Garment is the most popular products in Guangzhou wholesale market. Anyway, Guangzhou is certainly the biggest garment distribution center in China. Moreover, as a tradition, millions importers come to purchase clothes in Guangzhou every year. In other words, more than 200 countries are importing garments from Guangzhou, it is surely the distribution center in the world too. Traditionally, the best foreign markets are South America, North America. Of course, it is good sales in East Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle East in fact.

Clothing wholesale market

There are thousands of manufactures gathered in several districts in Guangzhou. However, the most famous districts are BaiYun, PanYu , ZengCeng, etc. That is to say, each area has a complete supply chain of garment industry. All of the items have certain manufactures and wholesalers, some are big garment factories while most of others are small. You can find any materials, fashion styles, or special technology in such area. Furthermore, if you need OEM or ODM service, surely you can find professional manufactures easily.

  • Women Blouses                         Skirts                               Trousers
  • Waistcoats                                  Suits                                 Jackets
  • Coats                                            Women Sweaters            Men Suits
  • Men Trousers                             Men Shirts                       Men Waistcoats
  • Men Jackets                                Men Coats                        Men Sweaters
  • Wedding Dresses                       Cocktail Dresses              Evening Gowns
  • Uniforms                                     Work Clothing
  • kids Tops                                     kids Skirts                         kids Trousers
  • kids Ensembles                          kids Coats                          Swimwear
  • Infant and Maternity Wear    Underwear and Sets         Pajamas,
  • Bathrobes                                   Loungewear                        Sportswear
  • Casual Wear                              Hoodies                               T-Shirts
  • Jeans Wear                                Performance Costume      Dancewear
  • Cosplay Clothing                      Other Sports and Casual Wear




Fabric Market is very famous and popular in the export business in Guangzhou. If fact, it is well know as the biggest wholesale market in China likewise garment. Guangzhou fabric market is a huge market with thousands of vendors in the buildings. Moreover, the fabric market is a distribution center of import & export in the world.

Every year, millions buyers import fabrics in Guangzhou and distribute to their local market. Normally, they mainly do wholesale business, or used for their own apparel factories. Meanwhile, it is good sales in South Africa, Middle East, and North America, etc.

On the other hand, the fabric market always indicate the newest fashion elements in advance. That is to say, from the samples or catalogs of the vendors, we can find many fashion trendies. So that we can judge and make decision which garments should be good sales in next season. Traditionally, the new design and composition are always good sell in next season’s garment market.

  • Cotton/Blends                         Polyester/Blends              Linen/Blends
  • Silk/Nitrocellulose Silk          Wool/ Fleece                    Special Woven Fabrics
  • Non-Woven Fabrics                 Industrial Cloth                Fur
  • Vegetable Fiber                         Animal Fiber                    Man Made Fiber
  • Synthetic Fiber                         Inorganic/Mineral Fiber   Chemical Fiber
  • Cotton /Blends                       Linen /Blends                      Wool/ Blends
  • Polyester/Blends                     Lace                                       jacquard weave
  • Garments Accessories



Shoes Market in Guangzhou is known as its fashion styles, good quality and price. Moreover, it is one of the biggest shoes import & export center in China. There is a huge range of categories in the market, that is to say, you can find any kinds shoes with different styles. Traditionally, the shoes mainly export to Southeast Asia, South America, North America, East Europe, and Middle East.

Nearby Guangzhou shoes Market, there are many wholesale markets for Shoes material and trims. The products are including: sole materials, shoes fabrics, accessories, etc.

Guangzhou shoes wholesale market

There are many manufactures in Guangzhou, 50% of the vendors in market have thier own factories. However, the most famous manufacture centers is in JinJiang, Zhangzhou and Wenzhou.

  • Men’s sports Shoes                   Men’s casual shoes        Men’s leather shoes
  • Men’s slipper                             Men’s sandal
  • Women’s sports Shoes            Women’s casual shoes   Women’s leather shoes
  • Women’s slipper                      Wmen’s sandal                 High heel,
  • Various Sneakers                     Running Shoes                 Hiking Shoes
  • Gym Shoes                                Training Shoes
  • Kids’ Shoes                                Kids’ Sandals                    Kids’ Slippers
  • Shoes & Boots for Other Special Use                                Semi-finished Products




Accessories is a supplement collections for garment in Guangzhou market. There are many kinds of accessories markets spread in the whole Guangzhou city. The most famous products are watch, glasses, bags, beauty and cosmetics, etc. It is really a heaven for fashion buyers and brand companies. The major benefit is that they can find various manufactures for their own collections.

In Guangzhou Accessories Market, you can easily find many fake brand with a high copy quality. Usually, many foreigners will buy personally as gifts for friends.

  • Hats, Gloves                              Scarves                              Handkerchiefs
  • shawls                                         Socks                                  Ties
  • Shoulder Pads                           Labels                                 Zippers
  • Sunglasses                                  Leather Cases                    PVC Leather Cases
  • Plastic Woven Cases                Trolley bags                        Travel cases
  • Leather Briefcases                    Plastic Woven Briefcases  PVC Leather Briefcases
  • Leather Bags                              PVC Leather Bags             Cotton Bags
  • Plastic Woven Bags                  Purse                                    Wallet
  • Evening bags                              Backpack                            Candy toys
  • Light-up toys                             Car toys                                Dolls
  • Balloons                                      Plastic toys                          Earring
  • Bracelet                                       Necklace                              Ring
  • Stainless steel lace                    Anklet




Furniture & Ceramics market, is located in LeCong District, Foshan City, around 60km from Guangzhou. And the whole market covers a total area of around 3 million square meters. Meantime, there are more than 200 modern sales buildings with featured products, such as following listed.

  • Sunlink Group;
  • Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center;
  • Shunde Empire Group;
  • Tuanyi International Furniture City and others.

Foshan Furniture & Ceramics market is very famous for its abundant vendors and various items. That is to say, it is the biggest distribution center in China, even in the world.

Furniture wholesale market in Foshan Lecong

There are more than 4,000 vendors in the market, and 1,500 of them are manufactures. Meanwhile, they can accept OEM and ODM service. Therefore, you can plan to create your own interested products as your prefer. Furthermore, if you are lucky, you may find the vendoers who will help you design for your own office and house.

Every year, millions buyers import furniture or building material from Foshan and distribute to their local market. Good sales in South Africa, Middle East, and North America, etc.

  • Luxury furniture                       Cheap furniture             Outdoor furniture
  • Kids furniture                           Office furniture              Home furniture
  • Living room furniture              Part and accessories
  • Sofa                                             Chair                             Wall book display shelves
  • Dining table                              Lounge                           Desk
  • Shoes rack                                 Cabinet                         Beds
  • Mattress                                     Mirror

Building material


Building Material market is around 10km away from the furniture market, that is to say, the 2 markets are almost in a same area.  In fact, it is a comprehensive wholesale market. Meanwhile,  you can almostly find out all kinds of materials you need.

In the market, most of the vendors are manufactures , so that you can buy from factory directly. Furthermore, sometimes they can accept OEM and ODM service. Therefore, you can plan to create your own interested products if you want.  By the way, if you are lucky enough, you may find some vendors who agree to help you design your own office and house.

Every year, millions of buyers purchase furniture or material from Foshan. Most of them are wholesalers,  who distribute to their local market wiht a good sales. Traditionally, the goods always export to every country, especailly to South Africa, Middle East, and North America, etc.

Shangjin is professional in furniture, while not so familiar with some special building material. That is to say, we can only service some certain items which easy to handle.

  • General Building Materials                Metal  Materials                                           Chemical  Materials
  • Glass Materials                                     Cement Products                                          Fireproof Materials
  • Heat Preservation Materials              Wall Surface/Waterproof/Floor Coatings
  • Coating Packaging Materials              Various Auto-Doors
  • Adhesive Tapes, joint Mixture            Rust-resisting Materials                             Waterproof Building Materials
  • Wood Doors                                            Plastic Steel/Aluminum Alloy/Steel        Doors &Windows
  • Stone Flooring                                        Stones for Horticulture                                Special-shaped Stones
  • Building Stones                                      Stones                                                               Man-made Stone Decoration Materials
  • Artistic Glass                                           Building/Decorative Glass                          Washing Basins
  • Kitchen Units                                          Cabinets                                                           Kitchen Accessories




Zhongshan Lighting market is very famous wholesale market in Guangzhou. Moreover, it is a main product category in Guangzhou export business. In fact, the market is a wholesale distribution center in China. By the way, the most famous lighting market is located in Guzhen town, Zhongshan city, around 80km away from Guangzhou.

In Zhongshan lighting market, there are more than 2,000 vendors, and 70% of them have own factories. That is to say, you can find any items or styles in the market, no matter you need some special spare parts of lighting.

Shangjin is familiar with the market, but we don’t so pecialized in the material and technology. That’s is to say, we don’t accept OEM service for you.

  • Industry Lighting                      Decorative Lighting      Emergency and Security Lighting
  • Entertainment and Stage Lighting                                  Advertising and Exhibition Lighting
  • Office                                            Outdoor Lighting          Fluorescent Lamps
  • Energy Saving Lamps                Incandescent Lamps    Neon Lamps
  • Neon Lights                                Iodine Tungsten Lamps  Magnesian Lamps
  • Bromine Tungsten Lamps        Lamp Shades                   Lamp Posts,
  • Optical fiber                                 Lamp Plates                     Lamp Holders
  • Lamp Caps                                    Ballasts                            Voltage Stabilizers
  • Voltage Transformers                 Starters                            Adapters
  • Converters                                     Sensors



Electronic products in Shenzhen is known as its fashion style, good quality, and hot selling, especially the cheap price. Moreover, it is the biggest electronic distribution center in China. Meanwhile, it’s also the biggest import & export center in the world.

HuaQiangBei electronic market, the most famous wholesale market in China, and thousands vendors in the buildings. Further more, there is a huge range of categories in the market. In other words, you can find any kinds of electronic products with different functions. In conclusion, Shenzhen is a heaven for sourcing and buying electronic products, not only for Chinese, but also for foreigners.

Shangjin is familiar with the market. However, we don’t so specialized in products knowledge of such kinds products. That is to say, we only can service some normal and daily use items.

  • Monitors                                      Sirens                              Auto Security Products
  • Detectors                                     Sensors                             Lock Systems
  • Home Security Products          Office Security Products
  • Automatic Security Products  Components
  • Smart Cards                                Photocopiers                   Bulletin Boards
  • Projectors                                    Attendance Machines
  • Video Conference Meeting Equipment                            Electronic Cash Registers
  • ATM                                             Card Machines                 Bill Counters
  • Barcode Printers                       Barcode Scanners            Data Collectors
  • IC Cards                                      Voltage Transformers    Voltage Stabilizers
  • Connectors                                Measurement Equipment
  • Insulating Materials                Electrical Appliances