International Furniture Materials center

A comprehensive international furniture material trading demonstration base center.

It integrates furniture material trading, exhibition, e-commerce, logistics, warehousing and research and development. The entire project covers an area of nearly 0.67 square kilometres, and a total construction area of 1 million ㎡. The scale ranks is first among similar projects in China. Its positioning is the center of global furniture material purchasing. As a result, it gathers the most excellent furniture material suppliers and dealers in China.

After nearly fifteen years of market development, more than 1,100 merchants have stationed and operated here. Meanwhile, more than 180 logistics enterprises have stationed in the logistics park. Market covers furniture leather, hardware, fabric art, chemical coating, board, and sponge, etc. It involve furniture semi-finished products, assembly parts, accessories, raw materials and other type products. In the functional area, there are altogether cloth art area, hardware area, leather area, brand flagship area, curved board and sponge area etc.

In order to better develop the shunde international  furniture material industry center, government have created two platform. one is Asia International Furniture Material Expo(AIFME), another one is Shunde furniture research and development institute.

They build the former in 2006, two sessions a year, held in March and September every year. It has built a good platform for the connection of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of furniture. The latter, through cooperation with universities, trade associations, design agencies and Chambers of commerce, provides a powerful driving force for the transformation from “furniture manufacturing” to “furniture creation”.



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