Huimei Clothes Wholesale Market -Guangzhou Fashion China Supplier

Huimei Clothes Wholesale Market -Guangzhou Fashion China Supplier

Huimei clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou is famous for China fashion suppliers and products. Here are 2 highlights of Guangzhou Huimei. One is fashion clothes market. Another is China suppliers in factory shops. So interesting, right? In fact, Guangzhou Huimei is the best market for fashion and cheap clothes. While the quality and suppliers service are good too. In Guangzhou Huimei, there are various featured fashion product categories. For in stance, clothing, shoes, and fashion textile items. Moreover, jewelry, bags, and fashion accessories. And the clothes are mainly for young lady, kids, and young men. So that the designs and styles are always fashion and trendy. While the price is middle with good quality. In fact, most China agent prefer to sourcing China suppliers in the fashion market.

Wholesale Purchasing Fashion Clothes From China Suppliers In Guangzhou Huimei Market 

Guangzhou Huimei clothes wholesale market locate at No . 139 Huanshi West Road. In Guangzhou Zhanxi fashion market circle. Which is the biggest and most famous fashion clothes wholesale market in China. There are many China suppliers operating fashion clothes wholesale business. Generally, you can find any kinds of fashion products or China suppliers there. For instance, clothes wholesale market with all kinds of fashion designs. And shoes wholesale markets with best suppliers from China. Meantime, fashion accessories with special textile or leather products. As well as bags, jewelries, and beauty products. In fact, Guangzhou Huimei or Zhanxi, is the best place for market guide or China agent to sourcing and buying from manufacturers or fashion suppliers.

Factory Shop China supplier - Fashion Clothing Manufacturer

Factory Shop China supplier – Fashion Clothing Manufacturer

1. Guangzhou Huimei fashion market

Guangzhou Huimei clothes wholesale market has 11 floors. In each floor, there are many featured fashion products. Actually, you can find any kinds or collections for every age. Such as women, men, and children. No matter clothing, shoes, bags. Or accessories, jewelry.

  1. From the basement floor to the third floor, mainly for fashion women’s clothing. There are many small but nice boutiques. And most of the suppliers have own factory in China. So that the price and quality is competitive. By the way, it’s an export trade center in Guangzhou too. Here you can find many kids apparel too.
  2. In the 2nd and 3rd floor, there are varieties fashion styles from Korean designs. And the market position are focus on young lady’s fashion apparel. There are some fashion accessories shops. As well as some cosmetics and beauty products from good China supplier or brands.
  3. From the 4th to 5th floor is for men’s clothing. Where the style is latest fashion and textile material are nice quality. There are many fabric to choose. Such as knitted sweater, jeans denim clothing, and cotton or yarn apparel. Of course, the price are different according to the garment material.
  4. The 6th floor is for restaurant area and business center. In fact, mostly for food service. Because there are so many China suppliers and buyers every day.
  5. The 7th floor to the 11th floor are office room. There are many China supplier offices. Some for factory showroom. While most are trading companies or China agents. There are many service company locate in Guangzhou Huimei for clothes wholesale. As nearby Huimei, there are so many famous Guangzhou clothes wholesale markets.

    Clothing wholesale market - China sourcing agent guide purchasing in Guangzhou

    Clothing wholesale market – China sourcing agent guide purchasing in Guangzhou

2. Featured collections in Guangzhou Huimei clothes wholesale market

Guangzhou Huimei clothes wholesale market is famous for its fashion collection. And most of fashion companies or buyers sourcing and purchasing here. No matter for sample orders. Or bulk orders from China factory suppliers. Generally, your Guangzhou guide will introduce you some featured information.

  • Firstly, it’s not only wholesale selling clothes. But also for women’s underwear and accessories. As well as children’s garment or footwear. Moreover, bags, jewelries, cosmetics, etc.
  • Secondly, the styles of clothes are fashion, individual, or popular in the wholesale market. By the way, there are many designs are copy from branded designs or elements. And also have many Korean designs which manufactured in China factory suppliers.
  • Thirdly, middle to high quality level. Generally, the clothing price for spring summer are from 50-200 rmb per piece. What does it mean? Maybe many clients for wholesale or retail feel expensive. But for fashion companies or brand companies, they are prefer to purchase. Why? Because the design are fashion in the clothes wholesale market. And match their market position. While the quality and price are  reasonable. Usually more cheaper than their own original products.

3. China agent guide you sourcing and buying from Guangzhou fashion clothes wholesale market

Better for you to hire a China agent to guide you find best suppliers in clothes wholesale market. Because there are too many categories and designs in similar styles. And need focus on difference fabric material and accessories. Moreover, same quality level, there can be a little price difference based on different clothes wholesale markets. For instance, Guangzhou Baima is the top quality. While Guangzhou Huimei and Liuhua are for middle to high quality.  If you hire a professional China agent, more easier in your purchasing behavior in Guangzhou. Of course, the China agent can help you find good stock wholesale markets as you want.

Shangjin Trading - Accompany You Seeking Interested Items

Shangjin Trading – Accompany You Seeking Interested Items


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  • ukwela Dennison| 06/06/2019

    Im intrested in buying wholesale clothings

  • Chelsi| 04/08/2019

    Hi I was looking into having my own business & was wondering if u have any whole sale clothing

    • Kevin| 05/08/2019

      Hi Chelsi, we sent you a mail with some quotation list. for your reference ONLY.
      Please check mail, and waiting for your update.

  • Tessa Bennett| 12/10/2019

    I am interested in purchasing children’s clothes and shoes wholesale.
    Can I obtain a online catalogue and a price list.
    Is this something you can provide?

    • Kevin| 15/10/2019

      Hi Tessa, we sent you a email, with some quotation lists. please check.
      If any questions, please contact via email or whatsApp.

  • Candice Scott| 19/10/2019

    Hi looking for wholesale clothing

    • Kevin| 19/10/2019

      hi Candice, Miss Betty sent you a mail, please check.
      Waiting for your update.

  • Wendy Gillard| 20/10/2019

    Hi I’m interested in purchasing clothing, shoes, electronics etc. Is there some online catalogue that I am able to look at?

    • Kevin| 22/10/2019

      Hi Wendy,
      Today we sent you some products categories to your mail. Please check.
      As the files are a little big, so we use zip file.
      If you have difficulty to open, please let us know.

  • Marta Szymczak| 25/10/2019

    I am interested in purchasing children’s and adults lesale.
    Can I obtain a online catalogue and a price list.
    Is this something you can provide?

    • Kevin| 28/10/2019

      Dear Mara, we sent you several quotation list for idea. Please check and reply.
      We are sourcing, buying agent in China, can help you find the best suppliers or manufacturers, and export to you.

  • Adrianne| 18/11/2019

    Hi Im interested in purchasing wholesale for online boutique.

    • Kevin| 19/11/2019

      hi Adrianne, Our colleague Mr Jerry sent you a mail with some files of our company, please check.
      For further questions, please contact him via whatsApp or email.

  • Amanda| 30/12/2019

    Hello I’m interested in women’s clothing and accessories. Can you send me a catalogue please

    • Kevin| 31/12/2019

      Hi Amanda, we sent you a mail, and feedback you some basic information.
      We are glad to arrange free sourcing service for you.
      And we are sure to find your interested women’s clothing and accessories.
      Because we can’t focus on your product designs or image, we can send you catalogue now.

  • Nomonde| 07/01/2020

    Hi… I am interested on selling clothes. Could you please send me catalogue and contact details. will be coming in February.

    • Kevin| 12/01/2020

      hi Nomonde, Great to know that you want to develop clothes sales business.
      Sure, we can help you sourcing, buying and export from China.
      Could you please send us some pictures to help us understand your interested designs better?
      Then we can move ahead to feedback you detailed quotation list.

  • Theresa Kee| 18/01/2020

    Hi,I’m interested in women’s clothing and accessories. Can you send me a catalogue。Thanks

    • Kevin| 18/01/2020

      Hi Theresa, just sent you a mail with some documents. And some catalogue designs for women’s clothing and accessories. ONLY for your idea.
      As we are sourcing, buying and export agent in Guangzhou China. We don’t have own stock product to sell.
      While we can help you find the correct marketplaces, good suppliers or manufacturers. Then help you buy from them.
      Please send us some pictures of your interested products. to help us focus on your correct designs and images.
      Then we can sourcing for you. and discuss further step by step.

  • Val| 20/01/2020

    Hi is there a online Catalogue I can order from

    • Kevin| 21/01/2020

      Hi Val, We are sourcing, buying and export agent in China. We sourcing based on our client’s requirements.
      We don’t have own ready-finished stock to sell. As well as no shop online.
      While we have many products that already sent to our clients. Or we sourced and get catalogue from our suppliers.
      What kind of products are you interested in? We are generally service for fashion products, and household goods.

  • Owain Thomas| 21/01/2020

    interested in purchasing

    • Kevin| 22/01/2020

      Hi Owain, we sent you a mail with some basic information. please check.
      We are sourcing, buying and export agent base in Guangzhou and Ningbo city in China.
      Could you please tell us what products are you interested in purchasing from China?
      Please help us understand your products and requirements better. Then we can discuss further more.

  • Amy| 19/03/2020

    I’m interested in finding a factory that can manufacture clothing based on the design I wanted and ship to singapore. Can you help me to connect?

    • Kevin| 19/03/2020

      hi Amy, no problem for custom made clothing, and shipping to your country.
      While for customized design, need to know more about your artwork, or precise requirements.
      Our collegue Miss Sue sent you a mail. Please check and reply.
      We have good clothing factories and many suppliers. No problem.

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