garments should be good sales in next season. Traditionally, the new design, new composition, or new function, are always attractive and to be good sell in next season’s garment market.







Cotton/Blends                         Polyester/Blends              Linen/Blends

Silk/Nitrocellulose Silk          Wool/ Fleece                    Special Woven Fabrics

Non-Woven Fabrics                 Industrial Cloth                Fur

Vegetable Fiber                         Animal Fiber                    Man Made Fiber

Synthetic Fiber                         Inorganic/Mineral Fiber   Chemical Fiber

Cotton /Blends                       Linen /Blends                      Wool/ Blends

Polyester/Blends                     Lace                                       jacquard weave

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