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Buy in China clothing wholesale market- Guide Guangzhou

Buy in China clothing wholesale market is a good choice for a business starter. After you find the China clothing market which match your requirements, then you will move forward to buy wholesale. How to get the best price and quality when you buy in China clothing market? A market guide surely will help you achieve your target in China clothing market easily.

As we all know, there are many traditions or hidden rules in China clothing market. We strongly suggest you to keep in your mind before you buy in China. Do remember please, that a professional market guide can help you handle all of the detailed work when you buy wholesale in China clothes market. Moreover, the market guide will teach you many tips, so that you can avoid much misunderstanding or troubles, when you buy wholesale in China clothing market.

Vendors in China clothing market

In China clothing market, usually there are thousands of vendors do business to buy wholesale. Frankly, better for you to understand that the suppliers in China clothes market are different kinds. Usually, according to the manufacture capability, a professional market guide always clarified them in 3 kinds.

1. Factory’s shop buy wholesale directly

In China clothing market, especially in the most famous China clothing markets, 70% of shops have their own factories. For instance, following famous clothing markets, you can find most of the vendors are factories shops buy wholesale. It is really amazing for whom what to buy in China clothing market.

  1. Liuhua clothing market,
  2. Shahe garment market, and
  3. Huimei fashion clothing market. Moreover,
  4. Xindadi knitted sweater apparel market,
  5. Zhongshanba children’s apparel market .
  6. Shisanhang clothes market

Of course, there are still many China clothing market are famous for its factory shops. If you want to buy wholesale, and want to find the best clothing market buy in China, you’d better hire a market guide. Don’t mind the cost pay to the market guide, you will find it’s really a wisdom choice for you buy wholesale in China clothing market.

In these China clothing market, you can find manufactures easily. Furthermore, you can get cheaper price with steady quality to buy wholesale. However, in these China clothing market, usually have higher MOQ requirements. If you want to customized making or change material in the clothing market, most of the vendors in China clothing market can accept. In fact, many of the vendors in China clothing market have their own workshops, designer team, even have their own brand. A market guide will help you find the best vendors easily for your buy wholesale.

2. Wholesaler cooperate with various small factories

When you buy in China clothing market, you will find many vendors who buy wholesale then resell in the clothing market. Such vendors are popular in China clothing market. Usually, they accept orders of buy wholesale based on the samples that showed in their shops. Then the resellers will place order to the small factories accordingly. However, their MOQ maybe a little smaller, but price a littler higher. Furthermore, they will reject OEM service,  and will not accept complex customized buy wholesale orders. Because they cannot control the factories well, to produce good quality clothes.

For example, Shisanhang clothes market is the most famous for such buy wholesale vendors. Addistionaly, Hongmian fashion clothing market, Baima garment market and Diyidadao apparel market are normally for buy wholesale vendors, 70% of them do business for buy wholesale. Actually, a professional market guide understand such situation well. If you are lucky, the market guide will introduce the difference in each China clothing market, and teach you how to know from the suppliers.

3. Shops of Buyer-and-Seller

When you buy in China clothing market, sometimes you will meed a shop opening by a buyer-and-seller. It’s also a popular status in China clothing market. Actually, the boss will buy wholesale clothes from the cheapest China clothing market, or stock from factories. Then sell in the shop with an acceptable low price.

Interestingly, in such buyer-and-seller shop, the MOQ is quite small, usually can accept 12pcs/color or less. However, the price is highest than you buy wholesale in some China clothing market. Sometimes, they can accept massive orders. But pay attention pleaes, they usually can’t give you same color or same fabric products. And the quality is poor.

Anyway, if you buy in China for retail, or you are a business starters, maybe it is a good choice for you. A market guide will explain you such vendors. If you want to buy in China clothing market, the market guide will recommend some reliable suppliers to you.

Clothing wholesale market

China clothing market- market guide buy wholesale

China clothing market- market guide buy wholesale

Products Types in China clothing market

When you buy in China clothes market, and if you hire a market guide to help you sourcing and buy in China. Maybe the market guide will explain you 3 kinds of products, when you buy wholesale.

1. Stock in clothing market

Means the products out of season and is selling in a attractive discount to buy wholesale. Buy wholesale of stock, is a really nice choise for whom buy in China for small order. Actually, for such stock, some are mainly for buy wholesale as massive order. And some only can for small quantity, similar as buy wholesale. But for some stock, you only can buy simply for samples clear. Anyway, you can purchase according to your demand when you buy in China. A professional market guide will tell you the hidden rules of such situation. And you should understand to accept buy wholesale the shorting in size or color.

2. Sample before bulk

Normally, when you sourcing and buy in China, your market guide will explain you about the samples. Actually, in China garment market, the vendors will not sell sample which means the new style for them. And some vendors reject the market guide or foreign buyers take pictures. However, if you can let them believe you are an exporter to buy wholesale, maybe the vendor will agree to sell you sample.

The sample price will be several times of the buy wholesale price. Normally, 300rmb-500rmb based on the cost of fabrics. On the other contrary, the vendors will tell you that sample fees refund. What’s mean of sample fees refund? You market guide will explain to you clearly. If you finally place production order to them, they will deduct the sample fees to be part of your deposit.

However, when you buy in China apparel markets, in some garment wholesale market, you can buy a sample in retail price freely. Such as Hongmian fashion clothes market, Baima garment market, Huimei clothes market, etc. In fact, many fashion buyers will purchase samples there, and place order with some small design adjustment. Your market guide will show you the best place for sample when you buy in China.

3. Production to buy wholesale

When you buy in China, you should understand that production goods means the massive order ready to delivery. Usually each vendor will have a small warehouse nearby the shop, to store some stock. Especially for the production goods, that sent from factory and ready to delivery. Such products will not sell to other clients. If you like the style and want to buy wholesale, you can ask the supplier if can make accordingly for a new order. A professional market guide will help you negotiate and persuade the vendors to accept your buy wholesale orders.

Price Difference of buy wholesale or retail in China

Buy in China clothing wholesale market, there are some price difference you should know. Actually, your market guide will remind you when you sourcing and buy in China clothing wholesale market.

1. Sample Price

As mentioned above, a sample price normally will be 3 times of  buy wholesale price. And the sample fees will refund you when you place buy wholesale orders finally. Actually, you can consider it’s a test from the seller, to avoid some competitors or personal buyer. Because the new design, style, or fabric are all very important for the vendors, and they want to protect and avoid plagiarizing. Of course, usually they will reject to sell samples. In such situation, if your market guide is professional enough, they will help you persuade the suppliers to sell you samples.

2. Buy wholesale price

Buy wholesale price usually is the same meaning as production price. But there is still some different with production price. Buy wholesale price is cheaper than retail price, mainly quote to the small quantities buyers. Usually, who will buy wholesale from the vendoers and resell to other clothing wholesale market in China, or they buy wholesale for own retail shops directly. Buy wholesale price is good for a business starter, or small order. Anyway, if you can buy wholesale what you want in such price, you still can keep some profit margin in your business. If you are lucky, your market guide will help you get a cheaper price than buy wholesale price.

3. Production price

Production price is the cheapest price in China clothing wholesale market. Usually means big order amount, or at least you reach the MOQ of suppliers. Of course, your big order can’t be complex and difficult requirements for vendors. In such production price, the vendors will not have too much profit, or they gain reasonable profit. Your market guide will check and judge according to their expierence, and then suggest you thier thinking.

4. Price Bargain

Buy in China clothing wholesale market, you can consider to bargain the price a little. If you are lucky, usually can get 2-3% discount. Don’t think about that you can ask for discount 10-20% or more, it’s impossible.

Someone maybe talk to the supplier: they have huge amount orders, and such small order is to test their local market. If sell is good, the big order will coming soon. So want to get the best price…etc. Please, don’t say such to the suppliers, no meaning, they will not believe at all. Because the suppliers may hear such sentences whole day frequently.

To be a reliable and experienced seller, everyone knows that client will compare price with other shops. Furthermore, considering the fierce competitive in China clothing wholesale market, the price always to be transparent. Now the vendors always focus on the reasonable price, better service, long-term business with small profit. Maybe your market guide will feedback you such information, but normally, they will not say too much about it.

MOQ requirements when buy in China clothing market

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), it is a very essential factor when you buy in China clothing wholesale market. In fact, it’s the basic term of the business between you and the vendors. If you can’t meet the MOQ, maybe you have to cancel the order. Sometimes your market guide can help you negotiate with the suppliers to get a smaller MOQ, but can’t get too much.

1.  MOQ based on products

Usually, buy in China clothing wholesale market, MOQ based on products. And different products may have a different MOQ requirement. For example, normally: Coat 100pcs/color/3 size; T-shirt 200pcs/color/4 size; skirt 200pcs/color/4 size. Of course, the MOQ of products is not fixed, different suppliers have different requirement. Because their manufacture capability is not same; and the produce technology always will influence the MOQ requirement. Before you come to buy in China apparel market, better for you to check with your market guide, so that you can easily find the correct clothes market to buy wholesale.

2. MOQ based on garment markets

Different clothing wholesale market, normally will have a different MOQ requirement. Because the products, the cost, and the target clients is not same. For example, Liuhua garment market is around 200pcs/color/4 size;  and Shisanhang apparel market is around 50pcs/color/4 size. While in Zhongshanba kids apparel market, is around 60-120/color 5 size. And Xindadi knitted sweater clothes market, is 100-300pcs/color/4 size. A professional market guide, is familiar with each market’s MOQ, they will give you a good suggestion to find the correct garment market.

3. MOQ based on fabrics

Usually, if you ask the supplier why they ask such high MOQ, they will explain you. For instance, such fabrics is new function, we at least require 300pcs/color. Or such fabrics we purchase from market, 1 roll at least can make 50pcs, so MOQ at least 50pcs/color. Sometimes, if your price is bargained to a low level, the supplier usually require you more MOQ. Because more fabrics purchase, maybe the cost of fabrics can be lower. A professional market guide, usually can help you to get a smaller MOQ with a better price.

4.  MOQ to be negotiated

MOQ is a popular rules in China clothing wholesale market. However, it’s not a standard requirement, can be negotiated. Usually, the supplier will consider to adjust MOQ according to your order detailed.

If you are small order, and you don’t bargain price too much, normally the supplier will agree reduce MOQ. Because their profit is good. If your order need much details to adjust or customized, seems complex, the supplier will require higher MOQ. Because clothes manufacturers usually rejest too small quantities order, or the order is difficult to produce.

Anyway, MOQ can be negotiated. If you have a good market guide, they usually can help you to communicate and reach an acceptable result.

(To be continued…)

market guide help you buy wholesale fashion clothing

market guide help you buy wholesale fashion clothing

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China buying solution, market guide, export agent



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