How to buying apparel in wholesale market?

1.Know where is the apparel wholesale market for your products

There are many apparel markets in Guangzhou, while each market for a specify style. Clothes markets, such as Liuhua, Shisanhang, Shahe, different in price and MOQ position. Zhongsanba for kid wear; Xingdadi for knitted wear; Buyuntiandi for shoes; Sanyuanli for bags, etc. Each market is very big, while Guangzhou apparel wholesale markets are spread in whole city. It’s better for you to check some website to understand well the market location before you sourcing.

Clothing wholesale market

2.How to communicate with wholesale Suppliers

In Guangzhou apparel markets, the suppliers can understand some basic English. They know some simple words, such as how much, price, cheap, good, etc. So that you can easily communicate with the suppliers, for instance, talking about the price.

When you see a T-shirt at a booth, you can use your finger to point it out. And then the suppliers will show you the price of RMB with a calculator. You need to pay attention to the fact that suppliers in the market only accept RMB and reject the US dollars. And the price usually have 2 levels, sample price, and production price, you need confirm clearly with the suppliers.

Since the sellers can communicate in this simple way, if you go to buying apparel in a small amount of stock, then you can manage on your own behalf.

But if you want to discuss more deeply about the apparel, such as customizing the style. Then you will find that communication will become very difficult. In this case, it would be a good decision to find a market guider or Guangzhou sourcing agent.

3.Hire a market guider or a sourcing agent to help you

Market guider and sourcing agent can help you handle many detailed work in apparel market. They can help you determine price, record quantity per carton, CBM per carton. They can help you negotiage the minimum order quantity (MOQ),  confirm production time,  and minimum quantity for customizing packaging, etc.

Here, you need to note that the work of the market guider is mainly to help you communicate with the supplier in the apparel market. But as for orders, inspections, and delivery after leaving the market, that’s not their job. The reward for a market guider is about ¥300 a day, which is equivalent to $50 a day.

However, a sourcing agent will help you with everything in China, even like packaging matters. Sometimes, when your quantity is small, the supplier may not help you to package your products. But agents can package your goods according to your requirements. And fees are mainly charged based on the percentage of the purchase amount.

4.Find a better supplier in same market

Whether you go directly to buy in the apparel market, or go with a market guider or agent, you need find more suppliers and then to find out a better price among them.

Generally, the suppliers of the same style apparel are all situated in the same clothes market. You only need to go around them to find similar suppliers. Also you can check on the website of “Guangzhou (apparel name)” to find a supplier’s information.

5.Pay attention to the difference between samples and massive products

After selecting a supplier, you must confirm with the supplier that the actual apparel and the samples in the stores are the same. If not, they should let you know in advance. Because it is sometimes happened that the actual productio apparel and the samples are not the same because of producing batches.

For this problem, the supplier will not take the initiative to explain to you, and it is only when you actually receive the actual apparel that you will find it’s too late. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you confirm this issue with the supplier in advance.

6.Find the more professional suppliers

Some suppliers in the Guangzhou apparel wholesale market are specialized in doing one apparel category. And some others do the various categories of apparel at the same time. If you are unfamiliar with Guangzhou clothes market, then professional sourcing agents can help you find more professional suppliers, even apparel manufacturers.

Their prices will tend to be better, the quality of the apparel will be more secure, and the suppliers are more familiar with the technology. The suppliers that deal with a lot of apparel categories often have multiple cooperative factories. Relatively speaking, the suppliers who do various apparel categories are not more professional than those who have specialized in just one apparel category.

7.Understand the price bargaining space

For price negotiations, the price of the supplier will not be very different. Generally, the quantity of about 1000 pieces can be offered at a great price. And sometimes, the supplier will give you a little discount of about 2-3%.

Don’t consider if you ask 10,000 pieces will get 10-20% lower price of 1,000 pieces. It’s impossible at all. First reason is that, the cost and price in apparel wholesale market is transparent. Second reason is that, the suppliers will not believe you will really purchase 10,000 pieces, they think it’s a trick of you. In fact, they will hear about such inquiries everyday.

Detailed Order List help you buying in China wholesale market

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