Guangzhou Cosmetics Market-Xing Fa Plaza

One of Asia’s largest import and export markets for cosmetics

Xingfa Plaza is located in the golden business circle of Guangzhou Baiyun Wanda Plaza. Meanwhile it is close to the Guangzhou Railway Station and the provincial and municipal passenger stations. It is close to the subway station and there are many buses also. The great area conditions ensured the huge passenger flow and convenient transportation of Xingfa Square.Which doubled its commercial and commercial power. The mall covers an area of 80,000 square meters and has a business area of 90,000 square meters. There are 1427 shops in the market, which are mainly engaged in cosmetics, hair and beauty products. And international brands such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, exhibition centers. And trading centers and electronics. Business facilities, training centers, commercial service centers and large storage areas are available.


Since its opening ,that the beauty and hairdressing industry from around the world pay great attention on Xingfa Plaza.And our company is the perfect cosmetics market guide in China.


Today, Xingfa Plaza has developed into a large-scale beauty display trading center integrating exhibitions, conferences, trade transactions, business offices, professional training, warehousing and logistics, catering services, and commercial services.

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